Friday, August 31, 2018

Why Immigrant Students Are Choosing To Study In The United Kingdom

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For some people, it is the search and the need to get more education that drives them – and that is their goal in life. Although their home country may be home to some universities and colleges, those who are really looking for the best education would try to find and get to the best universities or colleges that the world has to offer. And this is the reason why a lot of immigrant students find their way to the United Kingdom.

The United Kingdom is home to some of the best universities and colleges that the world has to offer. This is why this country is home to many immigrant students who do their very best to be able to get to the country.

So what exactly are the immigrant students finding in the UK and what is it about the country’s education that makes them want to come here? Well, here are some of them:

Reason No. 1: Known internationally

Those immigrant students who choose to go and get higher education in the United Kingdom are all for the chance to finish studies in well-known institutions. Higher education in the country is known all around the world and once the school is in one’s resume, there is a higher chance that it would be recognized. Schools here are impressive and are known internationally. Those who have studied in the country would know just how good the system is as students are encouraged to go ahead and grow their potential without having to sacrifice their life as students are also encourage to have a really good life outside the four walls of the classroom.

Reason No. 2: Finding the right course

Those who would like to go to the United Kingdom and study would not have a hard time trying to find what program they would like to get and complete. After all, the best universities and colleges in the country have updated websites where potential students can actually go ahead and peruse the courses made available there. That way, they can go ahead and choose which one to pursue and work their way to the country and be able to enroll there as a student. After all, it is important that one is armed with information on the school and program before getting there. That way, they can see if the course that they want is available or not.

Reason No. 3: Enrolling is easy

Those immigrant students who would wish to apply and be a student in the country can actually just go online and apply there. With the best universities and colleges in Britain having a website, application has been made quite easy by the internet. There are also guides available online so potential immigrant students can learn how to go about the process without having to leave their home country.

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Thursday, August 30, 2018

New Immigration Paths Opened In Newfoundland, Canada

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The way towards the dream country can be exhausting and long and may even hold a lot of obstacles that could make someone not push ahead with the plan. Although the dream to live in a new country may be big, for some, the way towards such can be daunting that they would not continue on because there was just too much needed of them for too long. However, there are a lot of individuals who really make sure that they are able to get to their goal because of all the hard work and time that they have already invested into the plan.

In the case of Newfoundland in Canada, it seems like potential immigrants are going to be really happy as it has been recently announced that two new pathways have been opened for those who would like to be part of the Canadian community. This means that there are two new categories for immigration that have been opened and this one is for immigrant investors or entrepreneurs. The government has opened such categories because they believe that there is a need to open new jobs in Newfoundland, the place where the new entrepreneur categories would be working.

The immigration category known as the International Graduate Entrepreneur

Two new categories for immigration have been released and announced to the public for the province Newfoundland and Labrador. For those entrepreneurs who are wishing to be a part of Canadian soil, this definitely is good news and two new ways to be able to make it to the country. The announcement regarding the new categories has been made last 30th of July.

The first category for immigrant entrepreneurs has been aimed at those international graduates who have finished their programs right in the province. There are two educational institutions in the country that offer post-secondary programs and it is a requirement that the graduates who would be taking this route should finish their programs in any of those two institutions. This category is known as the International Graduate Entrepreneur category and it is now open to all of those international graduates of either the College of the North Atlantic or the Memorial University.

The immigration category known as the International Entrepreneur

On the other hand, the other new category in Newfoundland and Labrador in Canada is known as the International Entrepreneur. This one is open for all of those foreigners who are more than willing to live and settle in the province and should be able to set up a business in the province, or join a business, or take over an existing business. They should also be able to manage whatever business this is and do it daily.

Those who would be interested in joining Canada as immigrant through this category would have to go through the application process. Once they get accepted, they would then be receiving the document known as the Temporary Work Permit and this should allow them to be able to set up their business and legally operate it.

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Wednesday, August 29, 2018

Why Immigrants Are Finding Their Way To New Zealand

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New Zealand has been known to be quite a top destination for tourists and for immigrants alike. For some, the experience is about finding that country that they went to as tourists and found it to be amazing so they decide to work their way back as immigrants this time. For others, it is about being in love with the work/life balance type of culture that is being promoted in the country. For some other people, it is about finding refuge in a good country that is very much unlike their own.

