Friday, April 29, 2022

New Routes For Immigration To Open In The United Kingdom

It cannot be denied that immigrants are very beneficial for a lot of countries, including the United Kingdom. And many people around the world are really interested in joining these countries that are open to immigrants in search for a better life, among many other things. It is not surprising though as many of these individuals believe that the grass is greener in countries like the United Kingdom. It is also quite a good thing though that the UK needs them so it is a win-win situation.


Of course, it is important to keep in mind that not all individuals who want to move to the UK can simply do so. There are certain requirements that the government asks from all those who wish to move there. Aside from that, there may be programs that the government has created which will help the country bring in the needed immigrants, and that would depend on what the UK needs for a certain period. For example, if there is a need for more engineers, then a program focused on bringing more engineers is what the government would come up with.


The changes in immigration in the UK


The government of the United Kingdom has recently announced that it is making some changes to its Immigration Rules. These changes have already started to be implemented last April 11th, and will the government will continue to do so until August 22nd of this year. These changes would all be dependent on the new routes that the government has put together. Among those routes that have been opened and will be taking effect are the High Potential Individual Route and the Scale-Up Visa.


What is the High Potential Individual Route?


This pathway will be open by the 30th of May this year. It is up for all of the new graduates of some of the top universities in the world. Those who would like to take advantage of this route to get to the United Kingdom should have completed an eligible study. This should be equivalent to a bachelor’s degree or even higher in the UK. These graduates should have finished such study just in the last five years. They also do not need to have a job offer in the UK, and they can work in the country as well as bring any dependent family members when they make the move.


What is the Scale-Up Visa?


This route to the UK will be implemented by August 22 of this year. This can be used by individuals who have a job offer from a scale-up in the country. Their job offer must be for a high-skilled position and should meet the required salary which should be at least £10.58 for each hour of work done or £33,000 annually. They should also meet the requirement for English language skills. They can also bring any dependent family members with them.




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Thursday, April 28, 2022

Quebec In Need Of More People To Join Labor Force, May Be Eyeing Immigrants In Canada

How a place actually fares in terms of its economy is highly dependent on the businesses that are in its area. That is why governments try their very best to support businesses, especially startups. Of course, the government ensures that all businesses under their care are given the right support. So in the case of countries like Canada, should there be provinces or cities that need more people in the labor market, one can definitely expect that the government would be doing something about it. Should there not be enough people in the country to join the labor market, it is highly likely that the government would be looking outside its territory and would be eyeing immigrant workers.


One of the cities in Canada that is in need of more people to join its labor market is Quebec. This year, the city has had to deal with a low rate of unemployment and with that, many businesses are in need of more people to help out in their operations. This is why the local government of Quebec is looking for ways to solve this issue and one of them is to try to look for sources of people who could join the labor market.


The labor market in Quebec


The current situation in the labor market in Quebec is that it needs more people to join. Currently, this city in Canada is dealing with a lot of job vacancies and there is not enough in the labor market to fill this. This is why the government of the country and the provincial government are working hard toward finding a solution to this situation. They have created measures that would help with the solution and also support immigrant workers who have decided to join the labor market.


One of the major factors that has affected the shortage in the labor market in Quebec is the pandemic. There have already been gaps before the pandemic started and when lockdowns and health measures were put in place, those issues became even worse. With a better hold on the pandemic nowadays, the country is more hopeful that this situation will be given a solution soon enough.


An important factor in this situation


In the midst of this pandemic, Quebec is still on its way to recovery. However, it is important that it tackles the factors that have brought about changes in the labor market in this city in Canada. One of the big factors that is affecting this is the aging population coupled with a low birth rate. With this, the government is focusing on bringing in new immigrants that can help out boost the population and even help it grow, while also contributing to the labor market.




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Wednesday, April 27, 2022

Immigration Agency Of The United States Works On Speeding Up Processing Of Applications

The United States of America has long been seen by people from all around the world as a land of opportunities and prosperity. Thanks to pop culture and all the movies and TV shows that are shown all over the world, this view of people has not really changed that much. With that, there are tons and tons of individuals who are working their way towards applying to become immigrants in this beautiful country. Yes, each year, the United States of America receives tons of applications from potential immigrants and a good portion of them successfully live their dreams.


However, with thousands and thousands of people each year sending in their applications to become immigrants in the USA, it does seem that the agency on immigration has a lot on its plate. This has resulted in a backlog on their end. That is why the government is working on speeding up the processing of all applications that it receives so as to lessen the backlogs and easily work on the new ones coming in.


