Tuesday, July 31, 2018

Weather, Environment, and Jobs: What Immigrants Need To Know About New Zealand

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New Zealand has been luring a ton of potential immigrants each and every year. Even if it is not luring those potential immigrants, it is also luring in a lot of tourists. Getting to the country as a tourist is going to be far easier as compared to being an immigrant and that is not surprising as being a tourist means only having to be in the country for a short period of time. However, as an immigrant, one has to fulfill all the requirements as it means really living in the country and that would mean having to stay there for quite a long time.

New Zealand is quite big and there is really huge space for all of those people who would like to live in the country. In fact, it is said that there are definitely a lot more sheep as compared to people. This country has become what it is today because of immigrants and so it knows just how important immigration is to the country. It is open to those who are able to fulfill all the needed requirements and the locals are more than happy to help out all of those who are new to the country.

The weather and the environment

New Zealand is located quite well. It is known to have quite a temperate climate which is really good for those who are looking for such. There are beaches and there is also snow and so those who are in the country can definitely choose between any of these any time of the year. Those who are into sun can enjoy such and those who are into colder climates can find a spot in the country that has that.

The country is also home to really good scenery that is still quite green as compared to other countries around the world. So those who are into outdoor activities or just simply enjoying nature can do so in NZ. In fact, the country offers quite a huge range of outdoor activities and those activities depend on the range of just how adventurous one is. That is why one of the biggest groups of immigrants would be the younger couples and families.

The need for workers.

The country is in huge need of workers as the NZ government has a program that focuses on building the needed infrastructures. With that, construction companies are in dire need of workers who would be more than willing to do the jobs that need to be done. There are visa programs that help companies find those workers and bring them to the country. With more workers, there is a bigger chance of having the projects getting finished on time or even earlier than what is expected. And with the ton of projects in line, the more workers the country can get, the better it would be.

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Monday, July 30, 2018

Why Immigrants Are Choosing To Move To The UK

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With the huge number of countries around the world, it is quite a feat to be chosen by most potential immigrants. That is why the United Kingdom can consider it being chosen as one of the top countries that potential immigrants choose to go to quite a big deal. After all, it is not just by some random device that these people have chosen the country. There are reasons and here are some of those reasons that make people want to move there.

Getting the best education.

Some people live for learning. And learning even more. That is why the United Kingdom is quite a good place to go to for those individuals who would like to get the best education that the world has to offer. This is because the country is home to some of the best educational institutions that the world has to offer. Being in the country would allow a person to have easy access to these educational institutions as compared to if they were in another country.

What universities can be found in Britain? Well, there is the Imperial College London, the University of Edinburgh, the University of Cambridge, the University College London, and the University of Oxford.

Jobs, jobs, jobs.

There are plenty of urban areas in Britain and that means that there are also plenty of businesses there. With businesses, one can definitely expect that there would be a huge variety of jobs that they can apply to. Businesses need workers to be able to keep the whole thing running. If an immigrant decides to live in or near these urban areas, the chances of getting a good job would definitely be quite huge. And so to say that there is no job available for immigrants in the UK is a big mistake. It is all about finding that job and making sure that they are not that choosy when it comes to the type of job available.

Taking care of people’s health.

Residents of the United Kingdom are quite happy to be in the country as it allows them to have access to really good health care. The government of the UK have the health and welfare of their citizens in mind and that is why healthcare in the country is mostly free. In other countries, even if it is an emergency, some people do not get the best attention especially if they do not have enough money. In the case of the UK, people can get the best healthcare even if it is just a simple case of the colds or a really big problem like cancer. The country is home to some of the top health institutions and this allows the practitioners to really have access to the best research and facilities.

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Friday, July 27, 2018

The Canada Dream: Why Immigrants Are Choosing Canada

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to another country may be one of the top wishes for many people around the world. And for those looking for a new country to live in, Canada is definitely one of the most popular. There are plenty of people who make their way to the country each year and it is quite fascinating that the country is quite open to such. The country is more than welcoming and really has not put a maximum limit to the number of immigrants that it would be accepting.

So what does Canada have to offer that makes people want to go there? Well, here are some.

Friendly to immigrants.

