Tuesday, April 30, 2019

Startups In Canada Are Looking For Immigrant Workers

For those immigrants who are already in Canada and are really interested in being part of a startup, then the chance has come. Recently, it has been reported that there are a number of startups that are looking for new people to be part of their team. This surely is interesting as it means that there are more opportunities for people in Canada.

The startup scene in Canada is definitely growing. And with these startups looking for more people to be part of their company, it surely shows that there is development and there is growth. This surely also means that if there are not enough people in Canada to fill up the vacancies, then these companies would surely be looking the employees elsewhere – meaning, outside Canada. Immigrant workers would surely be happy about this development in the startup scene in Canada.

So what startups are actually looking for more employees? Well, read on and find out more about such opportunities.


Drop is a startup that is located in Toronto, Canada. It is a tech company that focuses on finances. Its goal is to help millennials know the value of finances. The startup also says that they are aiming at helping out individuals and it does not matter what type of lifestyle they are living. They also wish to help out these people by providing them with rewards and not help them get into debt by adding any charges.

Right now, Drop is looking for frontend engineers, development operations engineers, community manager, email marketing manager, vice president for growth marketing, data infrastructure engineer, business operations associate, customer support lead, and growth marketing manager.

Myant, Inc.

Myant, Inc. can be found in Toronto, Canada. This startup has been put together to help people develop solutions for textile computing as well as help them create solutions for wellness, healthcare, as well as a number of other industries. The mission of this company in Canada is to help individuals have an improvement in their lives by providing them fashion as well as fabrics that are functional.

At present, Myant is looking for director of software engineering, flat knitting programmer, product developer, UX designer, UI designer, senior electrical engineer, industrial engineer, firmware engineer, and biomedical signal processing engineer.


Another startup that can be found in Toronto in Canada, Wysdom is all about providing businesses with avenues for connecting with all of their customers as well as their employees via AI. Their main goal is using AI to make communication simpler not only for businesses but also for helping businesses do customer support as well as help them have seamless transactions.

Wysdom is looking for director for sales, senior Java developer, front end developer, mobile developer, AI data analyst, intermediate Java developer, and digital project manager.

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Monday, April 29, 2019

Wonders In New Zealand Immigrants Get To Enjoy

To be a tourist in a new place or a new country can be quite the experience. It means being able to explore a new place and get to know the locals and the culture. However, the downside to being a tourist is that one can only enjoy that for the time that they are there. Oftentimes, tourists cram all of the major sights and wonders in a really short span of time. They do not have the luxury of time to really stay there for as long as they like to marvel at what the place has to offer.

This is why immigrants are far luckier as compared to tourists. Since they are living in a new country and they would be living there for quite a while, they get to enjoy sights and places for as much as they want. They are not constantly running around with tour buses and they can simply stay there until they are satisfied. And that is what plenty of immigrants in New Zealand are able to enjoy.

With that being said, here are some of the top wonders in New Zealand that plenty of immigrants get to enjoy on their own leisure time.

Glow worms!

Glow worms are not an everyday sight in many parts of the world. In fact, in places where glow worms abound, people still have to go there and wait for them to come out. One surely cannot see glow worms in the day. Plus, it is always amazing to see something that is so uncommon.

In New Zealand, immigrants can get to experience glow worms. All they have to do is make the trip to Waitomo Caves and they can enjoy the place as well as enjoy just how marvelous and amazing the sight of glow worms can be.

The Southern Alps

Also known as the Kā Tiritiri o te Moana, the Southern Alps in New Zealand is actually a mountain range that can be found in the South Island. It is quite wonderful to look at and there are areas of the range that have some of the highest parts covered in snow. They look like the Alps of Switzerland and are really just awesome to stare at.

Lake Wanaka

Immigrants can also travel to Lake Wanaka with a picturesque town right at its foot which is known as Wanaka. This area can be found in New Zealand’s region known as Otago. It is the country’s fourth biggest lake and the deepest part is said to be over 300 meters. It is quite a beautiful town and immigrants can enjoy activities by the lake or they can simply do a lot of exploring in the town.