Working on the backlogs


According to the national government of the USA, they are working on measures that would help reduce the backlogs of applications for immigration to the country. The backlogs have actually crippled the government’s capacity to work on all of them in the regular amount of time that they used to. The more backlogs there are, the longer it takes them to process all the applications, including the new ones that are coming in. Putting in the necessary measures would help them towards their goal of ensuring that all backlogs would be worked on and no more backlogs would pile up.


This would be a really good thing because a lot of people who have sent in their applications have really worked hard on all of the requirements just so they could make it to the United States of America as immigrants. Completing all the requirements is no easy feat as well and these individuals have done their best to ensure that they are able to check off all that is needed from them.


What are the actual plans?


The immigration agency of the USA has already been working on some plans but there are no formal announcements yet. One of those plans is to have more applicants who are willing to shell out for additional fees so that their applications would be processed a lot faster. Another plan would also be to have a rule in the USA which would allow relief for all immigrants in the country who are still waiting to get the renewal of their work permits. The agency also plans on setting goals for the processing times of each application.




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Tuesday, April 26, 2022

The Sense Of Humor In New Zealand And How Immigrants Usually Find It

Who does not want to be happy? All people do and that is why they do try to find things that help them become happy. Although they say that happiness is a choice and it comes from within, there are still some things that give people joy and laughter. One of these is the right humor and immigrants who may be living in a new country like New Zealand have to learn that the humor that they grew up with in their home country just may be different from the one that is being practiced in the country. Yes, humor can also vary depending on the location and the culture of a country.


It is said that the humor in New Zealand is just like the kind of humor that is being practiced in other countries that speak English. Of course, it is important to note that it may be the same but there are still going to be differences which could be because of the culture of each country.


It looks like dark humor


According to immigrants who have chosen to live in New Zealand, the humor in the country is leaning toward dark humor. Even Kiwis (the locals of New Zealand) who go abroad and try to make jokes there often do not get the reaction that they were hoping for. Instead of the laughter or smiles that they may get back home, they would often get awkward silence. Some may even have to deal with offended people because the humor just does not sit well in that country.


Another interesting thing to note is that the Kiwis who find themselves in Canada have to learn how to make sure that they tone down their jokes because they can be too dark for the locals of this country. Immigrants who are in New Zealand even describe the humor in the country to be quite crass and often uses colorful language which may not be a good thing to use in other countries.


Comparing jokes


For Kiwis, when they make jokes in their home country, there really is no problem because that is how jokes go there. However, when they find themselves in a new country that is not New Zealand, their jokes are seen as dark and even twisted. For example, in Canada, Kiwis who have gone to this country can say that the humor in Canada is a lot more toned down and may even be referred to as dad jokes, which can be described as innocent or even lame. Those who have tried using New Zealand humor in other countries often get a few nervous giggles and a lot of weird looks. One may have a sense of how the humor in New Zealand is by checking out videos and ads in the country, including the anti-drunk driving commercials launched in 2011.




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Monday, April 25, 2022

The Green Man And What It Offers To Immigrants, Locals, And Travelers In The United Kingdom

It is said that the best food comes from those restaurants or food joints that have been given Michelin stars. However, there are a lot of food joints out there that may not have Michelin stars but could definitely make people want to come back for more because of just how good the food is. There are a lot of such places around, especially in the United Kingdom. Immigrants who have chosen the country as their new home are usually having a great time searching for such places. Keep in mind that it is not only immigrants who are doing this but travelers and locals do so as well.


There is really something exceptional about having the experience of trying a dish or some food that is really delectable and something worth enjoying. Add to that a great place that one can stay in while they enjoy the food is definitely a great thing to have. That is why the people in the UK are quite lucky as they have a number of options for such. The Green Man is one of those. And no, The Green Man is not a performer or an actual person – it is a pub that a lot of people flock to.


What is The Green Man?


The Green Man is a pub in Essex and it was put together by Jeff and Chris Galvin, brothers who are chefs and restaurateurs. They are already famous in the UK and around the world for the work that they do and they have already proved that through their French cuisine which has won awards. They have built businesses in Edinburgh and in London.


