Friday, October 29, 2021

Beautiful Banff National Park In Canada Has Been Amazing Immigrants, Locals, And Travelers Alike

People are amazed by plenty of things. Most of the time, they really get enthralled with innovations in science and such. However, what most people do not realize is that nature is even more amazing than what science has got to offer. A good example would be the Banff National Park which is in Canada. This amazing spot has been quite amazing and has made a lot of people be in awe of it. Immigrants, locals, and travelers have all been going there to visit and they are totally engrossed by it.


What is the Banff National Park?


This beautiful park can be found right in the middle of the Rocky Mountains which is majestic in all its stunning glory. This can be found in Alberta and definitely shows off some of the best sceneries in the entirety of Canada. One can find some of the most turquoise lakes there as well as mountain peaks that have been capped with snow. The park also has glaciers that are really so beautiful to gaze at. Put all of these together and one can definitely have one of the best experiences ever. And those who have visited the park are more than happy to share that it is an experience that they would never forget and they are more than willing to go back should they be able to.


The beautiful lakes in Banff National Park


The best lake that can be found in the Banff National Park would be Lake Louise. It has green water that is able to give a reflection of the amazing glaciers and mountains that surround it. People who are in Canada who have chosen to go to this lake can have a grand time taking a stroll all around its shore.


This lake can be found just a short distance away from Moraine Lake which is yet another impressive lake in the park that is alpine. The Moraine Lake is also a beautiful one and it comes with an even more dramatic view as compared to the one in Lake Louise.


Even the drive is beautiful


There are places that just do not offer beautiful views and sights on the road. However, this is not the case when it comes to this beautiful national park in Canada. People who have gone to the park are more than happy with the drive there. Aside from that, they can also drive in between lakes and get an amazing view of the surroundings. The Icefields Parkway is yet a beautiful drive and this connects Lake Louise to Lake Jasper. It is also a main attraction in the national park.


Those who wish to stay at the place can do so as the town of Banff may be small but it offers just about everything that people would need like accommodation, dining spots, nightlife, and shopping stalls.




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Thursday, October 28, 2021

Discover Why Immigrants In New Zealand Are In Love With Fish And Chips

It is not a secret that New Zealand is definitely one of the most beautiful countries in the world. The country has successfully kept its environment pristine while making sure that modernization and its economy remain strong. This is why it is not surprising to learn that many potential immigrants from all around the globe are eyeing New Zealand as a place that is the closest to paradise in this day and age. Each year, plenty of individuals work hard to be able to move to the country.


However, what most people do not know is that aside from being a beautiful and strong country, New Zealand is also home to some of the best food all around the world. Well, that should not be quite difficult to understand given how green its environment still is. That is why Mother Nature is more than happy to gift the country with plenty of food sources. There are the waters to get food from and the land is also a great source of food. Immigrants in the country can attest to how delicious food is in the country and one of the dishes that they are really in love with is fish and chips.


What is fish and chips?


There may be some confusion right now. Most people think that fish and chips is something that can only be found in the United Kingdom which is famous for it. However, what people should understand is that this dish can also be found in New Zealand it is one of the really amazing dishes that people can find in the country. This dish can be found all around the world with different versions and the New Zealand version is surely quite something to try out.


Fish and chips is a favorite of the locals as well as of the immigrants. Many people in the country love having this while they are by the beach on a good summer night. It is made using fresh fish, which are in abundance in New Zealand and is what makes the dish quite amazing. The fish is then coated in a batter which makes it crispy after deep frying. It comes with a huge portion of hot chips that goes well with the fish.


The New Zealand version


There are different versions of fish and chips and that is all dependent on the place or country where it is made. In the case of New Zealand, the ingredients are all sourced locally which makes them fresher and more delectable. This dish is sold all around New Zealand and is a popular takeaway meal. It usually comes with white bread that has been freshly baked, as well as some tomato sauce. In restaurants in NZ, this dish is served with some salad.