These are just a few of the possible reasons why many are finding their way to New Zealand and choosing it to be the country of their choice as immigrants. Studies have been done and opinions have been made. What exactly are the things that bring immigrants to New Zealand?

New Zealand has wonderful and natural scenery.

All around the world, pollution and the degradation of the natural wonders of our world have been a problem. It has been a problem and it seems to be something that all people should be fighting each day. There are only a few spots left around the world where nature is unspoilt and one of those places is New Zealand. The country is home to some of the most green and most lush forests. Its beaches are still pristine and it is home to wonderful sea life. This is one of the things that bring immigrants to the country. Because who would not want to live in a place like this? Nature can be quite good for those who are stressed and that can be very important to immigrants who are leaving their home country because there is too much hassle and frazzle there.

New Zealanders are one of the friendliest people from around the world.

Traveling to plenty of countries around the world would get one a lot of friends. However, many who have travelled to New Zealand have been more than happy to share that they have never felt more at home in New Zealand than in any other country that they have gone to. The locals of this country are quite the friendly people. They are also known to be warm and accommodating that tourists and immigrants alike have no problem staying there.

New Zealand is quite a safe country.

Worried about crime and safety? Well, New Zealand is definitely a place where a person does not necessarily always have to be thinking about protecting themselves. This country is known as one of the top countries in the globe where crime rates are definitely low. So that means that one can enjoy living or staying in the country without the chance of getting robbed or mugged or have any untoward thing done to them.

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Tuesday, August 28, 2018

Fox Is Pushing For UK Immigration To Favor Those With Offers For Jobs

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One cannot deny the importance of immigration especially in huge countries like the United Kingdom. The UK is a big country and has a problem with its population. There are more elderly folk than young ones and so one can definitely say that the population in the country is aging. With that, there are a lot less people who are ready to do the work that is needed by businesses. Some employers have also mentioned that the young Britons are not that reliable when it comes to work as they can be choosy and are not willing to move to another place if there is a need for such.

Recently, Liam Fox, the country’s secretary for trade, has mentioned that he is all up for immigration in the country as long as the system and policies favor those immigrants who already have job offers in the country. He has also disclosed that he is all up for the two-tier system so long as it is for immigrants with such offers on their side.

In favor of immigrants with job offers

After the United Kingdom does its exit from the European Union, Fox says that the policies for immigration should favor those applicants who already have a job offer on their side. Those who do not should be given second priority. Fox believes that this should be quite helpful since businesses need reliable workers to be successful. Successful businesses are good for the economy of the country. And with the exit, it means that the UK would have to deal with not having free movement among EU member nations.

Studies have shown that the locals of Britain also have the same sentiments as Fox. The studies have reflected that many Britons are okay on immigration as long as those with job offers are given the top priorities when it comes to applications. They are all okay with immigration as long as these immigrants can actually bring something to the table. And in this case, these immigrants are expected to help out businesses which help out the economy.

A bright future for immigrants with employers

If this continues, it means that many immigrants in the UK would be happy as there may be a bright future for them. This means that they will have the support of the locals as well as some of those people in the government.

This seems like many locals of the country know how important immigrants are and know that they are doing a great job by helping out businesses as employees. They also know just how these immigrants are helping the economy become quite strong. Fox has shared that he is all in favor of this two-tier system that would help give priority to those immigrants with job offers as it helps fill those vacant positions in businesses.

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Monday, August 27, 2018

Immigration Canada Focused On Achieving Better Reliability Of Processing Period

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One of the things that customers and clients hate is being told that it will take a while for something to be completed or the process to be finished. However, they would not be told just how long would “a while” take. For people, it is quite necessary that they get an idea just how long it would take. If it is going to take an hour or a day, clients and customers need to know. It would allow them to set their expectations.

In the case of Canada, its arm on immigration, Immigration Canada, is working on a way to be able to provide reliable processing periods to its clients. It is very important that they do so for its clients to know just when to expect feedback and when to follow up if there is a need for such. After all, the processing time for immigration can take up a while and so letting the applicants know just how long it would take would be a really great help for them.

A new process for calculating processing periods

As per recent reports, Immigration Canada has found and is currently using a new process for them to be able to find a good calculation of just how long the processing would take for applications. This would allow them to give its clients a much reliable time that would allow them to know when to expect for anything. It would, of course, depend on the applicants and the documents that they have submitted. With a more accurate period on their side, clients can easily plan for the future and be prepared for anything that could happen regarding their applications.

