Monday, September 30, 2019

Population In Canada Could Reach 55 Million In 2068 With Immigration Playing A Huge Role

The population of a country is a very important factor in how things would go for that nation. A country should have enough people to continue the work that needs to be done and it should also be growing. In the case of Canada, the country is pushing for a better growth rate with more and more of the population aging. If this is the case, it means that there would be a lot fewer people in the workforce and that is not a good thing.

This is the very reason why the country is open to immigrants who would be able to help them keep the economy strong. The government is open to immigrants who have skills and can share what they know and what they can do with the businesses in the country. It is also open to individuals who are young and who can help increase the population by having children. Current studies have shown that while other developed nations are going to be experiencing a decrease in their population in the coming half-century, the population in Canada is going to be rising. And that rise can be attributed to immigration.

The possibility in the next half-century

Statistics Canada has done a study on the growth of the population in Canada. According to their report, the population in Canada could grow given the programs that the country has when it comes to immigration. Their estimate would be that the total population would be right at about 55 million by the year 2068. This would be if the growth in population would be at a medium rate. This is a really significant amount of growth since the population of the country is at 37.1 million for 2018.

With the number of immigration programs and pathways that the government has launched and is working on, it is highly likely that this can happen. The growth in population in the country is a good thing because it is needed well. Canada is a huge nation and there is enough space for people to live in. There are also tons of opportunities for jobs and investments which is also something that people are looking for in a country.

Working on the study

Statistics Canada has created a number of scenarios to be able to see what could happen in the population of the country for the next 50 years. They took into account what could happen if there was low growth, high growth, and medium growth. They also put into account a variety of other factors like movement between provinces. Statistics Canada has said that in all of the scenarios, the growth in population in Canada still had immigration as a key factor.

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Friday, September 27, 2019

New Zealand Government Changes Rules: Immigrant Workers With Lower Pay Can Bring Families To The Country

Immigrants in New Zealand would be very happy to know about the change in the rules when it comes to immigration. In a recent report, the government has changed the rules to the current temporary work visa program. This means that around 30,000 companies and business all around the country would be benefitting from this. This is as per an announcement made by Iain Lees-Galloway, the current Immigration Minister of New Zealand. The announcement has made a lot of immigrant workers in the country be excited about the prospects that come with the change in rules.

Although there may be changes to the rules when it comes to immigration under the temporary work visa program, immigrant workers in New Zealand still have to wait for the changes to take effect. This would be happening not this year but starting in 2020, which is just a year away. At present, immigrant workers who do not receive a certain amount of salary would not be able to bring their families to the country with them. However, the changes would allow them to do so starting in 2020.

Changes made to the rules

Aside from immigrant workers in New Zealand soon to be able to bring in their families despite having a lower amount of pay for the work that they do, there are still other changes made to the rules under the program. There is also a new framework for visa applications which would be headed by the employers of businesses and companies in the country. The whole idea behind the new framework would be to have the processing of visas for this program to be a lot faster and easier for the families so they can join their loved ones in New Zealand.

The immigration minister has also disclosed that by having these changes, employers would have a higher expectation that they would be able to tap, train, and employ more of the locals of the country. The government also believes that this program would help lessen the amount of temporary immigrant workers in New Zealand that have been exploited by their employers.

The changes are aimed at helping the country

Lees-Galloway has also disclosed that the changes in the rules would be helping out up to 30,000 of the companies and business in New Zealand. These companies may have had a hard time trying to find the best people to do the work that keeps their businesses running. There have also been shortages when it comes to employees and so the tweaks in the rules would help the employers find more people and have a lot fewer problems with finding employees. Employers are also going to love this because it means that the workers that they want to bring to the country would have their work visas earlier and that would allow them to get the employees started on the jobs sooner.

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Thursday, September 26, 2019

Healthcare Benefits From Employers Has Immigrants Choosing To Go To The United Kingdom

In today’s world, many people are trying to look for good employment opportunities. Not all people are made to have their own business despite trying hard. Plus, being employed in a good company would allow a person to learn more and develop based on company standards and even industry standards. The need to look for better employment has pushed plenty of individuals to become immigrants and one of the most popular countries that these people go to is the United Kingdom. It allows them to earn enough for them to provide for their daily needs and allow them to have some left for other things that they want.

