Wednesday, July 31, 2019

Immigration New Zealand Hires More Personnel To Assist With Visa Processing

Thousands of individuals are interested in making their way to New Zealand as immigrants. The country has been one of the most popular destinations for immigrants and that is not without good reason. This country is known to be very welcoming to newcomers and this makes people adapt better in their new surroundings. The country also promotes a work-life balance which is a healthy way of living.

However, with the tons of applications coming in to become immigrants in New Zealand, the government is unable to handle everything in a timely manner. Immigration New Zealand, the official agency of the government that processes and works on all the immigration applications, has disclosed that they are doing their very best to make sure that time of processing of all the applications is done and completed faster. They are currently dealing with a good amount of backlog. Among those applications that have not yet been processed are around 12,000 individuals who have partners in the country waiting for them. As much as they would like to make it there, they cannot do so until their applications have been approved and they can only wait.

People are affected by the delay

For couples who have been separated because of the delay, they said that they are doing their very best to be able to cope with this. There is nothing that they can do at the moment but wait. It can be quite a struggle for them and they are hoping that their applications get processed as soon as possible because they want to be reunited with their partners. There have also been cases of individuals who have to be separated from their children since their children’s visas have yet to be processed.

Jeannie Melville works as the assistant general manager of Immigration New Zealand. On this current issue, Melville has disclosed that there are currently around 12,000 applications from potential immigrants which need to be worked on as soon as possible. With each day, more and more applications are coming in and so the number does not seem to go down. This is for all types of visas in New Zealand.

What the government is doing

Melville has recently disclosed that they are doing their best to be able to make the process a lot faster. She said that they recognize this as an issue and they are working hard to make sure that the issue is given a solution at the soonest time possible. Melville said that the INZ is doing its best to be able to find and hire more people who will be part of the agency’s staff. By doing this, the agency will be able to get more hands on deck and be able to do more visa processing.

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Tuesday, July 30, 2019

History, Healthcare, And The Rural Scene: Reasons Why Immigrants Are Choosing The United Kingdom

The United Kingdom is one of the top destinations for many immigrants. This is not surprising as the country is quite a popular one around the world. It is known for having a strong and stable economy. There are also plenty of opportunities for immigrants here and it has quite a good reputation among all other countries in the world.

Aside from these, immigrants have disclosed other reasons why they have chosen the UK over any other country in the world. It is interesting to know what these are. Read on and find out some of the reasons why people are choosing to be immigrants in this country in Europe.

It has a long and colorful history.

Immigrants who love history can surely have a grand time in the United Kingdom. History is seemingly everywhere. Some even say that most of the UK are old but it is old in a good way. Talking a walk down most streets would allow people to find interesting tidbits about the country or about some statue or such. Immigrants get a sense of belongingness in the country because they know about it via the facts that are splattered all around the country.

The UK is home to plenty of historical stuff that would make one feel really well-informed about the place that they are in. On free days, immigrants get to explore and learn at the same time. There are plenty of castles and forests and ruins and houses and palaces and monuments in the country among many other things.

It has accessible healthcare.

Locals and immigrants in the United Kingdom enjoy the country’s National Health Service. It is healthcare and it is accessible for all people in the country to enjoy. In other countries, healthcare can cost an arm and a leg. However, in the UK it is free and the services are totally the most high-tech and the most advanced. The country is home to some of the best researchers in the world of medicine so it is not surprising if people here are enjoying the benefits that come with the results of studies.

Its rural areas are absolutely charming.

Most people know about the big towns and the cities in the UK. However, what they do not realize is that there are plenty of rural areas in the country still and they are an absolute charm. Those immigrants who miss the peace and quiet that can be quite difficult to come by in the populated areas take the time to go and experience what the countryside can bring. The UK is a place where immigrants can enjoy not only the big cities but they can also enjoy forests and meadows and hills and mountains as if they were taken right out of a painting.

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Monday, July 29, 2019

Proposed Immigration Pilot In Ontario, Canada Still Undergoing Consultations

A regional immigration pilot for Ontario, Canada is in the works. It is still in its proposal stage and the proponents of the pilot program are saying that the focus of this new pathway to Canada would be to be able to bring in all of the immigrant skilled workers that are needed in Ontario. Of course, the priority of the program would be the rural communities of the province as well as the smaller communities. The big spots usually get the needed skilled workers and it is time that the smaller communities get the help that they need.

