Thursday, May 31, 2018

What Immigrants Need To Know About UK’s Quirks

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Before jumping on an airplane to be able to get to the United Kingdom, immigrants in the country are saying that it is essential for the newcomers to know more about the country that they would soon be living in. Armed with information, a newcomer will be able to adapt rather quickly to their new surroundings and be able to learn just how to move about there. Sometimes, culture shock can really be a difficult thing to handle and that is why to know more about the place would be a really big help.

Each country has its own quirks and weirdness. And in the case of the United Kingdom, previous immigrants are more than ready to help. This is why they have shared some important information (and quirks!) on just what a newcomer to the country should know.

Social class is a big thing

It is important to understand that social class is a big thing in the country. Social class basically is some kind of division that a society or a community has. This is usually based on a person’s economic status or a person’s social status. Though there are countries that may really put much importance on social class, the United Kingdom also takes this to be a big thing. Britons are quite known to be really quite conscious about a person’s class. They may have a different reaction to a person who may hold a different accent or may look different in terms of race. But, keep in mind, that this is not entirely a negative thing as there are a lot of Brits who would like to learn more about a person who may be different than most.

Learn how to do social drinking

There are different ways people actually spend their spare time. In the case of the United Kingdom, this country really loves social drinking. So for those immigrants who are into drinking, this just may be the place for them. There are plenty of different drinks to try out here so the first time to try out social drinking just may be quite the adventure.

A lot of Britons really love to get a drink or two after work before heading home. This is not an extraordinary thing as one can find quite a big amount of people in the country doing so.

Children walk to school alone

While some countries make sure that children go to school with adults with them, children in the United Kingdom can actually go to school alone. Immigrants may be surprised by this but it is a usual thing in the country. These children usually walk to school on their own. There is rarely a bus to take them to school or parents dropping them off to school.

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Wednesday, May 30, 2018

Study Shows: If Canada Lowered Immigration Numbers, Economy Goes Down As Well

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How important is immigration in Canada? Well, in a recent study, it does seem like Canada would be suffering if immigration numbers went down. The economy would be greatly affected and this is not a good thing to have. With that, one can simply deduce that immigration is a really helpful factor in the country and the government of Canada should make sure that immigration numbers are within that range that is helpful to the whole country.

This report would be a really interesting to take a look at as it would seem like there are plenty of important things that immigrants bring to the country. By looking at such, the government of the country can actually learn more about what they would do and what they should keep on doing. It is essential that immigration numbers are kept at the range where the country gets the benefits. The study on immigration and the Canadian economy has been done quite recently and it was put together by the Conference Board of Canada.

The report and its contents

The report on immigration and the effects of this on Canada’s economy was done by the Conference Board of Canada. This was done to look into the current situation of the country that looks at just how small the population is and the workforce that has an aging average. This means that the country is in need of more new blood and younger folk to help out. With the current situation, if the government of the country decides to take out immigration out of the picture, the economy would suffer and this would be totally seen by the year 2040.

Kareen El-Assal works as the senior research associate for the board and on the study’s results, he said that immigration really contributes a lot to the country’s economy. And immigrants do this in a variety of ways. Immigrants also contribute to the country’s workforce which is very important to the economy. Also, looking at economic activity, these new folk in Canada also help out greatly.

The growing numbers

Looking at data from 2016 that came from Stats Canada, the official branch of the Canada government that deals with data and numbers, immigrants in the country actually take up around 22 percent of the whole population. That is a big number indeed. With the data from the newest report, the Conference Board of Canada is predicting that the growth of the population of the country will all be thanks to immigrants. This should happen by the year 2040. This just goes to reflect just how big a role immigrants play in Canada. The government of the country definitely sees this and so they have been working long and hard to make sure that immigrants keep on coming.

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Tuesday, May 29, 2018

New Zealand Employers Are Luring Skilled Immigrants

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Good news for all of those individuals out there who are trying their very best to make it to New Zealand as immigrants! Recently, more and more employers in the country are actually trying to lure and bring in the skilled immigrants that their business needs. This means that those immigrants who would be able to get to the country as a skilled immigrant would not only be fulfilling their dreams of being in New Zealand but would also be able to tide themselves daily as they would be having a job once they are in the country. This is definitely good news and it does not quite happen that often.