However, there are plenty of companies that offer more than just good compensation. Most of these companies want to get the best people to join their teams and so they need to provide more than just a good salary because the competition is stiff. That is why they choose to offer great benefits in one package that would allow the candidates to choose to work with them. Healthcare benefits is one of these.

Why people choose companies that offer health benefits

In the United Kingdom, employers are now offering health benefits as an added bonus for their employees. Aside from being able to attract the best talent to work with them, employers have also seen a change in how their employees work. The employees’ morale has gone up as well as productivity. Studies have been done and they showed that this is indeed true. After the study has been published, many companies in the UK have been more than happy to introduce health benefits for their employees.

Recognizing that people get sick

Immigrant workers in the UK have been more than happy to share that the added healthcare benefits have been really helpful for them. It also allowed them to be happier knowing that they would not have to worry about the day that they get sick. Getting sick can put a dent in one’s pocket and that is why healthcare benefits are really going to keep them at ease. No one wants to be sick but once one gets sick, plenty of things are put on hold because a person cannot work and he still has to spend money on medicine and treatment.

Companies and businesses in the UK have also come to understand and recognize the fact that people are not robots. They will get sick and it would be additional expenses for the employee. However, with healthcare benefits, the employee can get the rest and treatment that is needed without having to worry about how to pay for the medical bills. This would allow the employee to be well as soon as possible and be able to get back to work.

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Wednesday, September 25, 2019

New Route Opened In Nova Scotia For Physicians Who Want To Be Immigrants In Canada

Doctors and physicians around the world, rejoice! There is a way for them to become immigrants in Canada especially if this is something that they have dreamed of for so long. There has always been a way for doctors and physicians to make it as immigrants in Canada and they had to apply for that like all others. However, the recent update is that there is a special route that has been opened which would allow these individuals to be a priority since it is a special route for them.

The new route is from the province of Nova Scotia, a province in the Atlantic region. The province has been in need of additional doctors and there are just not enough in the area and in the country as well. This is why the local government of the province has decided on opening its doors for doctors and physicians from outside the country.

The new stream for physicians

The new program to become an immigrant in Canada would be from the province of Nova Scotia. It is the Labour market Priorities for Physicians Stream. This is surely good news for all of those doctors who want to be in the country and live there. This stream is open in Nova Scotia and it is available for all of those physicians who would like to apply. The physicians can be general practitioners, specialists, or family doctors. They should have a profile ready as required by the Canada government.

Those who wish to apply must also bear with them a job offer which has already been approved. The job offer should come from the NSHA (which stands for Nova Scotia Health Authority). It may also come from the Izaak Walton Killam Health Centre which is in Halifax. Individuals who wish to apply as immigrants should also choose to commit to live as well as work in the province. The minimum time for them to work and live in Nova Scotia would be two years. This would allow them to have a high chance of getting approval.

Opportunities that are open

The Nova Scotia Health Authority has a list of positions open right on their webpage. The current count is at 124. The list includes different jobs, specializations, and places where the professionals would be assigned in Nova Scotia. This shows that there is indeed a huge need for physicians all around the province.

The local government of Nova Scotia has data which shows that a good number of residents in the province are in need of a family doctor. The data shows that over 50,000 individuals in this province in Canada have no family doctor to run to in case they need one. There is indeed a shortage of doctors in the province and it is very important that there are enough of these medical experts since health matters a lot.

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Tuesday, September 24, 2019

Restaurant Entrepreneurs Are Calling On Immigration New Zealand To Make Visa Processing Faster

Restaurant owners in New Zealand are calling on the official agency of the government that deals with visas and immigration, Immigration New Zealand, to make the processing times faster. This is basically because they are in need of immigrants and their business just could not work well without these immigrant workers. A good number of restaurant entrepreneurs in the country have hired immigrant workers to help out with the daily tasks and duties of running such an enterprise. However, because of some obstacles that the Immigration New Zealand is facing right now, these businesses are starting to suffer.

Immigrant workers in New Zealand need to have the proper visa for them to be allowed to work in the country. These visas come with an expiration date and a good portion of them need their visas to be renewed. However, some of them do not get their renewals in time thus they have to leave the country. This situation leaves restaurant owners feeling helpless since they do not have enough manpower to keep the business going.

Entrepreneurs call for help

Many entrepreneurs who are in the restaurant business have asked Immigration New Zealand to work faster and better on the processing of visas for these immigrant workers. However, they want to make sure that the agency is doing its best to get things done in a timely manner. The delays have been causing the entrepreneurs and their businesses trouble. Some have even resorted to visiting Immigration New Zealand offices to air their concerns and follow up personally on the work visas of their employees.

