Friday, October 30, 2020

Pimms And Gin: Two Drinks Enjoyed By Immigrants In The United Kingdom

Only those who are on the adventurous side would try out new food and new drinks. Immigrants who are living in a new country, like the United Kingdom, for example, should learn how to try out the local food and beverages that can be found there because that is what they would have on hand once they need to eat some food or go out for drinks. There may be shops that offer food and drinks from their home country but the prices could be quite high, since these are now delicacies and are imported products.


Those immigrants who are now living in the United Kingdom have been able to adapt and tried the various local food and beverages found in the country. The country has a number of local dishes and drinks that are really worth trying out because they are delectable and unique in a good way. Two of the beverages that are usually consumed in the country are Pimms and gin. What are these? Read on.




For those who are into punch as their choice of beverage, Pimms is the right kind of choice. Immigrants who are in the United Kingdom and have tried Pimms are more than happy to share that they found it refreshing and delicious. This drink is quite refined and it is, of course, alcoholic, which can be a good choice for those people who wish to have a delectable alcoholic beverage to cap off a tiring day. It is mixed using alcohol and some fruits in season.


Drinking Pimms is a good way to relax as the effects of the alcohol can be quite slow. However, that depends on the person drinking it. There are some who say that the effects of the booze slowly makes it way up the body and they are just surprised to feel drunk as the night turns deeper.


Parties usually have Pimms served in a huge bowl which contains the drink, a huge helping of ice, fruit in season which have been cut up and even slices of cucumber. And just like normal punch, people who would like to have some of this would have to use a ladle to get it into their glasses. This is quite popular during parties or when it is summertime.




Gin is one of the really popular alcoholic beverages in the United Kingdom that has got locals, tourists, and immigrants having their relaxing time out by themselves or with friends or family. It is usually served in pubs and bars and restaurants with tonic and ice. Sometimes, it also is served with a slice of lemon. There are plenty of other variations of drinks that have gin in it for those who may want to taste something different than the classic mixture.




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Thursday, October 29, 2020

Canada Plans To Continue Its Programs For Immigration

For decades, Canada has been very welcoming and reliant on immigrants to help out with some situations that the country is facing. These include an aging population, low birth rate, and the need for more people to be part of the labor market. Immigrants have been very willing to do their part to help out Canada after they have been welcomed warmly and with open arms in the country. And each year, the country welcomes hundreds of thousands of new immigrants and also awards a good number of immigrants with permanent residency visas.


With the pandemic creating chaos around the globe, however, Canada had to lock its borders and put a stop to immigration since March of this year. A few months after the pandemic swept the entire world, Canada is now slowly picking up the pieces and working its way towards bringing in the immigrants that the country needs. Recent news has it that the country is focusing on continuing the immigration programs that it has already started and try to meet the goals that it has already set.


Working on immigration levels


Marco Mendicino, who works as the immigration minister for Canada, is currently working with the entire agency to take a look at the current immigration levels in the country and creating new plans that would help bring in the needed immigrants to the country. The entire team is still currently working on their next moves and would soon be announcing the details of what they have put together, including how many new immigrants would they be targeting by 2021.


With fewer immigrants joining Canada because of the pandemic, the immigration branch of the government has been working hard to make sure that it still is able to meet its target goals. Immigrants have been a very essential factor in the growth and development of the country and their contributions have been greatly recognized for many years already. Despite the pandemic, many individuals around the world are also very much interested in working their way to make it to Canada as immigrants. So this is going to be great news for them and should inspire them and motivate them to do the best that they can so they can complete their goal of moving to Canada.


The need for more immigrants


The pandemic that the country is now facing has not been really helpful especially in terms of how much Canada really needs immigrants. The statistics show that more than 9 million people in the country would be reaching retirement age in 10 years. It would not be much of a problem if Canada has a high birth rate, but that is not the reality in the country. This is why the government is doing the best that it can to bring in the needed immigrants.