In a recent update, it is now easier for employers in New Zealand to actually bring in all of those skilled immigrants that are essential to their business. Previously, there are a lot of requirements to be passed to be able to do that and it includes making sure that they have exhausted trying to find those skilled individuals from locals first. This time, there is no need for such. Employers can directly find the needed employees from outside the country.

Before the changes were made

Before there were such changes to getting the needed employees, it is important to look right into how things were. For the financial year 2016 to 2017, only 716 businesses were given the go signal to go ahead and lure those skilled immigrants to New Zealand. However, for the current financial year, the numbers have definitely gone up. From 716, right now, there are 899 businesses that have been given the go signal to find those skilled immigrants that are going to benefit the businesses. This is definitely over 25 percent in terms of increase.

This situation is now pushing those businesses that are part of the construction industry to go ahead and find those immigrants as soon as possible. A chance like this does not come too often and so taking advantage of it would be really great. At present, the construction industry really needs a lot of skilled workers as there are a lot of projects that are up and ready to go and some have already been started.

Looking beyond New Zealand

The very reason for this change is because of the LookSee Build programme and this actually allows for more projects. And with more projects means a bigger need to find the right people to do the jobs. There is a really big demand at present for those skilled workers and the country just does not seem to have the right supply of it. That is why the government has taken out the limitations and is now allowing businesses to look further than New Zealand.

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Monday, May 28, 2018

UK Citizens Need To Understand The Power Of Their Passports

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Citizens of the United Kingdom who now have their passports should definitely understand just how powerful their passports are. After all, the United Kingdom passport is deemed to be one of the most powerful in the world. This means that the UK passport can be used to enter quite a huge number of countries without having to apply for visa. Those citizens from countries that do not have much powerful passports would have to apply for visa just to be able to travel to their chosen country and this means more expenses and a 50-50 chance of not getting approved for such a visa.

This is definitely one of the reasons why a lot of individuals from around the world are doing their very best to become an immigrant in the United Kingdom. Once they are in the country as immigrants, they can start working their way towards getting a resident visa which would allow them to become permanent residents of the country. This should mean that they would be able to get the passport in the UK and allow them to travel without much hassle over visas.

Asian country tops list

Who would have thought that an Asian country would be topping the list of having the most powerful passport in the whole world? Well, it is true. An Asian country has topped this year’s list and it is amazing just how well this country did. After all, in the world, there are plenty of really powerful countries and most of them can be found in North America and in Europe. Which country topped the list? It is no other than Japan. The Japanese passport has been deemed the most powerful passport in the entire world and this is because holders of such a passport can actually travel easily to a total of 189 passports.

Early in the year, the country has actually held only 180 countries that they can travel to without the need of a visa. Singapore used to have the top spot but this time around, Japan got to the top and took Singapore off its pedestal.

The study on powerful passports

How the most powerful passports in the world were ranked were all thanks to a global firm that did a study on the matter. This January, the same study was done and Japan and Singapore were at the top. However, this time, Singapore had gone down the rankings and is now placed at second which it shares with Germany. Germany used to hold the title as the most powerful passport in the world for five years straight but has gone down as well.

The United Kingdom passport is placed at 4th and it shares the spot with Norway, Luxembourg, Portugal, United States, Netherlands, and Australia. These countries’ passports allow holders to travel to 186 countries without the need for a visa.

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Friday, May 25, 2018

No More Downward Spiral For Immigration To Ontario, Canada

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For more than a decade, there was a downward spiral when it comes to immigrants entering Ontario, Canada. This was not a really good thing as it meant that the very reason why Canada has been pushing for a high rate of immigration is not really happening for Ontario. That is why it is quite good news that this downward spiral for Ontario has already stopped and the numbers are slowly becoming better as we speak. Ontario is now welcoming a lot of new immigrants to their soil and it is quite a happy thing to have.