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Wednesday, October 27, 2021

United Kingdom One Of The Best Countries In The World For Immigrants And Their Families

Why many people choose to become immigrants is not a mystery. Plenty of people choose to become such for various reasons and the top reason is because of work or because of the need to find greener and better pastures. In this time and age, with information at everyone’s fingertips and access to countries is a lot easier, many individuals work hard to be able to move to a new country. The United Kingdom is one of the best countries in the world for immigrants and their families.


Aside from the UK, other countries that are popular among immigrants and their families include Canada, Australia, the USA, and Germany. Such is not surprising given that these countries are some of the most powerful countries in the world especially in terms of economy. It is also a good thing that the country is open to immigrants who can contribute to the businesses there as many are looking for professionals who can help out with the operations and the tasks.


What is the immigration situation in the UK?


While it can be said that many establishments in the United Kingdom had to reel from the consequences that came with the country’s exit from the European Union, these establishments with help from the government are quick to do something about it. Nowadays, the country has been bringing in more skilled professionals who are able to do the tasks that businesses in the UK need to be done. This is surely good news for the many individuals who have been eyeing the country as the place where they would like to be immigrants.


Bringing in immigrant workers


It is a good thing that the government of the UK has recognized the need for more immigrants to come in and join the country’s workforce. That is why the government has been creating programs and pathways that would help bring in all of the needed immigrant workers and skilled workers who would be helping out the different businesses there. Most of the programs are targeting professionals who come from a variety of industries which includes medical, business, trade, and engineering. These are the current professionals needed in the UK and those who have been approved are helping in in all of the worker gaps in those industries.


Many individuals are very interested in the United Kingdom as the country to be immigrants in. Aside from the great career opportunities and great healthcare, the country also speaks English which makes it a lot easier for many of them since they do not have to learn a new language. The country is also proud of its culture which it has kept intact through many years. It is also home to some of the best universities in the world, making it a great place to get an education.




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Tuesday, October 26, 2021

Temporary Immigrants In Canada May Soon Become Permanent Residents As Government Is Looking Into This

Most people are looking for greener pastures. It is not about not being content with what they have but it is more of wanting to challenge themselves even more and make more. That is why it is not surprising really to hear of stories of many individuals sending in their applications to be immigrants in countries with strong economies like Canada. In these countries, there are more opportunities for businesses and for individuals who would like to earn more or even explore their careers more.


It is a good thing that Canada is open to immigrants as these people actually help the country in more ways than one. With the country’s aging population, low birth rate, and fewer people in the labor market, immigrants are there to help out. There are various programs made by the government to bring in the kind of immigrants that the country needs. Some of these are programs that brought in temporary immigrant workers who help out in various industries and sectors.


Keeping temporary immigrant workers


The thing about temporary immigrant workers is that they cannot stay really long in Canada as their visa does not allow them to do so. The only way that they can extend their stay is to renew their visa and hope that it gets approved. Some are okay with just staying for a short time while there are others who are more than happy to have their stay in Canada extended.


It is a good thing that many businesses and industry leaders have seen the importance of temporary immigrant workers in Canada. That is why they are urging the government of the country to help them keep these important workers so that the businesses continue their operations without having a gap as they may have to wait for new immigrant workers to come to replace the ones whose visas have expired. Now, the government is currently looking at creating a program that would allow temporary immigrant workers in Canada to actually have the option to go and apply for a permanent residency visa.


Seeing the importance of temporary immigrant workers


During this pandemic, the need for workers has been quite pronounced and that is why the government of Canada is doing the best that it can to be able to keep these temporary workers in the country and allow them to continue to do the work that they do. The healthcare industry has been one of the industries that have been employing temporary workers. This is a vital industry nowadays because of the pandemic and it would be a great help to be able to keep these essential workers in the country via a new program that would allow them to actually become permanent residents and have them continue doing their work.