The government of Ontario has said that although the program is still being worked on right now, they are planning on finalizing everything as soon as possible. The target for this pathway would be sometime in 2020. The employers of the smaller communities in Ontario are happy to have such a program soon since many businesses in the area are looking for more people in the labor market.

The need for research

An update came out recently about the proposed immigration pilot. The province’s Ministry of Economic Development, Job Creation and Trade has announced that the work is far from over. The staff is still working with all of the stakeholders to get things going. These stakeholders will be from the communities that are part of the program. They will do an assessment of their interest in the program. They will also do research and get information about any current efforts to attract immigrants to communities as well as efforts to retain these immigrants as well.

For those individuals who are thinking about what communities would be involved in all of the consultations to be able to decide if they want to be immigrants in Canada, the ministry has yet to announce which these are. The update from them did not disclose any information or any names of the communities that would be involved. They also did not disclose which of the communities will be part of the immigrant program.

The study to be done

The only information on the communities that would be involved in the study would be a quick description of them. The government has disclosed that these communities in Canada would be part of a sample. This means that not all of their targeted communities would be part of the study. They would be picking a sample that is diverse in terms of geography and culture. They also shared that the communities would have a population that would be from 20,000 to a maximum of 200,000. They would also be looking at settlement services as well as characteristics in the economy that did not involve any further details.

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Friday, July 26, 2019

Eating And Drinking The New Zealand Way: A Guide For Immigrants

Kiwis, the locals of New Zealand, are pretty laid back. And their culture is actually also reflected in the food that they have. Their food also has strong influences from the food of their nearest neighbors like the South Pacific Islands and Australia. Food gurus have mentioned that the type of flavors that one would be able to try when in New Zealand would be kind of unique. Plenty of experts are suggesting that immigrants should try the food in the country. It would help them understand how Kiwis live on a daily basis plus it would be an adventure of the palate.

Here are some of the top foods and drinks that immigrants can try out once they are in New Zealand.


This is a dessert in New Zealand and it is based on meringue. The inside is very soft and the crust is quite crispy. It is eaten with whipped cream and fruits. According to this food’s history, it has been named after Anna Pavlova, the famous ballerina from Russia. It is usually eaten by families and friends when the holidays are around.


This is a delicacy in New Zealand and immigrants are usually amazed to find out that this is made from a type of bird from the sea. It is cooked with bull kelp and can taste as if it was taken right from the sea. The freshest muttonbird can be found on the southern areas of New Zealand.


Another dessert in New Zealand, lamingtons are worth trying out. It may have come from Australia but this dish has been given the New Zealand taste. It is made up of a butter cake or a sponge cake which has been given a coat of chocolate sauce and desiccated coconut. There are versions where the dessert is given a strawberry or cream filling. It best goes with tea.


This is a very popular food in New Zealand as well as in Australia too. It is a condiment and Kiwis love having it on toast for breakfast, for snacks, or for just about any time they wish to have one. This spread is colored black and it may not seem appetizing but it is an acquired taste. It is made using the leftover yeast extract from brewers. It can taste a bit bitter and salty.


Not all people love wine but for those who love wine, New Zealand is a haven for such. Kiwis love having wine along with their meals (except for breakfast, of course!). The country is home to various types of grapes so experts are suggesting that immigrants try the different wines that are local in each area. They may also try and have a wine tour for an even better experience.

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Thursday, July 25, 2019

The Enigma Of London: Places In The United Kingdom That Immigrants Should Visit

The world is huge and it is highly recommended that people go and explore what the world has to offer. However, it is also recommended that people should not be a tourist in their own country. In the case of immigrants in the United Kingdom, they may be living in the country at present but they should also take that chance to learn more about it and explore the beautiful spots and amazing sights that the country has. After all, it is the best chance to do so since they are already there.

There are a lot of immigrants in the UK and not a lot of them have ever thought of exploring everything that is in the country. They will be in the country for a while and it would be the best time to do just that. After all, a lot of people around the world save up and do their best to travel while they are already there. That should be a chance that they should not pass up on.