Now, Ontario would not have to deal with a shortage in terms of laborers. It would also now not have to deal with an aging population as more immigrants mean a more youthful lot coming to live there. See, a huge portion of immigrants are actually younger individuals and so the average age in Ontario would be going up as well.

The numbers show the story

According to official data from the immigration department of Canada, the province has welcomed 111,925 individuals to the place just last year. This is definitely a huge number and something that Ontario really is more than happy to have. This amount actually takes up 39 percent of the whole total of new immigrants in Canada. This number was definitely higher as compared to the 95,828 immigrants that came to Ontario back in 2014. This lot made up only 36.8 percent of the whole total of immigrants to Canada that year.

Back in 2005, the province was able to mark around 54 percent of the whole total of immigrants to Canada that year. So this means that the province still has a long way to go to be able to get the mark that once was theirs. 54 percent means more than half of the total who came to Canada that year had decided to stay in Ontario and live there.

More numbers

Of all the immigrants in Ontario for last year, 85,500 of those actually decided to stay and settle in the area of Greater Toronto. So this means that there was definitely more people choosing to stay in the area as compared to the number two years before. Last year’s gain was around 5.4 percent.

For January this year, the province has already welcomed 10,870 individuals as the newest permanent residents of Ontario. This is an increase of 48.6 percent as compared to the number for January of 2017. January of 2017’s number only noted around 7,315 individuals who became permanent residents. This means that more and more are now choosing Ontario as their new home and it is helping the province a lot. Hopefully, in the coming years, the downward spiral would not happen again and the upward climb would continue.

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Thursday, May 24, 2018

Immigrants In New Zealand Need To Know These

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Before entering New Zealand as the newest immigrants in the country, it is highly essential that those newcomers really need to know about the country and perhaps some of its eccentricities. This should help them go a long way as it would make them become knowledgeable and know what to expect. After all, these people are in a new country and without a lot of support system behind them. That is why tips like this can really give them the information that they should know so that they would know what would be up in New Zealand once they are there.

Rugby fans, rejoice!

Rugby is a big thing in New Zealand and so rugby fans would definitely be having a grand time in the country. One of the best teams in the world, the All Blacks, is from this country. The sport is actually a good thing to learn about as it is a big piece of conversation. So for those immigrants who do not know how to strike a conversation with a Kiwi, go ahead and learn about rugby and the All Blacks. This should allow for a really good conversation starter and even a great way to have friends.

Stand up and pay the bill.

In many countries, when eating at restaurants or food places, people will ask for the bill and the waiter will come running with it. That is how most people pay. However, this is not the case in New Zealand. See, in the country, immigrants must expect the waiters to bring them the menus, take their orders, and serve them the food. However, waiters will not bring the bill. In New Zealand, customers must stand up and go to the till. That is where they would pay for the food that they ate – straight to the cashier. So immigrants must not expect the waiters to come running with the bill or ask them to take their bill to the table.

Earthquake alert!

For those immigrants who are not so keen on earthquakes, they must be ready to experience this natural phenomenon every now and then in New Zealand. This is because the country is located right between two major tectonic plates – the Pacific and the Australian. So this means that things can get pretty shaky from time to time. But there is no need to worry as it does not happen everyday. But keep in mind that the chances of this happening is quite high as compared to other countries. According to data, the country can actually experience around 14,000 earthquakes for each year though not a lot of those can be felt by people. So immigrants can really be shook by this but they can pretty much become accustomed to it soon enough.

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Wednesday, May 23, 2018

Meghan Markle And Her Journey Towards UK Citizenship

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Meghan Markle and Prince Harry have been in the news recently as they are quite so in love and have just recently tied the knot on May 19th at Windsor Castle’s St. George’s Chapel. Now, what people are saying is just how Markle will become a citizen of the United Kingdom since she is now wedded to the prince. Some are saying that she will have to become a citizen just because she is now married to a member of the royal family. However, the truth is, that is not how it will go. Getting a citizenship from the United Kingdom would not be an automatic thing for Markle.

Just how will it go? Well, representatives of the Kensington Palace has announced before that Markle will have to become a citizen of the UK and to be able to achieve that, she must be able to finish the very same process that all other interested individuals have to go through just to be able to have that permanent residency status. This simply reflects that there is no exception even for the newest member of the royal family.

