Friday, November 27, 2020

Canada Province Of Newfoundland And Labrador Opens New Pathway For Immigration

Plenty of people from around the world are very interested in becoming immigrants in Canada that they would prepare for it and do what needs to be done to be able to make it to the country. They look for good pathways which they can use to make it to the country. That is why the government of the province of Newfoundland and Labrador in Canada has planned and worked out a new pathway for immigration that would allow the qualified individuals to make it there, and even help keep and retain them there.


This is definitely good news for all of those people who are looking to move to Canada as immigrants. It would mean that they have an additional option for them to make it to the country. This new program would allow people who would like to move to Canada to have another option in case they were not qualified via the other pathways for potential immigrants.


The new program


The new pathway for immigration in this province in Canada is known as the Priority Skills Newfoundland and Labrador. It has been designed to focus more on the individuals who are highly educated as well as highly skilled. The pathway also looks at applicants’ work experience and are more finetuned towards those who have experience in industries that are specialized like the technology industry. At present, the program is still going through a few tweaks here and there but it is already scheduled to be operating by the 2nd of January in 2021.


The new pathway has been created to help Newfoundland and Labrador’s situation which involves the shortage of labor especially in some sectors in the province that have been experiencing high growth. The government of this province in Canada had to create the pathway to help out the continuous and growing demand that employers in the province have. The employers have been clamoring for more workers who have experience and skills to help them out.


Education and work experience


Individuals who are interested in taking this pathway should be able to fulfill a number of things. Among those who are eligible are individuals who have finished their Masters or PhD at Memorial University and should have done this in the last three years. They should have a degree that is connected to information technology, ocean technology, agriculture, aquaculture, healthcare, or communication technology. Aside from this, the pathway is also leaning towards individuals who have professional work experience in a number of occupations that are high in demand in this province in Canada, which includes software developer, UI developer, biomedical engineer, UX developer, electrical engineer, mechanical engineer, AI developer, .NET developer, security specialist, infrastructure engineer, cloud specialist, and python developer among many others.




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Thursday, November 26, 2020

Immigrants In Germany Have Contributed A Lot To The Startup Industry

Not a lot of countries in the world are open and welcoming of startup businesses. Startups are small and their owners are just trying to create a mark in the industry that they have decided to join. So expecting a lot from them may be too much. However, there are countries like Germany that recognize the importance of startup businesses and how these small ventures have contributed greatly to the economy. What is even more interesting is that immigrants have played huge roles in the startup industry.


A study has been done looking at the startups and their contributions to the economy of a country like Germany. The results have shown that immigrants have been one of the frontrunners in terms of starting startup businesses in Germany alone. Their businesses are quite innovative and have showed trends towards growth. Their ventures may be small but they are doing well that the economy and the country has benefited from them. A good portion of these startups are online markets which allow people to get the things that they need via the internet.


Startups headed mostly by immigrants


In the United States, one can find a number of places where startups have set up shop. One of the most famous startup spots is Silicon Valley and this place has become what it is now because of immigrants helping out and starting their own startup businesses there. As per data done by studies in the United States, over half of the companies now in Silicon Valley were startups that started from 1995 to 2005 and they were put up by immigrants.


This is the case in the United States and this is soon going to be the case in Germany as well, as per a recent study done. With the country slowly becoming a popular option for many immigrants nowadays, it is quite interesting to see what could be happening in the startup scene in the coming years. At present, the country has 21.2 million immigrants. Some of them have already started their own ventures in the country and it would be interesting to see what other startups would sprout which were founded by immigrants.


An expert look at immigrant startups


An expert in Germany has been looking at the situation and he believes that Germany is a good country right now to take advantage of the great ideas that immigrants bring and the chance to help the economy through startup businesses. The expert has also disclosed that Germany can experience great success in the startup scene especially if the government is more than willing to support all of the startup businesses through various economic and business programs. Many immigrants are able to find success in startup businesses because they are able to provide solutions to some problems that the locals are not able to see as something that could be improved.