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Friday, April 26, 2019

Apply As Immigrant To The United Kingdom Via Self-Upload Portal

Lining up to get things done can be quite a burden especially for those individuals who are too busy and just are not fond of having to wait in line. But this is actually a test of passion and a test of patience for those who are really interested or are passionate about what they want to do. A good example for this would be applying to become an immigrant in the United Kingdom. There are plenty of other people who are also doing their best to be an immigrant. For some, looking at a long line may deter them from pushing on towards their dreams of being an immigrant in the UK. For a few, the long line is just an obstacle – there are plenty more to come and they have started this journey ready for anything.

Now, in recent news, it does seem like the government of the United Kingdom is trying to help out these potential immigrants go through the process a lot faster than usual. They are doing this via an application portal that allows all applicants to send in their requirements on their own. Yes, the applicants are going to upload them all by themselves via a portal. This means, no more waiting in line just to send in the requirements.

The move towards improvement

According to the Home Office of the UK, this move that they have done is part of their commitment to making sure that the services that they provide are continuously improving. They want to make sure that the service for the UK Visas and Immigration (which is also known as the UKVI) is doing better than it was better. With the change, customers should be able to spend a less time on sending in their applications. The process would be a whole lot smoother as well. After all, in this day and age, time is a really big resource and the more one has time, the more things they can do.

This surely is good news as it means that more and more potential immigrants are going to be able to send in their applications and their requirements without having to line up with many others. The immigration services would also be having a lot less people queueing in line which means that they can focus on all of those who have come in to send in their applications.

Making things easier

According to the UK government, they want to make things easier for all of the applicants. The portal would speed things up for potential immigrants and also for the agency handling this. This is new technology especially made for this purpose. With things going digital, there surely would be a faster way of processing the applications.

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Thursday, April 25, 2019

More Immigrant Students Is New Goal For Canada

Canada has a new goal and that is to be able to lure more immigrant students to the country. According to the government of Canada, they are planning on making sure that they have more than enough presence in all countries around the globe so that they would be able to let people know that they are looking for immigrant students to be on their soil. The government of the country has also disclosed that they are going to do this so as to help develop and broaden the diversity in classrooms in the country. They also believe in the great benefits to the economy that immigrant students bring.

This definitely reflects just how much benefits Canada gains from having immigrant students on their land. This is surely a win-win situation as many individuals from around the world are really interested in gaining a good education from Canada because of its world-class education system. According to the data, immigrant students coming to the country have been able to bring in billions each year to the economy of Canada which is surely a great thing.

Great for the economy

Immigrant students who have come to Canada to get the education that they want and need have helped a lot when it comes to the country’s economy. With the entrance of these foreign students to Canada, the effects that they have brought to the economy have seemingly almost doubled for the period from 2010 right up until 2016. The total amount of money they have brought in amounted to a high of $15.5 billion. They are able to do this via the things that they spend on and that includes the tuition that they pay for. Aside from that, they also have to spend on housing, food, and other things in between. This data is as per an analysis done by the Canada government.

Immigrant students are more than happy to have their education in Canada. This allows them to learn and get the needed knowledge and skills which are internationally accredited. It allows them to be globally competitive which is a very important thing in today’s world.

Getting help from immigrant students

Although immigrant students have come to Canada to study, they have unknowingly helped out the country in terms of its economy. They have been able to help out and support around 170,000 jobs in total back in 2016 and that is a big thing. In fact, the impact that these immigrant students have in the economy is far greater as compared to other industries like aircraft, lumber, and exporting of car parts. These industries are great too and education just brought in more. This is quite a good thing and the government knows it.

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Wednesday, April 24, 2019

Immigrants Are Happy In New Zealand And Here Are Three Reasons Why

A recent study has shown that immigrants who are living in New Zealand are quite happy to be there. Well, that is not surprising as the country is also known as one of the happiest countries in the entire world. With that, one definitely knows that happiness is contagious and so immigrants surely have also taken that happy feeling that the locals in the country have. With happiness quite difficult to come by, being in a place filled with happy people should be quite a good trick to achieving this emotion.

So why are immigrants happy to be in New Zealand? Well, here are some of the things that make them quite okay to be living in this country.

Nuclear power plants are non-existent here.

There are surely no nuclear power plants to be found in New Zealand. Although some of these exist in other countries, these do not have a place in NZ. It is definitely a good thing because those countries that used to have them have now closed them all off because of the disadvantages that they bring. It is not a secret that nuclear power plants come with a lot of disadvantages. The list includes its production of nuclear waste which is not good for the environment and also not good for people’s health. Ever heard about Chernobyl? Well, that surely is a great example of just how disastrous nuclear power plants can be. Decades after the incident happen, the area surrounding the power plant are still off limits to people as there is still radioactive material there.