The country is known to be quite friendly to immigrants. Numbers have it that around 20% of the country’s population has been born in another country. Thus, one can definitely assume that this country is quite open to immigrants. The country does not choose from where immigrants are from. It does not look at a person’s race or gender or political beliefs. It is definitely a melting pot and the citizens are really quite warm and friendly to immigrants.

For immigrants, this type of environment is quite helpful as it means that they can walk around the country and not have to fear for their lives. There are countries in the world that are not quite open to immigrants and there would be racism and a lot of threats and that kind of thing. Thus, it makes the country quite enticing for those who want to live in a new country.

Healthcare is free.

Healthcare can be pretty expensive. Getting sick is definitely hard on the pocket. That is why many individuals from around the world are trying to be able to move to Canada as immigrants as moving there should allow them to get the healthcare that is free especially for residents. Aside from just free healthcare, one can definitely expect that the quality of healthcare given in the country would be more than good as the country is home to one of the most high-tech systems in medicine that the world has to offer.

Education is topnotch.

There are people who are choosing to move to Canada because they know they can get really good education in the country. This is not surprising as their educational system is one of the best in the world. It is also home to some of the world’s best educational facilities and institutions. Access to the right research is more than easy to get and that is what makes it quite fascinating to those who want to get good education. After all, there are countries in the world where education can be pretty expensive and still not world-class. Canada does not get stingy on education and it is reflected in how educated people in the country are.

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Thursday, July 26, 2018

Moving To New Zealand With The Right Job

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Many individuals from around the world are wishing that they could move to New Zealand. Just like in any other country, New Zealand has its own share of policies when it comes to immigration and that means that those who are interested in moving to the country must be able to fulfill all the given requirements so that they would be given approval to move there. Those who really want to make it to the country make sure that they really work on all of what is asked so that they can pursue their dreams of living there.

One of the top things that potential immigrants to New Zealand fear is if finding a job in the country would be easy. Of course, moving in the country is one thing. But finding a job that would tide them over through their whole stay there would yet be another. This is a very important part of living in New Zealand as it would mean that they would be able to live a comfortable life there as well as be able to support their families back home.

Changes to the Global Impact Visa

The Global Impact Visa (which is also known as the GIV) is one of the ways for people to get to New Zealand. Recently, the government of the country has decided to bring in some changes to it. The GIV has been put together with the aim at entice investors, entrepreneurs as well as startup companies. These are very important parts of the society as they bring in new business to the country. And with more businesses, it means that there are also more job opportunities for those in NZ. It also means that these businesses can help the community as well.

The Long Term Skill Shortage List

The Long Term Skill Shortage List is also known as the LTSSL. It is a list that shows what careers are needed in New Zealand. For those potential immigrants who would like to go to the country and the occupation is in the list, they can easily get a visa known as Work to Residence and that would ensure them a job in the country.

Some of the indicated jobs in the LTSSL include automotive electrician, industrial engineer, chef, procurement manager, chemical engineer, medical radiation therapist, civil engineer, network administrator, clinical psychologist, obstetrician and gynecologist, electrician, physiotherapist, environmental research scientist, quantity surveyor, film animator, surgeon, general practitioner, telecommunications engineer, ICT business analyst, veterinarian, ICT project manager, and web developer.

Once a person is able to fulfill all the needed requirements that the government has listed for those potential immigrants, getting the Work to Residence visa just may be easily available for them.

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Wednesday, July 25, 2018

Things New Immigrants In The UK Need To Know

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Stepping into new soil can be quite the challenge and it is important that people really do know what they are getting into. That is why research is very important. So for those new immigrants to the United Kingdom, there are some things that they would need to know about the country and the things that they should expect there. After all, previous immigrants to Britain know how it is to be in new soil and so they have shared some things that could help the new ones not be too shocked about things in the country.

Easy coffee.

There are people who like their coffee to be quite easy and not too much on preparation. If this is the case, then they should be prepared for not having too many options of such in the United Kingdom. Immigrants are told that if this is the kind of coffee that they want, then they should go ahead and make their way to McDonald’s.

Also, it is important to know that the terms also change. If one orders white coffee, then they should expect that they would be given just regular coffee that has milk added to it. Black coffee is black coffee and it means that it is simply regular coffee without anything else added to it.

The wet and clammy weather.