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Monday, October 25, 2021

Shortage Of Workers Experienced In The United Kingdom, Business Leaders Urge Govt To Bring In More Immigrants To Help

When the government of the United Kingdom decided to take back control of its borders, one of the many things that it had put in place was to exit from the European Union. It was able to successfully achieve its goal with this. However, when the pandemic happened, many countries around the world put enforced lockdowns and banned all non-essential travel. With that, many immigrants from other countries had to pause any plans they had to move to the United Kingdom.


It is important to keep in mind though that the UK has an aging population, which means that there are lesser people in the labor market. This country has been highly reliant on immigrant workers to help out the various industries with their skills and expertise. With that, the country is now experiencing a shortage of workers, all thanks to the pandemic. That is why business leaders from various industries are urging the government to help bring in more immigrant workers who could help out in the labor market.


The current situation


Business leaders from various industries are not happy with the current situation in the country. Shortage of workers are seemingly felt throughout all industries in the UK. There are services stations that are almost empty. The shelves in supermarkets are not filled up like usual. Farms have to deal with a lower amount of harvest. And these are just a few of the dire situations that industries are facing. That is why great help from the government is going to be very beneficial not only for the businesses but also for the entire country.


As per business leaders and business owners, the government should start working on how to bring in new immigrant workers who can help out do the tasks that need to be done. The immigration rules have also been made to be quite strict and that is why businesses are asking the government to actually relax the new rules to be able to quickly bring in the needed immigrant workers who can help out with the worker shortages happening.


What immigrant workers bring to the table


With an aging population, this means that there is a lower birth rate as well as fewer people available in the labor market. However, businesses do not stop needing employees and staff to help them out. With the United Kingdom being one of the countries in the world with a strong economy, it is not surprising if plenty of businesses set up shop here. With fewer people in the labor market, businesses have been relying on immigrant workers to help out do the work that need to be done. In fact, many business owners prefer these workers because they are more flexible and are willing to relocate should the job need them to do so.




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Friday, October 22, 2021

A Few Slang Used In Canada That Immigrants May Want To Learn

Learning how to go in and about a new country is only one of the things that immigrants need to learn once they get there. The good thing about how to around in a country is that there are plenty of sources to learn how to do that and to help them out. There are books and there are maps. There are also apps nowadays that would make things easier. However, when it comes to learning slang that are used in a country, there are only a few resources for that. That is why immigrants in Canada are quite lucky as this article is going to help them out with a few slang that they can use once they get to the country.


So what are the slang that are commonly used in Canada? There are a lot of them around as the language used in the country is quite dynamic and people are also getting more and more creative. This cannot tackle all of the slang used but here are a few of them.


Hang a Larry/Roger


This slang does not really pertain to really hanging a man or a person or hanging out with someone. It actually is commonly used when people are giving out directions. ‘Hang a Larry’ actually means that someone has to make a left turn while ‘Hang a Roger’ means someone has to take a right turn. While many people have been asking why ‘Larry’ and ‘Roger’ are used, there are plenty of theories but no one really knows the exact reason why.


To go to the park, Richard had to hang a Larry and then hang a Roger after.


Mickey/Texas mickey


In Canada, a mickey is actually a small alcohol bottle which is around 13 oz. or 375 ml. On the other

hand, a Texas mickey is a large bottle of alcohol which is around 101 oz. or 3 liters.


I could have handled a mickey but a Texas mickey? No, thank you.




A two-four is definitely not a code used by the police when they use the radio. In fact, in slang, the two-four in Canada actually means what it is. 2 and 4. In short, 24. And the slang actually is used to refer to a case of beer that holds 24 bottles.


On my way to the party, I picked up a two-four and some chips. I wasn’t really sure what to bring and I think these were my safest bets.




A dart is actually a game but in slang in Canada, it actually means something simple - a cigarette.


Jack went out to have a dart and he saw his colleague there who was also having one.