The people behind Immigration Canada would not be using the usual estimates that they have gotten from the applications that have been processed already. Instead, what they would be using would be the processing period that it took for the current applicants. They would base it on the current backlogs as well as the targets that they have set for yearly admissions to the country.

Aiming for accuracy

Ahmed Hussen is currently the minister for immigration of Canada. On this move of Immigration Canada, he has stated that this is a big improvement for the service that is being given by the Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (also known as the IRCC) to its clients. This, according to Hussen, is actually a thing that they have been working on for some time already. They believe that this is an important move for the IRCC because they want to make sure that the processing period that they are doing and providing their clients is accurate as much as possible. Clients would also be quite happy about this as they would know how long it would take, more or less.

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Friday, August 24, 2018

A Guide To New Zealand Lingo For Immigrants

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Language. It can be a road or it can be an obstacle. It is important to know the language of the place or country that one goes to. And for immigrants, this is one of the biggest things that they must prepare for. After all, they cannot live in a new country without speaking. Communication is a really important thing in daily life. And so, to know and understand and be able to speak the language is crucial.

In the case of New Zealand, immigrants need not learn a new language as English is the language spoken here. Unless the immigrant does not speak English, then one must try and study this language. However, since most of the world knows and speaks English, most immigrants would not have a hard time adapting to the country.

What immigrants need to prepare for though would be the slang. Yes, English may be spoken in New Zealand but the country does have its share of slang. And this is something that one must know to be able to understand and converse with the locals.

So without further ado, here are some of the commonly used lingo in NZ.

Lingo No. 1: Eh.

‘Eh’ is just one of the classic slang that one would encounter in New Zealand. It can be added to just about any sentence to make it become a question or a conversation starter.

“Good thing it didn’t rain today, eh?”

Lingo No. 2: Bugger all.

‘Bugger all’ is the slang that is used to actually mean that a person has nothing. Like definitely nothing is left. Immigrants should not take this as if they were told to bug off as that is a different thing.

“How many more slices of pizza have you got?” “Bugger all.”

Lingo No. 3: Chur.

‘Chur’ is the lingo used to mean many different things and can be used in a variety of ways. It can be used to mean sweet or awesome. It can also be used to say yes or good. Cool is yet another translation for ‘chur’. And for those who love drinking, one can definitely use the term ‘chur’ to mean ‘Cheers!’

“Come on, man. Cheers!” *lifts bottle of beer to do a toast*

Lingo No. 4: The wops.

‘The wops’ is not a thing. It is used to refer to a place. And this place is somewhere that is in right smack in the middle of nowhere. Yes, it can mean being in a place that is too far to be closed to anything. Totally remote.

“You wouldn’t dare go to where he lives. He lives in the wops.”

Lingo No. 5: Sus.

‘Sus’ is usually used to refer to something or someone that can be quite suspicious. So if someone is acting particularly suspicious, that person can be a ‘sus’. Short for suspicious.

“Be careful. This whole thing looks sus.”

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Thursday, August 23, 2018

Houses and Food In The UK: A Guide For Immigrants

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To become an immigrant in the United Kingdom is one of the many dreams for many people. It does take a lot of patience and hard work to be able to achieve this. And it is quite surprising to see that a lot give up on their dreams because the road can be tough at times with a few obstacles here and there. However, for those who are really passionate about their plan to move to Britain, these obstacles are seemingly non-existent and they would do everything just to be able to get to their goal.

Without any experience living in the United Kingdom, those new immigrants in the country can really feel lost and seem like it was a bad move to go there. However, previous immigrants in Britain know how it feels to be new to a country and so they have shared what they knew about the country and what new immigrants need to learn so they would be ready to take on the challenges that come with living in this country.

The cost of living in the UK

One of the things that new immigrants in Britain must prepare themselves for would be the rent. Since they would not have any place to live in or own their own house in the country, renting would be the thing that they would have to do. Living in hotels would only be good for those who are touring the country. But to actually live in the UK is another. One must be able to find a good house or flat to rent out.

This can be quite huge. The rent for a house or apartment can take a huge piece of one’s budget so one must be quite prepared for it. For those who have their whole family with them, the expenses for renting a bigger house can be quite costly. It all depends though on the location of the house. In the northern part of the country, a house can be rented out for around $500 on average. The number can go up for houses in the northern part of the UK.

