Friday, March 29, 2019

Things Immigrants Get To Enjoy In New Zealand

The feeling of working very hard just to be able to be an immigrant in New Zealand is definitely worth all the effort once the goal is reached. This is true as many immigrants in the country would testify. The next thing that they need to prepare themselves for would be making the big move to New Zealand and leaving their lives in their home country behind. It can be quite difficult especially if one is moving to NZ alone and without any friends or family in the new country. However, experts suggest that immigrants should find something that should allow them to forget the feeling of being homesick for a while. It should also allow them to enjoy the time spent in the country. By doing this, immigrants can easily adjust and be able to function well in NZ.

So what exactly can immigrants do in New Zealand that should help them battle that feeling of being lonely and missing home? Well, here are some of them.

Skydiving. All over New Zealand.

Skydiving is a really extreme sport and not a lot can handle it. However, for those immigrants who are brave of heart and are really courageous enough to take the jump, New Zealand is a haven for plenty of skydiving spots. The country is so picturesque not only from the ground but also from up in the sky, those who are taking the jump would be able to enjoy just the whole view and the wonderful sights to see.

For those who are really not that used to skydiving and would like to try out the experience, there are some businesses that offer skydiving services with a professional skydiver to assist those who would like to jump. This would ensure that the whole experience would be safe and enjoyable for everyone.

Rich food – namely, chocolate, meats, wine, and cheese.

Food is definitely something that immigrants can really enjoy in New Zealand. They are surely world-class. They are known all over the world and plenty of people enjoy it. They are talked about all the world over especially by connoisseurs. Those who love the richness of food can definitely indulge in chocolates, meats, wines, and cheese that have been made in the country. They are really delicious and are really a delight to have. This surely can make people forget any negative feelings.

The country is known for Schoc Chocolatiers (chocolate), Wellington Chocolate Factory (chocolate), beef (meat), venison (meat), a variety of reds and whites (wines), buffalo cheese, Massimo’s Italian cheeses, and Mercer Cheese. There are also a variety of others that have not been mentioned here but immigrants can enjoy a whole lot of options that can be found in the country. They surely can indulge in these every now and then.

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Thursday, March 28, 2019

UK To Heighten Campaign To Attract Top Financial Talent

For companies that have been used to relying on the free movement that are still being enjoyed by European Union nationals, the upcoming exit of the United Kingdom from the EU is something that they have been dreading. Owners believe that they would not be able to easily find the manpower that they need to run their businesses. However, what they do not really realize is that the end of the free movement would also allow them to have a chance at expanding their sights to an even bigger market – the entire world’s.

To help assuage the fears of businesses in the entire UK with the exit looming over the nation, the government of the United Kingdom is already planning their next move. Currently, citizens of EU member nations have been moving out of the country already and so there is definitely lesser people in the talent pool. That is why the UK government is doing the best that it can to bring in the top talents especially in the industry of finance to the country. This sure is good news for all of those financially talented individuals who are interested in being immigrants in the UK.

No need to slow down

Some financial companies in the United Kingdom are thinking of slowing down their operations and their growth because they do feel like there would only be problems later on if there are not enough financially talented individuals that they can tap. After all, financial talent is a skill that not everyone possesses and so it would be great to go and find the best people out there. The free movement has allowed them to easily find them. However, what they do not really realize is that there are even more financially talented individuals that are everywhere around the globe.

The government is already starting to entice potential immigrant workers from around the globe to go and find a good career in the UK via the various financial industry jobs that are looking for the right people to do the work. The potential growth of the financial industry in the UK is deemed to go up to a high of seven billion pounds.

The financial industry in the UK

In a study done recently on the status of the financial industry in the country, it does look like the UK is surely a center of finance in Europe and in the entire world as well. There are a huge amount of firms and companies that are focused on finances and the competition is high. They need to always be at the tip of their toes to stay at the top of the game and are surely trying to get the best and the most talented people out there to help out.

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Wednesday, March 27, 2019

The Call For Restoration Of 50,000 Target For Immigration In Quebec, Canada

In Quebec, Canada, the local government has put into action a plan that they had been working on for quite some time. This plan was to lessen the amount of immigrants that the province would be accepting for each year. According to the government of Quebec, they are doing this because they believe that by having a lesser amount of immigrants coming in the province, they would be able to help out the previous immigrants would be able to integrate well in the new society and new community that they are in.