With no nuclear power plants in New Zealand, immigrants can be sure that the land is clean and that there would be no untoward incidents that could happen to them like what happened to Chernobyl.

One of the first countries to allow women to vote.

It is quite interesting to note that New Zealand is one of the very first countries in the world that has allowed women to vote. This surely reflects the culture of the country that genders should be equal. As they say, it is a man’s world but New Zealand is proving the world wrong as they have shown that men and women can be equals. It is all about focusing on making sure that no gender is above the other.

More vending machines to be found in Japan compared to NZ’s population.

Japan may be home to a ton of vending machines and the number of these machines can go pretty high in total. In New Zealand, it seems like there are a whole lot less people in the country as compared to the total number of such machines in Japan. In short, it means that the country is not overpopulated and there is a lot more room and space for immigrants.

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Tuesday, April 23, 2019

Eat Like A Local: The Food In The United Kingdom That Immigrants Need To Know About

As they say, when a person is in a new place, the best way to learn about their culture and what the place has to offer would be to eat the local food. Know what is commonly served in that place and try it out. It also helps to make conversation with the locals and they will be more than happy to share information on their place. Food also makes a good conversation topic.

In the case of immigrants in the United Kingdom, one of the first things that they would probably do is try and be familiar with the streets and the public transport that they would be moving around in. It is always important to know where you are and how you can get to one place to another. Although food is a basic necessity, they would not easily think about finding some food to eat first. If they do, that is because they are hungry and they would usually look for something familiar to them.

Later on, these immigrants in the UK would start thinking about the local food. To help new immigrants out, here are some real interesting information about local food in the United Kingdom.

Ale. Not beer.

Beer is so common it is everywhere around the world. However, in the UK, though there may be beer, immigrants should start looking for ale instead. The real type of ale actually is something of a tradition in the country and it is made personally with love and with passion by the local brewers. They use ingredients that are often found in the country – just the way people did before. Ale is popular in the country that one can find over a thousand breweries concocting this drink all around the country.

Time for tea.

Pop culture all around the world has shown that the United Kingdom is quite known for its citizens having a huge love for tea. Earl grey, black, green… It does not matter. They simply love their tea. If the whole world is in love with coffee, this is the same case in the UK except that it is tea for them. What immigrants need to know is that the British love having their tea in the afternoon. This is usually paired with scones that are just freshly baked as well as simple cakes or some light sandwiches cut into really small sizes. The Britons usually sip their tea while enjoying the company they have around or just enjoying their surroundings.

Fish and chips.

Immigrants may have tried fish and chips in their home country but it is always best to try it as made in their country of origin. Yes, that surely is Britain. It is still a favorite and one can find this in plenty of locations in the country.

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Monday, April 22, 2019

Occupations For Skilled Immigrants That Are In Demand In Saskatchewan, Canada

For those individuals who would like to be immigrants in Canada, there sure is hope and there are new opportunities opening up especially for those with the right skills. The road to Canada comes in a variety of avenues and one of them would be to actually have the skills that are needed and wanted in the country. For example, if there seems to be a shortage of farmers in Canada, the government would do whatever it can to find a solution to this problem. They would try to find the needed farmers right in the country. If everything has been done and there is still a shortage of such, the government would then look outside the country and start looking for skilled worker immigrants who can do farming jobs.

Recently, news has it that Canada has actually updated their list of occupations for skilled immigrants that are in demand. However, these in demand skills are not for the entire country but only for Saskatchewan. But this sure is still good news as it means that immigrant workers who bear the necessary skills can make it to the country and have a job that they are good at.

The Saskatchewan Immigrant Nominee Program

The Saskatchewan Immigrant Nominee Program is known as the SINP. It comes with its own list known as the In-Demand Occupations List and it shows the needed professions in the province. One of the requirements for potential immigrant workers to make it to the country via the SINP would be work experience and that would help those interested to have bigger chances of making it to the country. The good thing about this is that those provinces as well as territories that are part of the SINP can actually send in their nominations for any immigrants that are already in the country to be able to make it and be awarded a permanent residency status in Canada. This surely is good news for those immigrant workers as well as for the country as well.