However, despite their success, they still want to do something and that is to bring their expertise and their love for food back to where they came from – Essex. That is why they created The Green Man. It is a pub and it is their very first venture in the place where they have grown up in. The actual structure of the pub has been around since 1314 and is known as one of the oldest pubs in the UK. It took the brothers around £3 million to do a makeover and make it better and more modern.


What is in The Green Man?


The food in The Green Man is something that people have been coming back to over and over again. There are a lot of classic dishes that are usually served in pubs which include game pie, lamb curry, and Colchester crab mayo. This pub in the United Kingdom also serves Sunday roast which is something really worth trying.


People who visit the place experience great service, a usually full house, reasonable prices, and a good variety of craft beers that are produced locally.




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Friday, April 22, 2022

Number Of Backlogs In Immigration Applications In Canada Dropping

Thousands and thousands of people send in their applications to Canada to become immigrants in this country. These individuals have a variety of reasons why they chose to apply to become immigrants in this country and the list includes taking further studies there, reuniting with their relatives, and job offers. With Canada as one of the top countries in terms of economy and education, it is not surprising why plenty of people choose to do their best to be able to meet all the requirements that the government is asking for.


With the huge number of potential immigrants sending in their applications each year, it would not be quite a surprise if there were backlogs in the processing of applications. Add to the mix the reopening of the country to immigrants and the huge number of people who have put their plans on pause when the pandemic started. This is the time that they would start going back to their plans.


What the government is doing


In recent updates from the government of Canada, they are currently working hard to ensure that they do what is necessary to be able to lower the number of backlogs in terms of applications for immigration to the country. So far, it seems like what the government is doing is working as there has been a 1.3% decrease in the backlogs for the applications under the economic programs in Canada. This may seem like a small number but any decrease in the backlogs is a good thing and a positive move.


According to Sean Fraser, the Minister for Immigration, the government is doing what it can to ensure that normal operations are back after there have been a lot of changes that had happened when the pandemic happened. By bringing back normal operations, the backlog on the applications may be worked on a whole lot quicker. Canada is also ready to shell out $2.1 billion for the coming five years which would be used to ensure that the processing of applications would improve.


Upgrading the process


The spokesperson for Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada, Beatrice Fenelon, had disclosed that the agency is working on modernizing the current system of immigration so as to ensure that things move a lot faster and Canada would be able to work on the backlogs. This would also help ensure that backlogs would be avoided in the future. With the new budget, the agency can work on a new digital platform that would be used to better manage immigration applications. Fenelon is positive about this plan and she believes that it will transform how the immigration system is functioning. Immigration applications would be processed a lot faster than the current rate that they are working with.




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Thursday, April 21, 2022

Meet The City Of Los Angeles: A Quick Guide For Immigrants In The United States Of America

While there are a lot of cities in the United States of America, there are some that are really popular as compared to all other cities in the country. Usually, it is in these cities that immigrants choose to move to once they are able to make it to the United States of America. This is because they know about these cities and they are familiar with them and also perhaps because they are so popular that they would like to live their lives there. One of these popular cities is Los Angeles.


Each year, Los Angeles welcomes a lot of new immigrants and it is not surprising given just how popular this place is. It has been the location for many movies and TV shows, and it is in California, which is a state where the sun shines all days of the year (except on rainy days, of course). There is a certain charm that the city has, which brings in a lot of immigrants there.


What is Los Angeles?


It is usually referred to as the City of Angels – this is Los Angeles. It is most often known as LA, and it is the biggest city in the entire state of California. In the United States of America, this is the second biggest city, with New York City as the biggest. It has a Mediterranean climate which is a big thing for many immigrants who are not too keen about the cold. It also is quite diverse, especially in terms of ethnicity and culture. It is also a metropolitan city and is the home of the most popular film industry in the entire world – Hollywood.


The city of creative people


This city in the USA is quite popular as the Creative Capital of the World. As per data from the city, in every six residents, one of them has a job in the creative industry. Aside from this, the number of people working in the creative industry in this city is a whole lot more than in other cities in the world, not just today but even in years past. This is the city where people who are artists, filmmakers, musicians, dancers, actors, and writers flock to.


The city of sports


Los Angeles is also a place where people can find 11 sports teams that belong to professional leagues. Yes, people in this city in the USA also are into sports. For the Major League Baseball, the teams are the Los Angeles Angels and the Los Angeles Dodgers. For the National Football League, the teams from LA are the Los Angeles Chargers and the Los Angeles Rams. In the National Basketball Association, the teams are the Los Angeles Clippers and the Los Angeles Lakers. In the National Hockey League, the teams are the Los Angeles Kings and the Anaheim Ducks. In the Major League Soccer, the LA teams are the Los Angeles FC and the Los Angeles Galaxy. In The Women’s National Basketball Association, the sole team is the Los Angeles Sparks.