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Wednesday, October 28, 2020

With Immigration Put To A Halt, Population Of Germany A Tad Lower

The population of a country is a very important factor in terms of its growth, economy, and the like. Without people doing the needed jobs, a country just may not exist anymore. That is why there are countries like Germany that may be experiencing low birth rates and an aging population and so they rely on immigration to help address these problems.


Recently though, Germany has experienced a lower population. Experts who have looked into this matter have said that this is because of the pandemic brought about by the novel coronavirus that causes the disease known as COVID-19. With the virus that causes the disease is spread from person to person, lockdowns have been put in place and non-essential travel not allowed. This means that immigration has also had to be put to a halt to make sure that the virus does not spread even further and affect even more people not only in Germany but in many countries around the world as well.


A lower population


For the first time in almost ten years, the population of Germany has gone lower. It is not a really huge dip but it is significant enough to be noted by experts looking at the data. There were a lot fewer immigrants coming to the country because of the pandemic as travel was not allowed especially during the earlier months of the lockdown. Aside from that, people who may have been planning on becoming immigrants in the country may have put their plans on pause for the meantime since traveling and interacting with people can be a way for them to contract the disease.


At the end of June 2020, there were around 83.1 million individuals living in the country. This number is definitely lower by 0.05% (or should be around 40,000 individuals) as compared to the year before. This is for the first six months of the year, as per data from the Federal Statistical Office. The last time that this happened was for the last six months of 2010. After that, the population of Germany had slowly risen especially for the last six months of 2015, when the country experienced around 717,000 increase in people.


The start of the decline


According to the statistics agency of Germany, they noted that the decline started in March when the pandemic had found its way to Europe. From March until May, the decline was quite significant that it amounted to around 59,000. With the borders closed and people put under lockdown, it is definitely understandable that the population and the immigration rate would definitely go down. However, it is most definite that when things are better and are under control, immigration would start to work its way up again in the country.




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Tuesday, October 27, 2020

High Immigration Levels Still A Goal For Canada Despite Pandemic

Despite the current pandemic that is still continuing to spread havoc and chaos in many countries in the entire world, Canada is still pushing and aiming towards achieving high immigration levels. This country has always been up and open for immigration especially in recent times, and it has always been one of the countries in the world that has been bringing in as many immigrants as possible, as compared to other nations around the globe. However, with the pandemic that is caused by the novel coronavirus, movement of people had to be restricted since the virus is transferred from person to person. This allowed immigration to be put to a halt for some time in Canada. But with the country able to contain the virus with protocols, it is now up and open for immigrants once again.


Experts now say that Canada is working hard to be able to bring in their target minimum immigrants starting as early as this year and bring more immigrants to the country. The levels of immigration in Canada are expected to rise with each month, even if travel restrictions are still in place. There are now just stringent protocols that need to be followed for the safety of everyone.


Pushing on with current plans


Marco Mendicino works as the immigration minister of Canada. According to him, the government is not backing down on any plans that have already been put in place, especially those that are running for three years. Before the lockdown in Canada, the immigration minister has mentioned that the country would be bringing in over a million new immigrants by 2022. However, when the lockdown happened, immigration also had to be put to a halt. With the lockdown, only essential travel was allowed and non-essential travel which includes immigration and travel for leisure are not allowed in the country.


Because of this, around 64% of the 2019 number for new permanent residents had gone down. That is understandable though given the circumstances. But what is even more interesting is that the government of Canada is working its best to make sure that the target is still going to be reached in the next months and years included in the plan.


The need for immigrants


The office of the immigration minister has done consultations with the different sectors in the society and the various industries and organizations as well. This was to find out which needed immigrants and how much immigrants were needed. By doing this, he was able to have an idea and gauge just how much immigrants were needed in Canada. This country has highly depended on immigrants to help with any gaps that were in the labor market. And at present, immigrants have also been helping grow the population of the country.




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Monday, October 26, 2020

Social Customs In New Zealand For Immigrants In The Country

When a person is in a new country, most of the things that the person knows would basically be based on what they know from what is on the internet. However, most of the information that can be found on the internet would be about the food, the places, the things to do and the like. Not a lot of information can be found about the customs and the traditions and the usual way of life in the country. That is why new immigrants and potential immigrants to New Zealand are lucky to have this article as it tackles a number of social customs in the country that would be very helpful.