Some of these establishments have shortened their business hours while others had to close up shop. They did not want to sacrifice the quality of the service and the food that they were offering. They also tried to find workers from the locals but were unable to do so. They are relying on Immigration New Zealand to work on this. In fact, it is a reflection that New Zealand really does need immigrant workers.

What Immigration New Zealand is doing

The agency has been working on the issue and are asking entrepreneurs to try and find workers from the locals. However, they do understand the need for immigrant workers that is why they are doing their best to make sure that applications are processed as soon as possible.

New Zealand has been one of the top destinations for immigrants and the agency has been receiving quite a huge number of applications each day. The agency is dealing with this and they are also in the process of restricting so that work can be done faster and better. The country recognizes the importance of immigrants to the country in terms of economy and labor.

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Monday, September 23, 2019

Visa Restrictions For Post-Study Immigrants Shed By United Kingdom Government

The current Prime Minister of the United Kingdom has recently announced that the government has decided on changing the way post-study work visas work in the country. This is good news for all of the immigrant students in the UK. According to the most recent report from Boris Johnson, Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, the new work visa for post-study immigrant students would allow them to work in the country even after they graduate. The work visa would allow them to do that for two years.

This surely is good news as it would mean that those immigrant students in the country would be able to explore their options in terms of employment in the UK. They can use the information and skills that they have learned while studying in the country and further develop them while still in the country. It can serve as a way for them to further hone their skills and add more knowledge before they would go back to their home countries.

Compared to the previous post-study work visa

In 2012, Theresa May had worked on the post-study work visa. May was the home secretary at that time. Her decision on the post-study work visa had caused people to discuss it at length if it was a good one or not. What May did was to take out the post-study work visa out of the picture as she believes that it would be the best way for the government to be able to achieve the goal of lessening the number of immigrants coming to the country.

What many people thought about this move though was that it was not a good move and would not be good for the country. One of the industries that have suffered because of this would be the education sector. Many universities and colleges in the United Kingdom were on the losing end as compared to all other universities and colleges around the world. The country was also not able to attract the best talents and minds because of this and so those talents and brains were attracted to other visa programs in other countries.

Recognizing the need for immigrant students

According to Johnson, he believes that this move would be a good thing for the UK. He also shared a great example where the immigrant students would be really helpful. He said that the country had been working on a project and he believes that any breakthroughs in that project would not happen if not for the best and the brightest immigrant students who have decided to study in the United Kingdom and have shared their skills and knowledge to the industries in the country. With a good program, the country can continue to attract these great minds which would be beneficial for the whole country.

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Friday, September 20, 2019

Immigrants And Locals Benefit From Employment Openings In Ontario, Canada

Immigrants and locals who are in the province of Ontario in Canada has benefitted from the recent employment openings. In a recent report, the employment rate in the country had enjoyed a significant increase. According to Statistics Canada, this increase can be attributed to the rise in work that is part-time. There may not be more full-time positions available but it is quite interesting to note that part-time work has risen and so more individuals can enjoy the benefits of such. It would also mean a chance for these people to have a source of income.

A study was done recently and it was done by Statistics Canada. It is known as the Labour Force Survey and it has shown that five provinces in Canada had seen a rise in employment. The remaining provinces in the country did not but they were able to keep their employment rates as is. The study was also able to find out that the increase in employment had benefitted three industries in the country.

The state of employment in Ontario

Ontario led the list of provinces that were able to create more job opportunities. Just in August of this year, this province in Canada was able to have an increase in the new jobs available for locals and immigrants. The increase amounted to 58,000 new opportunities for work. These new jobs were all part-time opportunities but they still are good since it means that there are opportunities for both locals and immigrants to have a source of income despite it not being full-time work. This amount actually showed an increase of 3.5% as compared to the number for the same month a year before.

People are thankful that they have more opportunities because of this and it is a good thing. When immigrants and locals find jobs, it allows them to feel better since they know that they can provide for themselves and their families. It also means that such opportunities would help the economy of the province and the country as well.

The state of employment in Quebec and Manitoba

In Quebec, the employment rate has gone up in August and this is the second month in a row that the province was able to achieve this. For August, it was able to create 20,000 new opportunities for work. Most of the new jobs were from various industries which included finance, real estate, leasing, rental, and insurance.