The Tower of London

Travel experts suggest that people who are in the UK should not leave the country without taking a trip to London. This is the capital of the United Kingdom and it is home to plenty of wonderful attractions that would keep people busy and amazed.

The city is where one can visit and see the Tower of London which is quite famous. Right beside it would be the Tower Bridge which is yet another famous landmark in the country. The Tower Bridge is also right by the River Thames.

The White Tower and The Jewel House

In the same area, immigrants can also visit the White Tower which is over a thousand years old. It used to be a palace. Here, they can marvel at the various displays that show off old pieces of armor and weapons. It sure would be a blast from the past. The Jewel House is also quite near where people can be amazed at the various Crown Jewels.

Whitehall Road

Immigrants should also take the trip and head towards Whitehall Road. This is yet another beautiful spot to go to. Here, people can have a grand time gazing at the Parliament Buildings as well as the Big Ben, two really famous spots that have been featured in many books, movies, and TV series.

Westminster Abbey

People must also go to Westminster Abbey which is in the same area and immigrants can certainly feel like they have stepped right into a movie or a TV show. This has been the venue for many weddings on television and movies and have also been the venue for real weddings of members of the royal family.

These are just a few of the things that one can visit and spend time in while they are in London.

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Wednesday, July 24, 2019

Pilot Program In Canada To Offer Permanent Resident For Eligible Workers In Agri-Food Industry

Immigrant workers who are in Canada and has had experience working in the agri-food industry in the country will surely love this piece of news. There is a new route towards gaining a permanent residency status in Canada and this would soon be starting. The target date would be in the early part of 2020. Those who may be in the country on a temporary basis and are planning to stay in the country for a longer time would be happy to know about this.

This pilot program would run for three years and it will be known as the Agri-Food Immigration Pilot. The main goal of this pilot program would be to help keep and retain all of the immigrant workers in Canada who are experienced and are also needed not on a seasonal basis. They should also have job offers in the country that are eligible and these jobs should be a part of the agriculture industry and the agri-foods industry.

The need for immigrant workers in the agri-foods industry

According to the Canada government, the agri-foods industry has been able to export a huge amount of products. The recorded total for 2018 has been estimated at around $66.2 billion worth of products. The government has also disclosed that the industry has been supporting at least 1 job out of a total of 8 in the entire nation. This means that the industry is quite huge and it cannot be denied that this is a very essential industry not only for the country but for the entire world as well since they are providing a basic need.

Aside from this, the government has also shared that there are sectors in the agri-food industry that are having a hard time finding the right employees to do the jobs needed. If this issue is addressed, then it would mean that the amount of production would even go up and so would the revenue for the entire country. The sectors that are having issues with finding the employees as well as retaining them include the mushroom sector and the meat processing sector.

The Agri-Food Immigrant Pilot Program

There are certain industries and occupations that are eligible under the new program. The list includes meat processing, general far worker, industrial butcher, farm supervisor, harvesting laborer, specialized livestock worker, retail butcher, and food processing laborer.

According to Rodger Cuzner, most of the people employed by the agri-foods industry in Canada are usually temporary immigrant workers and they believe that they should be given a chance to have a permanent residency status since they are essential to the country and to the industry. Cuzner works as the parliamentary sectary of the Minister of Employment, Workforce Development, and Labor of Canada.

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Tuesday, July 23, 2019

Population In New Zealand Gets Needed Boost From Immigration

The net immigration for New Zealand for the year 2018 has been quite good for the country in terms of numbers. The estimate for the total number of immigrants coming to New Zealand for 2018 was at 50,200 individuals. It may be lower than the number that was recorded for the year before that which was at 52,600 individuals but they are pretty much in the same range and is just the right amount of what New Zealand needs. The data is as per Statistics New Zealand, which is the official agency of the country’s government that deals with statistics and data.

The country is quite huge and has a huge land area. Though the population may already be big, the country still needs more people to be part of the country and immigration has been a big factor in the growth. Immigrants have been very helpful not only in bringing the population up but also very beneficial to the country’s economy and labor market.

