Monday, December 31, 2018

Low Immigrant Unemployment Rates Recorded In Canada

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For immigrants, moving to a new country is a pretty big task. It means having to deal with all the uncertainties that come with being in a new place. They have to deal with a new culture, new people, new places, and a whole lot more of new experiences that are far different from what they have grown up with. One of the things that worry immigrants when they get to a new place is if there would be enough job opportunities for them there.

Many immigrants actually try and move to a new country because they are not satisfied with things happening in their own country. For example, someone may go to a new country to find better job opportunities and help bring home the bacon for his or her family. That is why, in Canada, immigrants are definitely happy to know that the country has been able to record really low unemployment rates for immigrants. This means that there are plenty of opportunities for those who are planning on venturing as an immigrant in the country.

Immigrants and the labor market

Statistics Canada, the branch of the Canadian government that deals with data and such, has new information based on data that they have acquired. According to them, the labor market in Canada is now getting more and more immigrants there. And those immigrants are getting employed in the country. In fact, it seems like the total percentage of immigrants in the labor market is continuing to rise. More and more employers are also going with immigrants as well as local workers in terms of employees.

The report has been released just last 24th of December by Statistics Canada. According to that report, the level of unemployment in the country in terms of immigrant employment has been going down. In fact, the lowest level that has been recorded is this one. The lowest rate of unemployment among immigrants has been last recorded back in 2006. This one is the newest and lowest number so far. This is also a good thing as it means that opportunities are opening up more and more in Canada and the locals and the immigrants are benefiting from this.

The numbers of unemployment for immigrants

A year ago, Canada has been able to note an unemployment rate for immigrants in the country at around 6.4%. This is only for all of those immigrants in the country who are of legal age for working. This is a really low number and a good one at that. It is also quite interesting to note that for the locals, the unemployment rate for the same period has fallen to just around 5%. This definitely shows that unemployment in Canada is pretty low and immigrants and locals surely are quite lucky to be living here.

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Friday, December 28, 2018

Ashburton, New Zealand Is Good For Immigrants Searching For A Job

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One of the reasons why people are choosing to move to a new country is to actually build roots and build a good future. If the economy of a country is going to be really good and stable, then it is highly likely that a person may choose to live there. This way, they can go and find a good job that would be able to sustain their financial needs and more and also be able to provide more than enough to his or her family who may be left back in their home country.

New Zealand is one of those countries in the world that has been attracting plenty of immigrants for a variety of reasons. To find a good job is basically one of the top priorities of immigrants once they get to the country. Well, recent news have it that in New Zealand, the best place to get a job right now would be Ashburton. And it is a good thing as this area also has an aim and that is to find and bring in workers.

Small town in need of jobs

Ashburton is a small town and it is quite rural. It has been given the nickname Ash-vegas but it does not come with a casino in it though. This town may be small but it sure is trying to look for workers who can do all of the jobs that are open right now. Yes, Ashburton is in need of workers. So for immigrants who are in New Zealand, it just may be good to go and move to Ashburton as to be able to find a job since the town has plenty of those at present.

Usually, this town is just a pitstop for those people who are trying to go somewhere else. It is just another town that nobody seems to notice as there are a lot of other bigger cities and towns out there. However, at present, the town council is now trying to get the word out about Ashburton. They are promoting what the town can offer like the good educational institutions, housing that is affordable, great places to visit, and, most importantly, a huge number of vacancies that need to be filled as soon as possible.

The life in Ashburton

The New Zealand Institute of Economic Research is an authority when it comes to data. The organization has put Ashburton at sixth spot when it comes to being a really great town to live in. It has also been ranked as 12th when it comes to providing excellent qualify of life. Those who have made it to Ashburton also say that the community is quite friendly and everything is easier and not rushed there.

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Thursday, December 27, 2018

UK Work Visas Easier To Get By Australians

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To be able to get to the United Kingdom as an immigrant is the dream of one too many people from all around the world. This can be very achievable but it is important that one knows the proper way to do it. Plus, it is also very essential that one knows just what are the requirements that the United Kingdom government is looking for. That way, an individual would be able to gauge if they would be able to make it or not. If they do not have the needed requirements, then they can definitely work their way towards getting those things that they lack.