With that, here are some of the common social customs in New Zealand that may be good to know for those who are new immigrants or are thinking about becoming immigrants in the country. Getting to know the country and its people would be a very big help especially once these individuals are already in the country.


Kiwis are private people.


The locals of New Zealand, also known as Kiwis, are quite known as friendly people who one can easily approach if they needed help with directions or starting conversations with them. They are also known to be outgoing people and love going on adventures. They may be so, but these people are really private individuals and are not so keen on sharing a good amount of their personal information. This is why immigrants who are in New Zealand should learn to avoid asking how much they earn. It is also not a good idea to ask them why they do not have kids or why they have not gotten married yet. Asking them their age or even their weight or anything that is personal should also be avoided.


So what topics are not off-limits? Well, asking them how the weather is and about sports should be good topics. People can also ask Kiwis about how they spent their weekend or how they are doing with their hobby.


The need for space and other customs


New Zealand is a country that has huge spaces, a lot of sheep, but not enough people. So it is safe to say that these locals are used to having a lot of space to themselves. It is important that newcomers to the country understand that the locals need their space so standing too close to them would not be a good idea as it can rub off in a bad way. Smiling with the locals would also help and make sure that when walking on pathways, take the left side.


The locals also practice taking off their shoes before going inside one’s house. They also do not like people sitting on their pillows or on their tables. They would also say a quick prayer to bless their food before partaking in it.




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Friday, October 23, 2020

Fresh Fish And Chips With A Glass Of Cider: Refreshing And Filling Food In Canada For Immigrants

For immigrants who may be new in the United Kingdom, they may not be too adventurous to try the food that is available locally. However, it is something that they should try out because it is going to be something that they would be consuming to be healthy and to have the energy to do the things that they need to do while in the country. Food is an essential part of everyday life and people should have it to be able to survive.


The food in the United Kingdom may seem to be intimidating for plenty of people who may not be on the adventurous side but those who have tried the food in the country are more than happy to share that the dishes are delectable and would be something that people would definitely go back to again and again and again after trying them out. The flavors are really worth enjoying and they are the best ever. Two of these are the very famous fresh fish and chips that goes well with a glass of cider.


Fresh fish and chips


Among the many dishes made in the United Kingdom, it seems like fresh fish and chips are the most popularly associated with the country. In fact, there is plenty of this dish found in various food joints and establishments all around the country.


Fresh fish and chips is made using local fish. The most used fish is North Sea cod, which is more commonly known as haddock. The fish is then battered and then deep-fried. After that, it is then served with a lot of chips before it is given some salt and vinegar for flavor. Some say that the best way to eat this dish would be to eat it as soon as it is served and right out of the paper package that it is served in.


Many immigrants may say that they have tried fresh fish and chips in their home country. However, as experts would have it, the best way to eat something is to have it right from where it originated. Thus, the best place for this dish would always be the United Kingdom. The locals would even recommend that to get the best fresh fish and chips in town, go to shops that are near the sea and the fish would be even fresher and would taste better.




The cider in the country is known to come in a variety of flavors. Made from the best apples of the United Kingdom, one can try sweet cider, sparkling cider, and even strong cider. This drink is made particularly in the West Country which includes Somerset and Cornwall. In fact, in Cornwall, there is a tradition where the children would go scrumping, which is to steal apples from the trees and then bring all of these apples back so they can be fermented and turned into cider.




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Thursday, October 22, 2020

The Concept Of Time: A Quick Guide For Immigrants In Canada

In the Philippines, there is something known as Filipino time. This is a concept that means that most Filipinos would arrive or start something later than the given time. For example, if a group of friends was to meet at 6pm for a party, one should not expect that people would come earlier or even on time. Most of them would be coming later than 6pm. This is really not a good trait and immigrants in Canada can say that this is definitely not a reality in this country in North America.