The weather can be something of a challenge especially if one does not quite adapt easily to this. One may come from a really hot and humid weather and then there are those who come from really cold and biting weather. And then there is the case of the weather in the United Kingdom. Here, new immigrants must learn how to deal with the wet and clammy weather. This means that one must know how to insulate themselves from the wet weather or else they can get pretty cold as it can definitely get through one’s clothes.

Laundries and ovens.

This may sound a bit weird but a huge portion of apartments and houses in the United Kingdom have laundries and ovens in one room. So that means immigrants must know the difference between the two or else they may be putting that whole turkey in the wash and then the dirty clothes in the oven. Not a good thing to have. But once immigrants get used to it, they can pretty much cook and launder their clothes at the same time, and in the same room in the house. In other countries, the laundry area is one place and the kitchen is yet another. This is not so true in the UK and it can be quite a big confusion during the first few weeks.

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Tuesday, July 24, 2018

IT Skilled Immigrants May Be Choosing Canada Over Any Other Country

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Good news for all of those individuals who are looking to be an immigrant in Canada! The country is currently becoming the newest hub for IT and many companies are putting up offices here. With that, it means that there would be a huge need for IT workers and IT individuals who can help with the tasks given. The country may have IT skilled individuals but it would definitely not be enough. That is why individuals who are into IT and know how to work with it can actually start looking for possible businesses in Canada that are looking for immigrant workers.

The thing is, the country is starting to boom in terms of the number of companies that offer IT products and services. There are startups and then there are really big and reputable companies who have already set up their offices in the country and some which have already started the plans of moving to the country in terms of IT headquarters. So that means more businesses, more workers would be needed.

Bringing in the top IT workers

Canada is home to really good immigration programs and schemes. That is one of the reasons why these IT companies are choosing the country to set up their businesses and offices. The country is known to have exemptions when it comes to sending out new permits to work for potential immigrants and for those who are going to be hired by businesses in the country. Canada also has a short time to process work visas and that process only takes two weeks. This definitely is a big thing because it means that more people can actually move to the country in the shortest time possible and businesses can have their needed employees as soon as possible.

The government of the country has a plan that is for long term and that plan is to actually make sure that the country is home to innovation as well as growth. By having a good system in terms of immigration, Canada can definitely help out businesses move upwards and that would in turn help out the country’s economy.

A good environment for immigrants

Canada has a really good environment for immigrants. And businesses see how helpful this is to them. See, with the need for more people, they would have to resort to hiring immigrants. And with that, they can be assured that these immigrants would be welcomed warmly in the country and would be able to get just a good way to adapt to the new surroundings that they are in. After all, happy employees help make businesses happy. Diversity is not an issue in Canada and so it does not matter where the immigrants are from. These people are people and they will be treated as such.

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Monday, July 23, 2018

Immigration Changes In New Zealand Did Not Deter Work Visa Numbers

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New Zealand had been receiving quite a huge number of immigrants per year, which is definitely not much of a surprise as the country is known for having a work-life balance that cannot be found in other countries around the world. It is a nation that has been built by immigrants and that is why it is open to immigration. It is also known for having quite a grand amount of nature and wonderful picturesque sites.

However, recently, the government of New Zealand has decided to try and take control of just how much immigrants are coming in the country. To be able to achieve that, the government has decided on bringing into the equation some kind of control and that was made through a change in the policies in immigration. But despite that change, the number for work visas has definitely risen and that means that the immigration policies did not deter in any way those individuals who really want to be in the country as immigrants.

The numbers of work visas

As per data, there were over 228,000 work visas that were given approval by the New Zealand government just last year. As compared to the year before that, this new number actually came up to be 4,000 work visas more. So one can definitely see that there is a definite increase in the number of work visas that were given approval.

The changes to the policies in immigration actually became quite real back in August of 2017 as that is when the new changes have taken effect. According to the changes, all of those immigrants who were earning a salary that was below $49,000 or even $73,000 (which depended also on the skills of the immigrants) had to leave the country after working there for three years. Once the immigrants leave the country, they cannot apply again for a work visa for one whole year. After that year is up, then they would then be able to reapply.

No target number was specified

According to the data from the New Zealand government, the biggest increase in the number of work visas given was for those from the Philippines. And this is just for the current financial year up until this month. Although the Labour Party had done its job in campaigning to get the country having just around 20,000 to 30,000 visas for work and students, the government of the country has mentioned that it had not given any specified amount for work visas and for student visas for each year.