The food in Britain

If one can plant food, it is highly recommended that they do so. Although food can be pretty inexpensive in the country, it is always okay to be able to stretch the dollar. Most of the food in the country is actually grown in homes and farms so they can be pretty cheap and that is quite good, given the expenses on rent. It is also highly recommended to try out the local cuisine as it can be quite amazing. One of the most known food in the country is fish and chips which is basically fish fillet and potatoes.

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Wednesday, August 22, 2018

Canada Locals Give Thumbs Up For Immigration, Says Study

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As an immigrant, to be in a country where immigrants are accepted is a fairly big deal. It is important that people understand that immigrants are not necessarily individuals who would be doing a lot of harm to the country. In fact, locals should be really happy about immigrants as they bring something new to the table and also help the economy as in the case of countries like Canada and the United Kingdom. After all, these people are really more than willing to be employed and they become employees who help businesses grow and become better.

When locals accept immigrants and welcome them warmly to their soil, immigrants are able to adjust well and quickly to the new surroundings that they are in. This is quite important as it helps them become really good people living in the country. With nothing to worry about, these people become really good members of the community. And that is something that Canada understands quite well.

A study done on immigration

Recently, a study has been done by the Canadian government and the results have showed that the locals of the country are, in general, quite supportive when it comes to the recent levels of immigration that Canada has. This is as per the study done which was through a survey. It included the perception of the public on immigration. The survey was done last March and Ipsos, a firm that does polls, actually did the whole job of getting information from locals through focus group discussions, telephone surveys, paper surveys and online surveys.

This definitely reflects that Canadians are quite open to immigration as long as the current level is maintained. Of course, it means that more people are coming to the country as immigrants as Canada has policies on immigration where they have put a limit not on the maximum level of immigrants that would be entering the country but instead, they have a put a minimum limit. So anything over the limit is quite good.

The move to understanding perception better

The entire study was commissioned by the Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (which is also known as the IRCC) and it came with a hefty price that totaled $245,000. The whole deal was made to be a part of a research that is ongoing so as to get a better grasp and analysis of what Canadians have in terms of attitude when it comes to immigrants and immigration. The study also looked at how Canadians perceived the programs on immigration that the Canadian government has running.

By doing so, the government is able to see just how Canadians are accepting immigration. It is important that they understand how the locals think as it helps them deal with any problems or issues that may be present, or work on avoiding any problems or issues that may arise.

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Tuesday, August 21, 2018

People And Sheep: What Immigrants Need To Know About New Zealand

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New Zealand is a haven for many people. Some do get to try and test the place first by traveling there as a tourist. They fall in love with the place and do not want to leave. But since they have to leave, they would then start applying to become an immigrant to the country once they are back home. Now, that is only for the lucky ones. For others, they have no idea how life in New Zealand is apart from what they have heard from people who have been there and information that they can find online.

So for those new immigrants to New Zealand, it is important that they do know the culture and some facts about the country. This would help them not get too surprised about how things go in the country and it should also help them manage their expectations. So here are some things that immigrants need to know about the country.

People are too few for a country that huge.

If immigrants are expecting to see a lot of people in the country, they would definitely have to stop thinking that. See, the country is huge. It has a lot of land. However, there are too few people for a land that huge. Of course, if one goes to big cities, they can definitely see a lot of people. But for the countryside and other rural areas, people can be quite few.

So if an immigrant is wishing to be in a place where there are a lot less people, the best option would be to find a house or an apartment that is in the rural areas of New Zealand. They can expect a lot less people there and they would be able to get just what they want. It is not going to be quite a lonely deal with lesser people. In fact, many find it quite relaxing and really comfortable as compared to living in the city and other urban areas where dealing with a lot of people can be quite stressful.

The sheep are aplenty.

If sheep were going to be endangered, one can definitely say that it would be impossible as New Zealand is home to a lot of sheep. There are a lot of them in the country. In fact, it is said that there are a lot more sheep in the country as compared to the total number of people living there. Of course, one cannot find much of them in the cities. But for those who are in the country, sheep can be quite plenty as that is where they can find a lot of grass which is their main food. It is a good thing these animals are quite friendly and peaceful in nature or else the country just may have a problem.

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Monday, August 20, 2018

UK Business Owners Call For Immigration Control With High Priority For Worker Immigrants

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It seems like many business owners in the United Kingdom now accept the fact that immigrant workers are an essential part of their growth. Without immigrant workers, businesses may have to stop their business hours earlier than usual. There may even be a need for them to close shop because there are not enough workers to do the things that need to be done.