Time is a pretty important resource that people should not waste. And that is highly regarded in Canada. Immigrants in the country have learned just how important time is especially for the locals. That is why it is important for new immigrants and potential immigrants to learn and understand how time works for Canadians. After all, as they say, time is something that a person can never get back once it has passed.


Looking at time literally


Locals of Canada value time a lot and they are very literal about time and about schedules that they have set. In case of a gathering, an event, a meet-up, or whatever schedule it may be, the person organizing it may say that they should meet at, let’s say, 4pm. This means that he or she would be expecting the other party (or parties) to be there at 4pm on the dot (or maybe even earlier). Being late is not a good trait in Canada. In fact, if a person is over 15 minutes late, it is considered to be rudeness. The person who is late should be able to give a good explanation as well as an apology as to why he or she was late.


It is okay to be early for something. However, being too early is really not that encouraged. When in Canada, if a person is over 15 minutes early, that person can be seen as presumptuous. It may also cause the host or the organizer to be caught in an awkward position since he or she may still not be ready for the gathering.


Other things related to time


Most of the people in Canada who are employed full-time work 9 to 5 jobs from Monday until Friday. They usually do not like being disturbed when they are working. They have their lunch at 12pm. Families have their dinner at around 6pm.


When it comes to calling people, those who call too early in the morning or too late at night are seen as disruptive and even rude. They do not like being disturbed at those hours.


During Saturdays and Sundays, most people do not have to go to work. These are the days when people do leisure activities like socializing and spending time with family and friends. Sunday mornings are usually spent on religious activities like going to church.




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Wednesday, October 21, 2020

A Quick Introduction To Cuisine In Germany For Immigrants

People who have become immigrants or will become immigrants in a new country should be prepared to learn more about the food in the place. They will be living in a new place and they will have to eat the food that is available locally. In the case of Germany, immigrants and even tourists have had a hard time trying to have the courage to try the local cuisine since it is not as famous and as popular as other cuisines from countries like China, France, and the USA. However, German cuisine is a delight on its own.


Knowing what food is available in the country is a great thing to do because this would allow people to at least have an idea about what they can consume once they are already there. Plus, German cuisine is delectable and deserves recognition the whole world over.


Beer, beer, and more beer


It is a known fact that Germans really like their beer. They do consume a lot of beer as compared to many other countries. This is indeed a fact. Numbers have it that the average person in Germany consumes an average of 140 liters of this stuff each year. In 2012, the locals of Germany were able to consume 2.25 gallons just for that year. This is the lowest amount that has been recorded since 1990.


The top beer brewed in Germany include Weihenstephan Hefe Weissbier, Erdinger Kristall, Spaten Oktoberfest, Aecht Schlenkerla Rauchbier, and Paulaner Salvator Doppel Bock.


Though Germany may be known for beer and beer drinking, they only place second in terms of consumption of beer in Europe. The Czech Republic takes the first spot.




Sausages are known as “wurst” in Germany. They are also a quite known cuisine from the country. Usually, they are made using veal, beef, or pork and then given additional flavors. This food is quite known not only in Germany but has also gained fame in other countries as well.


The best sausages in the country include Frankfurther Wurstchen (made in Frankfurt), Wiener Wurstchen (made in Frankfurt), Mettwurst, Knockwurst, Bockwurst (made in Berlin), Blutwurst, Leberwurst, and Weisswurst (made in Munich).




Bread is a staple in most countries around the world. In Germany, there is a tradition of baking bread that has gone on for ages. It is also an activity that Germans are also proud of. One can find a variety of bread in the country. There are different shapes and colors and tastes and names and textures and just about fillings of every kind. Those who have tried them have found them to be a delight.


The best bread in Germany include Brötchen (small rolls), Pretzel, Vollkornbrot (bread made from whole grain), Milchbrötchen, Hörnchen (croissants), Pumpernickel (bread that is dark brown in color), and Sonnenblumenbrot (bread made from sunflower seed).




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Tuesday, October 20, 2020

What Makes Canada A Popular Country For Potential Immigrants?