In the case of Manitoba, the employment rate has also gone up for August. There were 5,200 new jobs opened, as per Statistics Canada. The industries that opened new jobs included professional, technical services, and scientific. This increase was a total of 5.5% as compared to the month before that and it was also definitely higher as compared to the month of August a year before.

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Thursday, September 19, 2019

Immigration Numbers In New Zealand Has Remained Steady

New Zealand is one of the top destinations for potential immigrants. There are plenty of individuals around the world who are wishing to go somewhere new and live there as immigrants. They would do research to find the best place for them. New Zealand has always been one of the top choices for these individuals and that is not a surprising thing since the country is known to be quite beautiful and is a lot less stressful as compared to other countries.

Recent data has shown that the net annual immigration rate in the country has remained steady. This means that there are no significant dips or spikes that would indicate a change in the trend. There are still plenty of people who are sending in their applications and many of them are getting accepted as immigrants in this beautiful country. This is perhaps because the country is in need of immigrants and the immigrants need the country as well so it is a win-win situation for both parties.

The immigration numbers in New Zealand

Statistics New Zealand, the official agency of the NZ government that works with numbers and data, has mentioned that the annual immigration for the country was at an estimate of 53,200 from February of last year until the end of February this year. This is higher as compared to the number the year before which was at 51,500. The agency has seen an increase and thus estimated the total to go up for this year but not significantly.

Tehseen Islam is the manager for population indicators and he mentioned that there have also been increases in the arrival as well as the departure of immigrants in New Zealand. This means that there has been an increase in the immigration rate for the year that ended last February 2019. There have been fluctuations in the immigration rate but these fluctuations were not significant enough to mean a change in the trend. Thus, one can say that the immigration rate in New Zealand has remained steady.

Who is coming to New Zealand?

Most of the arrivals to New Zealand for the year that ended in February 2019 were new immigrants to the country. There were also a number of citizens of the country who have stayed in other countries for some years and have decided to come back to New Zealand. On average, these immigrants who arrived in the country are those who stay there for at least one year upon arrival.

The countries of origin of the many immigrants arriving in New Zealand are varied. There are those who come from Asian countries like the Philippines, Malaysia, and China. There are also those who come from other countries like the United States and South Africa.

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Wednesday, September 18, 2019

Culture In The United Kingdom Has Become Richer Because Of Immigrants’ Contributions

Ever since the 1950s, the United Kingdom has been opening its doors and warmly welcoming immigrants. It has been open to the newcomers and has been helping these new individuals adapt to the ways and culture of the country. Without these immigrants, the country’s cultural terrain may have remained the same until now – or may have changed but only slightly.

Looking at the history of the UK, one can see that there has been a change when it comes to culture. It has become richer and it has become more diverse. Thanks to the influence and contributions of the immigrants coming to the country, the culture of the United Kingdom has changed and it has changed for the better. These immigrants come from various parts of the world and they bring with them the ways and culture of the country that they have come from. This surely has been shared with others in the UK and there have been subtle changes. Experts say that immigrants have been quite advantageous not only for the culture of the country but for the economy as well.

The early days of immigration in the UK

The UK has been having immigrants for a real long time. There were some parts of the country that had individuals living there since they were slaves from colonies of the UK. After slavery had been taken out of the picture, the communities in which these individuals lived absorbed them and made them a part of their community and their country. This gave the country a good amount of skilled immigrants who have been essential for the labor market.

A huge help to the economy

Plenty of immigrants from around the world find their way to the United Kingdom. The country has been welcoming quite a huge amount each year. Statistics from the government has shown that there are over 10 million immigrants who are in the country. They are there for a variety of reasons which include education and work. Their being in the country and being part of the society helps with the economy and keeps it strong.

Bringing in diversity

With millions of immigrants living in the United Kingdom, it is not surprising if diversity is being celebrated there. In London, one can find the most number of immigrants living in a city in the entire country. It is said that there are around 40% of the entire population made up of immigrants in London.

These immigrants bring with them their cultures and beliefs so people can see tons of religious places for different religions and beliefs in the country. There are also various shops and restaurants that offer authentic food from various countries. All of these different cultures and beliefs are in the UK and each of these is being given respect.