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Thursday, October 21, 2021

New Zealand Gov’t Urged To Require COVID-19 Vaccination For Immigrants Joining The Country

Getting vaccinated against COVID-19 is a very important thing that people should do to protect not only themselves from the virus but also to protect others. This is why governments are offering free vaccines to all people in their territory, and this includes New Zealand. The country’s government has worked out a plan that would allow the country to reopen its borders soon enough and be able to bring in new immigrants which it needs.


Despite the health protocols in place, reopening the borders of New Zealand to bring in new immigrants may also mean having to put additional requirements on top of the current ones. People in the country are also scared for their lives because of the threat that the disease brings and that is why they are urging the government of their country to require COVID-19 vaccinations for any new immigrants joining the country when the borders reopen. This may be a requirement before these individuals are actually awarded their visas.


The plans for next year


One of the plans of New Zealand for next year would be to bring in new immigrants while following the health protocols that the government has put in place. It is expected that there may be a total of 165,000 new individuals who would be joining the country by next year and they would become new residents in New Zealand. With that huge amount of people entering the borders, the call to require them to be inoculated is definitely not just something thought of on a whim.


By requiring new immigrants in the country to actually be vaccinated first before they are awarded their visas and allowed to enter the country, these individuals would be able to help New Zealand increase the immunity rate in the country. This would also help areas and communities that are difficult to reach boosts the immunity levels there. With the vaccines available in countries around the world, individuals who would like to become immigrants would definitely not have a lot of difficulties fulfilling this requirement.


The need for immigrants in New Zealand


It cannot be denied that many businesses in New Zealand need immigrants and that is why the government is doing its best to reopen the borders as soon as possible. However, with the risks that the coronavirus and its Delta variant bring, it is best to make sure that everyone is protected as much as possible. Many of the immigrants who would be coming in are actually going to be working and interacting with the locals. Many of them work as fruit pickers, caregivers, farmworkers, and many other essential jobs. That is why it is important that the newcomers are vaccinated before they are awarded their visas.




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Wednesday, October 20, 2021

Immigrants Delighted To Find Out That The United Kingdom Is Home To Many National Parks

For a good number of countries around the world, the measurement of being a modern and developed country would be to build a ton of new structures like bridges and buildings and the like. However, what many people do not realize is that new structures can actually also mean having to compromise not having parks that they can go to appreciate and convene with nature. That is why many immigrants are delighted to find out that the United Kingdom is home to many national parks.


While structures allow for a number of good things, it is also important that a country is able to keep things green, and having natural parks is a great way to do it. They are able to keep that part of their country green and growing and many people really enjoy visiting these spots to be able to get away from the world filled with concrete and enjoy nature as it is. Immigrants who have chosen to live in the UK are very lucky to have access to 15 national parks. Here are some of them.


Peak District


This park is home to lowland species as well as upland species. It is home to many flora and fauna. The peaks in the park have been made from reef limestone carved through years of meltwater during the Ice Age. There are also areas here that are made from shale, gritstone and sandstone.


Lake District


This is the biggest national park in England and it has rocks that have been around for around 500 million years. It has huge lakes and high peaks.




It is one of the biggest area of open country in the southern part of England and its wildlife is one of the biggest. Most of it has granite which has been around for around 295 million years and makes up around 65% of this national park in the UK.


North York Moors


Archaeology in this place actually date back to the Ice Age. It is also home to one of the biggest forts from the Iron Age as well as Roman forts, moorland crosses, abbeys, and castles.


Yorkshire Dales


This national park in the United Kingdom has the Three Peaks which stands at more than 2,300 feet. There are also deep valleys known as dales. There are also spots made of limestone which add to the allure of the place.




Most of the rocks that are in this national park were formed around 360 to 410 million years ago. The place is also home to sandstone, slates, limestone, and shales. There are also rivers running through it including the River Lyn.




This is one of the national parks in the UK that is least populated. It has over 1,100 kilometers of paths that people use for riding on horses, cycling, or walking.