In recent news, it seems that Australians who have got skills with them would be able to have a hold over work visas far easier as compared to other individuals. This is as according to a paper that was all about immigration and it was just published quite recently. This plan would soon be working out and functioning by the end of the year 2020. This is definitely good news for Australians who would like to make their way to the UK.

The implementation of the document on immigration

For Australians, it seems like they would not be under the limiting numbers when it comes to working in the country. This is not only for Australians but other workers as well who are not from European Union member nations. The implementation of these plans as mentioned in the recently released document would be by December of 2020. This means that many would be able to make it to the UK as long as they hold all of the necessary requirements as mentioned by the government’s immigration branch.

Currently, to be able to work in the UK, one must be highly skilled. However, come December 2020, with the implementation of the new plans, individuals can work in the UK even if they are just skilled. However, what one needs to know is that a skilled worker should first have an offer for a job in the country before they actually go out and move there. An individual must have the minimum requirement of being classified as A Level at the very minimum. An A level means that one should hold a certificate for higher school.

The take on the new plans

Sajid Javid said that the country’s government will not be imposing on putting a limit on the total number of workers with skills who will be coming to the country. This would be done so as to be sure that the best workers with skills who would want to be an immigrant worker in the UK can actually be able to do such a thing. After all, the country would be benefitting from the skills that these people have. Javid works as the country’s Home Secretary.

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Wednesday, December 26, 2018

Record Numbers Reached By Canada Immigration In 2018’s 3rd Quarter

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Canada has been more open to immigration than, most probably, any other country in the world. It has been very welcoming to immigrants and it has done the best that it can to be able to have the qualified immigrants make their way to Canadian soil. It has been a country that has put a limit to the minimum number of immigrants that it would welcome per year. But, unlike other countries, there is no maximum. The more immigrants that come into the country, the better it is for the Department of Immigration and the whole country as well.

Recent numbers have it that the country has been able to record high numbers that have broken previous records. This has happened in the 3rd quarter of this year, 2018. It is thanks to those temporary residents who have come to the country as well as those permanent residents who have made it to Canada that have been quite a big part of the growth in population. These groups have actually been a huge factor in the growth in population in nine of the provinces of the country.

The numbers for immigration

From the first of July in 2018 right up until the 1st of October of the same year, the country has been able to record quite a huge number in terms of international immigration. During these three months, the population of the country has grown much, thanks to those individuals and immigrants who have arrived in the country. Population in the country needs to grow as the country is huge and there are just not enough people to keep it running if the population remains the same. That is why, with the help of immigration, the population is growing with younger and able-bodied individuals who can do the work that the country needs to be done.

The basic estimation of the growth in the population in Canada is said to have gone up by 183,175 individuals and that is just for the third quarter alone. Statistics Canada, the official branch of the Canadian government that deals with data and the like, has said that this is the biggest increase in a quarter that the country has ever experienced. The last time something like this happened was back in 1971.

The story behind the increase in immigration

It is with great thanks to immigration that has brought about the huge increase when it comes to population in the country. There have been 146,531 individuals who have arrived in the country from the period that was mentioned earlier. Most of the newcomers are actually people who are holding a non-permanent status in Canada. According to Statistics Canada, most of the newcomers on Canadian soil are actually there with work permits or with study permits.

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Tuesday, December 25, 2018

New Zealand Has New Immigration Rules To Make Sure System Works With Employer Needs In Mind

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The rules on immigration are changing in New Zealand and this is going to be good for the country and those who are in it. As per the recent news on this, it seems like the proposal on the new rules would allow the system to become more leaning towards the needs of the employers in the country rather than learning towards the number of potential immigrants who would want to come and live in the country. This means that the total number of immigrants that would be allowed to come to the country for work would all depend on the needs of the employers there.

If there is not enough locals or the locals are not equipped and skilled in the things that employers need, then the government would then start opening up their immigration gates so as to be able to have those who fit the needed qualifications and skills to be able to come to the country. Of course, it is very important to understand that the locals are the priority for this one. Immigrants only come second as with regards to employment in the country.

