Tuesday, June 13, 2017

1400 Workers In 900 New Zealand Farms Are Immigrants

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Businesses need workers. This is no secret. If you are the owner of a business and you want to do everything, that should be quite a problem. Owners of businesses who are not willing to delegate tasks may have to accept the fact that their business will remain as it currently is. There would be no room to grow. Truth is, the bigger a business grows, the more people it needs because there will be more work done.

With that, it is safe to say that in New Zealand, businesses are doing well. At present, there have been a lot of workers who are offering their services and have been employed by around 900 farms all around the country. Most of these employed workers are immigrants and they amount to around 1400. That definitely is a huge number. And the very reason why businesses are choosing immigrants is because they have proven to be quite the hard workers and the reliable ones.

Employing immigrants in NZ

Venture Southland is an agency in New Zealand and it is tasked to monitor and work on the Southland region and the projects that deal with economy and community development. According to the agency, they were able to record over 1400 workers who are immigrants in New Zealand. These 1400 immigrants have been employed by over 900 farms focused on dairy products which are located in the Southland region alone.

This definitely says that there are a lot of jobs waiting for immigrants in New Zealand. It is up to them to find the job that suits them. As compared to the Kiwis (or the locals of NZ), immigrants persevere more and do more work. They also are more flexible when it comes to moving to a new place to get some work.

With the numbers, this simply states that the dairy farms are reliant on immigrants. Without them, these farms definitely would have a lot of work not completed and these farms just may not be able to reach any quota that they may have set.

The changing immigration laws

The immigration laws in New Zealand are changing. With these, of the total immigrant farm workers (and their families as well), only half would be able to stay in the country and gain residency status. As for the others, they would only be able to have a secure job for three years only. After that period, they would then have to make sure to fulfill any other requirements from the immigration agency. If not, they have no choice but to leave the country.

This definitely is a concern among farm owners. It would mean less immigrants to employ and that would mean more work left undone. The government should be looking into this to make sure that local businesses do not suffer.


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