A new study that has been done by a think tank had shown that this is really, in any way, not quite real. There is really no evidence that would support this claim from the local government of Quebec in Canada. As per the results of this study, the think tank is urging the Quebec government to bring back the original target of immigrants in the province to 50,000 for each year. As it seems, the immigrants are able to integrate well in society and the lesser number really does not make any kind of difference to how well they or how poor they are able to achieve this.

The study that was done

The Institut de recherche et d’informations socio-économiques in Canada (which is also known as the IRIS) is the group behind the study. This is an independent group and does not rely on other organizations or groups when it comes to the studies that they do. With the study that they had done, the IRIS has a contention on the local government of Quebec’s move to lessen the annual amount of people coming to the province. Currently the target for this year is 40,000 immigrants. The contention of the IRIS is that there is no scientific evidence that the immigrants are unable to integrate well.

The group is also not agreeing with how the government of Quebec is putting on hold a good number of applications that they have already received. A good example would be the applications that have come in for the Quebec Skilled Worker Program. There is said to be more than 18,000 of these applications that are still pending since the province is still trying to work out their laws on immigration.

The other side of the story

According to the local government of Quebec, their reason for lowering the number of immigrants to the province is that some of the immigrants lack the needed qualifications that should allow them to integrate well in the new society that they would be living with. Among those qualifications would be their mastery of the French language, as well as their levels of educational attainments. The local government has also said that there are also applicants who have not been able to fulfill the requirements set by the government to become immigrants.

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Tuesday, March 26, 2019

Numbers For Immigration In New Zealand Start To Rise Again

There has been a slump in the numbers for immigration in New Zealand for several months. Now, it does seem that there is definitely no way to go but up. Although the numbers have not really been dismal, the downward spiral has stopped and the numbers are starting to rise once again. This sure is good news as it means that more and more immigrants are showing interest in the country again and are also making getting accepted by the New Zealand government as immigrants in their country.

Recent numbers have it that for a whole year that had ended on the last day of January this year, there has been an increase in the annual numbers. The increase was up to 151,500 individuals to the country. Surely, this is good as it means that the country is once again bringing in the immigrants that the country’s businesses desperately need. It also means that those individuals who are really passionate about making it to the country have a huge chance of making it there was the approvals are going high once more.

A look at the change in numbers

Mark Smith works as a senior economist for ASB. On this new trend, he said that when the number for immigration has gone down, the flow of net income in the country has also gone down and reached a plateau. This definitely is not good news as a net income that goes up would be really much more ideal. However, with the recent changes, the net flow has surely gone up and is showing signs of strength. Although the economy of the country has been quite strong, any additional ways to keep it even stronger would be a really great thing and would act as additional foundation to make sure that everything remains in good shape.

This surely is a reflection that although the number of immigrants has gone down a few months back, the numbers are certainly seeing a rise again because New Zealand remains to be one of the top destinations for immigrants and also for tourists. It has shown that it still is a country that is strong economically and has a culture that is well-loved by those in it.

Who came to New Zealand?

For January of this year, there were 7,800 more immigrants who have come to New Zealand from Australian as compared to the number for January a year ago. There were also more immigrants who have come from China for January this year as compared to January in 2018. There was an increase of 6,600 immigrants which is surely a high number as well. Although immigrants have been coming, visitors also have been coming to the country as well. The huge amount of tourists also help out the economy of the country.

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Monday, March 25, 2019

PM May Claims The UK Benefits From Immigration

There is no denying the fact that a really high number of individuals from around the world are working really hard to make sure that they are able to make their way to the country of their choice. For the most part, plenty of them want to make it to the United Kingdom. After all, the country is known for its really good location and for its strong economy. The country is also known for being welcoming to millions of immigrants over centuries of being a nation.

Recently, Theresa May, the current Prime Minister of the UK had already sent out a statement denying all of the accusations that have been thrown at her and the current government. They have been accused of having a problem with immigrants and with immigration. The Prime Minister has denied this and said that she and the government acknowledge the fact that they do recognize the fact that immigrants and immigration really are beneficial for the country.

May’s stance on immigration

May has recently been interviewed about her thoughts and stance on immigrants and immigration in the United Kingdom. She was asked if she really was not for immigration and she had a problem against it. On this, May had replied that she does not. In fact, she also continued that she had been quite consistent when it comes to this issue and she has acknowledged the fact that it has been pretty beneficial for the whole country, which is a good thing. In fact, if it is not good for the country, then immigration would have not been allowed long ago. But it is not because the leaders have seen the fact that it is good for the UK.