Where the numbers are coming from

Over 50% of the immigrants who came to New Zealand were from Asia, with a huge portion of them coming from two major countries – China and India. In four years, this group has grown from 38,600 up to 47,800 in 2018. During the same period, there was an increase of 11,200 immigrants who have come from the United Kingdom.

Tehseen Islam works at Statistics New Zealand as the manager for population indicators. On the numbers, Islam said that the country has been experiencing a period where the numbers are sustained. The statistics have it though that the number of immigrants coming in is relative to the country’s population. Islam also continued that the high rate of immigrants coming to New Zealand has been very helpful in bringing up the population which is a good thing for New Zealand. There has been growth with an average of 2% for each year and this has been happening in the last four years.

Islam also said that despite the huge amount of people arriving and staying in the country, there is also a good portion of these people leaving New Zealand. This reflects that there is definitely a good portion of the immigrants coming to the country simply for work or for studies.

The need for immigrants

New Zealand is happy to have immigrants joining them. This is because immigrants have been very helpful in keeping the economy strong and stable. They have also been a good addition to the labor market. Not all young Kiwis are not that willing to relocate for jobs if it is required. However, employers in the country have found out that immigrants are more flexible and are willing to go anywhere in the country if the job asks them to do that.

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Monday, July 22, 2019

British Traits: What Immigrants Need To Know About The Locals Of United Kingdom

Man cannot live alone. He needs people to live well. One cannot be a recluse and hide away from other people. After all, man is a social animal and he will always need the companionship of others. That is why upcoming immigrants in the United Kingdom should learn about the traits of the Brits. This will help them be prepared when they actually come to the country. It will also help them know what to expect when they are already there.

There are stereotypes and some of these are true. Some may not be true but they usually are real and sometimes, they do have a scientific reason. In a recent study done, Brits were actually asked about what they thought were their most common traits. Read on and learn about some of those.

When the sun’s out, Brits automatically don their summer garb.

It is said that Brits have summer clothing in their closets but they just do not have enough opportunities to wear them especially if are in the country. If they go on vacation and they choose to go somewhere nice and warm like some tropical countries, that would be the chance for them to show off those summer wear.

The stereotype is that in the United Kingdom, the weather can be usually gloomy or rainy so the temperature can be quite cold. So people would usually be wearing thick clothes. The sun does not really shine that much and if it does, the Brits automatically don their summer garb and take advantage of the heat and warmth. Immigrants may soon be learning this trait especially if they love the sun.

Brits apologize automatically.

They say that apologizing can be quite difficult for a lot of people to do. But in the UK, it does seem like apologies are said automatically by the locals. Immigrants may find this to be quite amusing but they soon get used to this and even adapt the trait the longer they live in the country.

Some say that this is a bad trait but for many, it is not. It helps lessen any negative feelings that a person may feel about an untoward encounter and there are a lot fewer people getting bad feelings because of what another person has done. Saying sorry is really not a bad thing.

People talk a lot about the weather – and they can do it at length.

It does seem that the Brits are quite obsessed with the weather. In fact, they are so obsessed with it that they can talk a lot about it. This is probably the most talked about topic in the country and immigrants have found out that they have heard and even conversed about the topic a lot since stepping in the UK.

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Friday, July 19, 2019

Occupations Under Global Talent Stream In Canada Updated

The Global Talent Stream in Canada is one of the ways that many immigrants took to make it to the country. Recently, the government of the country had updated the list of occupations that are needed under the Global Talent Stream. Some occupations were added to the list like computer network technicians. However, there were some occupations that were removed and these include engineering managers, science managers, and architecture managers.

This list is under the Global Talent Stream and this pathway is one of the most popular ones that potential immigrants use to make it to Canada. Plus, it has been very helpful for businesses around the country. The pathway allows them to find the best skilled immigrants from around the world to help out. Of course, the government does its best to try and get people from Canada but if there are not enough skilled individuals to do the jobs, that is the time that the government includes the occupation in the list.

The update of the occupations list

The government of Canada has taken out two occupations from the list. Those that were removed from the list were the architecture and science managers (under NOC 0212) and the engineering managers (under NOC 0211). Two may have been removed but one occupation has been added. The addition to the list is the computer network technicians (under NOC 2281).