New occupations in the list

New occupations have been added to the list. Here are some of those occupations:
  • Social services managers
  • Conference planners
  • Computer programmers
  • Architectural technologists
  • Geomatics technical workers
  • Medical sonographers
  • Instructors for sports, fitness, and recreation
  • Tailors
  • Milliners
  • Service people for appliances

Occupations that were removed from the list

If there were occupations that were added to the list, there were some that were taken out. Here are some of the occupations that have been removed:
  • Horticulture managers
  • Service contractors for agriculture
  • Specialized workers for livestock
  • Metal forming contractors and supervisors
  • Carpentry contractors and supervisors
  • Industrial mechanics
  • Managers for agriculture
  • Supervisors for farms
  • Psychiatrists
  • Welders
  • Service personnel for recreation vehicles

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Wednesday, April 17, 2019

New Zealand Is One Of The Happiest Countries In The Entire World

Happiness is something that all people want in their lives. They want to feel happy and they want to be happy. Having fun is one thing but it does not stay long. Happiness is for the long run and it is amazing how people find happiness in a world that is often filled with chaos and trouble. For many people, happiness is a goal that they have been wanting to achieve for a long time now. It has taken them a real long time to find it and some are not even successful enough to find happiness. However, what most experts say is that happiness is a state of mind. When there is contentment, there is happiness. When one tries to see the positive in many things, happiness can come as well.

Recently, it has been published that New Zealand is surely one of the happiest countries in the entire world. This definitely means that people here are happy and they find living in a happy place to be quite good for them. That is why it is not surprising why plenty of people do their very best to make sure that they do become an immigrant in this wonderful place.

The World Happiness Report

The World Happiness Report is actually a report that is published annually. It is made by the United Nations Sustainable Development Solutions Network. In it, one can find a variety of articles and publications on happiness. It also contains a report on the happiness of countries around the world which is actually done using the ratings that respondents have given with regards to their lives. Of course, that is not all. It also makes sure that the study does not only make use of info from the survey but also uses factors found in the daily lives of people.

According to the report, New Zealand is one of the happiest countries the world over. A background on the study has revealed that the UNSDSN actually takes into consideration a total of six elements which are freedom, life expectancy that is healthy, social support, the lack of corruption, the GDP in the country per capita, as well as generosity. New Zealand is a country that is found at the top portion of the list.

It is not just about smiles

To many, a person who is smiling all the time can be a positive thing but it does not necessarily equate to that person being really happy. In the case of New Zealand, smiling happens to people but it does not mean that they are smiling all the time. But they are quite happy with how they are living. According to the report, happiness can also mean that the people are able to adapt well in the societies and the communities that they are living in. In the case of New Zealand, they are also quite resilient and can easily adapt and deal with any negative thing that happens to them.

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Tuesday, April 16, 2019

The Liquor Story: Immigrants And Drinking In The United Kingdom

They say that a good story all starts with drinking some liquor. Nobody ever started a really good story by retelling how they were sitting down at a table and eating some green salad. And for immigrants in the United Kingdom, it is quite good that they do know about getting some liquor in the UK especially if they really need to meet new people in the new country that they are living in.

As what most people say, drinking may seem to not be a good idea but that is only if one drinks too much. However, social drinking is good. Many immigrants who do try it out from time to time understand that it has helped them learn more about the culture in the UK and it has also helped them meet new people – some of whom later turn out to be good friends in the end. So for those immigrants in the UK who would like to make some liquor memories, here are some things you need to know.

Pubs, pubs, and more pubs.

Pubs are seemingly everywhere in the United Kingdom. So for immigrants who may want to be taking a bottle or two (or more!), finding a pub is not going to be that difficult. There are pubs and there are bars. Bars are essentially bigger than pubs and pubs are more the hole-in-the-wall kind. It is said that there are over 48,000 of these pubs and bars all around the country. And what is interesting about these is that they are always full of life – it can be quite difficult to find out that is particularly empty. It does not mean that Britons are drunkards. They just love socializing over a bottle of beer or a glass of liquor of their choice. They get to meet people as well as take a breather and relax after a hard day’s work or just because it is a Friday night.

Know the whiskey.