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Wednesday, April 20, 2022

Immigrants Are Continuously Amazed At The Franz Josef Glacier In New Zealand

One of the big factors that make a lot of immigrants choose to move to New Zealand is that the country has a very pristine environment. Not a lot of countries can boast of this. Plus, what is good about New Zealand is that in the midst of its pristine environment is a strong economy. While there are countries that have beautiful environments and nature, they are really not able to keep up and have strong economies. This is surely something that New Zealand is very proud to have and something that is bringing in the immigrants to the country.


There are a lot of places that immigrants can go to in the country where they can enjoy the beauty of nature. People who love the outdoors have a long list of places to visit and be amazed at. Even those who are really not that keen on being outdoors are able to have such a great experience in the country that they actually change their mind after experiencing what New Zealand has to offer. One of the amazing spots that people can visit in the country is known as the Franz Josef Glacier.


What is the Franz Josef Glacier?


The Franz Josef Glacier is also known as the Kā Roimata o Hine Hukatere. It is a glacier that measures 7.5 miles and can be found in the Westland Tai Poutini National Park which is on the South Island in New Zealand. It has been the destination for many immigrants in the country when they are looking for a place to visit. Even the locals and the tourists also find themselves visiting this glacier and just marveling at its grandeur.


What can people do at the Franz Josef Glacier?


There are some activities that people can do in this part of New Zealand. This is one glacier where people can actually go on a hike if they choose to do that. There are guided walks available for those who wish to explore the area. Those who are not so keen on being that physically active, they can choose to go on a helicopter tour that would allow them a different view of the Franz Josef Glacier. Those who choose to hike through the glacier can choose from different types. There are relaxed hikes for those who are too physically active and then there are also ice climbing activities for those who would like to scale the glacier.


Is it cold there?


One of the many questions that people visiting the place have is if they would freeze there. The truth is, the temperature there is just right. The Franz Josef Glacier gets a good amount of sunlight which is a good thing. Also, the temperature right on the Franz Josef Glacier is just several degrees lower as compared to the town next to it.




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Tuesday, April 19, 2022

Management Styles In The United Kingdom: Some Things That Immigrants Need To Remember

When moving to a new country as an immigrant, people are highly recommended that they learn about the cultures and lifestyles practiced in that country beforehand. It would allow them to be prepared for what is coming and for what they should be expecting. There are countries that are already popular and quite well-known all over the world and people should not have a hard time learning about the cultures and lifestyle in such countries. One of these in the United Kingdom and immigrants in the country can refer to a lot of online sources should they want to learn more about it.


There are many people who have moved to the UK because of jobs. It is important for these people learn about management styles in the country as this is the world that they would be living in and interacting with for quite some time. Learning about such is recommended as it means that they would be ready and not surprised when they encounter them because of work.


What are the usual management styles or culture that the UK has? Read on and find out.


More open management style


Many immigrants who have worked in the United Kingdom in years past may be able to say that the management style in the country is quite stuffy and also on the conservative side. However, through the years, this has changed and has become more open and even more progressive. Bosses and leaders have also seen the importance of giving recognition to the big role that employees play.




Meetings are important in the world of business as it keeps employees up to date with any changes in the company or in the market. In the UK, people who attend meetings are treated with respect. Time is also very important for the locals of the UK and so wasting time is not seen as a good thing. Going to a meeting on time is good practice. It is also important for those who are attending the meeting to be prepared for the topics that will be discussed.


Employees help in the decision-making process


A lot of people believe that most businesses do not listen to the employees when it comes to making decisions. However, in the UK, it is important to note that leaders and bosses listen to their employees and take note of their opinions to help create a good decision.


Employee consultation


Employees are also consulted when it comes to issues that may affect their morale or their working environment. These are important factors in the life of an employee and their say on these things matter. Those who are new to the UK should not be surprised if they get asked their opinion on such matters.




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Monday, April 18, 2022

Immigrants And Why They Do Well In The Labor Market In Canada

Canada is one of the top countries in the entire world that has been quite open to welcoming new people into its territory. In fact, it is one of the top countries when it comes to immigration. It brings in thousands and thousands of new immigrants each year and people are really interested in joining Canada as immigrants as they believe that the country is the right place for them. Of course, these individuals also go to the country for a variety of reasons which include going there to live with family, to work, to study, and a lot of other reasons.