Despite the rise, a member of the Employers and Manufacturers Association declared how please he was with the rise as they really recognize just how important immigrants are when it comes to filling up the need for more workers.

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Friday, July 20, 2018

More Britons Approve Of Immigrant Workers In UK

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It does look like the sun is shining brightly for immigrants in the United Kingdom. As per the latest study, more and more Britons are approving of immigrant workers in the country and that counts for a big thing. This means that more and more immigrants are going to feel more at home in the country and would not really have to think much of racism and all that as these people are now thinking of just how important they are in the country and how they help the economy.

There has been a rise in the number of individuals who believe that immigrants are good for the country’s economy and that is a good thing. The total has gone up to 47% and that is according to a study done by the British Social Attitudes. There were only around 33% who believed that immigrants were good for the country back in 2015. And in 2013, there were around 21% of Britons who believed such. So the rise up to 47% is definitely a big thing.

The change in attitude

Back in 2016, the country had a big decision to make and it was all for the option of leaving the European Union. In the end, most of the Britons decided to go for the Vote Leave which mean choosing to leave the EU as the campaign for this option had people believing that it was a chance to have a lesser amount of immigrants in the country as there was free movement of people between EU member nations.

After that chance to choose, the Britons were then noted to have a softer stance on immigrants and their attitude towards it has definitely become more positive. The citizens of the country were only against the situation wherein immigrants from EU member nations can easily get into the country and live there. However, with the exit, there are still immigrants in the country and these immigrants are those who have passed the requirements of the country and have gone through the process of being able to become an immigrant.

Previous studies on immigration in the UK

Last year, YouGov, had done a survey and the results showed that Brits had this attitude towards immigration that was more negative than positive and that was a big thing when it came to their choice of leaving the EU. YouGov is a global firm that does market research as well as data analysis with data based on the internet. With the upcoming exit, most of the Britons had definitely changed the way they thought of immigration in the country.

NatCen, a researcher on social phenomena, had also done a study and their report showed that another factor that may have changed attitudes of Brits would be that political debate which showed facts for both sides.

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Thursday, July 19, 2018

More Slots Open For Canada Atlantic Immigration Pilot Program

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Many people from around the world are potential immigrants. They want to move to another country and live there for many reasons. Some are for economic reasons. Others want to live in another country because they do not like the war and poverty happening in their home country. For others, they just want to be in a new country and start life anew.

Many of these potential immigrants like to live in Canada. They may not have made their way to the country yet but they are working on making sure that they are able to move to this country and be a citizen. There are a variety of ways to get to Canada and one of them would be the Atlantic Immigration Pilot Program. This is one of the newest programs from the Canadian government. Good news is that this program is now getting more open slots for immigrants. So this means that there is a huge chance for those interested people to get to the country through this program.

More open slots

There are now more open slots for those who are interested in being an immigrant in Canada. Thanks to the latest decision of the Canadian government on the Atlantic Immigration Pilot Program. This would be just for this year, 2018. Through this program, there would be a bigger chance for those immigrants who are skilled and experience who can get a permanent residency status. Not only would those immigrants get such, but their families who are also in the country can get the status as well. This is definitely a win-win situation for both the immigrants and for the country as well.

The initial total of slots was 2,000 for this year. With the government’s initiative, the Atlantic Immigration Pilot Program’s total number of slots had gone up to 2,500. That means there are now 500 more available slots and that is a bigger chance for immigrants to get the permanent residency status that they have all been working hard for.

The coverage of the program

This increase has been announced just recently by Ahmen Hussen. Huseen works as the Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Minister of the country. He made the announcement right after a meeting was done with the Atlantic Provinces which total to four – New Brunswick, Newfoundland and Labrador, Nova Scotia, and Prince Edward Island. These are the provinces that would be benefiting from the pilot program.

Hussen has also disclosed that these four provinces have informed the government that they would be working on giving more space so that those immigrants coming in and being part of the provinces would be able to have a good life. Businesses would also be able to flourish with the help of these new citizens of the country. Those who have businesses can start their businesses in the region.