The reforms on immigration policy in NZ

Recently, the government of New Zealand has disclosed just what reforms it is planning to change when it comes to the existing immigration policies. The changes is said to actually help make the system a lot simpler. It is also said to help make finding the right skilled workers easier for those regions and those businesses that need them. These changes are said to be very helpful especially to those sectors and areas in the country that are currently experiencing a shortage in labor. With the changes, those that are in need of skilled workers can actually get them and have a proper immigration policy that is supportive of their needs.

This disclosure on the new changes to the immigration policy in the country has been shared by Iain Lees-Galloway. Lees-Galloway works as the Minister of Immigration in New Zealand. He has also continued to share that the changes are still proposals though but they would make a framework that is new and working and can be very good in helping those who have already jobs waiting for them in the country so that they can get their work visas, which are temporary, at the soonest time possible.

The problem with the current system

Lees-Galloway has also mentioned that the current approach to immigration is not really good as it means that it applies to everybody when it should not be that way. He said that this was so because it is currently too complex and there are a lot of options to get a visa. This may be so, but he also said that it is not really useful for the areas or the industries that are in need of immigrant workers.

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Monday, December 24, 2018

UK Immigration Plans After Exit From EU Disclosed By Gov’t

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The exit of the United Kingdom from the European Union is soon going to happen and people are still unsure about what would happen for immigration. However, things are looking up as the government of the country has already disclosed what plans they have when it comes to immigration in the country after the UK has done its exit from the European Union. This is the very first time that the government of UK would be sharing just what it is planning to do when it comes to immigration. It seems like the newest plans on the post-exit immigration plans would be all about having a policy where the labor market in the country would be given priority. And if none are found, that is when immigrant workers would be called upon to do the work.

This is very much just like what is happening in other countries. Of course, the very important thing is to have jobs available for locals. When there is just not enough people to do the jobs that are open, that is when the government would resort to finding immigrant workers to do the jobs that need to be done. The UK is also going to be doing the same and it is a good thing. It should help relieve any animosity (if there is such) towards immigrants as locals may think that immigrants are out to get their jobs. In this case, it would not happen.

No specific number announced

Sajid Javid has disclosed that the British government already has plans for immigration in the country after the exit happens. However, what is different about this immigration plans is that it would not be having a specific number as what countries usually do so as to be able to have a lesser average when it comes to immigration. The plans are definitely quite different from one of the promises that have been made during campaign period by the Conservative Party. Javid works as the Interior Minister of the country.

Javid has also continued to disclose that the plans really do not come with a specific number when it comes to the immigration stuff that they are talking about. However, Javid had also shared that their plans are definitely still focusing on making sure that the average number of immigrants coming to the country are going to be at a level that is very sustainable.

The future of the economy

Though the Prime Minister of the country wants to make sure that free movement between EU nations comes to end, there are businesses who are saying that doing this will not be good for the economy. However, on this, Javid has disclosed that the new rules will not harm the economy but will instead be good for the country in the long run.

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Friday, December 21, 2018

Immigration In Canada Supported By Government

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The upcoming election in Canada is going to mean the country being bombarded by a lot of issues soon enough. Immigration is definitely going to be one of those issues that would soon be given a negative look. That is why, as early as today, the government of the country is trying to do the best that it could do to make sure that the look at immigration stays the same in the country. This definitely means that the government is looking at the whole thing as a really important part of the country that is why it is trying the best that it can to make sure that things remain positive for immigration.

One of the things that the government is doing to be able to keep positivity for immigration and immigrants in the country would be through a program that is being fully supported. The local government of Ottawa is doing its share of promoting positivity by having an initiative that is being spread online.

The push for a positive outlook

The initiative that is being conducted online is up and running and its purpose is to actually keep conversation going regarding immigration to Canada. It is highly encouraged that the conversation on immigration should be kept constructive so as to maintain healthy levels of talk. Plus, another rule is to make sure that everything would be based on facts. Personal experiences would also be highly encouraged because it is a first-hand experience and something that is real.

There are some who do say that this whole campaign is really a form of propaganda and something that is not good. However, there are plenty of other people still who believe that this is a good way to promote immigration and to show people just how important immigration is to individuals and to the whole country as well. After all, the country has been pushing for more immigrants as they really are helpful and bring about tons of benefits to Canada.