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Tuesday, September 17, 2019

Study Says Immigration In Canada Should Be Focused Not Just On The Greater Toronto Area

Like in most countries, immigrants would flock to where the big cities are. For them, their reason for doing this is because cities have the greatest chances of finding good jobs which is very important in their daily living. One wants to be in a place where there are plenty of opportunities and that is why people flock to these big cities. However, the problem with this is that the big cities are becoming too crowded and this is the case in the Greater Toronto Area in Canada.

A new study was done and it showed that Ontario should work on finding new ways to attract immigrants not to the Greater Toronto Area but to the areas around it. These areas need people and immigrants and yet they are not getting them since most of these individuals choose the highly populated Greater Toronto Area. The study has shown that by being able to bring more immigrants outside the area, the growth in population would be more balanced.

The study that was done

The study on this was done by the Conference Board of Canada. It shared that once the population growth is balanced out, the government and the Canadians can be assured that the quality of life would be high in the future. This means that everything would flow smoothly and that there would be a lot fewer problems compared to if there were more people in the big cities as compared to the surrounding areas.

According to data, the Greater Toronto Area in Canada is able to attract 77% of the entire number of immigrants coming to Ontario. The immigrants would choose this place as compared to the remaining places in the province. For 2018, the total number of immigrants who chose to be in the Greater Toronto Area was 106,000. This is a big number and it means a greater gap in the population of the Greater Toronto Area and the surrounding areas.

The situation outside the Greater Toronto Area

As per the numbers of the study, the 23% of the immigrants who did not choose to be in the Greater Toronto Area have found their way in other places outside this populous section of the province. There are 15 CMAs (which means census metropolitan areas) that are outside the Greater Toronto Area and they only take a small portion of the immigrants. That definitely reflects that there will be no balance in terms of population growth.

The study has continued to share that the areas outside the Greater Toronto Area of Canada have always been at a disadvantage since they are not able to lure in the needed immigrants. However, the study also noted that the cost of living and way of life in these areas are also good. There are also plenty of job opportunities and this should be highlighted by the government to let immigrants see that there is life outside the Greater Toronto Area.

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Monday, September 16, 2019

Can You Do It In One Go?: A Quick Guide For Immigrants Wishing To Explore New Zealand

When in a new place, people would usually want to explore and find out more about the place that they are in. This is a new environment and so immigrants would want to find their way in the place. It is also a goal for immigrants to go and try and find out the best places to visit. Some would have a lot of time on their hands especially since they are still trying to settle in the place before getting on with their purpose there – for studies, for work, or whatever other reason. This is true for many immigrants in New Zealand and in other countries.

One of the things that immigrants want to do is to explore the place and know exactly what is available there. Some try to cram everything in one go. So if a person has 3 free days to do pretty much anything they want to do, they would try and see everything in those three days. However, the question is, is checking everything out in New Zealand possible in just 3 days? Well, those who have tried said that it is not possible and it is not highly recommended that one does such.

Experts share their experience

Travel experts have shared their thoughts on this. According to them, traveling and exploring the whole of New Zealand in just a few days would not really be quite possible. New Zealand is quite a big place and there are plenty of wonderful spots to explore. Experts also suggest that for immigrants, it would be best if they use those 3 days to explore and learn about the new place that they would be staying in. So if it is a city or a town, then they should take the time to learn about the spots where they would be living in and working in or studying in.

They should map out the place so they would know where to go if they need to have medical help. They should also find out where to find the best food for their palate. It would also be very helpful if they know how to commute or get to the important places that they have to go to.

Experts share tips

Immigrants who wish to further explore the country can do so in installments. This is what experts suggest. New Zealand is a huge country and it is best to plan out trips. For short days off, immigrants can explore nearby towns or cities. Each one of these has plenty to offer so spending a day or two there would take up much of their time. Further spots can be explored when they have longer vacations. This should allow them to have travel time and enough time to explore those places.

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Friday, September 13, 2019

Naming Names: What Immigrants Need To Know About Names In The United Kingdom

How people name their children is a very interesting thing to look at. In the case of the United Kingdom, one would be able to see the trends that have been happening in how parents have been naming their children. There are trends and immigrants can be fascinated at how these go. Immigrants in the UK may meet some people with unusual names and that can be quite different from how children were named in their country of origin.

Taking a look at how parents name their children in the UK may not seem like a big thing or a really helpful thing especially for immigrants who may still be new in the country and still may be adjusting but this piece of information may be very useful when it comes to understanding the culture of the country and may even be a good conversation topic or conversation starter.

So what’s in a name?