The requirements

One of the things that Markle must be able to do would be to meet all of the given requirements by the UK government. As the wife of Prince Harry, Markle should be able to meet the requirements that have been set with the status that she now bears.

The requirements are:
·         Should be more than 18 years old
·         Should have a sound mind and should be able to think and also make any decisions on her own
·         Should have no criminal record that is serious
·         Should have lived in the country for three years at the minimum before the application is submitted
·         Should have indefinite leave to stay in the country during the three years; or should have a card or document showing permanent residence.
·         Should not spend more than 270 days outside the country during the three years
·         Should not spend more than 90 days outside the country during the last year before submission of application
·         Should not have broken any of the immigration laws in the country

The UK citizenship test

Markle should also have to pass the Life in the UK examination. This one costs £50 and it is taken after spending three years in the United Kingdom. This test will cover the content in the handbook known as the Life in the United Kingdom. This test will not be too long. It will only have 24 questions and those who would be taking this exam will be given 45 minutes to answer those questions. To pass the exam, Markle should be able to get a 75% score as minimum. So this means that she must at least get 18 answers correct.

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Tuesday, May 22, 2018

What Immigrants Should Be Looking Forward To In Canada

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There is a huge number of people from around the world who are looking for a new country to call their home. Canada is definitely on top of the list for plenty of them and it is not really surprising why this is so. This country has been known for being welcoming to newcomers. The locals are pretty nice and they are quite open to having new people around and it does not matter what culture, race, gender, or point of view these people have.

Previous immigrants to Canada are more than happy to share to those who are planning to make the move to Canada just what they should be looking forward to in the country. After all, a little help really does go a long way especially for people who are going to embark on a new journey in a foreign country.

The scenery is amazing.

Canada is a mixture of modernization and of wonderful nature. The cities have these huge buildings that can be a marvel for those who are into architecture. And then there is the wonderful scenery that can be easily spotted once a person is out of the city. One of the best spots to marvel at includes the Niagara Falls which can be found in Ontario. There also is the Banff National Park in Alberta where people get to enjoy the mountains and the grandeur of it all. Immigrants also get to experience the life by the beach in Prince Edward Island. These are just a few and there are plenty more that can be quite amazing to look at.

The food is superb.

Food is life. And in Canada, immigrants can get to enjoy world-renowned cuisine that can definitely make anyone’s mouth water. The country is home to a variety of food ingredients and the locals have definitely concocted some of the most amazing food that the world has ever known. The list includes poutine (because nothing can go wrong with potatoes and cheese), bannock (a simple bread), butter tarts, lobster rolls (straight right out of the country’s seas), bagels, Saskatoon berry pie (filled with the freshest berries that one can find), and smoked meat.

The sporty ones will love it here.

Canada is home to plenty of sports facilities that immigrants can try out if they are interested. There is ice hockey, baseball, golf, rugby, tennis, swimming, snow skiing, volleyball, curling, cricket, lacrosse, football, soccer, and basketball. And there are plenty more for the outdoorsy ones as Canada allows people to do a lot of hiking, backpacking, kayaking, mountain biking, fishing, and camping in its wild outdoors. There are a lot of activities for the sporty people who will be joining the country and that is definitely something to look forward to.

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Monday, May 21, 2018

What Immigrants Need To Know About New Zealand

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Moving to New Zealand is a dream for many individuals from around the world. A huge portion of those who have been dreaming of moving to this country have actually done something to make sure that their dream becomes real. They have made sure that they are able to comply with all the requirements and have also started the application process. A huge portion has already made their way to the country. However, there are plenty more who would like to be part of New Zealand and live there as immigrants.

For those who are interested in moving to New Zealand and become immigrants, there are some things that they should learn about. After all, it will be a new country that they will be living in and it is essential that they understand just how life is in the country and what to expect when they are already there.

Eyebrows that are raised is a greeting.