The Employment and Social Development Canada is also known as the ESDC. It is the official agency of Canada that is in charge of all the applications that come in via the Global Talent Stream and this agency also is in charge of processing them. According to them, such an update to the list was a necessary thing to do because it would make sure that the occupations list would continue to be a reflection of the needs of the labor market in the country as well as the needs of the companies there.

The need for skilled immigrants

The ESDC has continued to disclose that the list of occupations needed is actually a reflection of just how much these occupations are needed. Those in the list are the occupations that have a high demand in Canada, and do not have enough of such there. There may be workers in Canada but they do not have the right skills that are needed by the companies, thus the need to look abroad for those who have the needed skills.

Those employers in Canada who are looking for such workers can actually make use of the stream to get the immigrant workers they need. The route would allow them to get the needed workers in as little time as possible. Those immigrants who get a job offer can have their work visas processed in just two weeks so that they can start as soon as possible.

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Thursday, July 18, 2019

Quality Of Life, Safety And Security: Two Reasons Why Immigrants Are Choosing New Zealand

New Zealand has been one of the most popular countries for many people who travel the world for vacation or just for exploring. Many of those who came to the country as tourists found how wonderful New Zealand is and decided to come back as immigrants. Yes, New Zealand is also one of the most popular countries in the world for potential immigrants.

Immigrants in New Zealand come from a variety of nations. Some of them come from Australia, which is the nearest country to New Zealand. And then there are still a lot of immigrants who come from a huge number of countries from around the world. For many of them, the reason for choosing New Zealand to be an immigrant in is to find greener pastures. In truth, this country surely is far greener than most countries in the world literally since it is home to plenty of natural wonders and nature is still in abundance here.

Aside from this, the quality of life, and the safety and security that the country provides are factors that bring the immigrants in.

Quality of life

The quality of life in New Zealand is deemed incomparable. It has been put on the top of the lists of countries when it comes to income as well as wealth distribution. It has also been doing good when it comes to health, civic engagement, well-being, life expectancy, and education. With this, it is not surprising why people are choosing to be immigrants in this country compared to any other country in the world.

The culture in New Zealand is something that the rest of the world is astounded at but just cannot duplicate in other countries. There is a general rule here that people should have a work-life balance. The government believes that people should not work too much and should enjoy life to be good citizens and good humans and it seems like this is working quite well.

Safety and security

Although people are naturally good, there are times when people become bad especially when it is because of necessity. Crime happens but the rates in New Zealand are definitely far lower as compared to other developed countries. This makes immigrants choose to be in the country because they know that they will be safe and secure if they lived here.

This country is also known as one of the most peaceful countries in the entire world and has ranked itself with the likes of countries like Portugal, Denmark, Austria, and Iceland. Aside from this, New Zealand is also one of the countries in the world that are the least corrupt so resources are used wisely and properly and the whole country benefits from this.

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Wednesday, July 17, 2019

Lingo In The United Kingdom Immigrants Need To Be Familiar With

Language is one of the top priorities that immigrants need to know about a place that they will be living in for quite some time. Sure they can go about living their day-to-day lives with Google Translate or some other app to help them out but it is always good to learn more about the language that the people in the places are going to be speaking. After all, it is always good to be able to converse well with the locals.

In the case of people who would be immigrants in the United Kingdom, language would not be a really big hindrance. The people here speak English and it is the main language that they would use. There is no new language to study and learn about. However, immigrants would need to learn about the lingo that the locals use. Yes, just like in any country, there would be some lingo that would only be specific for that particular place.

So for those new immigrants in the UK or those who are planning to be one, go ahead and read on. Here are some of the lingo in the UK that immigrants need to be familiar with.

Damp squib

Damp squib means that one thing actually fails quite badly. It actually can be taken from the word ‘squib’ which is actually an explosive, and not the word used in the Harry Potter world. Now, if the squib gets wet, it does not work – in short, it fails to do what it is supposed to do.

“Their outdoor wedding was a damp squib because it rained cats and dogs and they did not have any backup plans.”


In the UK, “do” actually refers to a party. It does not really mean any kind of party. So it can be pretty much any kind of party.

“I would be coming home late tonight. I’m dropping by the company do.”