May had worked previously as the Interior Minister which she did for six years in total. She knows the ins and outs of immigration and has been quite open to the advantages and disadvantages of this topic. So far, the benefits outweigh the disadvantages and so immigration is still open in the country as long as the immigrant applicants are able to comply with the requirements that have been set by the government.

The benefits of immigration

The UK has been open to immigration as it has seen the benefits that come with it. The country has an aging population and most of the immigrants coming in are youthful and young. With that, the country benefits from this as there is new blood in the country. The average age of the UK population has definitely risen with more of these immigrants being eligible for permanent residency. Aside from that, immigrants are good members of the labor sector which is highly needed by businesses in the country. Although there are a lot of locals, they are just not enough to do the work that needs to be done.

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Friday, March 22, 2019

2,000 Slots To Be Opened For Temp Workers In Canada Via Provincial Nominee Program

For a good number of immigrants, they are doing everything that the could not just to be able to earn well in the country and help out their families back home. Or maybe it is not just about being able to finish a good program that would help them boost their careers or their personal growth. For many immigrants already in Canada, it is all about doing everything that they can to be able to make it as a permanent resident of the country. After all, this does not come easy and so they are more than willing to do whatever it takes to be able to reach this goal.

According to recent news from Canada, the government of this country has announced that they will be opening up 2,000 more slots that would give more immigrants to be able to have permanent residency there. These would be given to temporary workers from outside Canada. Choosing who to give the slots to would be made via the Provincial Nominee Program. Surely, this is great news for those who would like to be a permanent resident of the country.

Via the Provincial Nominee Program

Also known as the PNP, Canada’s Provincial Nominee Program gives areas (specifically, territories as well as provinces of Canada) to give out nominations. These places would have to be participants of the PNP to be able to get such power. Of course, it is also important that the immigrants that they would be nominating should be able to fulfill all the requirements that have been set. These immigrants that get nominated would be considered for a permanent residency status.

The very reason behind such nominations is that these areas that are participants actually need laborers or people who are skilled. If they are able to do that, they would also be able to fulfill the needs of the market for workers. It is not a secret that workers are highly needed by businesses to grow and be successful. By providing them permanent residencies, the immigrants-turned-residents can stay in the country definitely and be able to provide their services.

The statement on this update

Additional information on the update has been given out by the government of Canada which was also recently published. According to the government, the 2,000 slots would actually be given to those immigrants who are in the country as Temporary Foreign Workers. However, they would have to be in the country for a long period already and are currently still there. They should also possess skills that are intermediate which are categorized by the government as a Code C in their National Occupational Code. They should also have been able to integrate well into the society that they are in.

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Thursday, March 21, 2019

Wellington, And Queenstown: Amazing Places For Immigrants To Discover In New Zealand

New Zealand is seemingly a haven for plenty of individuals from around the world. It has been quite a popular destination for tourists and for immigrants alike. There are plenty of wonderful things that one can discover in this country and it is amazing just how the government of the country runs it. Unlike any other country, the culture here promotes a balance of work and life. Other countries in the world would have its people working a lot just to make ends meet. However, in the case of New Zealand, they do make sure that its citizens and those who are living there are able to live fulfilled lives without having to be burdened by a lot of work.

The number of individuals who send in their applications to be an immigrant in New Zealand each year is quite high. Well, who would not want to be in a country like New Zealand? That sure is a given. Plus, there are a number of places in the country that are worth discovering for all immigrants who go there. Here are some of them.


Wellington is one of the cities of New Zealand and it is just small when it comes to area. However, it is quite the cool city that plenty of people want to live there or visit there. It comes with a variety of spots to enjoy like really casual bars, coffee shops, and restaurants that would allow immigrants to discover the food and how locals hang out. Spots to consider visiting in Wellington include the Museum of New Zealand, Mount Victoria, the Zealandia Sanctuary, the Pinnacles Track, a ride in the Wellington cable car, Old St. Paul’s church, the Wellington Zoo, the Parliament building of New Zealand, and taking a trip via the Northern Explorer Train.