It may seem weird for a lot of people because in places like the United Kingdom and the United States, when a person raises their eyebrows, it usually means sarcasm. Or some negative thought. However, in New Zealand, immigrants can be surprised to know that eyebrows that are raised are actually a way of saying hello to them. The best way to address this in New Zealand is to actually raise eyebrows as well. Think of it as saying hi to someone and that someone is not saying hello back.

Immigrants in the country are happy to share to those who would like to become a part of New Zealand that they should not be surprised in case locals start raising their eyebrows at them. Again, this is a form of greeting and should be given the same greeting back.

The playing field is all level.

In a democratic country like New Zealand, one can expect that there may be some people rising more above the others. That is simply real in a huge amount of countries from all around the world. However, the immigrants in New Zealand are happy to share that there are plenty of ways in the country that show that the playing field has been leveled. In fact, the welfare system shows that no one is above anybody else. There is a lot less importance given to hierarchies.

Working in a company or business in other countries may show that it is highly important that one follows hierarchies. However, in New Zealand, immigrants there have definitely shared that it seems like most of the playing field has been leveled. That is why there may be bosses but it is okay to call them by their first name.

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Friday, May 18, 2018

Meghan Markle And The UK Citizenship Test

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The UK Citizenship Test is something that all interested immigrants would have to take to be able to become a citizen of the country. Of course, the test is not just everything. It is one of the requirements as there are still some things that one must be able to pass to become a citizen of Britain.

The world knows about Meghan Markle and her upcoming marriage with Prince Harry. They have definitely made worldwide news and Markle is going to have to take the test so that she can become a citizen of the United Kingdom. This test is not going to be that easy as she has to go review a lot of things that may come up in the test.

One of the questions that just may pop up would be just how tall the London Eye is. If she does not know the answer, it actually is 135 meters. Another question that could come up during the test would be Henry VIII and who was his fifth wife? Well, Henry VIII was known for having a lot of wives and his fifth would be Catherine Howard.

The Citizenship Test

Meghan Markle may be Prince Harry’s fiancĂ© but she still has to make sure that she takes the Citizenship Test and that she passes it. This would be her way to become a citizen of the United Kingdom. At present, Markle is an American citizen. She was born in California. In a recent interview, Markle has stated that she may be taking the test soon. But it may have to happen after their exchange of vows which would be happening on the 19th of May this year. The Windsor Castle would be the venue for their wedding and so she has a lot of things on her hands right now. The exam may have to wait but after the wedding, she would have a lot more time on her hands to review and study.

People may think that all it takes to become a UK citizen would be to marry a prince. But that is definitely not the case as Markle’s sample shows. She has to take the test which may include some really weird and fun trivia about the country.

The road towards citizenship

Immigration lawyers say that the British citizenship test can be quite a complex one, so people must be prepared for it. The requirements to become a citizen also can be complex but there are precise rules that are given for all those who may be interested in becoming a citizen. Of course, one must be very careful as a mistake can be easily done when putting together the requirements.

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Thursday, May 17, 2018

Immigrants In Canada May Reach Around 1 Million By 2020

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A good portion of the world may be wanting to become an immigrant in Canada. And from this group, a huge percentage would be working really hard to make sure that they are able to send in the application that is needed to be able to get to the country. Of course, the application is just one thing – it is still important to make sure that all of the requirements would be fulfilled.

According to a newest study, the country just may have around a million immigrants by the year 2020. This is not a surprising thing with the country putting a limit to the minimum number of immigrants of that it is accepting each year. In other countries, they have put a limit to the maximum number of immigrants that they would be allowing each year. This is a complete opposite to that of Canada’s. And as per the newest study, of the total number of immigrants by 2020, more than half of those will be joining the country via economic programs for immigration.

The numbers of the study

The study had also shown projections with the use of numbers. It is said that by 2036, the country would be home to five big cities that would have the biggest number of immigrants who would be living there. The numbers show that Toronto would be having the largest portion of immigrants in it. It is estimated to be between 46% and 52.8%. Vancouver comes next and the immigrant population here is project to be about 42.1% and 48.5%. Up next is Calgary which would have an immigrant percentage of 32.7% and 40.8%. Montreal would by then be home to immigrants that range from 28.4% to 34.2%. As for Winnipeg, the projected amount of immigrants living there by 2036 would be between 29.2% and 40.5%.