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Tuesday, October 19, 2021

Pre-Pandemic Employment Levels Achieved By Canada In September 2021

At long last, Canada has finally been able to achieve a milestone in the midst of this pandemic that seems to show no signs of stopping. Thanks to the quick thinking and proper decisions made by the government of Canada, the country has slowly started to pick up the pieces left behind when the pandemic started. Employment has definitely gone down at the start of this devastating event after many businesses had to close as lockdowns were imposed and people had to stay at home. Even approved immigrants had to deal with the situation and postpone their plans to move to the country in the meantime.


With the perseverance to rise up and get back to what it had enjoyed before the pandemic hit, Canada is now enjoying the hard work that the government has done as well as the cooperation from the end of the locals and the immigrants living in the country. Being able to achieve employment levels that the country enjoyed before the pandemic is a really big thing. This big achievement happened just this September 2021.


What are the numbers?


Just this September, the economy of Canada was able to enjoy a gain in the number of jobs available. The total was at 157,000 new jobs that became available, which allowed for the employment rate in the country to go up. In fact, that number brought Canada to the employment levels that it had before the pandemic happened. As per the Labour Force Survey done by Statistics Canada, a number of provinces in the country actually had required a number of non-essential businesses like restaurants and gyms to have proof of vaccination of its employees to allow them to open.


The rate of employment actually took into account all of the individuals in Canada who were employed and were aged 15 years old and above. That number was taken as a percentage against the total population for the same age group. For September, the employment rate in Canada was at 60.9%. As per the unemployment rate, that number went down for the fourth month straight for the same month. It was at 6.9% which was the lowest ever since the pandemic started.


Immigrants also are employed


In this pandemic, many have thought that most businesses in Canada would first give priority to the locals when it comes to employment. However, it does seem like a good number of new immigrants in Canada are also now employed. In fact, the employment rate for this group has also gone up in the recent month. Thanks to everything that the government is doing, everyone in the country is benefitting from that. All the hard work of everybody has definitely paid off, including the cooperation from the immigrants and locals.




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Monday, October 18, 2021

In The United Kingdom, Many Immigrants Find Themselves Enjoying Ginger Beer

Each year, many individuals work on their plans to become immigrants in a new country. Their main goal may differ - it could be work, education, family, and many other things. They do their work to fulfill all of the requirements asked of them by the country that they chose. And each year, many of them successfully become immigrants in their country of choice. In the United Kingdom, thousands and thousands of new immigrants make their way to the country and start new lives there.


While many immigrants in the UK try to find their way in the country and start building roots, they also do have to deal with a lot of things. They have to be accustomed to the cultures and traditions in the country. They also have to know their way around. Another thing that they do is to also try and be used to the foods that are available in the country. And more often than not, immigrants really enjoy what foods and beverages are in the UK, including ginger beer.


What is ginger beer?


The original brew of ginger beer is that it was made to be an alcoholic beverage. It makes use of ginger that has been fermented along with water and sugar. Nowadays, however, most of the ginger beers available commercially actually are not that alcoholic. Non-alcoholic drinks are actually those that contain less than 0.5% of alcohol content, and ginger beer is one of those.


This amazing drink has become a favorite among many immigrants in the United Kingdom. Its origins are from the UK and it uses the same concoction of ginger, sugar, and water. However, there are now new variations like sometimes adding some lemon before the drink actually is fermented and then brewed. If it uses a starter culture, the drink then results in a beverage that comes with around 11% of alcohol. This shows the difference between the old concoction and the new one with regard to the alcohol content.


Having carbonation in the brewing process


What makes this drink quite special is that it takes some time for it to be available and ready for the market. See, it goes through a brewing process that may take some time. One of the common reactions that happen during the entire process is carbonation but immigrants in the UK who have tried this drink out are more than happy to share that ginger beer is actually less carbonated as compared to the ginger ale, which is the soft drink version of this drink. Ginger ale may also be cloudy and there are also versions that are clear. There are currently a good number of flavors available in the market of ginger beer.