Now, what business owners in the country are calling for is that they are supportive of the move towards better immigration control. However, they do acknowledge the fact that with worker immigrants as an essential part of the country, they are asking the government that they should push towards putting a high priority on worker immigrants. The business owners want this group to be given high priority when it comes to getting to the country. After all, immigrant workers help the businesses and successful businesses help the economy greatly. This should be something that the government would be more than willing to focus on as it should help the country in the long run.

The clamor from employers

A group composed of the top employers in the United Kingdom had recently mentioned that it would be supportive of the Prime Minister, Theresa May, and her goal of having stricter and better control on immigration to the country, especially when it comes to those individuals who come from nations of members of the European Union (EU). After the upcoming exit of the UK from the EU, this should be set in place as it means that the country would no longer be a part of the EU and so those individuals who come from member nations of the EU would need to go through the immigration process.

This move should mean that there would be a lot less people coming in to the country. And that is why business owners are saying that despite their acceptance of the Prime Minister’s plan, they also are asking the government to make sure that the right immigrant workers still continue to come to the country as they are a very important factor in their business’ growth and success. The group is asking the government to make sure that the rules are aimed at being able to bring in these immigrant workers.

The statement

This group is known as the Confederation of British Industry, which is also known as the CBI. According to the group, they are in acceptance that the freedom of movement in and out of Britain and to EU member nations is not going to be happening anymore. However, they are saying that the government should also accept the fact that immigration and immigrant workers are a very important factor when it comes to the country’s economy and so it needs to be guarded and be given high priority.

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Friday, August 17, 2018

A Faster System Made For Immigration In Canada

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All immigrants in Canada already know just how long the period is when it comes to the whole process is. There are plenty of things to take care of and things to prepare. And then there is the application and the whole process of waiting for an approval or a disapproval. This does not happen in just a day or a week. It takes some time and there are a lot who lose hope. However, those who do get approvals know just how important the end goal is and that is worth all the waiting.

Recently, a new system has been put in place for immigration and it is good news for all those who are trying to apply as immigrants to Canada. Of course, it is important to keep in mind that not all applications are going to get to the new system. Only those applications that the country has received on July 31st onwards would be subject to the new system.

The faster route for immigrants

As per the Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada, which is also known as the IRCC, those individuals who have sent in their applications for permanent residency to the country would be able to be under the faster process. The time for that period would be a lot less as compared to the one previous it. Applications would be processed far faster than before and that definitely is good news.

The new processing time would not be used for all applications for permanent residency. According to the IRCC, there are only certain programs which be processed via the new route. The list includes those under the Sponsorship of Parents and Grandparents, the Quebec Skilled Workers, all Humanitarian and Compassionate cases, the Provincial Nominee (which is a Non-Express Entry route), and the Start-Up Visa. All other applications via other programs would not be processed under the new system. This is definitely good news for all of those who have sent in their applications starting the 31st of July and are under those immigration programs.

Letting applicants know

The government’s changes to the system of processing applications from immigrants actually will allow those applicants to know just how long the whole process is going to take them. That is, of course, if the conditions are all regular. That way, they would know just how long they would need to wait and work on whatever they need to work on. It is best that applicants are knowledgeable about the length so that they would definitely know what they will be expecting. The IRCC is also working on making sure that updates are done to the processing system and this should be done monthly. If the system is going to be faster, then it means that it would definitely be going to help both applicants and the IRCC better because it means more applications would be processed.

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Thursday, August 16, 2018

Cleaner New Zealand For Locals And Immigrants As Country Prepares To Scrap Plastic Bags

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It looks good for the future of those potential immigrants who may be looking at New Zealand as the country to go to. The future also does look good even for those immigrants already in the country and the locals of New Zealand. See, the government of the country has decided that it does need to work on something important that would definitely help everybody in the country as well as help the entire world in the long run.

In recent news, the country is one of the newest in the world to actually do something about the use of plastic bags that are used for shopping and even for groceries. Although plastic bags are reusable, they actually pose a threat to the environment as they really do not disintegrate and do not get absorbed by the soil when discarded. There are places in the world where the problem with plastic shopping bags can be really grave that plenty of these can be found in the seas and in the oceans and has been hampering the lives of the ocean creatures.