For those immigrants who are looking for a bit of relaxation in New Zealand, Queenstown is the way to go. It is known as a resort town and it can be found right on the South Island. People who go here are amazed by a ton of wonderful sights to behold – like a lake that looks like a long and thin Z, which has been formed because of glaciers. However, this is not the only lake in Queenstown as there are a lot of other lakes that people can visit when they are there. Those who are also in Queenstown can go and have a really good time being amazed at the mountains that can be seen right in town.

Those who have been in this town have been quite happy with the various activities that are part of the place’s tourism projects. Immigrants who love adventure can find that there. There are also skiing activities that people can enjoy.

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Wednesday, March 20, 2019

The UK Citizenship: What Immigrants Need To Know

There are immigrants in the United Kingdom who are there only for a specific purpose. Some may be there because the job that they need is right in the country. There are also those immigrants who are in the country to study and learn because the program that they want to take is offered there. And then there are also those who are in the country just to set up a business. For others, the very reason why they are living in the UK as immigrants is because they are working on making sure that they become a citizen of the country.

However, to become a citizen, there are certain requirements that the United Kingdom government is asking from all applicants. One of those requirements would be a citizenship test where they would be asked questions about various topics that are about the country which could include the history, films, culture, arts, and even inventions. Applicants for citizenship must be ready to answer these questions and pass the test to be able to move a step towards the citizenship that they are aiming for.

Who can send in applications to get a citizenship in the UK?

There are rules that the UK government has set to guide those who may be eyeing a citizenship in the United Kingdom. The list includes those individuals who has one of their parents an actual citizen of the country. Individuals who also are stateless can apply. Those who have also relinquished their citizenship to another country can also apply for citizenship in the UK.

For immigrants who have already been living in the UK for at least five years, they can go and apply for a citizenship in the country. This also applies to those who hold the status as an individual who have an indefinite leave to actually stay in the country.

Those immigrants who have permanent residency in the United Kingdom can actually also apply for citizenship. Aside from that, those who are married to a citizen of the country can also apply for this if they have been living in the country for three years prior to application.

Taking the citizenship test

The citizenship test is also known as the Life in the UK examination. Passing this exam does not guarantee an automatic citizenship. It is just one of the requirements that come with the application. Those who would like to take the exam should get a schedule with the UK government on when they would be taking it. There are 30 total test centers all around the country and they can choose one of those to take the exam in. There are 24 questions that need to be answered and examinees are given only 45 minutes in total to answer everything. To pass the test, one should have a rate of 75% at the very least.

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Tuesday, March 19, 2019

Atlantic Immigration Pilot In Canada Has Been Extended

The road to Canada surely has been quite open to a lot of individuals and it does seem like the Canada government is more than willing to make sure that the immigrants keep coming in. Surely, this is definitely one of the best news that potential immigrants have come across as they have been working hard and long to make sure that all of the requirements asked of them would be complied to.

The Atlantic Immigration Pilot program (also known as the AIP) in Canada has been extended as per recent news. It is one of the most popular pathways to get to the country and to be able to obtain a permanent residency status. And with the program, there have been major changes done that should allow more of the individuals who meet the requirements to make it to the country. This definitely shows that the country is open to having more immigrants and more permanent residents on their soil. Individuals who are interested would be really happy to know of this new update.

The extension of the AIP

According to the Canada government, the AIP would be open and extended right until the end of 2021. The very reason behind this move is so that the Atlantic Immigration Pilot can actually keep its own momentum going. This surely shows that momentum is a very important and the government surely is doing the best that it could to be able to achieve this. Plus, it does seem like the program is working well as the extension is happening.

The Atlantic Immigration Program was first announced to the public two years ago. It was first designed to run as a trial which would be going on for three years. It has also been created so that it would be able to provide a solution to the shortages in labor that has been happening in the area. The provinces that have been experiencing shortage in labor include New Brunswick, Newfoundland and Labrador, Prince Edward Island, and Nova Scotia.

More info about the program

With this pilot program, employers and business owners in the mentioned provinces in the area have been given the power to hire all of the skilled immigrant workers who are eligible to do the work that is needed to be done. The employers and the business owners can also go and hire any immigrant students who have graduated from the colleges as well as the universities in the region of Atlantic Canada. This, of course, can be done if they still have not found just about any laborers or locals who can do the job. Hiring immigrants would only be their second option. They cannot hire immigrant workers if there are still locals that can do the jobs at hand.