Canada has been one of the main countries in the world that has been very open to immigrants. It is a huge country and it is definitely also quite known for having a really strong economy. Each year, the country brings in tens of thousands of new immigrants and unlike other countries in the world that accepts immigrants, Canada has a minimum number of immigrants that it accepts each year. So this means, that the more immigrants it is able to lure to the country, the better it is for Canada.


A good question now is, what is in Canada that makes it quite popular for those individuals seeking a new country to call their home? It is interesting to note that even people who are from developed countries with strong economies still choose to leave their home country and move to this country in North America. There are a number of interesting factors that make it so popular among those who wish to become immigrants. Read on and find out.


What brings immigrants to Canada?


This country has been built into what it is now by immigrants and the locals recognize this and do not really forget about its history. The nation that it is today has been very attractive for many individuals who wish to move to a new country and start a new life. There are a number of reasons why and here are a number of them.


  • Universal healthcare is free. In many countries, universal healthcare is not free. And it can be pretty expensive and so people would rather just resort to finding cures on their own, which is not necessarily a good thing. People should try to stay as far away from hospitals as possible because getting medical help can be difficult on the pocket. This is not the case in Canada where universal healthcare is available for free. Healthy people can contribute better to a country’s well-being and economy.
  • Work-life balance is better. There are countries where work-life balance is seemingly nonexistent. People work hard and work a lot to make ends meet. However, in Canada, people who live and work there are able to work just the regular 40 hours per week and not work more than that.
  • Statutory holidays are paid. People in the labor market and are employees are able to enjoy statutory holidays with pay. Compared to other countries, this is a great benefit. There are countries where it is not required of employers to pay their employees if they do not do any work, even if the workday falls on a statutory holiday.
  • Paid leave for new mothers. One of the main reasons why Canada has been welcoming plenty of immigrants is because the country needs a lot of help with regards to growing its population. This is why the government is providing new moms in Canada 35 weeks to 61 weeks as maternity leave. That is a definite godsend and a great way to bond with their new child and also recover from giving birth.




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Monday, October 19, 2020

Immigrants Should Try A Fergburger When They Are Already In New Zealand

Many individuals have chosen New Zealand as the country that they would like to move to and it is not surprising to find plenty of immigrants already in the country. This country may be small as compared to other countries in the world but it is one of the most sought-after countries by plenty of potential immigrants. Who would not want to live in a country that has a strong economy, pristine environment, and promotes work-life balance? Add to that the fact that recently, it has been able to show the world that it has managed the COVID-19 crisis quite well.


Immigrants who are in New Zealand have plenty of things to discover given that they are in a new country. One of the things that they should go out and try is to have a Fergburger. Yes, food is also a good experience and it is something that plenty of people really do like trying because it also helps fill their empty stomach.


What is the Fergburger?


The Fergburger is actually a food joint that offers delectable hamburgers on its menu. It can be found in Queenstown in New Zealand and they are quite known for their gourmet hamburgers. Their burgers are quite amazing and many have attested to that. There are various types of burgers and they use some really special ingredients which include lamb, falafel, pork and chicken mix, venison, and cod.


This food burger joint started to operate in February 2001. It started its shop in a garage. It was a weird location and some found it even obscure. However, it was the whole journey of finding where the shop was that made it the talk of the town and gave it a novelty status. It also did not start with advertising a lot but relied heavily on word-of-mouth marketing which attracted a lot of locals and immigrants in New Zealand. In a few years, it was able to find a better location that was more accessible.


What should one eat at Fergburger?


There are a variety of burgers and dishes on the menu though the burgers are definitely the most popular. The meat is always cooked perfectly. The toppings are creative and the sauces that the burgers come with are really flavorful. Plus, it is worth the money because the servings are huge. People who are in New Zealand and have tried the burgers have said that they have nothing to complain about, despite having to wait in line. The line may be long but it moves quickly so nothing to worry about there. There are also vegetarian burgers offered for people who may not be into meat so there really is a dish for everyone!