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Wednesday, November 25, 2020

New Immigration System In The United Kingdom For Introduction This January

A lot of people who were planning on moving to the United Kingdom and becoming immigrants there had to put their plans on pause because of the pandemic that has affected not only the UK but the entire world. Things had to stop for a bit because the pandemic caused a huge threat to the life and health of all people around the world. With the virus being transferred from person to person, keeping people indoors and staying at home was the best option.


Now, there is good news as the government of the United Kingdom had announced recently that the government has been working on a new immigration system, after the country has exited the European Union. Potential immigrants can now start working on their requirements so that they can start sending in their applications once the new immigration system is in effect and the borders are open once more.


The new immigration system


Kevin Foster, the minister of the United Kingdom for Future Borders and Immigration, has recently answered questions during an interview. He said that starting the first day of 2021, the United Kingdom would be implementing a new immigration system which he described as fairer and would be more global, and would be using a points system. The UK would be opening its doors to immigrants who are planning on studying in the country as well as those who are planning on working there. These individuals would be accepted based on the skills and knowledge and other things that they can offer the country. The UK would not be accepting immigrants simply based on the country that they are from.


Those who are going to work in the UK can send in their applications once the country starts to accept them. These individuals should be able to prove that they have a job offer from a company operating in the UK, that they have the needed skills and the right salary level, and that they should be able to speak and understand the English language. The minister also said that the new immigration system of the UK would be looking at a broader skills range to bring in all the needed immigrant workers that the country needs.


Open for immigrant students


The United Kingdom is known for its world-class education system and that is why plenty of individuals have found themselves in the country to take further studies. Now, those who are planning on doing this would also have to go through the points-based system. The country understands that immigrant students have a huge contribution to the economy of the UK as well as to the country’s academic community. Having them would be a great help, especially since the UK is not anymore part of the European Union.




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Tuesday, November 24, 2020

Number Of People Interested In Immigration To Canada Went Up From April To August 2020

Despite the pandemic which has put traveling and person-to-person contact at a bare minimum, many people have become even more interested in becoming immigrants in Canada. This is as per the results of a recent study done. The study’s focus was how the pandemic brought about by the novel coronavirus has affected individuals’ plans to become immigrants. And even if the pandemic had created chaos all around the world, many people became even more interested to move to Canada as immigrants.


To do the study, a survey was done and it asked thousands of individuals through a survey. These individuals were those who had plans or were thinking about becoming immigrants in Canada. They had started their plans or had already asked about becoming an immigrant in Canada from January of 2019 until July of 2020. Around 27,900 individuals were part of the study. Their responses were compiled and then were analyzed to see the results and make good analyses of the data.


The results of the study


After compiling the data and analyzing them, there were three main findings. One of these is that from April until August of this year, the number of people interested in becoming immigrants in Canada had gone up. For the same period, the number of people who were thinking of delaying or postponing their move to Canada as immigrants had gone down significantly. Aside from these, the results also showed that the respondents who were planning on becoming immigrants in Canada believed that the economy of their country was going to be worse as compared to that of Canada’s.


This is definitely a good sign for Canada since the country is known for being open to immigrants and for needing immigrants to help them out with a number of things including the economy and growing its population. With more and more people choosing to move to Canada as immigrants, it is highly likely that the country would soon be able to meet its targets in terms of immigration, given the huge number of people who are still planning on becoming immigrants there despite the threat of the pandemic.


The respondents of the study


Almost half of the respondents who took part in the survey were people who were from India. They amounted to 46% of the lot. 17% of the respondents were from Nigeria. Aside from these, 5% of the respondents were from the Philippines while 4% of them were from Pakistan. People who were from Bangladesh and Lebanon took 2% of the lot. The rest were from other countries. These were the respondents of the study who shared their thoughts about being immigrants in Canada. They were sampled in random and they had previously showed their interest in moving to the North American country.