It has also been shown in the study that the immigrants who would be in Canada by 2036 would be of Asian descent. This means that there are more and more Asians who would be interested in joining the country.

The projections for 2036

Experts who have looked at the data say that if the present trends in immigration in Canada continue, it is highly likely that by the year 2036, the population of immigrants in Canada would have a huge portion of Asians. These are those that have been born in Asia and they would take up 55.7% up to 57.9% of the whole population of immigrants. This is going to be higher as in 2011, the recorded number of Asians in the immigrant population in Canada was only 44.8%.

The population of Europeans would go down though. In 2011, the recorded number was 31.6% but in 2036, the projection shows something from 15.4% to 17.8%.

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Wednesday, May 16, 2018

Two Reasons Why Immigrants Are Choosing New Zealand

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What is in New Zealand that has been bringing a lot of immigrants there? Well, basically, if one is going to do some quick research on what is in New Zealand, one of the basic things that has been luring people to the country include its really picturesque scenes. It has got mountains and hills and rivers and beaches. Many are lured to New Zealand because of this and they come as travelers. Upon seeing just how beautiful the country is and not just in terms of aesthetics, these individuals are more than reluctant to leave. And thus starts the process of applying to become an immigrant in the country.

Immigrants have been more than happy to share just what brings them to the country. After all, it is really not a secret that New Zealand is one of the best places in the world to be an immigrant in. So read on and find out the just how New Zealand is attracting quite a huge amount of applications from interested immigrants.

The views are definitely worth fawning over.

For those who are dreaming of living in a country where nature is at its best, New Zealand would definitely be a grand place to be an immigrant in. There are plenty of wonderful sights and spots to look at and marvel at. Not a lot of countries can offer this. In fact, in other countries, one may have to go and travel just to be able to see something beautiful as most of the top cities have been eaten by modernization. In the case of New Zealand, although there may be big cities, these cities have been built so that it does not really mar nature.

Nature is really wonderful in the country and the government makes sure that it is highly protected. Immigrants in the country are having a grand time as they can go to work from Mondays to Fridays and still be able to be with nature. And if they choose to have some rest and relaxation over the weekend, an easy commute or drive to a nature spot can be done without much hassle.

The culture is definitely a marvel.

In some countries, governments try to hide their culture. Or sometimes, there is not enough laws that protect the culture. In the case of New Zealand, immigrants can easily learn about the country’s culture as it is well preserved. Although there may be an influence of other cultures coming in from other parts of the globe, the country is still able to keep its culture strong and intact. And this is something worth having around as it shows just how much the country appreciates its history and the culture that is entirely unique to them.

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Tuesday, May 15, 2018

Immigration Tips As Shared By Immigrants In The UK

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The United Kingdom has been the home of many immigrants and this has been happening for many years already. It is not surprising why the country has been chosen by many individuals to be a good country to live in as it is home to one of the strongest economies in the entire world. Now, it is the home to plenty of immigrants who have gotten their applications approved for permanent residency.

These people know just how difficult it can be for a person who is new to a country. These immigrants know just how an individual can seem helpless and not know what to do in the country that they are in. That is why they are more than willing to share just what they know about life in the United Kingdom and what these new immigrants should do once they find themselves in the country.

Here are some of the things that a new immigrant in the UK should do as shared by previous immigrants.

Have a bank account.

One’s bank account back in their home country may be real but it is important to have one in the UK. This is why new immigrants are urged to start an account with any of the banks in the country. Though some may feel like it can be quite difficult to do so, times have definitely changed and banks in the country have made opening an account with them far easier than before.

Two of the things that an immigrant must prepare to be able to open an account with a UK bank include a proof of one’s identity and a proof of one’s address in the country. A person’s passport can already serve as a proof of identity and so this can be used for such a purpose.

To be able to get a proof of address in the UK, this can be quite a process. The trick here is to get a letter sent to you from an authority. This can be a bill from a council in the country. It can also be from a provider of utilities like water or electricity. Immigrants may also get this in the form of an official communication from a bank in the country.