The country has been open to immigrants because these people have been really helpful. Immigrants help keep the economy up and they also help with bringing up the country’s population. These people have also been a lot of help when it comes to keeping businesses afloat which is a good thing. The labor market also benefits from them.


How immigrants are helping the labor market


The pandemic has made things a lot more difficult especially for the labor market. There have been a lot of businesses that had closed down when the quarantines were put in place because not all of them can operate from home or remotely. However, with the good grasp that the Canadian government has on the pandemic, the country is now able to slowly make its way back up with more and more businesses in Canada now opening back up again.


Of course, it is important to note that businesses have first looked for people to join them as employees from the locals and if there are not enough of these people to help them out, these businesses would start looking for immigrants who would like to join the labor market. Immigrants in Canada are known to be reliable and willing to take on the jobs available. And with the high rate of immigration happening in the country right now, employers have a huge number of options available.


Why immigrants are great options


While it is true that the employers are mostly looking for locals of Canada first as employees, it is also important to note that a good number of local workers are in their retirement age. This would mean fewer people in the labor market and immigrants are there to help out fill up what the retirees have left open. Right now, Canada has one of its lowest unemployment rates recorded despite the COVID-19 pandemic still around and experts say that this is because of the high rates of immigrants that have been joining the country recently. Immigrants also help bring up the average age since there is a low birth rate in the country and more people are retiring.




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Wednesday, April 13, 2022

Meet The Elk: One Of The Animals In The United States Of America Which Has Captivated Immigrants

There are a lot of animals in the whole world but to find the unusual ones is something that not a lot of people actually experience on the daily. Some people are lucky enough to see unusual animals at least once in their lifetime. Not a lot of people are able to achieve this. That is why immigrants and locals of the United States of America are more than lucky to be in the home of one of the unusual animals that the world has to offer – the elk. Yes, there is such an animal as the elk and there is a reason why it has captivated a lot of individuals with its presence.


This animal is amazing and it can be seen and encountered in the USA. It is huge and it surely is an animal that is worth watching in the wild. After all, all animals are really amazing to observe when they are in their habitats. And the elk is definitely no exception.


Elk migration in the USA


One of the amazing things about animals in the wild is that they migrate at certain times of the year for some reason. It could be to go to a place where the weather is better or where there is more food for them. This is something true for elks. During the winter, the National Elk Refuge in Wyoming, USA becomes the home for an elk herd that goes to a high of 11,000. They make their way through a distance to make their way there. They walk through the Yellowstone National Park, the Bridger-Teton National Forest, and the Grand Teton National Park to get to their destination. Seeing them migrate is such an amazing sight.


What are elks?


Elks are big animals. They have thick bodies that stand on thin legs. Their tails are also short. They usually stand at around 0.75 meters to 1.5 meters and their length from their nose to their tail should be around 1.6 meters to 2.7 meters. The males are usually bigger and heavier than their female counterparts. It is said that the biggest among all the elks would be the Roosevelt elk that call the Cascade Range in the USA its home. This subspecies can also be found in British Columbia in Canada.


The elks also have antlers and these are bones. It is said that the antlers grow at around 2.5 centimeters each day. As the bone grows, there is skin that grows around it to protect it. Come the summer, the skin is shed especially when the antlers have become fully developed. It has been noted that the North American elks and the Siberian elks are the ones that have the biggest antlers among all of them.




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Tuesday, April 12, 2022

Immigrants Visit The Bay Of Islands In New Zealand To Enjoy The Place And Its Activities

There are many different reasons why individuals choose to move to New Zealand and become immigrants in this country. The country is known for its beautiful culture, its work-life balance, pristine nature, and the wonderful people who live there. However, those people who have become immigrants in New Zealand discover even more wonderful things about the country once they get there. One of these is the accessibility, which allows them to easily go to places in and around the country with much ease and that allows them to enjoy the entire place quite easily.


It is not a secret that New Zealand is home to tons and tons of beautiful spots and places that people visit each year. Of the many places that people visit in the country, one of the most amazing ones is the Bay of Islands and it is lush and peaceful and relaxing – that is why it is not surprising that a lot of people choose to go there each year.


What is the Bay of Islands?