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Monday, November 23, 2020

Tuataras And Maui Dolphins: Encountering Unique Animals In New Zealand For Immigrants

Nature is quite amazing and it is not a secret. There are plenty of things found in nature that are quite beautiful and amazing to behold. This is why the locals of New Zealand are very lucky to be living in such a beautiful country that has taken care of nature even in these modern times. Immigrants who have chosen to move to New Zealand are also lucky because they get to experience the wonders of nature that can only be experienced in this country.


The animals in this country are really amazing as not many of them can be found in other countries in the world. Many are quite exclusive to New Zealand only. It is a good thing that the country has been able to preserve their nature the best that they could. This is why generations to come and new immigrants in the country can still behold and experience seeing these animals. Two of them are the tuataras and the Maui dolphins.




The tuataras are quite unique as they are only seen in New Zealand. They are the very last of the Sphenodontia species that are still surviving. This species is from the reptile order which have lived even during the age of the dinosaurs which was over 200 million years ago.


These animals are known to have a preference for cooler climates. They like living in places where the temperature does not go further than 25 degrees Celsius. Since they are quite unique, the scientific world has been enthralled by their existence and they have been the focus of a number of studies. A number of these tuataras have been captured and were bred while in captivity. Despite that, there are still quite a good amount of tuataras still living in the wild in New Zealand. They can be found in the different islands of the country.


Maui dolphins


Maui dolphins are also found in New Zealand. They are a subspecies of Hector’s dolphin, which is a rare one. The Maui dolphins are also the smallest dolphins in the world and they are known to be at risk and may be on the verge of extinction. At present, there are an estimated 63 Maui dolphins alive and so proper care for them is extremely needed.


People who are in New Zealand have still seen them around despite their already small number. They were seen in the Manukau Habour, the Kaipara Harbour, Port Waikato, Whanganui, and Maunganui Bluff. These are the top places where the Maui dolphins have been spotted. They are usually seen swimming together in small groups. The threats that they usually face are trawling, netting, and fishing for commercial purposes. They also are threatened by the lower availability of their food.




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Friday, November 20, 2020

More Pathways To Be Opened In Canada For Potential Temporary Resident Immigrants

Immigrants who may have already found themselves in Canada would definitely love this piece of good news. According to a recent announcement from the government of Canada, it is currently working on creating new pathways for these temporary residents to get permanent residency visas. This plan is still in the works and the options are still being studied and created. However, despite that, this surely is something that immigrants who are currently in Canada would look forward to.


The government of Canada has announced that the country was planning on bringing in at least 400,000 new immigrants starting 2021 until 2024. Aside from this, Marco Mendicino, the minister for immigration of the country, has also announced that the federal government was also creating these new plans for the addition of new pathways that would allow the country to bring in more immigrants with temporary resident status. With the current pandemic that has slowed down Canada’s plans of bringing in more immigrants, the addition of new pathways could work as a solution towards bringing in the needed new people to the country.


The importance of the new pathways


Mendicino has stated that Canada is doing what is needed and important when it has decided on creating and opening new pathways for new immigrants to enter the country. The country has worked on identifying ways and solutions on how interested immigrants can find themselves in the country through the pathways that were created. Most of the immigrants who have entered the country in years past were those who held permanent resident visas, immigrant students, asylum seekers, and temporary immigrant workers.


With the challenges that the country is facing because of the pandemic, the need to find a solution to overcome those challenges is quite important. That is why the government of the country had to find out ways to make sure that those who are interested in joining the country would have ways and routes to do that. Immigrants have been known in Canada as huge contributors to the economy and to the labor force among many other things. The pandemic has put a halt to the influx of immigrants and now that things are getting better in Canada, the government has started to make plans to be able to bring in those needed individuals.


The effects of the pandemic on immigration in Canada


There has been a significant decline in the immigration levels in Canada and that is quite understandable given the threat that the disease causing the pandemic has. Canada has experienced lower growth in population because of the decline in immigration levels. It has also experienced a lower growth in its economy and its labor force, that could have been prevented entirely if the pandemic did not happen.