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Wednesday, July 18, 2018

New Zealand Citizenship Ceremony Welcomes Afghan Interpreters

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Back in the 1990s, there were a number of interpreters who were from Afghanistan who had helped out the New Zealand Defense Force. These individuals had helped out the New Zealand team with a variety of things to make sure that things were on the good side for them. They were not out to do espionage but were willing people to help out. Now, that help that they have given to the New Zealand Defense Force have been given back to them and that would be through giving these interpreters a permanent residency status – which means that they are now the newest citizens of New Zealand.

For the soldiers who were given help by the Afghani interpreters, the help that they got was really big. It helped them get to their missions in good shape and be able to go home in good shape as well. Without them, things may have been a lot more difficult and things may have looked really grim for them. But thanks to the interpreters, everything went really well.

The citizenship ceremony for the Afghan interpreters

The interpreters from Afghanistan had helped the soldiers from New Zealand. However, what these people really did was quite terrifying as it meant that their lives would be at stake. If the enemy learned of what they were doing, they could be held captive and even persecuted. Things can really be bad for them. But it was a good thing that such did not happen during the war and they were able to successfully help out the Kiwi soldiers. And with that, these interpreters got a really great thank you through the citizenship ceremony where they were awarded their citizenships.

The war happened back in the 1990s and it was all in Afghanistan. So basically, these people were not helping out their country but were going against it by helping the New Zealand Defense Force. These interpreters most likely thought that they did not like what Afghanistan was doing that time and so they helped out the other team. Today, these interpreters got their citizenship as a thank you and this was through a special citizenship ceremony which had happened in Hamilton.

How it all went down

For the citizenship ceremony, there were over 200 individuals who attended. The list included friends and family. There were also people from the country’s defense and police agencies. The mayor of Hamilton also was part of the ceremony so that they could award the citizenship to these very important people who have helped the troops and have helped the country as well. The interpreters have been more than happy to get such and they were honest to say that sometimes, they had been thinking just how it would be like to become citizens of the country that they had helped. Now, they do not need to worry as that scenario has now come true.

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Tuesday, July 17, 2018

New UK Visas Opened For Acadamics And Scientists

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For those interested individuals who are academics as well as scientists, there is good news for them. Recently, the United Kingdom government has now opened new visas for all of those academics as well as scientists. In a recent statement, Caroline Nokes has mentioned that the country is one of the top in the world when it comes to innovation as well as research. The newly opened visas would be a way for those researchers from around the globe to actually make it to the country and do the work that they need to do. Any training that they want to have can be done also in the United Kingdom. Nokes works as the immigration minister for the country.

This definitely means that the new UK visas are not just for those academics and scientists who are from various countries around the globe. It is a good thing that the country is doing this as it means that those who are really interested can get the experience, training, and help that they may not be able to have in their own country. It should also help the research community in Britain grow and become even better.

The newly opened route for immigrants

There is a new route in town for immigrants and it is known as the UKRI Science, Research and Academia plan. It has been recently opened and has been made an addition to Tier 5 which already is working. Tier 5 is known as the Temporary Worker – Government Authorized Exchange visa plan. The new route, the UKRI Science, Research and Academia, is focused on bringing in the academics and the scientists who are from outside the country and also not from the European Union member nations. The route allows those individuals to actually be in the country to train, work, and do research but only for two years.

Nokes has continued in her statement that such a scheme for immigration should be a good way to bring in the top immigrant scientists and academics to the country. These brains are going to help out the country in a variety of ways and their talent is more than welcome in the country. The UK would be happy to have these skilled and talented people share what they know and their expertise.

The contributions to the UK

Nokes has also added that science is a very important factor in a community. These people can be very helpful in bringing in contributions to the community and to the country’s economy. She believes that bringing in these professionals would be a very good addition to the country and she will make sure that the country continues to attract them and welcome them to British soil.

The whole route will be managed by the United Kingdom Research and Innovation group which has grouped the research councils in the country.

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Monday, July 16, 2018

Canada Makes 71 Immigrants The Newest Citizens In Halifax

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For some immigrants, the goal would only be to study in the country that they are in and they would only like to get the education that they would want to have. After finishing their studies, they would be off to their home country to share what they have learned. For others, it is about finding a good job that would be able to feed their families back home. And then there are those immigrants who are in a country to be able to work on being awarded a citizenship status.