Names of family members or religious names

Centuries ago in the United Kingdom, parents gave their children the name of a member of their family or the name of a religious figure. So it is possible that immigrants can meet people who may have old names or religious names because of this. It may also be possible that the person could have such names because their parents held on to the tradition and continued such a practice. Most of the people in the UK that have religious names are mostly from families who are of Catholic belief. There is a huge chance that the Joseph, Moses, Benjamin, Rebecca, or Magdalene that immigrants meet in the UK have been named because of this tradition.

Modern names

Nowadays, children in the United Kingdom are not named like that anymore. Most of the time, parents would name their children according to what they want. The names do not have to be from members of the family or from religious figures. It can be basically anything that parents want their children’s names to be. They can come in the form of Jane or Irene or Margaret or they can be Sylvester or Pierce or Philip. Parents nowadays also give their children names that suit their fancy like names of their favorite movie stars or singers or celebrity.

Married names

When a woman gets married, she would take the surname of her partner. This is common not only in the UK but also in many countries around the world. However, there are some women who still wish to retain their surname. To do so, they would put together her original surname and add her husband’s surname. For example, Jane Smith married John Wick. If she wants to keep her surname, she can do so and her new name now would be Jane Smith-Wick.

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Thursday, September 12, 2019

Popular Sports In Canada That Immigrants Can Take Part In

Canada is quite an interesting country that makes plenty of people from around the world want to go there and be part of the whole scene. The economy is very stable and there are plenty of opportunities for people who are looking for greener pastures. The crime rate is also low which allows people to feel safe and secure in Canada.

However, these are just not what immigrants can enjoy in the country. Those immigrants can also enjoy a lot of outdoor activities in the country. There are also plenty of beautiful places to visit and discover. And for those immigrants who are sports-minded, Canada has plenty of sports that people can enjoy. Some can join and play the games while there are also those who would rather be part of the audience and cheer for a favorite team or player. These can be done in Canada.

Canada is home to plenty of sports that people enjoy as players or as spectators. Here are some of the more popular ones.


Canada is very much known for its fascination with hockey. It is a sport that is played all through the year. There are different leagues for this sport – from kids to professionals. It is known as the most popular sport and pastime in the country by people of all ages. Plenty of people enjoy this sport and there are only a few who have yet to try it. The organization that handles all of the hockey activities in the country is Hockey Canada. The country’s hockey team, the Canadian Hockey National Team, is one of the strong contenders in international competitions.


In 1859, Canada had chosen lacrosse as its national game. It was also known as the country’s sport to play in summer back in 1994. Thousands of individuals in Canada play this sport. It is also quite as popular as hockey. The organization that is in charge of handling tournaments and events of this sport is the Canadian Lacrosse Association and it has been doing its job since 1925. There are tournaments for senior and junior leagues. There are also tournaments for field lacrosse and also for box lacrosse. The country is also known for being one of the world’s major contenders in the World Lacrosse Championship.


In Canada, a football team is made up of 12 members. There are two teams needed to play a game. The origin of football in Canada is rugby and there have been changes and developments in the sport which made the sport into the Canadian football as it is known now. The organization that handles all events of the sport in the country is the Canadian Football League. Football games in the country, especially the professional ones, are often televised with millions of people from around the world watching them.

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Wednesday, September 11, 2019

New Zealand Recruits Drivers From Philippines As Immigrant Workers To Help With Buses In Wellington

Six new skilled immigrant workers arrived in the city of Wellington in New Zealand. These new immigrants are from the Philippines and they were recruited to work in New Zealand as drivers. Wellington has had problems with the bus system and these individuals are there to help out. The government has tried to find the right people to help out from the locals who are already in the country but they were unable to complete the workers needed. That is why they had to look abroad and recruited these six Filipino drivers who are going to do their share.

Last month, there had been a shortage of bus drivers in Wellington. This caused some trips to be canceled and plenty of commuters to be late or be inconvenienced. Greg Pollock, the general manager of public transport for the Greater Wellington Regional Council, has remarked that there are not enough people in the city who are willing to do the job. Thus, this prompted the government to look further outside the city.

The arrival of the new bus drivers

Scott Thorne works for NZ Bus. He stated that there were new arrivals to New Zealand and they have been recruited to fill up the vacancies for bus drivers. They were from the Philippines and they also had a great amount of experience as bus drivers. Thorne stated that they believe that it is an immediate solution to the problem that they have at hand. It may be a small solution but the government still needs to look at the wider picture and find solutions that would help stop this issue from happening again. Shortages of bus drivers affect the whole city and that is not a good thing.