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Thursday, November 19, 2020

Fish And Chips, Cheese And Wine: Two Food Combos In New Zealand Immigrants Should Try

Food is one thing that a person cannot definitely live without. It is where a person gets nourishment and the energy to be able to live healthily and be able to do the things that they need to do on a day-to-day basis. Food is unavoidable and that is why it is highly important that people like immigrants get to learn the available food items and dishes that are available in the place that they are living in. Even tourists have had to deal with learning to like the food in the country that they are visiting. There are countries though that may have dishes that are quite unique from the rest of the dishes in the world but it is a good thing that such is not the case in New Zealand.


Eating just one type of food can be satisfying especially if it is quite delectable. However, being able to have a combination of two food items that really work together well is yet a great experience. As they say, eating is something that is important to do and it should also be made into an experience. In the case of immigrants in New Zealand, there are two food combos that would be worth the try and have proven to be a great eating experience.


Fish and chips


Fish and chips is a food combination that is quite known all around the world. Though it is not really a dish that originated in New Zealand, the version of this dish in the country is worth trying. Those immigrants and tourists who may want to eat something that is not too drastic can try this one. The locals love fish and chips and they prefer to have them when they are enjoying a day at the beach.


This dish is made up of fish that has been coated in batter and has been deep fried. It is served with a huge helping of freshly cooked chips. Those who wish to try this dish out can do so easily in the country as it is a common dish and can be found in almost all towns. Those who wish to try the dish out may also have the chance to choose from a number of options when it comes to the fish. The most common types used are snapper, hoki, and terakihi.


Cheese and wine


People who are into the best cheeses and wines in the world are definitely in for a treat in New Zealand as the best of these food items can be found in the country. The country is home to a number of companies that produce the best cheese in the world. In fact, New Zealand is quite known for being the best source of blue cheese, soft cheeses, and vintage cheese.


In terms of wine, some of the country’s valleys have been the top spots for plenty of companies to produce really great wines that are known all around the world. People who love wine know that the pinot noir, sauvignon blanc, and merlot from this country are the best.




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Wednesday, November 18, 2020

United Kingdom To Start Accepting Applications For Immigrants By December 2020

For a number of months, people who may have been planning on moving to the United Kingdom and becoming an immigrant there had to put their plans on hold because of the pandemic that has caused quite a chaos in almost everything in this world. When the borders would be open was quite unsure since there was still no known cure or vaccine to the disease that is causing the pandemic. This is why it is definitely good news when the government of the United Kingdom had recently sent out a statement that contains the changes that it has done to the immigration rules, which includes when it would start accepting applications for immigrants.


Those who may have had to put their plans on hold during the pandemic may now start getting excited as the statement has included information on the new provisions that were made in relation to the new immigration system that the UK would be using after their exit from the European Union. This new system would be taking effect on the first day of 2021. Aside from that, the country would also be accepting any new applications by December 1st, 2020.


The changes included in the statement


As per the statement sent out by the government of the United Kingdom, a legal framework has been established and codified and this would be used for the new immigration policies that the country would have. These policies have been slowly announced by the government of the country in the previous months. One of the changes in the immigration rules is the end of the freedom of movement between the United Kingdom and other nations that are members of the European Union, which starts on January 1, 2020.


The main goal of the new immigration system is to make sure that the immigration rules in the country are made simpler. Aside from that, the system has also been redesigned so that there would be a levelled playing field for all potential immigrants from all around the world since there would be no more priorities for those who are part of the European Union. It also has been made so that the system would be a lot more accessible and more transparent for everyone.


Other changes to the rules


The General Route (also known as the Tier 2 Route) will not be working anymore starting December 1, 2020 and any applications that the country receives through this would then be routed to the Skilled Worker Route which is a new one. There are also new rules with regards to refusing any applicants to become immigrants in the United Kingdom if these individuals have some criminal background, which include those who have a criminal offense conviction, persistent offenders, and those who have a criminal offense that has caused any kind of serious harm.