What people should know about the Brits is that they do love their whiskey. In fact, the country is home to plenty of brands as well as plenty of distilleries that are quite known all around the world. For those immigrants who are in love with whiskey, they surely can find a good amount of choices here. If they do fancy seeing how such a drink is made, they can go and have a tour of a distillery of their choice. Plenty of those tours can be found online so finding one would not be that difficult. It would be a good thing to know more about the production of such and seeing it done first-hand would be quite amazing. After all, learning something new and fascinating like this one can be quite a treat.

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Monday, April 15, 2019

Making The Global Talent Stream In Canada Permanent, Welcomed By Tech Group

The technology industry in Canada is growing really fast that it is now being deemed as the next Silicon Valley. The tech industry in the United States is currently the best in the whole world. However, it does seem like recent updates have shown that more and more people are now choosing to be part of the tech industry in Canada and not the US anymore. The government of Canada is happy about this though as they have been supporting this booming industry quite well.

One of the ways that the Canada government has been helping out the tech industry is by making sure that it has the needed workers who would help the businesses grow. The main source would be the labor force in the country itself. However, if they have done everything that they can and there is still a scarcity of people who would do all the jobs, then the government has to make sure that immigrant workers would be able to make it to the country.

A faster processing time

In recent news, the government of Canada is actually doing something special so that the growing technology industry in the country actually has the top talents from around the globe to help out. What the government has planned is a shorter time for processing all of the needed work visas for the immigrant workers who would be coming to the country for work. Instead of the usual time that could take a long time, the processing time now is just around two weeks. According to the Council of Canadian Innovators, this move from the Canada government surely is going to change the whole game and they are quite happy about it. The tech industry surely needs all the help that it can get and it reflects just how the government is finding a way to do so.

To be able to bring the needed talent, the country has the Global Talent Stream. It is a pilot program and it has been functioning for quite some time now. It has been helping out a lot of startups in the country and the startups are more than happy to have it around.

Making the program permanent

The government of Canada has recently mentioned that they are planning on making the Global Talent Stream program for immigration a permanent thing. For the Council of Canadian Innovators, they are more than happy to have it be permanent. In fact, in a statement, the group has mentioned that they would like it to be permanent as it would ensure that they would be able to get the best global talent to help out the industry. This surely shows that it is a win-win situation for everybody involved.

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Friday, April 12, 2019

Wonders In Nature In New Zealand That Immigrants Ought To Enjoy

With plenty of new immigrants coming to New Zealand each year, it is not surprising to find that many of the locals are already quite used to seeing and having them around. There are really not any problems with regards to having immigrants in the country as the crime rate there is quite low. Plus, the locals are so open to having new people around. In fact, they are considered to be one of the most welcoming and most friendly people from around the world.

The feeling of being alone in a different country from the one that they came from can be quite a difficult experience. That is why it is very important that the new immigrants in New Zealand learn and understand just what they can expect once they are in the country. This means that they would need to know just what places they can visit to help them feel better and adapt better in the new country that they would be living in. With that said, here are some of the natural wonders in New Zealand that immigrants ought to learn about and visit.

The country has plenty of national parks

For immigrants who have come from a country where there is a scarcity of national parks, New Zealand is going to be a refreshing place to be in. The government and the locals totally take care of the environment and treasure it. Aside from that, the country is naturally blessed with wonders that are quite amazing. The people in the country have made sure that they took care of what has been given to them and it sure is reflected in how preserved nature is there.

It is important to understand that nature can be really helpful when it comes to helping people relax and feel more positive. That is why immigrants in New Zealand are more than happy to share that they have been able to adapt quickly in the country because of what the environment offers. There are plenty of national parks in the country which surely is a reflection of how well taken cared of nature is. New immigrants are highly encouraged to go and explore these places.

The best waves for surfing in Raglan beach

There are immigrants who are really into surfing. Although Byron Bay is really popular in terms of beach and waves, what immigrants in NZ need to know is that if they are really interested in getting some surfing done, then Raglan Beach is the best place to go. It has a really picturesque spot and the waves are oh so sweet. This is where the locals flock when they want to catch some waves and immigrants should go there too and experience the Raglan Beach waves.

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Thursday, April 11, 2019

Agriculture And Food Industry In Canada To Have Its Own Immigration Pilot

The agriculture industry and the food industry are quite important in any country. This is because it is the source of food which is a basic need of people. If this industry is not well taken cared of, there is a big chance of people going hungry and that is not a good thing. The agriculture industry and the food industry in countries like Canada need all the help it can get and it is very important that the government takes a look at this and does its best to provide assistance.