Thorne also continued to say that the government also has to help out in making sure that the new immigrant skilled workers who have come to New Zealand should be able to adapt well to the new life that they will be living in the country. The community should help out too so that adapting would be easier for these bus drivers. After all, it is going to be a whole new life as compared to the one that they lived before when they were still in the Philippines.

Training has started

Kevin O’Sullivan is the secretary of Tramways Union. He said that there were indeed six drivers from the Philippines who have been recruited to become bus drivers in New Zealand. The training for these new bus drivers has already started. These immigrant workers also have with them work permits for a year. They also have agreed and signed the collective agreement that the city already has. After the training, these new bus drivers would be able to do the job and get the buses going.

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Tuesday, September 10, 2019

Grumbling And Sarcasm: An Immigrants’ Guide To Understanding The Quirks Of The Locals In The United Kingdom

Living in the United Kingdom as an immigrant is one of the lifelong dreams of many individuals from around the world. They are excited to make this dream come true and when they are able to, they sometimes get surprised when they get to the country and find that there are some things that they do not know about the country.

Some of these immigrants in the UK who have been dreaming of this for such a long time do a lot of research. The research helps them understand the place that they are going to and it would also prepare them in the chance that they get approved to be an immigrant in the country. Aside from this, research also helps them learn more about the country which allows them to be inspired and motivated to work hard on their dreams of moving there and living there. However, one of the things that immigrants usually fail to do research on would be learning about the quirks of the local Brits.

Here are some quirks of the Brits that immigrants in the UK should know about.

Grumbling rather than complaining

When in the United Kingdom, immigrants would notice that there may be some locals who may be grumbling while they are in a restaurant or a pub. The locals usually do this but they do not really complain explicitly to the waiters or the manager. They can be grumbling about the food or the service or anything else that may have caught their ire. But they would rather grumble about it than complain about it.

Immigrants should understand that this is a common thing. Brits usually would rather grumble because if they complain, they may create a scene or may get unwanted attention. These are actually unwritten rules in the UK and immigrants may learn about this sooner or later. If they do try and complain, they would do it in a rather polite manner. For example, one may say, “I’m terribly sorry but I may have gotten the beef rather than the chicken that I ordered.”

Sarcasm is normal

One of the things that immigrants must understand is that sarcasm (or otherwise known as dry jokes) is pretty normal in the UK. It is a quirk that immigrants should get used to because this is a common occurrence. Sarcasm or dry jokes are also known as British humor as it is used rampantly. Locals suggest that the best way to understand this is to make sure that an immigrant does not take the jokes too seriously. Brits also love making fun of themselves and this makes them appear more humble and very approachable to other locals and even to foreigners.

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Monday, September 9, 2019

Rise In Immigration In New Brunswick, Canada Aimed In The Next 5 Years

In New Brunswick, Canada, the government is aiming at having a huge increase in its immigration rate. This province is eyeing this to happen in the coming five years. The main goal for this program would be to help out in addressing the challenges in the economy and society that the province is facing. This Canada province has a population that is aging. The province’s strategy would be to bring in immigrants that can help out the economy and the society and live in the province and stay there. They are aiming at having at least 7,500 immigrants for each year until 2024.

If this province in Canada is able to achieve this goal, it would be able to increase its own immigration rate with an almost 1% of New Brunswick’s population. It would also be able to almost double the current rate of immigrants coming in and staying there. With more and more of the population aging, the need to bring in immigrants is high. Immigrants are a good source of manpower and labor that the elderly would not be able to do anymore.

The need to grow the population

Trevor Holder is the current Minister of the Training and Labour department of Post-Secondary Education in New Brunswick. On the need for immigrants, he stated that these individuals are needed to help grow the population. The population needs to grow and needs new blood to help with the success of the province. This is a very strong reason why they are trying to attract and also retain immigrants in the Canada province. It would also be very helpful to New Brunswick if they are able to make these immigrant permanent residents of the province.

The province is home to a good number of businesses. The owners of these businesses in New Brunswick are having a hard time finding employees. There may be locals who can do the jobs however there are just not enough people to do the tons of jobs that these businesses require. And businesses need employees to run and grow.