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Tuesday, November 17, 2020

15,000 Immigrants In Canada Received Permanent Resident Visas In September

For years, Canada has been open to bringing in and accepting new immigrants each year since these individuals have a great contribution to the economy and to many other things in the country. The country has also been awarding permanent resident visas to a huge number of these immigrants. While other countries have been trying to keep the number of immigrants at a minimum, Canada has been open to bringing in a lot.


However, because of this global pandemic caused by the disease known as COVID-19, many countries, including Canada, had to put a lockdown on their borders in March. This meant that bringing in new immigrants would have to wait. Recently though, the country had been able to put safety measures in place and so reopening the doors for immigrants and potential permanent residents could be done. Canada has had a target when it comes to giving permanent resident visas but that is not happening because of the situation.


The data from the IRCC


According to the data released by the Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada (also known as the IRCC), Canada has welcomed a total of 15,025 new individuals as immigrants just for the month of September this year. This may seem like a huge number already, however, it is a lot lower as compared to the 35,000 new immigrants that the country was able to bring in for the same month a year ago. Of course, that was when there was no pandemic yet so the difference is quite understandable.


The country was able to bring in around 143,500 new immigrants from January until September. Given the number, it is very likely that the country would not be able to hit its target of new immigrants for this year. There may be a shortage of around 200,000 immigrants for 2020 alone. Last year, Canada was able to bring in 264,000 new immigrants from January to September. For the entire year, there were more than 341,000 new immigrants welcomed in the country.


The commitment to bringing in new immigrants


The pandemic may have created a lot of chaos and uncertainty all around the world but it is not going to stay forever. Scientists and doctors have been doing their very best to try and find a solution to this pandemic and there have been improvements. Canada recognizes this and that is why it is doing the best that it can to start working around the pandemic and bring in the immigrants that the country really needs. There may have been some setbacks this year because of this but the government of Canada is committed to adjusting the levels by next year so the country would be able to have all of the immigrants that it needs.




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Monday, November 16, 2020

Stuttgart: Germany’s Commercial Metropolitan City Luring Immigrants In

There are over 612,000 individuals who are living in Stuttgart in Germany. This huge number in population has allowed the city to become one of the biggest cities in the country with regards to population. The city is also known as a commercial metropolitan city and one of the strongest in Germany. Because of this, plenty of immigrants find their way to this place because of the opportunities that are available here. It is also the capital of Baden-W├╝rttemberg.


Industries that are booming


There are a lot of industries that can be found in this city in Germany. The ones that are doing the best include the engineering industry and the high tech industry. These two are quite widespread in Stuttgart. One can find a number of huge companies here which include Bosch, Porsche, and Daimler. Because of this, plenty of immigrants are attracted to Stuttgart since there are a lot of job opportunities available, with a wide range. There is seemingly always something for individuals who have different skills and expertise. With that kind of scene, those who are looking for employment find themselves in the city.


Things to do in Stuttgart


Aside from being a place for businesses and employment, Stuttgart also has a lot of activities available for tourists and even for locals and immigrants who would like to do something when they need a little rest and recreation. Here are some of them.


Staatsgalerie – This is a quite well-known art museum in Germany. It opened in 1843 and it was built right inside a building designed to be Neoclassical. Come the 1980s, James Stirling, an architect, helped update the museum by adding a Post-Modern extension which has art from the 20th century including works done by Picasso, Franz Marc, Joan Miro, Piet Mondrian, Salvador Dali, and Matisse.

Mercedes-Benz Museum – The entire museum has been designed to look like a curved building that was made from metal. It has a double helix design as well, which is said to be a nod towards the history of the brand. Those who visit this museum in Germany can find around 160 vehicles as well as at least 1500 exhibits.

Porsche Museum – This is the museum from yet another automobile brand that has made a name in the international scene. It has opened in the 1970s and it got a redesign that gave it a more stylish appeal in 2009. This museum has plenty of information on the history of the brand as well as displays for visitors to interact with. Those who wish to learn about the brand as well as the automobile industry can learn from this place given the tons of exhibits and information available at visitors’ fingertips.