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Monday, March 18, 2019

New Zealand Spots Immigrants Can Visit

New Zealand may not seem like a really huge country as compared to other countries on the globe like Canada and China and the United States. However, this country has surely got a lot of wonderful nooks and crannies that not a lot of people get to enjoy on a regular basis. This should allow them to forget about feeling homesick for a while and enjoy the country that they are in. Immigrants definitely need a really good time to help ease any negative feelings and enjoy the life that they are living in New Zealand.

So what spots can immigrants in New Zealand visit? Well, here are some of them.

Tunnel Beach.

Tunnel beach is just around the southern portion of St. Clair in New Zealand. It is an amazing spot to visit because immigrants can enjoy cliffs that are made from sandstone. These cliffs have actually been carved by nature’s waves through time. There are also rock arches as well as caves which are also wonderful pieces of art that nature has been able to create.

However, the most interesting thing about this beach is that there is a tunnel right there, thus its name. This tunnel is not something natural but is something that has been done by man. The story is that John Cargill, a local leader, actually had commissioned that this tunnel be created for his entire family to enjoy and this was back in the 1870s.


For those immigrants who are fans and followers of The Lord of the Rings trilogy as well as the series of The Hobbit movies, then Hobbiton surely is a place to visit. Hobbiton, a fictional place in these movies, actually has been shot in New Zealand. Now, the set of the movie has been kept pristine which makes it a really nice tourist destination. It is currently known as a destination for those who really are into the movies or are into JRR Tolkien. There is a tour for those who wish to visit the set.

The islands of Auckland.

New Zealand has an archipelago and they are known as the Auckland Islands. The islands that are part of these are definitely places that immigrants should visit. As they say, seawater can cure just about anything and there will be a lot of seawater if one venture’s to this place in New Zealand. They are really wonders of nature and immigrants can enjoy just what these islands have to offer. The whole experience is something that one cannot do on a daily basis so to take a trip there while they are in the country would definitely be a must. There are tours available for those who would like to explore the islands.

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Friday, March 15, 2019

The Beatles, and Coronation Street: 2 Things Immigrants Need To Know About The UK

There are things that immigrants need to know about a country that they are in. Basically, they would be able to learn about the characteristics of the locals, how to get in and about places in the country, and the food that they should expect there. Just the basics. However, that should not always be the case. It is also important that immigrants get to learn about some very interesting stuff about the country that they are in (or they would be going to). That way, they would have something to be proud of and to look forward to.

In the case of the United Kingdom, immigrants in the country should have a lot of things to be proud of and to look forward to. The UK is one of the best countries to be in as it offers really fantastic food and a really stable economy. It also has a good location which allows people there to travel in and out of the country quite easily. But the thing about the UK is that there are still a lot of other things that immigrants should know about. Read about them here.

The Beatles – and other music legends

The Beatles are known all over the world for changing the way we see and listen to music. They have made a great name for themselves and although only two of the members are still living, their music lives on. The Beatles are definitely one of the music legends who have come from the UK.

However, what immigrants need to know is that The Beatles are not the only music greats who have made it big in the music scene who have come from the UK. There are others too and the list includes Pink Floyd, Led Zepplin, and Elton John. These are seemingly household names now and it is going to make an immigrant quite proud to know that he or she is in a country where these music greats have come from.

Coronation Street

Known as the soap that had the longest run on TV, Coronation Street certainly has been in the lives of plenty of people in the UK and in the entire world as well. The whole soap had started in 1960. It has been decades and this show is still on TV and plenty of people are still watching the whole thing. Immigrants who are fans of this show can definitely have a grand time visiting the places which had been used as locations of the soap. The set is actually in Weatherfield and plenty of people find themselves visiting the set and having fun just taking in how the whole soap is being filmed and shot.

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Thursday, March 14, 2019

Tech Immigrant Workers Are Moving To Toronto, Canada

It may not be Silicon Valley, where the top tech companies in the world are and where the top tech immigrant workers can be found. However, it does seem like Toronto, Canada is starting to make a huge name in the tech scene that many tech immigrant workers are working their way from Silicon Valley to go to Toronto. Yes, it is starting to look like Canada is going to be the next big scene in terms of technology.

The technology industry in Canada is definitely growing and the world is starting to take notice. However, Toronto is remaining calm and humble saying that they still are not by any chance anything compared to Silicon Valley in California. But the numbers are definitely showing otherwise. Canada is surely showing no signs of stopping the rate of growth and development of the tech industry. In fact, the numbers also have reflected that this country has surely opened up more jobs for the technology-skilled people as compared to the numbers for such jobs in San Francisco for the past five years.