The program for immigration

For those who are interested in this whole online initiative, it is known as #ImmigrationMatters. It has been announced and launched to the public back in November of this year. To be a part of this campaign, those immigrants and those who may have had experience with immigrants can share just what they have experienced on social media. They can also do this right on the website that shows the campaign. It will help disseminate information on immigration and what immigrants have gone through and just what they have experienced. Those who have encountered immigrants can also have the chance to share their side of the stories and tell them just how it is when it comes to immigrants.

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Thursday, December 20, 2018

What Immigrants In New Zealand Are Happy About

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Just how many reasons people have for choosing to move to New Zealand are seemingly endless. This is because they have various reasons why they are leaving their home country to move to a new one that they are not even sure what their future there is. But by taking a look at the various reasons why, there are two things clear about why they are choosing to move. One is that they really have or want to leave the country that they are currently in. And, two is that they really are being lured by New Zealand and the call just is something that they cannot just put aside.

In a recent study, it does seem like there is really something about New Zealand that is attracting a lot of immigrants to the country. If one is going to take a look at the whole lot of people from around the world, many of them really want to move to New Zealand but are unable to because there are some factors that hinder them from doing so. And yet, there are still plenty who do try and apply to be an immigrant in the country.

Affordability of education

One of the top reasons why New Zealand is being chosen by plenty of potential immigrants from around the world is because of just how affordable education is in the country. There are countries around the world that do offer world-class education but this comes with a high cost – it could come at the price of an arm and a leg. In the case of New Zealand though, many immigrant students there say that studying in the country is far more rewarding and far more affordable as compared to studying in other countries. The education offered here is also world-class and they get to enjoy everything else that the country has to offer.

The educational system in New Zealand is also something that is good for the students. They find it really helpful and they get the education that they want or need. The whole experience is really worth looking into.

Feeling right at home

Another thing that previous immigrants to New Zealand have shared is that the whole country makes them feel right at home. They do not feel like they are outsiders and they do not feel like they do not belong. The people in the country are really very warm and hospitable that they do feel like an old friend.

Aside from that, the weather is quite pleasant and thus it helps any new immigrants adjust properly. They do not have to worry or be bothered by weather that is harsh and not good for anyone at all. They also get to experience nature at its best as the country is seemingly full of them.

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Wednesday, December 19, 2018

UK Opens New Immigration Route For Models

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There is a new route that has opened for potential immigrants who want to make it to the United Kingdom. Of course, people already know that they have to know just what this route is requiring them to have. Most of these routes are specialized and only select people who bear just what the requirements ask can take that road. Otherwise, those who do not have the requirements would have to find their way to the country via normal channels.

In this case, the newest road towards the United Kingdom has been made specifically for international models who are at the top of their game. This one has been opened by the country’s Home Office and it is a visa route for those individuals who are part of the creative and the sports individuals. Via this route, those who have the requirements can go ahead and apply for a working visa in the country and they can be approved to be an immigrant worker in the UK. Aside from that, those who take this route and get approved can actually do their work in the country for a maximum of one year only.

The guidelines for this route

As for the guidelines for the new route to the United Kingdom, one must be a model and should be earning quite well. He or she should be one of the models who have a high talent fee and should also be known internationally, not just in the country that he or she is working currently in. The potential immigrant to the UK should also have work in the country which has already been booked in advanced. These are the basic requirements for those models who would like to be an immigrant worker in the country.

A model who has a checkmark for the given requirements would then be given the approval by Britain. They will be categorized as immigrant workers under the visas for Tier 5. This tier is actually for temporary workers and the individuals are going to be in the country for creative purposes. Modeling is a creative career and thus it falls under such.

Routes are opening up

Aside from this channel for models, there are also new visas that are opening come the summer of next year. This one would be for visas under Tier 1 and they would be for those potential immigrants who come with high skills and are involved in the industries of art, science, and humanities. This means that those fashion designers are part of this and they now can apply for visas which would last them five years in the country. Architects are also now part of this route and they seem to be the newest addition.

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Tuesday, December 18, 2018

Most Canadians See Immigration As A Positive Factor, Says Study

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There are countries in the world which has citizens that frown upon immigration and immigrants. These people do not believe that immigrants are really good for their country and they think that they are bad for everybody. However, that is not the situation in Canada. In Canada, most of the locals do not think of immigration as a really big problem that the country should be concerned about. In fact, they believe that there are more pressing issues to look at like economy, health care, and climate. Now, these are the issues that should be given more focus by the government.