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Friday, October 15, 2021

Delicious Tourtière Has Become A Favorite Among Immigrants In Canada

The thing about food is that it is universal. People all around the world really enjoy eating food. They also create various dishes with what their land has given them to prepare and create dishes. Of course, it is understandable for a person living near the sea to know a number of seafood dishes as these are the ingredients available in the area. In the case of Canada, immigrants have found out that this country is not just about the usual Western dishes but also has French influences, thanks to the people who are living in the Quebec area.


No, it is not about Canada being too close to France because that is not really true. In fact, food can also be influenced by the kind of palate and food knowledge that people living in the area have. In the case of Canada, the French have colonized them in years past and that is why the French culture has actually stuck in some areas of the country. One of the amazing dishes in Canada that has French influence is tourtiere.


A dish with French-Canadian influences


Tourtiere is a dish that can be enjoyed in Canada that has French-Canadian influences. It also has been around for a long time already – it is said to have been around in the 1600s. It is also said that this dish has been brought to the country by immigrants during the late part of the 19th century and the early part of the 20th century. It is a pie that is flaky and its name is said to have been taken from the vessel that was used to bake the dish in.


This delectable dish is actually made using some ground meat. It can be beef, game, pork, or veal. Then, some herbs and spices are added to give it flavor. There are some coastal towns in Canada that use minced fish instead as it is the ingredient that is available in the area.


Those who have tried this dish out are more than happy to share that it makes quite a hearty meal. Though it is available all-year round, most Canadians would have it during Christmas and during the New Year. Most grocery stores in Quebec actually have this available in stock any time of the year.


Not exclusive in Canada


Though this particular food is popular as a food in Canada, it is actually not exclusive to Canada at all, especially Quebec. The traditional Tourtière is enjoyed by families with French-Canadian roots all around Canada. However, aside from this, it is also enjoyed by people who may be living in the areas that are in and around the border of Canada which include the region of New England - Maine, Vermont, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, and Rhode Island.




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Thursday, October 14, 2021

How To Talk Like A Native In New Zealand: A Guide For Immigrants

The good thing about New Zealand is that it is a country where English is the major language spoken. So conversing and communicating with the locals is not a really difficult thing to do, especially if one already knows this language. With most people around the world already speaking English, this language is basic for most. Having this language as the basic language in New Zealand has made a lot of immigrants choose this country as their new country.


This may be the situation for many immigrants in New Zealand but it is also still important that the newcomers in the country know how to talk like a native of the country. This is going to be where they would be living for quite some time and it is important that they know how to communicate and talk like a native. There are slang used in the country that immigrants should learn so that they would know what the locals are talking about and how they can communicate like them.


What are these? Read on and find some of them.




No, these are not boots made of gum. Instead, they are actually rubber boots and are waterproof.


Oliver bought some gumboots today. He knew he needed them with the rainy days coming. He didn’t want to get his shoes wet.




In New Zealand, the term ‘grog’ actually means alcohol. Yes, alcohol.


Hey Mia! Care to get some grog later after work?


Hard case


A hard case in New Zealand does not really mean a container for something that is made using hard material. Instead, it is actually used to refer to a person who may be eccentric. It is also used to refer to a person who may be tough but is likeable.


Ashley may be a hard case but I sure do like her.


Heart of gold


Of course, this literally does not mean a heart that is made of gold. It actually is used as a description for an individual who may be really kind.


Of all the people in the world, dead or alive, I think Mother Teresa is the one who has a real heart of gold.


Hook up


When one is in New Zealand, the term ‘hook up’ actually means meeting up or joining another person or a group.


I hooked up with the football team last weekend. We played a number of matches and they were great!




The term ‘hoon’ actually is used to refer to a person who is quite noisy or someone who is a lout.


I never really expected it but Clifford is really quite a hoon.




Jandals are actually the slang used in New Zealand to refer to sandals made from rubber. They are also known in Britain as flip-flops.


Mike’s new jandals are wicked!