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Friday, October 16, 2020

What Immigrants Should Know: Common Traits Of United Kingdom Locals

Knowing how things go in the United Kingdom is going to be a big help for new immigrants. This would allow them to be aware of what to do and what to expect. It would also allow them to not feel like they are totally foreign in the country, but rather, they are able to adapt quickly to the new community and culture that they would be living with.


Like in other country, the United Kingdom’s locals have their own traits and quirks that are uniquely theirs. Having knowledge about this would definitely be very beneficial for immigrants since they would not be surprised or experience culture shock. So, to all new immigrants and potential immigrants in the United Kingdom, here are some of the quirks and traits that they should expect from the locals.


More layers of clothing over turning up the thermostat


The weather in the United Kingdom can be quite cold and it is not a surprise that the country has always been said to have very few days of sunny weather. With that, the locals and all people living there have gone used to the weather and have found ways to keep themselves warm. One of the quirks of the locals is to put on more layers of clothing to keep themselves warm rather than go up and turn up the thermostat. For some reason, this is what works best for them. It is easier on the pocket, too!


Appreciative of the small things, like the ‘next customer’ sign in the grocery’s conveyor belt


The Brits are also quite appreciative of the small things that people do for them. One prime example is when while waiting for their turn at the cashier at the grocery and the person before them puts the sign to indicate that they have placed all their items and all other items after that belongs to the next person. This is something that the locals really do appreciate.


Everything just to get a tan, even a light one at that


With the weather in the United Kingdom being gloomy most of the time, most locals are pale in color. That is why they really do pretty much anything and everything to get even just a little bit of tan. The obsession with getting a tan is definitely understandable given how they live in a society surrounded by pale people.


Having a seldom-used picnic hamper


Most locals have their very own picnic hamper. However, because of the state of the weather in the country, they are unable to use it as much as they would like to. It is said that the locals are able to use their picnic hampers for a minimum of once for each year, and that is only when the weather allows them go to out and enjoy the sunny outdoors.




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Thursday, October 15, 2020

11,000 New Immigrants Welcomed In Canada In August 2020

Despite the pandemic that the world is still reeling from, Canada has already started to get back on its feet and started to go back to working on its goals. One of the top things that Canada has been working on is getting back businesses and employment numbers up. The economy has been one of the hardest hit by the pandemic and getting it right back up would be beneficial to the country. Immigration has also been put to a halt because of the pandemic but it is a good thing that Canada is slowly welcoming new immigrants nowadays.


As per data for August 2020, the country was able to welcome a total of 11,315 individuals as the newest permanent residents of Canada. The number is lower as compared to the total for July 2020 which was at 13,645. However, less new immigrants is good than not having any new immigrants in Canada at all. Immigrants have been important factors of Canada and that is why the country is known for being open to accepting a huge amount of newcomers each year.


The immigration numbers for Canada


Comparing the number of immigrants welcomed in August of 2020 as compared to the same month a year earlier, the number for this year is definitely lower. The year previously, Canada took in around 31,600 new immigrants. Of course, the lower number is quite understandable given that there is a pandemic still happening and there are travel restrictions still in place after the government of the country sent them out last March 2020 as part of the protocols to be followed to help stop the spread of the virus that is causing the pandemic.


So far this year, Canada was able to bring in a total of 128,400 immigrants. And experts who have been looking at the data have said that the country would not be able to meet the usual number that it has been able to take in per year. There would be around 200,000 new immigrants less for 2020 and this would be the first time that such thing would happen since 1999.


All things are temporary


Experts who have been looking at the immigration trends happening in Canada right now have disclosed that though the country may be experiencing lower levels of immigration, this is just a temporary thing because of the pandemic. Despite that, Canada is still positive about things and is showing its commitment to making sure that immigration continues in the country despite everything that is happening to the world. Of course, the government had to make protocols to make sure that the virus does not spread in the country. This is a good thing because it just shows that Canada is doing the best that it can to keep everyone safe.