This is what a recent study had shown. It means that Canadians, most of them, are really quite positive about immigration in their country. There may be some issues sprouting up because of this, the Canadians still believe that it comes with a positive factor in their country. It is not something that should be stopped and should instead be improved and made better because it bringing something good.

The study that was conducted

The study behind such results has been done by the Environics Institute and it was done back in October of this year. They made a survey and asked 2000 locals of Canada to take part in it. The results had showed that there was just a very slight movement in terms of the opinions of Canadians with regards to immigration. This is as compared to a survey that was done back in February of the same year. This means that there is just a very slight change in terms of Canadians’ perception of immigration and immigrants.

One of the items in the survey was the statement that there was just too much immigrants and immigration happening in the country. 58% of the participants of the survey had disagreed on the statement. This is down as in February, 60% had disagreed. Of course, there may be a change but this is not too significant as to be something to be worried about or bring about a huge impact.

A positive outlook on immigration

76% of the total Canadians who took part in the survey had disclosed that they believe that immigrants and immigration bring about a positive change to the economy of the country. This is lower as compared to the 80% who had answered the same question back in February. Again, this is a lower number for October but there is definitely not a huge difference and so it is not something that should be given much attention. After all, Canadians still do have a positive outlook on immigration and that is quite a huge thing. The difference is also not too huge to become a really big issue. The country’s locals remain positive about immigration still.

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Monday, December 17, 2018

More Skilled Immigrants Needed For Construction Projects In New Zealand

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There is a need for more skilled immigrants in New Zealand and this is because of the project of the country’s government to build more infrastructures. In fact, Immigration New Zealand, the official branch of the NZ government that deals with immigration and such, has mentioned that there is going to be a shortage list that will soon be set out. This is going to be a part of the Kiwibuild project of the government and the skilled immigrants would be helping out in this project. The skills shortage would be part of the construction and infrastructure industries.

The new list is actually going to be sent out so as to show that there is indeed a shortage in terms of skills in the country. Of course, the employers in the country have done their best to make sure that they are able to get the workers that they would need. However, there is just not enough of the needed employees with the right skills. The government has also helped out with this. This is why they are resorting to finding those skilled individuals from outside the country.

Making it to New Zealand as a skilled immigrant

Immigration New Zealand is trying to help the country find the skilled immigrants that they need so that the project would be a success. With that, once potential immigrants try and apply to be able to get to New Zealand with a potential employer on their side, the Immigration New Zealand will be able to spot those and also give them a better priority over regular applicants. Of course, INZ would first make sure that before immigrants are prioritized, they will check if there really are no locals who can do the job.

It is important that locals are given priority over immigrants in terms of jobs. After all, this is for the country. And it really is good to give jobs to locals who may be able to do it. Finding immigrants to do the jobs that are needed to be completed should be the next best thing in case spots are not filled up.

The needed occupations to be filled

There are a variety of jobs under the construction and infrastructure industries that need to be filled up. The list includes these and those who may have the skills and the experience can actually go and prepare to apply for such. These are some of the needed jobs. There are a lot more.

  • Foreman for construction (for infrastructure and road building)
  • Project manager for construction (for infrastructure and road building)
  • Project manager for building
  • Foreman for sites and projects
  • Surveyor
  • Structural engineer
  • Electrical engineer
  • Civil engineer
  • Telecommunications technician
  • Telecommunications engineer
  • Inspector of building projects
  • Technician for surveying
  • Technician for civil engineering projects
  • Scaffolder

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Friday, December 14, 2018

Business Owners In UK Need Immigrants With Low Skills

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The Confederation of British Industry, which is also known as the CBI, is a non-profit organization and it is the organization of businesses in the United Kingdom. It works as the spokesperson for the entire group of businesses in the country and it also helps look into a variety of issues and potential situations that could happen for businesses in the country.

Recently, the CBI has stated just how concerned they are once the plan of the current UK government has is put into action. This new immigration plan would be put in place once the country has pushed on with its exit from the European Union. The plan is to actually have stricter and tighter controls on the immigrants that are coming in. Those immigrants in the country who may have a job and are not earning at least £30,000 may not be able to stay much longer in the country. For the CBI, this is not a good move as business owners need people with low skills to be able to function well. Not all jobs require high skills and those with high skills are definitely not more than willing to do blue collared jobs.