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Wednesday, October 13, 2021

The Bacon Sandwich Has Made Many Immigrants In The United Kingdom Realize Its Amazing Goodness

There is really something about the comfort that really good food brings. When one is tired, food just helps make one feel not so weary. When one is sad, food can give the best comfort. Food also helps a lot of people deal with plenty of things and it also is there in times of celebrations. In the case of immigrants who have found themselves living in the United Kingdom, food is something that has given them a lot of comfort especially since most of them live alone, away from friends and family.


It is a good thing that in the UK, there are plenty of dishes and food that people, including immigrants and travelers, can get to enjoy a lot. Some of these are even famous all around the world. One of the amazing dishes that one can find in this beautiful country is the bacon sandwich, and yes, it is not just any ordinary sandwich. Well, because bacon definitely makes everything special, and that is no secret.


It’s not about how it looks


A lot of people say that the bacon sandwich is nothing really special, especially in this day and age when food should be Instagrammable. However, when it comes to food, it should not just look good, because food is meant to be eaten. There is a lot of food that may not look great but actually taste heavenly. This is the case of the bacon sandwich in the UK. It is just so ordinary-looking but when one takes a bite out of it, one can definitely say that it is something superb.


Many immigrants who have tried out this amazing food are more than happy to share just how they appreciate it and how they really enjoyed eating it. Plus, it is with the bacon making it really amazing, this has become a favorite comfort food among many people in the UK. It is usually eaten during breakfast and is a common favorite. Of course, many people also have this even when it is no longer time for breakfast because it is just that amazing.


What is the bacon sandwich?


In the United Kingdom, the bacon sandwich is also known as the bacon sarnie. It is quite popular and many people in the country have it for breakfast. They love it because it tastes amazing and they can eat it while on the go. Most people prefer to have it when the bread used is actually freshly baked and still warm (not hot!). Aside from that, another secret to this amazing food is the bacon. People in the UK prefer the bacon to be a bit crispy and really smoked. It is a cheap breakfast option and yet it helps with hunger and gives people the energy they need to get through the day.




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Tuesday, October 12, 2021

Quebec City In Canada And How It Is Able To Lure Immigrants There With Its Own Unique European Charm

When a person is looking for a new country where they would be living as an immigrant, that person usually has a number of things to consider first. For many, the economy of a country is a big thing and it should be strong enough. There are also others who are looking for a country that would offer them many opportunities. There are some who are looking for a country that would allow them to get the education that they are looking for. And when they find Canada to be that country, they find that there are beautiful spots in the country. In fact, Quebec City is one of the main places that immigrants choose to live in once they are there.


Quebec City is one of the unique and beautiful spots in Canada which does not only attract immigrants to live there but also attracts even the locals to come and visit. It has its own charm that some people say is not really that Canadian but can be described as more European.


What is Quebec City’s charm?


If there is one thing that is common among the many descriptions used for Quebec City, it would be charming. This city in Canada has streets made of cobblestone and are designed to be winding through the houses and structures and other places. There are also cathedrals that tower over the place and are quite amazing to look at and visit. It is also a place where the locals mostly speak French, which makes one feel like they are in Europe and not in Canada.


Quebec City also is home to shops that offer bread that are freshly baked with its scent wafting through the streets. Pungent cheese that is amazing to the palate is also available here. Cafes line up the streets and they offer creamy lattes as well as buttery and delectable croissants. It does seem like France but it is not.


What else is known about Quebec City?


For a really long time, Quebec City actually lived in the shadow of Montreal, which is its neighbor. However, things started to change for this city in Canada in 2008 when it celebrated its 400th birthday. It was a huge thing that brought the spotlight back on the city. With that, people started traveling here to explore and experience what it has to offer. The city is a UNESCO World Heritage site and that is not really quite difficult to understand given that it is quite a charming little place. It continues to preserve its unique culture which has amazed a lot of people when they visit the place. This city is home to bistros and boutiques and buildings that were put up in the 17th and 18th centuries.