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Friday, November 13, 2020

84,000 New Jobs Gained By Labor Market In Canada For October

When Canada had to enforce a lockdown sometime in March this year to stop the spread of the disease known as COVID-19, the country also had to make sure that its people were safe. To do that, only essential travel were allowed. This meant that people had to stay indoors and only those who were deemed essential workers can go out. Some businesses were able to continue their operations by having their employees work from home. However, there were a lot of businesses in Canada that had to close up shop because of the whole situation.


Now that the country is slowly trying to get back on its feet after everything that has happened (and is still happening), there is certainly good news when the government of the country has mentioned recently that around 84,000 new jobs were added just for October alone. This means that a lot of people can now find themselves having jobs once again and businesses are also slowly trying to get back on their feet.


Lower growth in employment, but definitely good news


As per the data on jobs in Canada, the 84,000 jobs that were recorded for October were lower as compared to the number recorded a month previously. For the period between August until September, the country was able to record around 378,200 new jobs in the labor market. This definitely shows that the number for October was lower. However, despite that, it also means that there is an improvement in how things are going for the labor market especially when everything just seemed to stopped in mid-March during the start of the lockdown.


There have been a slight lifting of the restrictions in Canada several months ago. However, by October, these restrictions were put in place again all around the country because there the number of cases of COVID-19 increased. This lead to the lower growth in employment in the country. Despite this, the number definitely showed that despite the restrictions, growth still happened in the country which is a good thing for the labor market and for the economy as well.


Other data


According to the data from Canada, since the pandemic had started, the number of individuals who have become self-employed had gone up by 33,000. This is the first time that this has happened. Aside from that, individuals who have worked half of the hours that they usually worked had also increased. Those who have also started to work from home have increased by at least 150,000. With the increase in the employment growth in Canada, women became the most beneficial especially those who were 25 years old to 54 years old. The employment for the youth have remained as the number even before the pandemic.




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Wednesday, November 11, 2020

A Quick Language Guide For Immigrants Who Are Now Living In New Zealand

Learning how to communicate with people in the new country that they are living in is one of the main tasks that an immigrant must do. Communication is a very essential thing in everyday life and it is something that most people take for granted because they are used to doing it every day in their home country. However, once they reach a new country, they have to start learning how to communicate with the locals. There are countries that may need immigrants to learn to speak a new language altogether but there are countries like New Zealand that speak English, which is widely spoken around the world. The only thing to do now is to learn the local lingo.


Lingo is something that immigrants need to learn as it is used in regular conversations. In the case of New Zealand, with English being a dynamic language, it is not surprising that the locals have created their own lingo which may sound like it is English but does not totally make sense to those who are new to the country. Thus, here are some lingo that new immigrants in New Zealand may want to learn.




Bach in New Zealand does not necessarily refer to Johann Sebastian Bach, the composer and musical genius. In the country, bach actually refers to a home that people use for the holidays. In the South Island of the country, it is referred to as crib.


I’m getting the bach ready for the long holiday. My friends and I are definitely going to have a great time there.




Do not think that Barbie refers to the doll made by Mattel. In New Zealand, Barbie is used to refer to barbecue, which can also be written out as BBQ.


We’re having a Barbie by the beach tomorrow, please join us.




When a thing is referred to as something that is beaut, this means that it is outstanding or good. It can also be used as beauty.


Have you seen Em’s newest car? It’s a beaut!




In some countries, bro is often used for brother or maybe a really close friend that a person considers as a brother. However, in New Zealand, bro is used to refer to a friend who is a male. It is also used to refer to a male relative.


You have got to meet my bro! You are so much alike I swear you’re one and the same.




BYO is the shortened form of the term Bring Your Own. There are countries where it means that a person has to bring their own stuff for a gathering or an event. However, in the case of New Zealand, BYO is usually used to mean that a person should bring his/her own alcohol.


It’s the last day of the semester and we’re having a party. It’s BYO.