The announcement on the ban

Jacinda Ardern works as the Prime Minister of the country and an announcement on their plan to ban plastic shopping bags have been made quite recently. According to the PM in her statement, the move has been made because it means that there is going to be a cleaner future for all of the inhabitants of New Zealand without these plastic bags around. The statement also continued that it would also help maintain the reputation of the country as being clean and being green.

Indeed, it is a very important move as it means that the government is thinking about the country’s future in terms of environment. There are plenty of immigrants in the country who have decided to live there because it was still clean and green as compared to their home countries. There are plenty of countries around the world that are now quite dirty and polluted that its inhabitants are trying to get out of there and move to cleaner and greener countries like New Zealand.

The support on the ban

Plenty of business owners and retailers in the country are more than happy to support the ban which is aimed at happening next year. These individuals are more than happy to share just how they believe that this is a good move from the government. Though there have been anticipation of really great unrest because of the policy, it seems like that that uproar is not going to happen in New Zealand as plenty are more than happy to support the ban. The people in the country are indeed very supportive and know just how important this is and how it would affect the country in the long run.

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Wednesday, August 15, 2018

Immigrants Choose The United Kingdom Because Of Quality Of Life, Says Study

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Many possible immigrants from around the world have been choosing the United Kingdom. They have spent a huge portion of their efforts to make sure that they are able to make their way to the country as immigrants. The question though is what is bringing all of these immigrants to the UK? What is making them choose the country over any other country from around the world?

Thing is, potential immigrants would definitely have to go through a lot before they are able to choose a country that they would want to move to. This is because working to be able to become an immigrant takes a lot of effort and time and people would definitely want to choose the right country for them or the best country for them among all of the countries in the world. Well, here are some of the reasons why potential immigrants are working their very best to make it to the country.

Better Life Index

The Better Life Index is a comprehensive study done of the quality of life in countries around the globe. In a recent study, the results have shown that the country is one of the best among all of the developed countries when it comes to measuring the quality of life. With the country topping research and studies like this one, it sure has gotten the attention of many potential immigrants and made them want to live in the country.

The study has taken into consideration a variety of factors to be able to come up with the list. The factors included housing in those countries, the income of all individuals working, the quality of jobs available, the communities, the education and its systems, the state of the environment, the civic engagement, as well as the health of the population as well as its healthcare. Putting all of these together, the study was able to put the UK on the top of that list.

More info from the study

The study continued that the United Kingdom excelled in a variety of factors. It was excellent in the quality of environment which is a big thing because it means that pollution is not that rampant. It also means that the country is also quite clean which is something that many potential immigrants are looking for.

The country also excelled well when it comes to social engagement. It also got top scores for having excellent personal security. Also, among all other developed countries in the world, the United Kingdom also had a high chance of engagement. The study also found out that the country was among the upper 20 per cent of countries when the study was measuring wealth and quality of life.

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Tuesday, August 14, 2018

Quebec, Canada Reveals Changes To Business Immigration Paths

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The roads towards being an immigrant in Canada can come in a variety of paths. It is all up to the potential immigrant to find that road and work their way through it. Each of these roads will only accept those who have actually followed the rules and the criteria and that is it. If the potential immigrant is not able to comply with the requirements and does not fit the criteria, then he or she would have to find another road where they can actually match the given criteria and work their way through the requirements to be able to get to the destination which is Canada.

Recently, the government of Canada has announced that it would be bringing in some changes to their paths to business immigration for the province of Quebec. The period for application would then be starting by the 15th of August and this would be the start date for three programs – the Investor Program, the Entrepreneur Program, and the Self-Employed Worker programs. These programs are different paths that potential immigrants can take as long as they fit the criteria.

The changes have been revealed for the Immigrant Investor Program

The government of the Quebec province in Canada has already sent out word regarding the changes that would be done to the above mentioned programs. For the Immigrant Investor Program, the application period would be open starting the 10th of September this year until 15th of March next year. It would be accepting only 1,500 total applications. Those who can show test results have been approved by the government that show advanced proficiency in the French language would be exempted from the required quota as well as the time frame for the application.

The changes have been revealed for the Entrepreneur Program

Starting the 15th of August this year until the 31st of March next year, the province will then start accepting those applications. Through Component One, only 25 applications would be accepted. Through Component Two, there would be a total of 35 applications to be accepted. The requirement in terms of French proficiency is the same as that of the Immigrant Investor Program.