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Monday, October 11, 2021

Brits’ Traits: A Quick Guide For Immigrants In The United Kingdom

In every place or every country, there are certain traits that one can find to be unique only to that place. Not all are really weird but they can pretty much cause some kind of culture shock to those who are really not used to them. Keep in mind though that there are some traits that are unique and are simply interesting to observe. That is why immigrants who would be making their way to the United Kingdom may want to learn more about the traits of the Brits before they actually join the country.


Here are some of the traits of Brits that can be quite fascinating and interesting for immigrants.


Neighbors usually gossip by their fences


It does seem like gossiping is something that happens all over the world and people have different ways of doing that. In the case of people who live in the United Kingdom, they usually gossip by their fences. Popular culture may have shown this and it sure is a reality.


Being obsessed with traffic


Traffic jams can be a nightmare and this goes true for just about everyone, including the Brits. The only difference though is that the Brits are quite obsessed with traffic and would find and think of ways to alleviate traffic jams. They would also try to find alternative routes so as not to get stuck in traffic. This is a usual thing for them to do.


Being happy with the misfortune of others


In some countries, being happy about the misfortune of others can be a guilty pleasure. In the United Kingdom though, this seems to be something that they are quite open about. Perhaps this is just because they are too honest about it while other nationalities would try to keep it to themselves as a way of trying to be a good person.


Complaining is not something usually done


There are countries where people can voice out their complaints when there is a need to do such. However, in the UK, it does seem like complaining is not a usual thing. The Brits are too polite to actually complain about things. If there is something that they are not too happy about, they would keep it to themselves or just be grumpy about it.


The love for inexpensive holidays abroad


Traveling is something that the Brits really love to do especially if they are able to do it outside their country. What many immigrants should know about the Brits though is that they love inexpensive holidays abroad. They would scour to find a good deal that would allow them to save some money. Of course, who does not want to go on a fun holiday abroad that would not put a hole in one’s pocket?




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Friday, October 8, 2021

Around 38,000 New Immigrants Welcomed In Canada In August 2021

For many months, Canada had to deal with a low amount of immigrants coming in, no thanks to the COVID-19 pandemic that made a lot of countries, including Canada, put a lockdown and stop all non-essential travel. During this time, the country had to deal with making sure that the virus does not spread among its people and had to put everyone’s health and safety above everything else. Even the economy was put on hold.


However, with the updates and new information gathered regarding how the virus works, Canada has been able to create new health protocols that would help keep the virus at bay and lessen the chances of people contracting it. And with that, Canada has slowly been able to work towards recovery and reopen businesses and the economy. One of the things that the government has done to help the country recover would be to bring in new immigrants who would be helping out with the economy among many other things.


Immigration numbers go up


Data released by the Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada has shown that things are doing better in terms of immigration in Canada. For August 2021, the country was able to bring in a total of 37,780 new immigrants. This is the third time in a row that the monthly immigration levels had definitely gone up than the usual amount. It surely is a great reflection of just how well the government is doing in terms of bringing in new immigrants to the country and also how popular the country has become among aspiring immigrants, especially with how it has been able to handle the pandemic.


In July, Canada was able to bring in around 40,000 new permanent residents, and a month before that, the number was at around 36,000. Before the whole pandemic happened, the country was able to bring in around 25,000 to 35,000 new permanent residents per month. However, when the pandemic struck, that number had definitely gone down due to the lockdowns and such.


The roads towards meeting the immigration target


For years, Canada has created immigration plans and targets. So far, the country was able to meet the number that it had set for each year – until the pandemic came around. When that happened, the numbers did not meet what was set for each month in terms of its immigration goals. However, come June 2021, the numbers started to pick up and it does seem like Canada would soon be able to meet the target that it had set for 2021. As per its Immigration Levels Plan for 2021 to 2023, the country is aiming to bring in 401,000 new immigrants at the very least each year and so far for 2021, the country sure is on its way towards meeting that number.




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