Recently in Canada, the country has given citizenship statuses to 71 immigrants. This awarding of permanent resident statuses to those individuals happened in Halifax and it was during Canada Day that this happened. So for those 71 immigrants, Canada Day would definitely be two big things – the celebration of such a day with the whole country and the day that they were given the thing that they have worked long and hard for.

Pier 21 and the 71 immigrants

The whole Citizenship Ceremony happened just quite recently and it was held at Pier 21 which is in Halifax. The ceremony gave citizenship to 71 immigrants and they came from 18 countries from around the world. it was quite a good day as they have been given the citizenship status that they all have been waiting for and have worked hard for.

Pier 21 has been a place where immigrants as well as refugees found their way to this North American country. This has been happening for around fifty years already. More than a million refugees and immigrants have made their way to the spot from the 1920s right up to the 19702. Pier 21 is not necessarily just a pier but it has now been converted into a facility that serves various purposes. But its original purpose which has been to welcome the new people to the country still stands true at present. And to have the citizenship ceremony happen here is quite a big thing.

Known as the gateway

Lena Diab works as the immigration minister for Nova Scotia and she has stated that Pier 21 is definitely doing what it is supposed to be doing. It is known as the gateway to the country and the gateway for those immigrants who are going to be the newest citizens of the country. The newest citizens have had to speak the oath and have been sworn in. They are now currently living their life and having a good time enjoying their new status. They have responsibilities to do and they also have got benefits that they can enjoy as the newest citizens. Those 71 immigrants who are now the newest Canadians definitely are happy with how things are going and they are happy that all that they had worked hard for have now paid off.

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Friday, July 13, 2018

Foreigners, Rent, and Paying The Bill: Immigrant Tips For Fellow New Zealand Immigrants

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Previous immigrants to New Zealand know just how much of an obstacle it is to actually settle in a new country. The customs are different. The food is different. The culture is different. The people are different. Although there are plenty of other immigrants in the country, sometimes, new immigrants are shy to ask for help or to befriend other immigrants to be able to get a grasp of the whole country that they would be living in.

Previous immigrants to New Zealand are more than happy to help out those other new immigrants in the country. They do know just how much help they need and so they know just what is happening in their minds. With that, here are some tips that previous immigrants are more than happy to share so that the newcomers would have a far less harder time settling in the new place.

Foreigners are everywhere.

It is not going to be surprising to find a lot of foreigners in New Zealand. This is because the country is known to be quite picturesque and so there would be definitely plenty of tourists and foreigners flocking the country. Plus, there are a lot of immigrants as well. After all, the country became the nation that it is today because of immigrants and so it is not surprising if this continues on to this day. Many people who love touring the world find themselves coming back to New Zealand again and again and again because the country has definitely a lot of explore.

The country is definitely huge and there seems to be more land area than people and so most people that one would be meeting on the streets would be foreigners and immigrants. One must be able to adapt to this as this would become a norm especially if they would be living in the country for the rest of their lives.

Finding a place to rent out.

Where would new immigrants live in? Well, not all people would know somebody in the country who would offer them a place to live in. That is why immigrants are urged to go ahead and find a house or an apartment to rent out. If the price is too much for them, they can always find other immigrants who they can share a living space with so that the expenses on housing and rent would go down.

They are also encouraged to change their mindset on rent as in New Zealand, rent is being paid weekly and not the usual monthly. That is why having a good job to sustain them weekly when it comes to housing just would be very helpful. To be on the safe side, before renting out a living space, immigrants should make sure that they speak clearly about this with their landlords and ask any questions that they may have.

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Thursday, July 12, 2018

Chinese Immigrant Students Can Have UK Visas Easier Now

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Immigration rules have been set in place not necessarily to make things difficult for those who would like to get to any country but because these are the requirements that the government of the country requires for all of those potential immigrants. The rules are basically to make sure that the immigrants coming to the country are those who are really just what the country needs. In the case of the United Kingdom, the country has its own set of rules to filter the immigrants coming to the country. For the country, it is about bringing in the immigrants that are able to help the country in terms of population, population growth, average age, and also the workforce.

Recently, the government of Britain has announced that it would be changing the rules of immigration and these changes are really quite going to be good for those immigrant students from China. Those potential immigrant students from China can now actually have easier rules to be able to get that student visa they would need to be able to enter the United Kingdom and study at one of the top universities or educational institutions that the country is home to.