The Bay of Islands in New Zealand is considered to be a really precious place as it comes with a ton of some of the best beaches in the country. There also has a number of deserted islands that people can choose to explore. Those who are into inlets can also find a number of them in this place in New Zealand. Plus, the area is accessible to all people who want to go there.


This place can be found in the North Island of New Zealand and the region is said to be hiding a good number of sites that are important to the country’s history. Of course, that is just something that has gotten people really interested. The most popular reasons from people why they choose to visit this place as compared to any other one in New Zealand is because it has a lot of natural places and great outdoor activities that they can enjoy.


What can people do in the Bay of Islands?


Although the land can be quite beautiful, there is really something different about seeing it from the water. The Bay of Islands allows people visiting to go around the place and enjoy the water. People have the option to hire a boat or take out a kayak so they can enjoy the pristine waters of this region in New Zealand. They can go to the spot known as Hole in the Rock which is on Piercy Island. They can also try to spot some of the beautiful sea creatures that live in the waters. There are a lot of those around which include whales, penguins, fur seals, and dolphins. Those who wish to stay on the land can explore the different islands and even visit a river or just enjoy the beach.




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Monday, April 11, 2022

Immigrants Need To Know More About Norfolk, United Kingdom And Enjoy The Place

Common knowledge goes that the sun does not really shine that much in the United Kingdom. In fact, it is said that the weather is usually cold, dreary, and even rainy in the United Kingdom and so having to experience the bright, warm sun is something that people do not forget to enjoy once it happens once in a blue moon. Immigrants are quite surprised at this as many of them have come from tropical countries and so they are usually the people who rush outdoors to enjoy activities that only the sun shining can allow them to do.


For most people in the country, when the sun decides to show up, they would rush over to great spots like Brighton and Cornwall. However, what most people do not really realize is that there are tons of other beautiful places to visit in the UK when the weather is warm and that includes Norfolk.


Where is Norfolk?


This rural area in the UK is a county and can be found in East Anglia. It has Lincolnshire on its northwest, Suffolk in the south, and Cambridgeshire in the southwest and west. It is charming in its own right and is a coastal area. It has a ton of naturally beautiful spots and the businesses in the area include pubs that offer some of the best dishes using fresh produce from the area. It is not a popular area for many people but it is a great place that needs to be discovered by a lot more people.


What can one find in Norfolk?


With or without the sun, Norfolk is quite a beautiful place already. It comes with a pier that is still old school. There are also sandy paths that still need to be discovered and breathtaking spots that would definitely make people feel a lot more relaxed than they would if they were in urban areas in the UK. The area has a coastline in its northern part and people should try to enjoy it there. One day should definitely not be enough given the healing powers nature has.


Norfolk is also home to some of the amazing animals that the natural world has to offer. There is a population of seals there as well as sea birds. This place also has got salt marshes and even sand dunes to explore.


Those who are not so keen about being in the water can explore what the land has which includes really beautiful villages that would seemingly transport people to another place and another time. There are pubs and beach huts. There is also a specific area just for heather which really is a sight to behold when they bloom and flowers in purple and pink hues show up.




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Friday, April 8, 2022

The Benefits That Immigrants In Canada Want To Enjoy So They Work On Aiming For Citizenship

For decades, Canada has been receiving a good amount of attention when it comes to immigration. A lot of people aim to go to the country for a variety of reasons and that includes studying there or staying there for work. This is a good thing because Canada really needs these immigrants to help out with its economy, which has proven to be really effective based on the numbers. The government also has created pathways so that these immigrants would choose to stay in the country. Canada needs more new people to help with the population as well as the local population is aging and it needs more younger people to help boost the population and even start families there.


It is a good thing that the country is one of the best in the world in terms of quality of life. That is why those who have become immigrants in Canada are more than happy to work on their requirements so that they could stay in the country for the rest of their lives. Yes, a good portion of immigrants wants to become citizens of Canada.


Becoming citizens of Canada come with a number of perks. Here are some of them.


Renewal is not needed.


People who have permanent residence visas need to renew this as the validity runs for only five years. However, the good thing is that one can start working on their requirements for citizenship in Canada during that period. A person who is a permanent resident should be in the country for at least 1,095 days in the past five years before he or she is able to apply for citizenship. Should a person be lucky enough to be approved for citizenship, they would not have to worry about renewing anything as citizenship comes with an indefinite validity.


More opportunities for jobs.


