Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Labor Shortage In New Zealand May Call For Immigrants

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With the a new government now governing over New Zealand, there will be changes and the citizens of New Zealand are hoping that these would be really good changes. There are some situations that are not good in the country but these are merely small stuff that can be resolved through good solutions formed from religious studies done.

The new government has its plans even way before they were elected. During the campaign period, they have been quite vocal about their plans for the country in the instance that they win. These plans have been shared with the public so that the public would be able to choose wisely and find the best people for the big job.

As per the newly elected officials, what they are promising to bring to the nation would be more houses to be built. They have sent out a promise that they would be working on building 10,000 of these for each year. However, an obstacle has appeared and this would be quite impossible to achieve since there is not enough workers to do the job.

The lack of workers

This project that the new government of NZ has planned is known as the KiwiBuild. It is backed by the Labour party and it is estimated to cost $2 billion. 100,000 new homes for each year is a lot and it means that there should also be a good amount of workers to put these new houses together. These new houses that will be built would be made available for those individuals who are buying a house for the very first time.

This may be the plan of the new government, however, what they did not put into consideration is the current situation when it comes to labor and to workers. New Zealand’s construction and building industry has already been worried about the few amount of workers that is needed to easily and quickly complete any projects or constructions. With the KiwiBuild, it would mean that there is a need for even more than what is lacking. That is why the government should be looking at immigration as an answer to this predicament.

The current situation

Tradestaff is a company that focuses on recruitment in the country. According to them, they have a lot of jobs available and yet these jobs are not filled up because of the lack of workers who have the right skills. The country does not seem to have enough of those around.

Experts looking into the situation believe that it is high time that the government pushes for programs that would bring in immigrants and have them fill up the vacancies and get the work started.

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