The numbers are rising

According to a study done, there are more and more tech skilled immigrant workers who are coming in to Canada to help out the industry by working there. The numbers are surely rising, as per the data. There are more and more skilled immigrant workers coming and most of them are software engineers, programmers, and software developers. The phenomenon is being known as the brain gain and it sure is making Canada and the tech scene quite happy. According to the study, this is possibly because of the low cost of living in Toronto, plus the good opportunities that are being offered there.

It does seem that the tech scene in Canada is surely thriving and many of the tech professionals are seeing that and seeing a huge amount of opportunities. Plus, it also does seem like things are going great in Toronto and that is what is attracting plenty of the skilled immigrants there for they know that the California scene can be quite saturated so the competition can be high.

Welcoming the new arrivals

Many people from around the world are definitely looking at Canada with new eyes and many are venturing towards the country. With the huge amount of tech skilled immigrants making their way to Canada, what is the tech industry planning to do about this? Well, it does seem that tech skilled immigrants are more than willing to help out and welcome those who are making their way there. They want to make sure that they are finding the place right and that they know that they will be supported. After all, there is nothing better than getting a warm welcome to a new place.

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Wednesday, March 13, 2019

Jobs That Immigrants Can Apply For And Are In Demand In New Zealand

There is good news for all of those individuals who are looking to make that move to New Zealand as immigrants and work there. See, Immigration New Zealand has recently published a list of jobs that are open in the country. They have opened these jobs for all of the locals but there seems to still be a lack of laborers. One of the main reasons behind this is that the country is huge and there are plenty of things to do. However, there just is not enough people to do the work. Plus, Kiwis (the locals of the country) are not so keen on moving to another place in the country if the job asks them to do so.

Plenty of business owners have been happy to share that they really love hiring immigrants. Immigrants are really quite reliable and very willing to do the jobs that are offered to them. And with the list given by Immigration New Zealand, there should be hope for plenty of those aspiring immigrants to New Zealand. It means that there is a huge chance for those immigrant workers who are really interested in making their way to New Zealand.

The job categories

Jobs that can be found in New Zealand and are open to immigrant workers are categorized into two categories. These two categories are the Long Term Skill Shortage List (which is also known as the LTSSL) and the Immediate Skill Shortage List (or the ISSL). However, the country has also added another category which is the Construction and Infrastructure Skill Shortage List (which is also known as the CISSL).


Under this category, the jobs that are open are sustained and continuous. The jobs under this list need immigrant workers who are highly skilled. Jobs that can be found under this list include:
  • Automotive electrician
  • Procurement manager
  • Chemical engineer
  • Network administrator
  • Clinical psychologist
  • Physiotherapist
  • Environmental research scientist
  • Surgeon
  • General practitioner
  • Veterinarian
  • ICT project manager
  • Industrial engineer
  • Quantity surveyor
  • Telecommunications engineer
  • Web developer


Under this category, the needed people are the skilled immigrants who can do the necessary work. The jobs included in this list include:
  • Midwife
  • Anesthetic technician
  • Outdoor adventure guide
  • Dairy farmer
  • Pediatrician
  • Cardiologist
  • Roof tiler
  • Civil engineer
  • Snowsport instructor
  • Telecommunications technician
  • Winemaker
  • Accountant


Under this category, the jobs included are quite critical and usually belong to those under the construction industry of NZ as the construction industry in the country is booming and there are plenty of needed workers to complete the projects that the government has set to pursue. Included in the list are:
  • Carpenter
  • Surveyor
  • Glazier
  • Structural engineer
  • Plumber
  • Telecommunications engineer
  • Truck driver
  • Metal fabricator
  • Drainlayer
  • Telecommunications technician
  • Stonemason
  • Bricklayer
  • Scaffolder
  • Welder
  • Building inspector
  • Airconditioning mechanic
  • Refrigerator mechanic

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Tuesday, March 12, 2019

More Non-EU Immigrants Enter The UK

The net number of immigrants who have come to the United Kingdom has gone up. This number is only for those immigrants who are not from the European Union. The number that has been recorded is the highest that such a number has reached for the last 15 years. Surely is a good thing because it means that plenty of non-EU immigrants are able to make their way to the country. The data has been released by the Office for National Statistics of the UK.