Jobs availability

A report was done by the government of New Brunswick in Canada and it found out that in the coming 10 years, there would be about 120,000 total jobs that would be open. This is basically because the labor market would be losing around 110,000 individuals during that time mostly because the individuals have gone into retirement. This means that there are plenty of opportunities for locals and for immigrants who would choose to stay in this province. The data was done by the New Brunswick Multicultural Council (which is also known as the NMBC). The birth rate in the province is also decreasing and so the best solution would be to bring in immigrants as a solution to this impending problem.

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Friday, September 6, 2019

Immigration New Zealand Restructure Still Underway To Improve Process Times

Immigration to New Zealand has been consistently on the rise and many individuals are sending in their applications to be able to move there and live there. The country is quite well-known to be beautiful in terms of nature and its wonders. It is also known for having friendly and kind locals who are also very open and welcoming of foreigners and immigrants. New Zealand is a country with a strong economy and there are also a lot of opportunities there for those who are looking for jobs.

With these reasons and many others, plenty of people want to be immigrants in New Zealand. They would do everything possible to be able to make it there. That is why Immigration New Zealand, the official agency of the New Zealand government that deals with immigration and such, has been receiving a huge amount of applications each day. The problem is, there are plenty of applications coming in and yet there are not enough hands on board.

The solution to the problem

There have been complaints from those who have sent in their applications saying that the process is taking too long. They want to know if their applications have been accepted or denied. Of course, it would be better if the application is accepted and approved. However, if the application has been denied, it is always best that people know so that they can work on what they lack and send a new application.

The Immigration New Zealand has understood this. However, they also recognized that the number of applications coming in has overwhelmed them. There are not enough people to help out with checking and processing the applications. This has caused a delay in the processing of the applications. That is why the agency is working on this situation and is doing its best to make sure that the massive number of applications that they are receiving would be processed in a timely manner.

The current situation

Immigration New Zealand has stated that the are continuously receiving a huge number of applications daily. The agency has also shared that the number of applications has even gone up higher than before which goes to reflect that there are plenty of individuals around the world who wish to be immigrants in New Zealand. The agency has also discussed that they are putting in efforts to make sure that these applications are processed as fast as possible and that there would be no delays. They are aiming at closing their overseas offices and have New Zealanders work on the applications instead. They are definitely doing their best to make sure that the backlog is lessened and applicants get their answers as soon as possible.

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Thursday, September 5, 2019

The United Kingdom As One Of The Popular Destinations For Immigrants

The United Kingdom has been shown to be one of the popular destinations for people who wish to be immigrants. It is one of the more popular destinations for potential immigrants from all around the globe. And it is also one of the popular ones for potential immigrants who are from the European Union.

The plan of the United Kingdom government to leave the European Union has been talked about and worked on for years already. However, at present, this has yet to happen. And while it has not happened yet, individuals from the European Union can still enjoy the perks of free movement that come with being citizens of EU member nations. It means that individuals who are from EU member nations can choose to pack up and leave their home country and choose to be an immigrant easily in other countries that are also members of the EU. There are plenty of countries that are members of the EU but the UnitedKingdom, along with Germany, prove to be two of the most popular countries for immigration.

A study on immigration in the UK

A study was done by three universities – Gottingen University, Bremen University, and Cologne University. According to the results of this study, Germany and the UK have been two of the really popular countries for immigration not only for EU member nations but also for individuals who are from the rest of Europe. The Journal of Ethnic and Migration Studies has been the avenue for the results of the study to be published.

The three people who did the study were Prof. Michael Windzio (a sociologist from Bremen University), Sven Lenkewitz (a sociologist from the University of Cologne), and Prof. Celine Teney (a professor at the University of Gottingen’s Institute of Sociology). They worked on the study together and did an analysis of the various factors that have affected migration and immigration right within the European Union. They looked at data and trends which helped them understand the phenomenon. The data that they worked on were from 2001 right until 2013.

The attraction to richer countries

As per the analysis of the researchers, it looks like immigrants are more attracted to countries that are richer. This is very possible since many individuals are looking for places that would allow them to earn more and feed their families. They are looking for countries that have strong economies. The richer a country is, the more opportunities there would be for making money.

The study also found out that free movement between European Union member nations is highly enjoyed by plenty of people. The numbers show a huge amount of movement for citizens of EU member nations. Aside from free movement, another interesting factor that has been influencing people to move would be the open labor market which allows people to find better pastures.

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