The new system that would be in place

The new system for immigration that the UK government has already created would be in place when the exit happens. It comes with really big limits when it comes to individuals who are planning to be immigrants in the UK but bear low skills. The UK government is actually pushing for this because they believe that people with high skills would be more than useful to the country. However, the CBI is saying that doing this would not be a good thing for the UK. In fact, it could really bring about a huge type of damage to the communities in the country and would also be bringing about damage to livelihoods.

This is a warning that the CBI has already sent out and announced to the government. That way, the goal is for the government to listen and try and study the possibilities that could happen with the plan that they have already put together. That way, any negative impact that the plan could bring can be avoided by editing the current plan or having a back-up plan in case the negative effects happen.

Low skilled immigrants are needed by the UK

Though the government may not really see it but the truth is, the UK and its businesses need immigrants with low skills. High skilled immigrant workers are also important but not all businesses need high skilled immigrants. The businesses in the country could suffer with the new plan if this is put in place and that is something that the government can totally avoid by tweaking this plan so that even low skilled immigrants are also given priority and not just those with bigger and better skills.

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Thursday, December 13, 2018

Immigrants Are Thankful For Record Low Unemployment Rate In Canada

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For a potential immigrant, finding the right country is a really big decision that they would need to make. There are plenty of options out there and to find the right place can be quite the daunting task. However, if one is really determined, these tasks are really not difficult. In the case of immigrants who have chosen to live in Canada, they are very thankful for the huge pool of opportunities that are available for them.

And in recent news, immigrants are quite thankful for the low unemployment rate in the country. This definitely means that there are plenty of jobs open for people and so it means plenty of options for those who are looking for employment. A high unemployment rate means that there should be a lot less job opportunities for people. However, a low unemployment rate means that there would be more job options for people. And so immigrants who are looking for jobs should be happy to know that Canada is home to plenty of job opportunities. Finding a job would not be that difficult once they are there.

The low numbers for unemployment

Among all of the provinces in Canada, Alberta and Quebec led the pack with the lowest rate of unemployment in the entire country. This is based on the unemployment numbers for the month of November 2018, and this is all based on information from Statistics Canada. The agency has done a study and the results have been published as part of their Labour Force Survey which they do each month. For November, the results are astonishing and the rates for this month are definitely one of the lowest ever recorded.

Statistics Canada has also published that the rate of unemployment in the country has gone down to just 5.6 percent. This is really a low number and a great feat to achieve. This type of number actually is something that Canada has not been able to experience for quite a long time. In fact, this type of number has last been experienced by the country back in 1976 and that sure is a long time ago.

Achieving a 5.6% unemployment rate

According to the data from Statistics Canada, they were able to note that around 19 million individuals from Canada were able to get jobs just for the month of November. This is a really big thing especially with that huge number getting employed in just a short period of time. This number is also quite a better deal as compared to the numbers for October. The number for November is an improvement of 0.5 percent as compared to the number of October. This means that any immigrants who may be making their way to Canada should be able to find a good job once they are there.

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Wednesday, December 12, 2018

Why Immigrants Are Choosing New Zealand As Their New Country

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Finding a good place to live in is a really good thing. Not all have the capacity and the chance to do so and those who are able to move do their very best to find the best country. Many of those potential immigrants find New Zealand as the best place for them and so they prep themselves for everything that they need to prepare to be able to make it to the country as immigrants.

One of the major reasons why immigrants are choosing New Zealand is because of its educational system and the kind of education that one can get there. Education is very important as it helps one get a good stepping stone and good front especially when it comes to finding the career or the job that they would like to have.

So why is New Zealand a great place for immigrants who are pushing towards a better career? Well, here are some reasons why.

Building a career

When one knows just what career they would want to have for the rest of their lives, then New Zealand is really the best place for this. There are plenty of good options for studying and it helps the students have the education that they would need to jumpstart their careers. The system allows the students to be more confident with their knowledge and with their lives. The government is also quite supportive of those who are studying in the country and that is why plenty of people find the country to be quite a good place to get the education that they need for having a really good career that they want to have.