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Tuesday, November 10, 2020

Traditional Food In The United Kingdom That Immigrants Can Enjoy A Lot

The food in the United Kingdom may not be as popular as the cuisine in other countries but they are quite delicious. There are traditional food in the country that are really still popular nowadays especially for immigrants and tourists and even locals. Of course, there is also traditional beer in the United Kingdom which has gotten a lot of people drunk and happy to have chosen it over all the other beers in the market.


Of the tons of food and dishes in the UK, there are some that have stood out among all the others. Though they may be traditional, these are still available nowadays and have plenty of people opting to have them as compared to all other choices available. With food being a really important factor in one’s health, it is always important for people to choose not only the nutritious ones but also the ones that would be quite a treat for the tastebuds.


Meat and vegetables


One of the common things that can be found in traditional food in the United Kingdom is that the dishes come as having one type of meat which would be served with two types of vegetables. The meat usually is chicken, lamb, beef, or pork, though there are other types of meat available and used for these traditional dishes. As for the vegetables, the dishes usually make use of some type of root vegetable which would often be pair with some potatoes.


Traditional dishes in the United Kingdom


One of the famous traditional dishes in the United Kingdom is roast beef and Yorkshire pudding. This is traditional served for lunch on Sundays when the family is gathered together. What is interesting about Yorkshire pudding is that it is not like all other types of pudding which is eaten as a dessert. Instead, the Yorkshire pudding is considered to be a starter or even a main course. It is made using milk, eggs, and flour, and then it is baked. When cooked, it is served with gravy to make it even more delectable.


One version of the Yorkshire pudding is the dish known as Toad-in-the-hole. It is quite similar to the pudding in the sense that it uses almost the same kind of ingredients and cooked the same way. However, the difference is that the Toad-in-the-hole has additional sausages in it and mixed with the batter.


Roasted meals are also quite popular in the United Kingdom. People love to roast their food and the most common ones are meat varieties. There are times when vegetables are also roasted but they are usually served with meat. Roasted beef usually is served with horseradish sauce, gravy, or English mustard. Roasted pork is usually served with apple sauce, roasted apples, or pease pudding.




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Monday, November 9, 2020

Canada Sets New Targets For Immigration, Application For Immigrant Students Open

Recently, the government of Canada has announced its plans to bring in more new immigrants to the country. Aside from that, the country is eyeing around 1,233,000 individuals to be accepted into its territory as permanent residents. Canada plans on achieving this starting 2021 until 2023. This is definitely good news as it means that the country is slowly picking up the pieces and trying to go back to the normal trend before the pandemic took its toll on the entire world.


College and universities in the country are quite happy about this piece of news because it means that it is a positive thing. For these educational institutions, having a huge target for immigration would mean that they would be able to bring in more immigrant students. Colleges and universities in Canada have been quite a popular choice among immigrant students and each year, thousands and thousands of immigrant students find their way to the country to get the education that they wish to pursue.


The target for immigration


According to the government of the country, Canada is aiming to grant 401,000 individuals with permanent resident visas for 2021. For 2022, Canada would be granting 411,000 permanent resident visas to immigrants. And in 2023, it would come to a total of 421,000 permanent resident visas. This is as per an announcement from the Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada, and the agency is also quite certain that despite the pandemic, they are positive that the country would be receiving a huge number of people sending in their applications.


A significant portion of the new immigrants in Canada and those with permanent resident visas are immigrant students who have chosen to have their studies in the country, including those immigrant students who had to continue to stay in the country even after their studies because they have been offered a job which means that they cannot go home to their own country just yet.


The importance of immigrants


Marco Mendicino works as the minister for immigration and on the new plan of the government with regards to immigration, he said that immigrants are quite important to Canada. These people actually enrich the country in their own ways and have also contributed a lot to the progress that the country has been enjoying for years. These are just a few of the things that immigrants have brought to the country. Mendicino also continued that the new targets for immigration should serve as a good sign for those aspiring immigrant students because it means that the country is open to welcoming them should they pass the requirements and that Canada is more than happy to welcome them, especially those who have skills and talents to offer the country.