The changes to the immigration rules

As per the government of the UK, those new rules that have been put together for the immigration policies will all be working and in order by the 6th of July this year. So basically, those new rules have been running and in effect just a few days ago. That means there would be more Chinese immigrants students who are looking into the rules and trying to be able to get all the needed requirements so that they would be able to get into the country and get the education that they would like to pursue in Britain.

The changes would include a lesser amount of requirements in terms of documents and that is as per the United Kingdom Visas and Immigration agency. Of course, this would not be available for all immigrant students. Instead, the lesser requirements would only be for those applicants for Tier 4 and are only from China. The documents that have been taken out of the list include evidence of financial status, as well as qualifications or even evidence of their ability to speak and/or understand the English language.

Smiles from Chinese students

Potential Chinese immigrant students are definitely going to be quite happy and are potentially perusing the UK immigration site for more information on how they would be able to get those student visas. The whole process of simplifying the rules for those students from China is definitely good news as there would be more and more younger individuals in the country and these students do know just how important education is from well-known universities in the UK.

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Wednesday, July 11, 2018

37 Million Population Of Canada, Thanks To Immigration

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There are more and more people in Canada and its population is growing. This North American country has just recently reached 37 million in terms of population and it has reached such during the period of January to April of 2018. During this period, the country has been able to have a growth of around one million individuals as part of its population and this was made a really short amount of time. According to the data from Statistics Canada, that growth at a short amount of time can be attributed to immigration and the huge amount of people choosing to live in the country.

Statistics Canada is the official agency of the Canadian government that works on population data and statistics. That is why data and reports from them are considered to be official and are the constant source of data for plenty of organizations and groups that are looking into the country’s population and other trends that are related to it.

The recent study from Statistics Canada

Although considered to be preliminary and still estimates, the data from Statistics Canada has already set a rough estimate for those who are looking into such numbers. According to the agency, the Canadian population has reached around 37,067,011 individuals and that happened on the 1st of April this year. Of course, it is important to keep in mind that this is not an April Fool’s Day joke.

How long it took the country to be able to reach such a population, Statistics Canada says that the growth happened in two years plus two more months. It grew from 36 million to that amount of 37 million that the country has at present. The agency has stated that this is definitely quite a fast increase and quite a huge one at that. It is also one of the rare times that such has ever happened in Canada. With the data that Statistics Canada has, the big and fast growth that the country has recently experienced is basically all thanks to immigration as immigrants have been flocking to the country and they have contributed a lot to that growth.

The first four months

From January to April this year, Canada had been able to record this big increase in population. It has also been able to track quite a big increase in terms of immigrants coming to the country and also in a record amount of time. This increase can be also attributed to these immigrants wanting to start a new kind of life as the New Year has started. The total increase in terms of immigrants for that period has reached a total of 88,120 individuals. This already has taken out of the total those who have already left the country.

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Tuesday, July 10, 2018

Bigger Changes To New Zealand Immigrant To Get Needed Workers

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The KiwiBuild Visa plan is a program that the government of New Zealand had put together to be able to get the right people doing just what the country needs. It is for firms in the country that are based on the construction industry. It entails that every time they get out a hire an immigrant skilled worker, they have to make sure that they will train a Kiwi, or a local of New Zealand, to actually learn just what skills the country and the industry needs.

However, recently, the KiwiBuild Visa plan has been put aside to be able to have room for a new one that would be able to bring in the needed workers. The KiwiBuild program actually is the main program that focuses on building all the needed infrastructures and houses that the government believes is what the country currently needs. With all the construction projects ongoing, there is definitely a huge need for skilled workers and there is just not enough in the country and that is why they are looking for them outside the country and in the form of immigrant skilled workers.

The changes made

The KiwiBuild Visa plan is now out of the way. What the government has put in place of that one is actually a proposal that would change the settings and requirements for immigrants. The changes are all focused on making sure that the needed 30,000 individual workers would be filled up and that would be through immigrant skilled workers that they would be hiring from other countries from around the world.

A paper has been recently released and it was from the country’s Cabinet. According to the document, the changes that have been proposed also come with a warning to the New Zealand government. It is stated there that if those changes do not push through, there would be a lot of unlikely costs that could blow up in the government’s faces. The KiwiBuild program just may get out of hand in terms of costs and that is not something that they would like to happen. In fact, it is needed that the government does away with that.