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Wednesday, October 14, 2020

The Delightful Bratkartoffeln As A Comfort Food Immigrants In Germany May Like

Food holds a really huge and important part of the culture and the tradition in many countries around the world, including Germany. Celebrations will never be complete without food that has been made to delight the senses and make the tastebuds explode with deliciousness. This is a very important factor of everyday living in Germany that immigrants living there should be aware of and these new people in the country should be very willing to try out new dishes that are made and prepared in the country.


One of the delightful dishes that can be found in Germany is Bratkartoffeln and it has been delighting plenty of people – locals, tourists, and immigrants alike – through the years. This dish may not be easily found in other countries but it can be considered to be a staple in the country.


What is Bratkartoffeln?


Bratkartoffeln is a dish that is going to be a favorite for many immigrants who are in love Kartoffeln. What is Kartoffeln? Well, it is something that is quite common all around the world and in English, it is known as the potato. There is an ongoing joke that there are many Germans who are known to be potatoes but that is not something to be serious about. However, Kartoffeln is a common ingredient in Germany and people living there are said to be having one dish each day that has this.


Bratkartoffeln can actually be considered as German fries. If there are French fries, then Bratkartoffeln is German fries. It is a dish that is mainly composed of raw potatoes or cooked potatoes that have been sliced thinly. They are then fried in delectable butter. After that, some more ingredients are added to make it even more mouthwatering. These can include onion slices, bacon, salt, pepper, marjoram, garlic, rosemary, and caraway.


Having a serving of Bratkartoffeln


For those who wish to try and prepare this interesting dish from Germany, it is really not that difficult. One can cook it at home and there are really no special secrets to doing it.


To start, one should take some potatoes and boil them. After that, the potatoes should be taken out of the water and then made to cool for a bit so handling them would not be too difficult. When the potatoes are not too hot to work with anymore, they can then be sliced as thin as the person wants them to be. Once all the potatoes are sliced, a frying pan should be heated. Add oil to the pan and then fry the potatoes in there while also adding some bacon and onions. The best way to know that it is done is when the potatoes have become crispy.


Of course, for those who do not have the time to prepare Bratkartoffeln themselves, this dish can be found in various restaurants and food shops in the country.




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Tuesday, October 13, 2020

More Immigrants In Canada Were Employed In September 2020

Canada is a country that is known for being open to immigrants. Compared to other countries, Canada opens its borders warmly to new immigrants. It also has set a minimum number when it comes to welcoming new immigrants – unlike other countries that would only put a maximum. This is not how Canada does things. In fact, the more immigrants they welcome, the better it is for the country.


In recent news, there were more immigrants in Canada who were part of the labor force of the country who became employed in September 2020. This goes to show that the businesses of the country are starting to recover from the effects of the pandemic that has created much chaos all over the world, Canada included. The businesses are starting to get back on their feet and are now needing people to help them out with the processes and the operations. This is definitely good news as it means that more locals and immigrants in the country would be having jobs and would be able to start earning for themselves.


Rising employment numbers


For September 2020, employment in Canada went up by 2.1%. This is a huge jump as compared to the number in August which was at 1.4% increase. These are data provided by the Labor Force Survey done by Statistics Canada. The data used have been collected from September 13 to 19, 2020. The numbers have shown that the employment rate in the country is now at around 3.7% of the levels that were recorded before the novel coronavirus created the chaos. This percentage accounts to around 720,000 jobs.


Looking at the data, experts have also seen that among all the industries that are in the country, three industries have found themselves at the bottom of all the industries in Canada when it comes to recovering from the entire situation. These three industries are accommodation, retail trade, and food services. But things are not really looking that grim for these industries as they are already starting to recover – they just are not doing as good as the other industries.


Older immigrants vs. newer immigrants


Immigrants who have joined Canada over five years ago have a higher chance of getting employed as compared to newer immigrants. This is as per an analysis done by Statistics Canada. The agency also disclosed that immigrants are mostly employed in common industries which include public administration, insurance, rental, leasing, real estate, finance, social assistance, and health care. The analysis also continued that older immigrants in Canada were much more likely to keep their jobs as compared to newer immigrants. The newer ones would mean that they are also new employees and they are more prone to being laid off if their services are no longer needed or if the businesses are trying to cut back on expenses.