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Friday, November 6, 2020

Expert Believes Germany Needs Immigration Even In The Midst Of The Pandemic

The whole world seemed to stand still when lockdowns in various countries were imposed to help stop the spread of the novel coronavirus, which is the reason for the COVID-19 disease that is the cause of the pandemic. Germany is one of the countries that put a lockdown on its borders to keep the people in its territory safe. However, just like other countries that are reliant on immigration, Germany had to suffer from the consequences that closing the borders brought.


An expert had been looking at the situation in Germany and one of his primary suggestions is for Germany to start bringing in immigrants as of present to help with the things that need help in the country. The most popular source of immigrants would definitely be from European Union member nations but it is also highly suggested that the country also look further than that and also, bring in immigrants from countries that are not members of the EU.


The effects of the pandemic


Aside from the known effects on the human body and to a person’s health in general, the pandemic also has other effects on the world. In Germany, as an example, its economy may have been one of the strongest ones before the pandemic but the economy of this country still suffered. There has also been a decline in the immigration levels in the country, which is something that Germany should already be working on as immigrants are very important with regards to plenty of things in the country which includes the low birth rate, low population, aging population, and people to join the work force.


Experts who have been looking at the current situation in Germany have said that it is important for the government of the country to start working on getting the immigrants that the country needs and they should start doing it at the soonest time possible. The sooner they are able to bring in immigrants, the better it would be for the whole country as it means that the country can start building anew despite the pandemic.


The need for immigrants


There are a number of sectors and industries in Germany that have been the hardest hit by the pandemic and these include the hospitality industry and the events industry. However, despite that, there are other sectors and industries in the country that are actually still in need of even more people to join them as employees. These industries include the information and communications industry, as well as the food and farming industry. There are still shortages in skilled workers for certain industries and sectors and it is important that those shortages are filled to help boost the economy which has received quite a blow from the pandemic.




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Thursday, November 5, 2020

At Least 400,000 Immigrants Per Year Is Canada’s Target For 2021-2023

Canada is definitely working hard to be able to meet good immigration levels that are healthy for the country. The country had to stop accepting new immigrants because of the pandemic. It even had to enforce a lockdown so that movement of people would be limited in Canada itself so as to help stop the spread of the virus that has caused the global pandemic. Now, the country is slowly working its way back to where everything seemed to stop and start making progress once again.


One of the things that the country is working on now is bringing up the immigration levels in the country. With proper health and social protocols in place, the country can now start to accept new people to its soil. It has also recently announced the new plan for bringing up the immigration levels for 2021 to 2023. This new plan is said to be an ambitious one as Canada is seemingly targeting the highest numbers ever in its entire history.


The plan on immigration levels


As per the announcement from the government of Canada, the country is planning on bringing in 401,000 new immigrants in 2021. By 2022, the target would be 411,000 new immigrants. And in 2023, it would be aiming at bringing in 421,000 immigrants. The numbers are really quite high as compared to the previous years’ targets. The last time that the country was able to bring in 401,000 new immigrants was back in 1913. After that, Canada has yet to come close to achieving that number.


Aside from that, as per the new plans for immigration, Canada is planning on bringing in at least 60% of the new immigrants via programs under the economic class which includes the Provincial Nominee Program. This is a very important thing for Canada because the country is quite reliant on immigrants to help out with certain issues and situations in the country. The country accepts new immigrants through a number of categories which include economic, refugee, humanitarian and compassionate, and family.


The plans earlier this year


Before the pandemic, the government of Canada has announced that it would be bringing in more than a million new people and award them with permanent residency visas. This plan would be for 2020 until 2022. However, a number of days after that announcement, the country had to close its borders and enforce social distancing and a lockdown because of the pandemic. Though the country may be bringing in immigrants now, but they will most likely not be able to reach their target for 2020 by at least 341,000 new immigrants. This is why the government is doing its best to be able to make up for it with new plans for the next three years.




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