This slang means that something is actually illegal or wrong. It can be used to just about anything that is off.

“Those shoes Darwin bought look dodgy to me.” Or it can also be, “I’m avoiding all dairy products starting today. The milk I had last night was quite dodgy now I’m sick.”


Many have heard of this slang but not all can get what it means right. Fortnight actually is slang in the UK for “two weeks”.

“I’m on a diet. I have to make sure I fit into that dress in a fortnight.”


Heard in many movies and TV series, gobsmacked is a UK slang. It actually means that one is quite surprised or has been really shocked. Linguists believe that this term came from the word “gob” which is a term in Britain for “mouth”.

“Billy was gobsmacked when he received a call saying that he won the grand prize in the raffle.”

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Tuesday, July 16, 2019

Immigration Pathways To Make It To British Columbia, Canada

British Columbia is known as the gateway in Canada to make it to the Pacific. It is also the third biggest province of Canada in terms of population as well as the size of the land area. For those who do not know, this province also is where one can find the famous city of Vancouver. The whole province is quite a beautiful place to be in as the town are not so huge and the place still has plenty of rugged spots and lush green views.

The local government of British Columbia has recognized just how important immigration is to the province, and to the entire Canada as well. They do know that immigrant plays a huge factor in the development of the economy of the province as well as in the growth of the population. That is why the province has created a detailed provincial nominee program which is known as the BC PNP. With this, one can see that there are two basic streams that potential immigrants can take to make it to the province or to the country. These two streams are the Entrepreneur Immigration stream and the Skills Immigration stream.

The Skills Immigration Stream

For immigrants who came to British Columbia via the Skills Immigration Stream, this would allow them to be able to apply for a permanent residence in Canada. One has to be a skilled worker or a semi-skilled worker to be able to get via this pathway. The skills that one must posses should be for those occupations in the province that have a high demand.

Aside from these, those who may also be under this stream would be those immigrant students who have finished their programs in British Columbia. Of course, they would have to be from one of the institutions or programs that are post-secondary and have been deemed eligible by the government.

There are five categories under the Skills Immigration Stream. These are Healthcare Professional, International Post-Graduate, Entry Level and Semi-Skilled Worker, Skilled Worker, and International Graduate.

Another requirement for this pathway is that a person should already have a job offer for a permanent and full-time job from an employer in British Columbia.

The Entrepreneur Immigration Stream

The Entrepreneur Immigration Stream is actually a pilot program made for immigration. The whole aim is to actually lure in entrepreneurs from other countries to make it to British Columbia. These entrepreneurs would be setting up shop, not in the big cities of the province and also not in the big spots in Canada. Instead, they would have to be in the smaller towns and communities in British Columbia.

The local government of British Columbia will be working with communities in the province that are 75,000 or less in total. Any of the immigrant entrepreneurs will have to be working with the local communities so that they can set up a business there.

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Monday, July 15, 2019

New Zealand Places 11th Among Countries With Best Reputation, Benefits Citizens

Thanks to the well-being budget that the government of New Zealand has put together, the country has been able to place 11th. This is on the list of the top countries in the world that has the best reputations. The well-being budget is a program by the NZ government that has set aside a budget which would be used to promote the well-being and the happiness of its citizens.

This study of reputations has been done by FutureBrand, a consultancy that focuses on global brands. In this year’s Country Index from the consultancy, it was Japan that made it to the top of the list. This study is actually done and focuses on countries around the globe. The group ranks them using their GDP as well as the country’s “brand”.

New Zealand has made it as the 11th best when it comes to reputation and this surely is going to benefit its citizens. A good ranking will bring in immigrants and investors which are good for the country, its economy, and its citizens.

The brand of a country

According to the study, the list that they make is dependent on the strength of each country’s brand. This is based according to ratings of individuals on different factors. These can include the value systems, the potential for businesses, and the quality of life there. Other factors that are also rated by the respondents include products, services, tourism, and heritage and culture of the country.

Japan is now at the top of the list for this year. The last time that it did was back in 2014. Next to Japan is Norway which gained four spots as compared to the numbers last year. Switzerland placed third and it is down by a spot. Sweden placed fourth and Finland in fifth.