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Monday, October 12, 2020

Innovative, Humorous, And Culture: Three Aspects Of Living In New Zealand For Immigrants

Living in a new country can be daunting for many immigrants but thanks to how things are in New Zealand, immigrants in this country are easily able to adapt well and quick in the country. This is as per plenty of immigrants who have made their way to the country and are happily living there. The locals are more than friendly to help new people out and make sure that these individuals adjust well in the country.


Learning about the new country that they would be living in is a really big help for new immigrants. This helps them learn more about the place and the locals, which makes adjusting even better. Aside from that, knowing some things about the country helps these new immigrants feel even more at home since they know something about the place as compared to not knowing anything.


There are three aspects about living in New Zealand that are worth knowing. These are the locals’ innovative nature, their sense of humor, as well as their strong drive to protect their culture.


Innovative nature


One of the icons representing the culture of New Zealand is the number eight sign. It symbolizes Kiwi ingenuity which is very popular among the locals. And this is definitely quite real given just how creative they are. They are also very entrepreneurial and that can be seen in some of the top pioneers of influence all around the world despite New Zealand being quite a young country.


Immigrants in the country would also find out that local startups are seemingly everywhere and that is because the locals do love taking on new ventures and are unafraid of trying things out. The government is also very supportive of these startups that those who have plans on starting one are not overwhelmed by the whole thing. Immigrants should also understand that the locals of New Zealand are pretty creative and innovative that they can create many great things by just using so little of what they currently have.


The sense of humor


The locals of New Zealand have their own brand of sense of humor and this is something that immigrants can observe in them. This can be seen in the various movies that the locals have created that are known all around the world and showcase the wit of the locals of the country. Describing their brand of sense of humor, some say that their humor is subtle but can be quite funny.


Protecting Maori culture


Another important factor that immigrants should understand is that the locals are very protective of their Maori culture and they make sure that it is intact and alive. They also do understand that there have been mistakes done and they are doing the best to correct them.




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Friday, October 9, 2020

A Quick Guide For Immigrants In The United Kingdom On The Local Slang

Immigrants who have found themselves living in the United Kingdom may say that they have found themselves wondering if they were in a different country. The United Kingdom is known for having English as the major language spoken so immigrants were quite confused when they were new to the country. They were hearing English but there were parts that they did not understand.


The thing is, with English being quite a dynamic language, it is not surprising if the language has evolved. It is important to note though that the changes in the language may happen in certain areas or regions only and these changes may not be applicable to other places that may speak English as well. This is the case in the United Kingdom – the language has evolved and people have created their own slang which is used in daily conversations.


So for all of the new immigrants in the UK who may be wondering if the locals are still speaking English, yes, they still are. One just has to be familiar with the slang so they can better understand the conversations happening around them. Here are some of the slang that could be helpful for immigrants.




When a person in the UK describes something as codswallop, this means that the person or thing that he or she is describing is all rubbish and is definitely a lot of nonsense.


I watched a movie last night. It was definitely codswallop, you wouldn’t want to watch it.




When a person is described as daft, this means that the person may be a bit on the stupid side. It is not really an offensive way of describing somebody as it can also mean that the person is silly but only mildly.


I think my friend was a bit daft last night after having some bottles of ale.




This term is usually used to describe a male who is quite good-looking.


Women have been screaming when they saw John Legend without his shirt on – that guy’s definitely dishy.




When this term is used, it is often to describe a person or a thing that can be quite suspicious or quite questionable. In US English, dodgy means shady.


When those group of kids started acting dodgy at the bank, I rushed through my transactions and just wanted to get out of there.




Dosh means money or cash and for any currency.


I’m strapped. Can I borrow some dosh?


Dog’s bollocks


This may seem really strange but it is quite a popular slang in the United Kingdom. This is used to refer to something that is quite good.


You should see Jasper’s new flat. It’s the dog’s bollocks!




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