The changes have been revealed for the Self-Employed Worker Program

With the Self-Employed Worker Program, only 50 applications would be accepted by the Quebec province. Acceptance of applications would be starting on the 15th of August this year until the end of March by next year. In terms of French proficiency, the terms are the same as that of the Immigrant Investor Program and the Entrepreneur Program. Starting the 2nd of August, those who send in their applications and have been accepted will be asked to have CAD $100,000 as the minimum of their net worth.

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Monday, August 13, 2018

Better Performance For Immigration, Urges New Zealand Tourism

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Immigration has been a really huge driving force for New Zealand for it to become the nation that it is right now. Immigrants flocked to the country and, together, they made New Zealand into a country. The country definitely does not forget its rich history of immigration and so it makes sure that those potential immigrants who want to be in the country can do so – as long as they are able to comply with all the requirements that have been set out for them.

Recently, it seems like the tourism industry of the country is urging the government to take a look at the whole immigration scene. According to the industry, they believe that big improvements have to be done to the way immigration is handled in the country. This means working out and smoothing out any issues that are part of the fiscal part of immigration, as well as changes to any wrinkles to the operations. The tourism industry believes that doing this would help out make sure that any huge expenses would be avoided in the future.

The side of the New Zealand tourism industry

The Tourism Industry Aotearoa is more than willing to share that it believes that the immigration in the country should be given a makeover. Doing this would help solve any future problems that could lead to huge expenses, which is definitely going to be quite a difficult thing to work out.

This is primarily after the Immigration New Zealand (also known as the INZ) has announced a proposal that it would be bringing up the fees for immigration. It would also be bringing up the fees for levies as well. The problem though is that the increase would not be a small amount but it can go up by around 54% which is definitely a big thing. After all, the INZ is trying to recover from a big shortage that it had gone through recently which had amounted to a whopping $50 million. Definitely a big amount and the INZ is trying to get that by increasing the fees for the mentioned items.

The plan

As per the TIA, it is not happy with the announcement. What the INZ actually needs, according to the TIA, is to actually work on improving the efficiency of its processes and its whole system. The TIA is also looking for a plan when it comes to savings on cost because it is the best possible way to be able to regain what has been lost.

The TIA is urging the INZ to actually change its management systems and how they practice such. Doing this should help them out avoid the deficit that they had just recently incurred. It should also keep the thought away that those who are looking to be immigrants in the country are the ones who are actually paying for that lost $50 million.

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Friday, August 10, 2018

Immigrants And Their Journey Towards UK Citizenship

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Those who have gone through the whole process of trying to get to the United Kingdom as an immigrant would be more than willing to share that it is not smooth sailing. There are plenty of requirements to fulfill but once one is able to get everything, it is really a good thing as the rewards are definitely worth the journey. However, getting to the country as an immigrant is just one thing. The work that one needs to do to be able to become a resident is another story.

Meghan Markle may have wed into the British royal family but she most definitely will have to go through the entire process. Even though she has got the power and the fame with her, that would not be enough. There are still requirements that she will need to do to be able to get that citizenship in the country. This is because in the United Kingdom, even marrying or simply getting engaged to a citizen of the country would not necessarily equate to getting a visa.

No special treatment for anyone

If Meghan Markle would not be getting any kind of special treatment when it comes to getting a UK citizenship, this means that any other immigrant who would like to get to that goal should not expect that he or she would be getting the easy treatment. Immigrants who are on their way towards getting a British citizenship would need to comply with all the requirements that the government has put in place to get that resident status. It does not matter who is asking for the visa – the rules still apply. And this is a good thing because it definitely shows that the UK government will not bend or break its rules. All these rules have been put in place because they need to be followed. And the government is going to make sure that all immigrants go through the same process.

Those immigrants who really are passionate about getting that citizenship in the United Kingdom definitely have to set their eyes on their goal. They must be willing to go through the entire process and it may need a lot of patience. It will definitely mean having to be patient for quite some time – several number of years, in fact.

What immigrants need to do

One has to apply and be able to get a status that he or she will be indefinitely leave to remain in the country. One also has to make sure that he or she will hold on to that status for at least one year. This would allow this person to become a citizen of the country. Of course, among many other requirements that they must comply.

Those citizens of Britain who would have to bring their significant other, or their spouse, to the country must show that they have an income that is more than $24,000 combined. Or else, they should also show that they already have around $20,980 already saved in a bank account. These rules are as per the government’s website on immigration.

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