As per the numbers from the ONS, there were more individuals who made it to the UK who were not from the European Union. And this number was 261,000 more than those who have left the country. This was for the period that started on the first of January 2018 until the end of September of 2018. The last time that such numbers were recorded in the country was back in 2004. So this means that there were more who made it to the country and stayed as compared to those who left.

The fall of EU immigrant numbers

Perhaps because of the upcoming exit of the United Kingdom from the European Union, more and more immigrants from the EU are leaving the UK. There are also lesser immigrants coming from EU member nations. Such a phenomenon has allowed for immigrants from other countries from around the world to come to the country, thus the high number of immigrants coming in from non-EU nations. This has made way for plenty of people to make it to the country. The fall in numbers for EU immigrants actually was last experienced by the country back in 2009.

It may seem like a really good deal especially for those potential immigrants who are interested in making their way to the UK. After all, the country is a really strong power in the global economy. To be there would really be a good thing for those who are working and living in the country. Thus, people are definitely feeling more positive about their applications for immigration to the UK especially those who are not from the EU.

More applicants for immigration

The Home Office has also released data that has shown that there are more and more people from European Union member nations who are sending in their applications for immigration. This is in preparation for the upcoming exit. Since there would be no more free movement between the EU and the UK, those who are from the EU have got to send in their applications to be able to be in the country. The data has shown that many non-EU individuals have sent in their applications reaching an estimated 48,000 in total.

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Monday, March 11, 2019

Rural Communities In Alberta Can Have 40,000 New Immigrants By 2024

For many countries, the problem with immigration is that the immigrants would tend to stay in cities and urban areas making the place even more crowded. Only a few would choose the rural communities. However, this is not surprising as the immigrants are basically not choosy. The only thing that makes them stay in these areas is that they do not know that there are opportunities waiting for them in the rural areas. Plus, they do not even know what would be waiting for them there. Urban areas are more advertised and talked about so immigrants know more about these places and these are the only places they know. In the case of Canada, they would most likely flock to Toronto or Quebec or Vancouver or Montreal.

Many rural communities need immigrants too and that is why the local candidates for the provincial government of Alberta has been working on policies that should bring in around 40,000 new immigrants to the rural areas. This should be happening until 2024. Thanks to the proposal of the United Conservative Party, rural communities just may get the immigrants that they need.

Change is coming to Alberta

If the United Conservative Party wins the local elections in Alberta, then immigrants just may be moving to the rural parts in the next four years. Polls have shown that more and more people are opting for the UCP in the upcoming elections and this could definitely mean change for Alberta. Jason Kenney is the man leading the UCP and he has also served as the Minister for Immigration of Canada back in 2008 right up until 2013.

In a recent interview, Kenney has stated that Alberta should take advantage of immigration and the power that it has to be able to bring more life to the rural areas and communities. These places may be small but they hold a lot of potential which could be brought to life via immigrants’ help. The UCP is already working on policies that should soon be working if they are put into office. The policies would be all about creating pathways for immigrants in Canada to make their way to rural areas in Alberta that should be good for the communities there.

The goal for the UCP

Pathways that the UCP is planning is aiming at bringing in as much as 10,000 immigrants and make them permanent residents of Alberta. They would be staying in the rural communities of the province. Aside from that, the 10,000 individuals who would be awarded permanent residency statuses should be coming in yearly right until 2024. That would be a total of 40,000 by the end of the policy. This number is huge and the additional workforce would definitely be advantageous for Alberta and the whole of Canada.

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Friday, March 8, 2019

Amazing Places In New Zealand That Immigrants Can Enjoy

Immigrants in New Zealand can definitely have a hard time adjusting to the new place that they are in and that is not because the locals are not accommodating. Locals are definitely more than welcoming to newcomers so this should not be an issue. Sometimes, the problem lies in the immigrants themselves especially if this is the first time that they would be away from their families and living on their own.

The good thing though is that previous immigrants in New Zealand would be able to help out new ones know the ins and outs of the country. There are even communities that easily welcome new people. Previous immigrants are even more than happy to share that the locals are very welcoming as well that it would be quite difficult to feel out of place anywhere in the country. This is sure good news especially for the incoming immigrants.

Aside from that there are plenty of wonderful and amazing places in NZ that surely would make immigrants forget their worries and homesickness for a while. They will be amazed at some of the wonderful spots that the country has to offer and let nature heal them from any negative feelings and emotions that they may be feeling. Here are some of them.