There are certain jobs in Canada that are available for citizens of the country only. Although immigrants can still have jobs in the country, their options are limited. For example, there are certain jobs in the Canadian government that are only open to citizens.


Losing citizenship is not something to worry about.


While having a permanent residence visa means being allowed to stay in Canada during the validity of the document, citizens of the country would not have to worry about being deported to their home country. Of course, there are certain cases when the citizenship of an individual is revoked and that includes fraud, concealment of circumstances, and false representation.




It is a great feeling to be able to cast a vote and join the rest of the country in deciding who the next leaders will be. Being a citizen of Canada allows a person to do this.




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Thursday, April 7, 2022

Number Of Visas Awarded To Immigrants By The United States Of America Go Back Up To Pre-Covid Rates

Immigration is one of the top things that had been gravely affected when the pandemic was announced two years ago. Countries that have been reliant on immigrants have had to reel from the effects that came with putting a pause on immigration. There was really nothing for people to do but follow the health protocols because it was for the good of everyone. The United States of America was one of the countries that had to deal with the effects of not being able to bring in new immigrants and the immigration surely went down as non-essential travel were not allowed.


It is a good thing though that through time, with more and more new information discovered about the virus that caused the pandemic, experts were able to know how to properly handle the situation. With that, countries were slowly able to bring back how things were done before the whole health situation happened. Immigration was surely one of them and nowadays, it does seem like the immigration rates in the USA have gone back up to the rates before COVID-19 happened.


Bringing back pre-Covid immigrant rates


According to a recent study, the number of visas that were awarded to new immigrants in the United States of America went back up to the number that the country enjoyed before the pandemic happened. That number was achieved last year and that is a good sign because it reflects that people are now able to adapt to the changes that the pandemic brought and that things are surely going back to how things were before everything happened.


The visas that were awarded to individuals who have sent in their applications while they were already living in the country have already reached the rates that the country enjoyed before the pandemic. On the other hand, the study showed that the visas that were awarded to individuals who have applied for such while they were living in other countries have also gone up. However, it is important to note that this number has not yet reached the same rates that the US enjoy before.


The numbers tell the story


From June 2021 to September 2021, there were around 282,000 individuals who have been awarded their green cards. This is the highest number that the USA was able to achieve in these trying times. In fact, it is the highest that the country was able to reach since the middle of 2017. The data was based on information from the US’ Office for Immigration Statistics. This number surely shows that all the hard work that the country has been doing to bring in new immigrants has surely worked well, given how things are going right now.




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Wednesday, April 6, 2022

Immigrants Love The Little Blue Penguins That Call New Zealand Their Home

Penguins are one of the most adorable animals on the planet. They are cute and harmless and just so adorable to watch. Every little thing that they do is just adorable and that is what makes them quite a favorite among a lot of people. This is why people are really enthralled each time they see one, most especially if they see a waddle (which is a group of penguins on land). Immigrants who have chosen to live in New Zealand are quite lucky people because this country is home to one of the cutest and most unique penguins to ever live on this earth – the little blue penguins.


These animals are not as popular as most of the other penguins that the world is familiar with. However, once people get to learn about them, they would do their best to look for more information about them and even try to see one in the flesh. They are quite unique and seeing one is quite the treat.


What are little blue penguins?


While little blue penguins are not as popular as the usual ones that people see on TV, books, and photos, they are really not unique to New Zealand only. They can be found in other countries as well. However, it is said that New Zealand is the country where people can find a good number of these animals. They can be mostly seen on the coastlines of the country as well as on some off-shore islands. They love the water and so people who venture to these areas can spot them, especially on good days.


The little blue penguins are aptly named. They are really little that they are the smallest among all of the penguins in the world. They are sometimes even called fairy penguins because they are just that small. They also have this blue tinge which is what makes them quite unique. They grow to around 33 cm on average. They can also be found not only in New Zealand but also in Australia (the southern part) as well as Chile.


How are the little blue penguins doing nowadays?


Nowadays, experts who have been monitoring these amazing animals in New Zealand have claimed that the population of the little blue penguins continues to decrease. There are even colonies that have completely become extinct and there are certain colonies that have become at risk. To adapt, the little blue penguins have started to move to more urban areas. However, it is important to note that the little blue penguins in New Zealand are still not considered to be endangered. Experts have noted though that on the country’s Motunao Island, the population of this animal has started to go up by a small percentage.




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