A stable economy that is still growing

For many countries, a stable economy is what they have. However, the economy for these countries may seem to have reached a plateau and that is what keeps the economy stable. In the case of New Zealand, the country is home to a really strong economy that is also very stable. This allows for immigrants to find the career that they would want to be in and stay in for a really long time. They are allowed to explore the careers that are available to them without having to worry about finances and being out of a job since the stability of the economy is key to a stable career as well. The industries are also growing and that is what keeps people feeling okay and not having to worry about losing jobs.

Plenty of opportunities

There are plenty of career opportunities for those who are looking for a good source of finances. Those who are in the search for a good job can be able to find such in the country. There is also the very popular culture of work and life balance and that helps people live a healthy life where life and work are two separate entities and allows people to live the life that they have without spending too much of their time at work.

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Tuesday, December 11, 2018

UK Businesses Can Suffer If PM May Pushes On With Immigration Reduction

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The United Kingdom is a really good country for many immigrants and that is why they are choosing to move here than for any other country in the world. However, recent developments have it that the United Kingdom government believes that there is too much immigrants in the country and that is why they have been planning on having a lot less people coming to the country. One of the top things that the government is doing to pushing towards exiting the European Union so that they would have control over the number of people coming to the country.

This may seem good for the United Kingdom government but experts are saying that the businesses in the country would be the ones to actually suffer. According to Carolyn Fairbairn, restrictions to the influx of immigrants with low skills are actually going to be really bad for the economy of the country. In fact, she even continued that if UK Prime Minister Theresa May pushes on with this plan of hers, the country would be suffering and it can be compared to the 1970s problem of the price of oil that really had been quite damaging. Fairbairn works as the director-general and heads the Confederation of British Industry (which is also known as the CBI).

The warning from the CBI

There is a warning to the UK government regarding their plans on immigration and this warning is coming from the CBI. According to them, there could be a lot of businesses that could close up shop if there are lesser immigrants in the country. Aside from that, with the businesses closing, jobs are also going to be lost and that is not going to be good for the whole country. This is primarily because of the plans of the UK government to restrict the entrance of immigrants who are low in skills. If this plan continues, then the UK should brace itself for what could happen next.

The warning came after PM May had actually mentioned in a speech that with the new system for immigration that would be in place soon enough would be a gatekeeper where anybody who would want to be in the country would have to go through the application process. Those that would be allowed in would be the ones that have passed the skills qualifications that the government has set.

The CBI’s call

Aside from just working out the immigration system that the UK has, it is also important that the government focuses on training and teaching the young Britons to be able to help them be prepared for the work that would be available in the country. By training these people, it would be helpful for the economy of the whole country.

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Monday, December 10, 2018

Ontario, Canada In Need Of Immigrants With Skills

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There are certain places in Canada that are in need of immigrants who bear certain skills that those places need. One of those provinces is Ontario and they are trying to call on to the government to bring in those skilled immigrants to their place by next year as they are badly needed. Although the province of Quebec has decided to put a limit to the number of immigrants that they are accepting, many other provinces in Canada are all open and welcome to skilled and experienced immigrants.

In the entire country, the federal government of Canada actually is looking at a goal of bringing in 330,800 individuals who would be new to the country as immigrants. This goal is for next year, 2019. This is definitely way higher than the goal for this year which is 310,000 immigrants. In fact, it is an increase of 7 percent. This definitely reflects just how much the country is open to immigrants and how the government is doing something to be able to have the needed people come to the country.

The plans for immigration of Canada

The Canadian government already has a plan for immigration and this is going to run for a number of years. The plans were disclosed to the public just last October. The total target of the country when it comes to immigrants will be increasing by over 13 percent starting 2018 right up until 2021. This would be through the variety of programs that the country has which have been made for refugee, family, and economic purposes. From the current 310,000 immigrants for the year, there would be an increase that would total to 350,000 by 2021.

This is a reflection of just how much immigrants the country needs and are willing to accept. Ontario is one of the provinces that are highly in need of skilled immigrants who can provide their expertise and their talents and skills to helping out businesses that, in turn, also help out the country’s economy.