The changes that were proposed

Among the changes that have been proposed include a list known as the KiwiBuild Skills Shortages. This list actually has been made so that the whole process for employers looking to hire immigrant skilled workers would be made far simpler and thus be able to bring in more of the needed individuals quite faster and with more precision. The faster these construction firms are able to have the needed workers, the faster it would be for them to actually finish the projects that come with the KiwiBuild program. It would also mean a lot less expenses on the end of the New Zealand government.

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Monday, July 9, 2018

Population Growth In UK Slows Down With Lesser Immigrants From EU

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Although a lot of people in the United Kingdom may believe that the government has done a good job in terms of choosing to exit from the European Union, one cannot simply deny that the immigrants from the EU are definitely contributing to the growth in the population of the country. It is highly important to keep in mind that the population in the country really needs the help of new blood as the growth is quite low and there are a lot more elderly people than younger ones so that the average really is quite high.

In a recent study, it has been discovered that the growth in population in Britain has definitely slowed down. In fact, it has been noted to be at its slowest rate in the last 14 years and that definitely means something. With the upcoming exit, more and more EU nationals are choosing to stay away from the country and this means that there are far lesser immigrants in the country. But this is not a good thing as it means that lesser immigrants mean a lower growth rate which the country desperately needs.

The data and the numbers

The numbers are from the Office for National Statistics, which is also known as the ONS. It is the official arm of the government that works on numbers and such. According to the data from this government agency, there are definitely a lot lesser immigrants from the European Union. And with a limit put up for immigration, there are a lot lesser immigrants coming in each year. So it is definitely not surprising if the numbers and the rate would really become low as what is currently happening to the country.

The current growth rate, as per data from the middle of last year, actually is only at 0.6 percent. This is definitely a low number and is known to be the lowest that the rate has ever reached since the middle of 2004. The population for the middle of 2017 amounted to 66 million and this is the first time that such a number has ever been hit.

The immigrants and jobs

When it comes to the total individuals who are entering the country as they already have jobs waiting for them, the number has remained the same and is quite stable. The only problem is the number of immigrants coming to the country and would only start to look for work. That number has gone down by already 43 percent.

The ONS has been more than happy to share that more than 75% of the decrease in the number of immigrants in the country has been basically all because of the decision of the citizens from the EU not to join the UK. But this is good news for other potential immigrants as they would have a lot more chances of entering the country with EU citizens out of the picture.

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Thursday, July 5, 2018

A Place To Live In: Tips For Immigrants In Canada

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When traveling, one of the first concerns that people have would be where they can stay for the duration that they would be in a new place. It is important that people have a place where they can rest their tired bodies so they can be ready for the next day. This is the case for travelers and it also is the case for all of those new immigrants who are going to enter Canada.

This is why previous immigrants in Canada are more than willing to help out those who are going to be joining the country. They want them to know just what options they would have when it comes to housing and finding a place where they can live. It is important that they are able to find a place to stay as they will be living in the country for a long time. Choosing to stay in a hotel or a motel would not really work as it can be quite heavy on the pocket and they need to still adjust to the new surroundings that they are in. With that, finding a house to rent in or an apartment to share with other immigrants just may do the trick for the meantime.

The choice on where to stay

Canada is not just Montreal or Toronto. It is a really big country and it has its own share of provinces and cities. The question that immigrants need to answer is where they would be staying. Would they be choosing to live in the city as that is where the jobs are? Or would they choose to go to the provinces where life is going to be a bit less hectic and less rushed?

Once they are able to decide just where they would be staying, they can now start hunting for information on housing options there. The Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation is run by the government and so information here can be pretty helpful for those who are trying to find a house or a place to rent out. Many immigrants have found their guide to be quite useful and very helpful when it comes to housing options in the country as well as expert advice on what buying or even just when renting out a place.

Most opt to rent

Most immigrants opt to rent out as they are still trying to have a feel of the country. They are still not up to purchasing their own home as they are not yet sure about what lies ahead there. So for immigrants who want to rent, they should be aware that real estate properties are being rented out per month. It does not matter if one shows up in the middle of the month as the payment would be for the entire month. Previous immigrants share that it is best to start looking for one before the month ends so when they find one, they would be able to move in by the start of the new month.

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