Australia, the United Kingdom, and the United States of America are among three of the top countries in the world in terms of economy. However, in this list, they placed 15th, 19th, and 12th respectively.

The ranking history of New Zealand

The 11th spot that New Zealand is enjoying this year has been the country’s also back in 2014. According to the study, one of the top reasons why the country is still in a good place is because of the quality of life that is being enjoyed by its citizens.

The report also continued that today’s world is quite complex and very connected. They believe that New Zealand’s government promoting a good quality of life will still take over anything else that improvements and modernization have got to offer.

Many are in awe of how the government has put a budget to be used on the well-being of its citizens unlike other countries who would use their budget on other things like economy and productivity.

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Friday, July 12, 2019

The Food Journey Immigrants Must Experience In The United Kingdom

The food in the United Kingdom is not that famous as compared to food in other countries. For example, China is known for its noodles and its dimsum. And then there is Korea that is known for its bibimbap and samgyupsal. India is known for its curry and masala. Italy is known for its pasta and pizza. When it comes to the UK, there is not much that one can say about the food here. However, food in this country is actually one of the best in the world. And immigrants have to know about the food here especially if they plan on living in the UK for quite some time.

So for all of the immigrants in the United Kingdom, it is essential that they take a food journey and understand just how delicious and good food is in the country. After all, this is a place where they will be living in for quite some time so they have to eat – and eating local cuisine is the best way to go if one wants to save. Plus, food from one’s country can be quite difficult to come by.

Here are some of the local food that immigrants can enjoy in the UK.

Fish and chips

This dish is the most popular among all the dishes in the UK. Other countries have versions of this one but nothing still beats the original. Almost everybody who tries this dish really likes it because nothing can go wrong with the chips.

Immigrants are highly recommended to try this. They can find it almost everywhere in the UK but locals say that the best of these can be found not in fancy places but in fish and chips shops in the country. Of course, a bit of research using the internet or a local food guide can help immigrants get the best ones.

Haggis, neeps, and tatties

Haggis is pudding which is really something. It is made out of some internal organs of a sheep as well as oatmeal and some spices.

Neeps are turnips.

Tatties are potatoes.

The dish is known as haggis, neeps, and tatties because the pudding has to come with turnips and potatoes. And it surely is something that immigrants can enjoy a lot.

Bangers and mash

Bangers and mash actually is a dish that is made up of sausages and mashed potatoes. This dish is something that many Brits cook in their own homes. It is known to be quite a traditional dish in the United Kingdom but immigrants can find it being served in a number of pubs and restaurants.

It may seem simple but it surely can fill one’s stomach and fill one’s palate. Locals suggest that if one is going to try this, they should add just a bit of extra butter to the mashed potatoes and it would be even better.

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Thursday, July 11, 2019

Business Owners In Canada Are Telling The Gov’t That They Need Immigrant Workers

Unemployment in Canada is at a record low right now and many business owners are happy about it. This means that they are able to get the employees that they need to keep their businesses growing. This also means that plenty of people in Canada are also employed and have a means of earning money for their needs.

However, the business owners in Canada are telling the government and all of those who are vying to have a position in the government that this may be the situation in the country right now but they need to make sure that this continues to happen. Business owners understand that the current situation that they are enjoying right now is something that the country has achieved because of the help of immigrant workers who have joined the labor market. This is why they are telling everybody ahead of the upcoming national elections this coming October that immigrant workers are important and the businesses need them.

Immigration is a good thing

Many business owners in Canada are telling those who are going to be a part of the upcoming national elections that immigration is a good thing. Businesses are benefitting from it and so is the country’s economy. That is why they want to remind those vying for power that they should consider this especially when they work on the laws of the country. Their concern is that there are some politicians who believe that immigration is not helpful in the country but business owners are saying otherwise.

Canada is a country that has been quite open to immigration for many years already and it is very much unlike a good number of countries in the world. For other countries, they believe that immigration and immigrants are a threat to their nation. Canada does not think of it as such. This is highly enjoyed by the people in the country. And business owners would just like to remind those who may soon be sitting in office that immigration is a good thing and it must stay this way.