In recent news in Canada, it does seem like the government is doing its best to make sure that the agriculture industry and the food industry gets all the help that it can get. That is why it has put together a pilot program for immigration that would help out these industries. The pilot program is aimed at being able to bring in immigrant workers who would be working in these industries. It would also be a pathway for these immigrant workers to find their way towards receiving a permanent residency status in the country.

The pilot program for the agriculture and food industry

The government of Canada has recently announced that it has already been working on plans for an immigration pilot program that would be supporting the industries of agriculture and food. This pilot would be running for three years and it is quite new in the country. With that, the government is still working out the details so that it would run smoothly and would be able to bring in the needed immigrant workers to help out the two industries mentioned. After all, they are producers of one of the basic necessities of man and it sure is important that the government supports them.

The Canadian government has also disclosed that the plans to have a new immigration program for these industries are made not just to bring in the needed immigrant workers to do the necessary work. The program is also aimed at helping out the mentioned industries do the work that they’re supposed to be doing and also be able to grow.

The Canada government’s claim

In a publication, the government of the country has stated that the program is all about helping out the industries of agriculture and food. Not only will it be able to sufficiently provide for the needs of the people in the country for food but it would also be able to help out the target to be able to export more food products. The pilot would be able to attract and bring in the needed immigrant workers who will help out achieve these goals as well as make sure that these immigrant workers are retained and keep staying in the country to provide the essential service.

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Wednesday, April 10, 2019

New UK Immigration System To Be Set In Stone Soon

For many months, the world has been reading and watching about the exit of the United Kingdom from the European Union. For many months, the government of the UK has also been doing its best to make sure that the country is ready once the exit happens. However, recently, it does seem that many people and organizations are clamoring that there be a postponement when it comes to the exit. They do feel that the country is not ready for it and that the government should do a review of this big decision before actually getting right into it.

One of the things that the United Kingdom has been doing the past few months was creating a good plan that would help the country once the exit is in full bloom. They have created new programs and new systems that would keep the country doing well like it is currently doing at present. One of those programs is actually an immigration system that would be taking place after the exit. However, it does seem like the postponement of the exit is not going to deter them from putting it in action.

What the UK government is doing

Talk that is going around is saying that the UK government is still unsure of the program that they would be putting into place for visas and when that program that they have put together would take effect right after the exit has happened. Right now, there are calls for postponement and so this could be a big cause as per why things are not moving as planned. What the government is doing though is it is now asking the opinion of experts and of ordinary people on this move to have the program running once the exit actually pushes through.

It is important that there is a solid plan when it comes to the system for immigration. The Home Secretary has also disclosed that the government is currently working on getting opinions from the United Kingdom. Aside from that, they are also asking for opinions about this from the international scene. This is a good way to know about just what the public needs and wants and put those into consideration before putting everything in stone.

The opinion of the public

According to the government of the UK, asking for the opinion of the public is very essential when making a decision as big as this. They have also continued to disclose that the opinion that they would be getting would have an influence on how the new system would be working. Of course, it is not a secret that the new immigration system that would be set in place in the UK would be totally based on skills and there would be no special treatments for some groups or categories.

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Monday, April 8, 2019

Things To Enjoy In New Zealand: A Guide For Immigrants

That feeling of homesickness or that feeling of being totally alone in a strange, new place can be a very difficult thing to deal with. It may make one feel like they could not function well and that is not a good thing to have. That is why immigrants in New Zealand are quite lucky because the country is quite open to new people in their homeland. They are also very friendly and more than willing to give a helping hand to those who need such.

These are really bonuses to those new immigrants in New Zealand. And it is quite happy to see plenty of people really having the time of their lives in the country that also offers them security, peace of mind, as well as a good economy that makes them secure with their finances. That is why, to help out the new immigrants in New Zealand, previous immigrants to the country are more than happy to share some of the best things to enjoy in the country to help out with the loneliness and feeling of homesickness that could come just about any time.

World record for steepest street

The world may know much about San Francisco and the Filbert Street. It has been quite the tourist attraction because of it being quite steep. But what immigrants in New Zealand should know is that the steepest street that holds the world record can actually be found in the country. The steepest street is Baldwin Street and it can be found in New Zealand’s Dunedin. It currently holds the record as the steepest when it comes to all residential streets in the world.