Healthcare should be in the works.

Immigrants are highly urged to start working on their healthcare. It is something that they would have to get once they are in the UK. After all, the country is known for its National Health Service and it is one of the top healthcare services in the entire world. Most residents of the country enjoy the free health services because of this but for immigrants, they may have to pay a small amount and that amount is nothing compared to what one may have to pay in other countries.

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Monday, May 14, 2018

Canada Universities Are Attracting More Immigrant Students From US

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More and more students in the United States are looking for better options when it comes to getting higher education. Not many really are keen on continuing their education in the US because the cost of going to a university there can be quite expensive. Although there are a lot of educational loans and other types of loans that could help students who are interested in going to university, a loan still is a loan and it means that there would still be something to pay for. Most students who do go pursue a degree in a university may have gotten the degree that they want but they start their life after school with a degree and with a big loan to take care of for the first years that they would be working.

Many experts who have been looking at the situation are more than happy to share that this kind of situation in the United States is what is bringing a lot of immigrant students from the US to go to Canada. This is because Canada has a far better offer when it comes to higher education and citizens of their neighbor are more than happy to jump ship to get the degree that they want to have.

The difference between US and Canada universities

Experts have compared just how much getting a college degree would cost an individual in the United States as compared to an individual who is going to college in Canada. It seems like getting an education in the US is far higher than that of Canada’s. Canada has been a godsend for many students as it means that they would have to spend a lot less. They can start living a life with a college degree without a humungous loan to pay off.

Those who have studied in Canada and are from the US have mentioned that rent is far cheaper in Canada which also helps them save up on cash. This allows them to save their money to purchase things that may be needed in school.

Canada is welcoming immigrant students

Canada has always been open to immigrant students. In 2016 alone, the government of Canada has given a total of 6,349 permits for individuals who are from the United States and are looking at Canada for further education. This is definitely higher as compared to 2015’s number which was a total of 5,683. With a much cheaper option available in Canada, it is definitely not surprising that plenty of the students are choosing to get their college education here. While Americans are slaving over paying off their student debts, those who have graduated from Canada are enjoying their new lives without having to deal with the responsibility of paying off debts.

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Friday, May 11, 2018

New Zealand Immigrants Share Info To Potential Immigrants

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New Zealand has been a haven for many individuals who have been looking for a new country that they would be calling their new home. Of course, one does not easily get to New Zealand just because they want to. To be able to become an immigrant in the country, a person should be able to apply for it and must also submit and pass all the requirements that the NZ government asks for. It may not seem easy but everything that one goes through to become an immigrant is worth it once they are able to leave their home country and now live in New Zealand as an immigrant.

Some of the immigrants in the country have been more than happy to share just what other potential immigrants must know about living in New Zealand. After all, helping another person is something that they want to do because it helps them give back. They have been in that place where they do not know anything much about the new country. Now, they can help out all the new ones coming in by sharing what they know.

Less stress on the commute

In most big cities around the world, commuting can be quite a hassle. Some even buy their own vehicles just to be able to go to work and back home. But even those with vehicles have chosen commuting because it is easier that way.

This is not the case in New Zealand. In New Zealand, people here are less stressed because the commute is not as hard as in other cities. The cities here are smaller and so would be the population. This means less people on the streets. There is no need to wake up really early to prepare for work. Individuals here are less stressed because they can get the rest they need at home and then leave not too early for work. The same goes true for the commute back home. In big cities, one may need to spend hours on the road just to get back home. In New Zealand, this does not really happen.

There are a lot of options

Big cities around the world can be too much for the claustrophobic. Houses are too small. Rooms are even dismal. But in New Zealand, people can breathe. Accommodations are just enough and not too small. There are plenty of options to choose from that can give a person a chance to live and breathe and be fully rested.

Many immigrants in the country work so that they can bring their families there. See, there is a variety of housing options that would allow people to live comfortably and also raise a family. Big cities do not allow for such as there is not enough space. In New Zealand, raising a family can be easy and living with children is not going to be a problem.

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