Recognizing the need for immigrants

The Business Council of Canada is an organization of businesses in Canada and the member businesses roughly employ 1.7 million individuals. Its head, Goldy Hyder, has been frank about the importance of immigrant workers to them. She reminded those running for office that immigration should not be used as a weapon in politics in Canada, like it is being used in other countries. She also continued that the government of Canada has goals to aim for however she also would like to remind them that immigration has been beneficial in hitting those targets. The past has clearly shown that by being open to immigrant workers, Canada has been able to achieve a strong economy that is still certainly growing.

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Wednesday, July 10, 2019

Immigration New Zealand Ensures Applications Are Ranked Without Racial Bias

There are plenty of people around the world who think that many countries are ranking all applications for immigration based on the race and the country of origin of an individual. There may be some countries that do this but New Zealand is not one of them. This is as per the Immigration New Zealand, the official agency of New Zealand that deals with immigration and such. The government of the country believes that this is not a fair way of ranking and accepting applicants and they believe that visa applicants should be ranked on other important factors.

This is good news for all of those individuals who are looking at being an immigrant in New Zealand. This should help assuage any fears that they have that New Zealand would only disapprove their application with just their race or country of origin as a basis. Immigration New Zealand is not biased on this aspect and they are focused on other more important factors in ranking applicants.

The work Immigration New Zealand is doing

Immigration New Zealand has been quite busy with the tons of work that they have to do – including accepting and processing any applications that come in. New Zealand is one of the most popular countries among those who wish to be immigrants and so the agency has been accepting quite a huge amount of applications each day. It has also been known to be looking for individuals who can help out with the country’s economy as well as with the labor market. They know how to handle applications properly and they do it with a process that helps make things go faster.

Immigration New Zealand has also been working with Education New Zealand when it comes to attracting immigrants to the country. Education New Zealand has been promoting and marketing courses and programs that are offered in educational institutions in the country to attract potential student immigrants. They are also targeting this group because the country has some of the top educational institutions that can offer them quality education and these student immigrants are quite helpful in terms of keeping the country’s economy good.

Manual processing of applications

There is no computerized system that Immigration New Zealand is doing to process all applications. That is according to Jeannie Melville, the current assistant general manager of INZ for visa services. She said that they are not looking at nationalities of applicants to New Zealand to rank them. When it comes to student visas, Melville also continued that they look at other factors including course, age of the student, and provider among many other factors. She did not mention race or nationality as a factor that they look into when ranking all of the applicants.

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Tuesday, July 9, 2019

United Kingdom To Use New Immigration System That Will Be Based On Skills

Just this June of 2019, the government of the United Kingdom has already spoken out about the new immigration system that they are polishing and would soon be putting into place. This new system would now be based on skills and that would be how they would approve or disapprove any applications that have been sent in by potential immigrants. Those who may be interested in making it to the UK just do not have to worry yet about this system since it is not yet in effect. It would be introduced by 2021.

According to news, the new system on immigration that the UK will be putting in place will be the sign that free movement would end for all of the workers from the European Union to the country. Free movement for these individuals will still happen for them in other European Union member nations. And to put an objective view on all immigration applicants, the United Kingdom will not favor any nationality but would instead be looking at the skills of the applicants. This means that any applicant from the EU can still make it to the UK as long as they are able to fulfill the requirements set by the country.

More jobs open to people around the world

With the new immigration system that would soon be in place, this means that there would be more jobs open and available for more people around the world. Usually, these jobs would easily be taken by individuals from European Union member nations since they can easily get to the United Kingdom. However, this time, when the new system is in place, EU nationals as well as individuals from all other countries would have to go through the same system so there would be equal footing for all. The playing field would be leveled out.

Another change that comes with the new immigration system is that a maximum number will not be put in place with regards to the total amount of workers who would be joining the country as immigrant workers for a specific time. All employers in the UK would also be able to find and get the workers that they need for their business without the limit.

Supporting workers and business owners

According to the government of the United Kingdom, the new system on immigration will be very helpful in supporting workers and business owners. The new system will be able to allow things to be processed a lot faster as compared to the current system. Aside from that, workers from anywhere in the world would have a higher chance to get employed in the UK since there are no more priorities as per the country of origin, only skills.

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