More penguins

For immigrants who are lovers of penguins, New Zealand surely is the place to be in. Feeling homesick? Look at some penguins. Feeling sad? Look at some penguins. Simply bored? Look at some penguins. That would not be quite difficult to do since the country is home to a lot of penguins. In fact, the country is home to the biggest number of penguin species in the entire world. That surely would be something quite interesting and just looking at these amazing little creatures in black and white surely can help immigrants forget the negative feelings even for just a while.

The view from above is something amazing

One of the things that new immigrants to New Zealand have always looked forward to is the amazing sight that awaits them while flying over the country. The country is lush and so views of green and blue would simply amaze anyone who is flying up above. It is such a welcome sight that new immigrants feel already at ease with being in a new country despite being away from their loved ones.

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Friday, April 5, 2019

British Slang And How To Queue: Tips For Immigrants In The United Kingdom

Before getting right on that airplane and taking the trip to the United Kingdom, newly approved immigrants to the United Kingdom should know two things about the country that they would be living in for a while. It really is quite important that they learn about what they should be expecting when they do reach the country. After all, it is going to be a lot different from the one that they just left. Plus, there may be some peculiarities in that country that may surprise them.

As they say, knowledge is always a good armor. Plus, it should help people avoid any kind of embarrassment that could happen to them in a foreign land. With that, here are two things that new immigrants to the UK should know about before they embark on their journey. It is always good to learn something new and it is always best to learn something new about the new place that they would be living in.

The British slang

In one’s own country, slang may be present. Slang is something that can be found in almost any language or dialect. It can also be found in different countries and places. One country may have a variety of slang depending on the dialect that they speak or the culture that they may have. Slang is actually a good thing to have around as it shows just how dynamic language can be. A language that is not dynamic may soon die and that is not something that people may want.

In the case of the United Kingdom, it has its own share of slang that new immigrants may want to learn. After all, communication is something that they cannot hide away from once they are in the UK. One of the words that one can possibly hear in the UK would be the word “bloke”. This actually does not refer to a block or something like that. Instead, it means a guy or a male person in the UK.

Another term that a new immigrant may want to learn would be the term “bog roll”. This actually does not refer to a swamp or maybe some dirty rolled stuff. Instead, this actually means toilet paper. There are plenty more slang to learn and these should get you started.

Learn about that queue

Although Japanese may be known for their discipline, the Britons are also quite known for how patient they are when it comes to knowing when to queue. Yes, queueing is going to be everywhere in the United Kingdom, therefore this is something that new immigrants should learn to do. There is no way that one should cut in line. Instead, they should wait patiently for their turn while standing in line. Queueing goes just about everywhere and new immigrants should get used to this any time soon.

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Thursday, April 4, 2019

61% Growth In Population For 2018 In Canada Attributed To New Immigrants

On the first day of the year 2019, the population in Canada has already reached a height of 37,314,442 in total. This surely is a huge number and something that the country has been trying to target for a long time. It surely just shows that the hard work that the government of the country has been doing is paying off. They are still trying to target a bigger number but it surely shows that they are well on their way towards achieving that.

In a recent report that has been published by Statistics Canada, the official agency of the country that deals with numbers and data, it has been shown that the growth in the population in Canada is not just from all of those people who have been making babies. A huge portion of the growth in the population in the country is all because of immigration. For 2018, there was an increase of 321,065 immigrants in Canada as compared to the year before that. This surely is a big improvement and Canada is definitely benefitting from this remarkable growth.

The numbers that tell the story

The population of Canada at the start of this year has already risen to 37,314,442 in total. There has been an increase in the number of immigrants in the country during the last quarter of the previous year, 2018. This means that there are plenty of new immigrants who have arrived in the country and are living there.

According to the data, throughout 2018, the total population of Canada had already grown. It was recorded that more than half a million of people were added to the population. The actual number of new people in the country for 2018 has reached 528,421 individuals. With this number, immigration has been responsible for a really huge chunk of the growth. Numbers have it that the actual growth from immigration makes up 80.5% of the whole pie. This is thanks to the new immigrants who have come to the country as well as the new temporary residents that have also arrived.