Quebec and its immigration plans

As for the province of Quebec, it plans to put a lesser limit for total immigrants that it would be accepting by next year. They are only looking at 40,000 new immigrants next year and this is less than 10,000 as compared to the total immigrants that they have set as limit for this year. According to the local government of Quebec, this is their plan so that those that have made their way to the province would be able to successfully adapt and be integrated in the new society that they are in. After all, the province has a population that is mostly French-speaking.

Quebec is the only province in Canada that has put a lesser limit in terms of total immigrants. All other provinces are up for accepting more.

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Friday, December 7, 2018

New Zealand Immigrants Love Country’s Lifestyle And Scenery

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There are certain things that immigrants look for when searching for a country that they would want to be their new home. Many have found their way to New Zealand because they believe that it is a country that is really good for them and would be a really good place to live in. The economy is also quite stable and very good for those who are looking for job opportunities or for those who are searching for a place where they could set up a new business venture.

In the case of those immigrants who have found themselves living in New Zealand, their financial requirements have been satisfied and the political stability have also been given an answer. What they did not find prepare for was the kind of lifestyle and scenery that the country offers which is something that can be considered to be bonuses.

The lifestyle

The world knows that the New Zealand approach to lifestyle is something that is balanced. The locals are known to be quite welcoming and are also very friendly so immigrants do not have a hard time adjusting to the new place that they are in. This is backed up by data as the country is a constant leader when it comes to surveys and studies that look at the work and life balance.

The country is also known to be quite competitive and its citizens know that they should work hard to be able to make it really good in the global arena. The country is also quite developed and very modern. It is connected to the rest of the world and the entire world knows the kind of country New Zealand is. It is also home to plenty of businesses and job opportunities for those immigrants who are seeking for ways to have a good income.

Despite this, the country also is a firm believer in living their lives. They do not believe that work is life. They believe that work is just one part of life and to be able to enjoy it is another. And so they are able to find a certain balance between doing work and enjoying the things that life has to offer.

The scenery

One of the most common descriptions given to New Zealand’s scenery is amazing. And this is not quite surprising as one can definitely enjoy quite a variety of grandiose wonders for the eye to behold. There are glaciers and there are also fiords. There are mountains and there are seemingly endless plains. There are hills that go on for miles and there are forests to be lost in. There are plateaus and there are volcanoes. There are cities and there are beaches. The gods must have certainly smiled down a lot on this country.

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Thursday, December 6, 2018

UK Gets Higher Number of Non-EU Immigrants

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With the free movement between European Union member nations, it is not surprising that the United Kingdom have had quite a huge amount of immigrants coming from those member nations. The UK is one of the most prosperous countries among all members of the EU and there are plenty of opportunities here. And this is what makes a lot of people come here as immigrants.

In recent news though, it does seem like the total number of non-EU immigrants have gone further up as compared to the usual number of EU immigrants coming in. Again, this is something that has been predicted to happen with the upcoming exit of Britain from the European Union. Those immigrants in the UK are not so sure about the future that they will have in the country once the exit does happen and so they are making sure that they are safe and have a more certain future somewhere else than in the UK where the future of EU immigrants is still uncertain at the moment. Thus, with the diminishing number of EU immigrants, the non-EU immigrant numbers have definitely risen.

The highest number of non-EU immigrants vs. EU immigrants in 14 years

Critics of the immigration system in the United Kingdom are saying that the government should actually be looking at the system and how it is working right now especially with the issues surrounding the exit of the UK from the EU. According to these critics, the net number for immigration for those from outside the European Union have definitely gone up and this was a really good number as this was the highest that it has ever been in the last 14 years. This phenomenon is all because the ministers of the government have not been acting on the immigration scenario when they should be looking at this and how it will impact the country.

With less and less immigrants from the EU coming to the UK because of the uncertainty of their future here, there are now more and more immigrants from other countries in the world who are making it to the UK because of this. The new immigrants from outside the UK are doing the same things that immigrants do and they help out the country by being employed in businesses and companies that need them.

The increase in numbers

The official numbers from the UK have reflected that there has been an addition of around 248,000 individuals who have come to the country and these were individuals who did not come from European Union member nations. This was just for the period of January to June of this year. There were more people coming in from South Asia which included countries like Pakistan, Nepal, Afghanistan, Sri Lanka, and India.

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