An analysis of the numbers

According to Statistics Canada, the growth in the number for immigration has actually gone up that it was even more than the number of people who have already passed. So there is really a huge rate for growth. The agency has also disclosed that the growth in population for the fourth quarter of last year actually is not that usual as it does not happen that often. Most of the time, during the fourth quarter of a year, the growth in population actually dips. But this surely is not the case for 2018 as the numbers have, instead, gone up which is surely something that Canada really appreciates a lot.

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Wednesday, April 3, 2019

Recent Events Seen As Cause For Increase In Immigrant Interest In New Zealand

The world definitely has gotten even more interested in New Zealand, thanks to recent events that have put the country back in the spotlight. Although the spotlight was not really a good one, it surely seemed to make people look and find the country to be a good country to move to. Well, this is not surprising as the country has surely shown that they will rise up against negative events and they will do everything that they can to protect not only the country but also the rights of every person living there.

The event may have been a negative thing but plenty of potential immigrants are surely showing their interest in being an immigrant in the country. According to the Immigration New Zealand (which is also known as the INZ), there has surely been a significant increase in the total number of people who have registered and applied to be an immigrant in the country as citizens or for work. And this has happened right after the world knew about what has happened in the country. New Zealand surely has shown that they can turn the negative into something positive and do it the soonest time possible.

The numbers that tell the story

Peter Elms works as the assistant general manager of the INZ. According to him, the INZ has been able to receive around 6457 total individuals who have sent in their registrations that show their interest in moving to the country as immigrants. This is just for the period from the 15th of March right up until the 24th. The previous 10 days only had 4844 received registrations. There surely was an increase that amounted to 33 per cent.

The biggest increase when it comes to registrations have actually come from those individuals who are from the United States. The previous number was 674 and for the given period, the number had risen to 1165. This is a definite 72% increase. After the US come Britain at the second spot with an increase of 49%. The third country to send in more registrations showing interest as immigrants is South Africa. The increase for these countries are surely significant and show that there really are more and more people really wanting to be immigrants in New Zealand.

Other countries with more people showing interest

Aside from the countries mentioned previously, the INZ has also seen a rise in interested potential immigrants who come from countries that are predominantly Muslim. The list of mostly Muslim countries that have sent in their registrations include Pakistan, Malaysia, Bangladesh, Morocco, Indonesia, Egypt, and Turkey. Pakistan had the most amount of registrations with a total of 333. Malysia came in next with 165 total, and Bangladesh was third with a total of 82.

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Tuesday, April 2, 2019

Wimbledon, Football, And Humor: Interesting Facts About The UK Immigrants Need To Know About

Before jumping on an airplane and finding their way as an immigrant in the United Kingdom, it is important that these new immigrants know what they would be expecting in the new land that they would be dwelling in. After all, it is always nice to know something about the new place and learn things that would be good for them to explore or enjoy. The feeling of being homesick and all alone in a strange, new place can surely be difficult. With that, here are three things that immigrants need to know about the United Kingdom.

Be amazed at Wimbledon.

Wimbledon is actually known as the oldest tournament in the sport of tennis in the entire world. It is quite prestigious and the world’s greats have been battling on this field. This is usually held in Wimbledon in London at the city’s All England Club. It is deemed the oldest since it has been held yearly since 1877. Those who have attended this are amazed at the prowess of all athletes who do their best on grass courts and matches that are played outdoors. In fact, this is the only major tennis tournament that still plays on grass courts.

Immigrants in the UK can surely have a huge amount of fun watching one of the matches. While the rest of the world are watching the games on television, immigrants in the country can go and watch it live and feel the competitive spirit. In fact, numbers have it that there are over a billion people watching this via television while immigrants can enjoy it first-hand. Add to that the fact that they can also have a lot of fun sightseeing and finding out which celebrities are also watching there.

Have fun watching football.

If basketball and baseball are the major sports in the United States that are watched not only by the Americans themselves but also by millions of fans all over the world. In the case of the United Kingdom, it seems like the nation is glued on football as the best sport to watch and follow. The British Premiere League is what is being followed not only in the UK but also by the entire world. Statistics have it that the worldwide audience for the British Premiere League watching via television is at around 4.7 billion people. That sure is a big number. Who would not want to watch this when it is filled with action and men like George Best and David Beckham?

Learn the Briton sense of humor.

Brits have a different sense of humor and immigrants would have a grand time learning it. They are more known for being sarcastic and it should be a blast trying to learn which is humor and which is not. A great way to do that would be via open mic events.

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