Blue Lake

The Blue Lake can be found in the Nelson Lakes National Park. It is known to be the lake with the clearest water in the entire world. It is quite pristine and immigrants can definitely marvel at how clear the water is. It is also known by another name – Rotomairewhenua. Research has been done and it definitely is that clear. The researchers have also found out that one can look into the lake and still be able to see clearly up until 80 meters. That sure is clear!

Lakes in volcanic craters

Lakes are wonderful. However, lakes that are in volcanic craters are even more marvelous. Primarily because one does not get to see such everyday. But immigrants in New Zealand can definitely see such a marvelous natural wonder in the country. There are plenty of these in Wai-O-Tapu, which directly translates to “sacred waters” in Maori. The lakes and hot springs there come in a variety of colors which are quite amazing to look at.

Cathedral Cove

Cathedral Cove is a marine reserve in New Zealand and it is also known as Te Whanganui-A-Hei. It can be found in the country’s Coromandel Peninsula and it measures a total area of 2,100 acres. Plenty of tourists find their way to this spot and immigrants surely do travel to the area as well. It is quite popular because it comes with a cave and has a beach as well. The cave is quite popular in pop culture as it has been used as a location when shooting the film The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian. It has also been used in music videos as well.

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Thursday, March 7, 2019

Report Shows Immigrant Intolerance Is Rare In UK

A lot of people from around the world plan on making their way to other countries as immigrants. Among the top choices for potential immigrants is the United Kingdom. However, what makes them want to not push through with their plans are the news and reports about some locals in certain countries that are really intolerant when it comes to immigrants. There are news and reports about prejudice against people who are from other countries. There are even stories of immigrants who get bashed or who get racial attacks from locals.

But it does seem like such intolerance happens in only a certain number of countries. A study has been done recently to take a look at how UK locals look at immigrants and the report has it that intolerance against immigrants is pretty rare when it comes to the United Kingdom. This definitely is good news and this should boost the motivation of plenty of potential immigrants to go ahead and work on their applications to be able to make their way to the country.

The study that was done

There have been people saying that there is prejudice in the UK as well as all other European countries when it comes to immigrants. However, the study that was done proved otherwise. The study is known as the World and European Value Surveys and it looked at the opinions and the beliefs of people who lived in 100 different nations. According to the results, it is not quite usual that the people in the UK would have some sort of prejudice against immigrants who lived in their country.

Experts who have looked at the stories going around against intolerance against immigrants believe that there are likely some people who are really not fans of immigrants and they took the chance to create these stories and spread them around. In the world of social media, such things can create wildfire especially if it is something as frivolous as immigrants and immigration. The experts also believe that despite the upcoming exit of the UK from the European Union, Britons are still quite welcoming and open to having immigrants in their country.

More on the report

As per the report, the study has shown that people are really quite tolerant of immigrants in the UK. They do respect people who have a different ethnic background or even those who have a different religion. This definitely shows that race, religion, or ethnicity is really not a big deal when it comes to the United Kingdom. The locals are welcoming and warm to newcomers and are helpful as well when it comes to assisting immigrants to be able to adapt well in the new communities that they will be living in.

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Wednesday, March 6, 2019

Quebec, Canada Ordered To Resume Skilled Worker Program Processing

Each year, plenty of individuals from around the world do their very best to be able to have a good application that would allow them to make it to Canada. They would make sure that they read all the rules and make a list of all the requirements. That way, they can easily check off all those that they have already complied with. They would do everything that they can to make it to Canada because it is that important to them. After all, if the plan is really not that important, they would have stopped after looking at the requirements which are not fairly easy to acquire.

A good amount of individuals want to make it to Canada and a good portion of them want to be in Quebec. With the Skilled Worker Program in Quebec, a lot of individuals have actually sent in their applications. However, the processing of applications for this specific program to Canada has been put to a halt. There are still quite a number of applications which have not yet been processed and a judge of the Quebec Supreme Court has given an order for the Quebec local government to resume the processing of such documents.

Resuming the processing

Recent news has it that a judge of the Superior Court of Quebec has already sent out an order to the local government of the province. They are asked to go and resume processing all of the applications for the Skilled Worker Program that have been placed as backlogs. There are currently an estimated 18,000 total applications that are still pending because the program has been put on a pause. The government of Canada actually wants to stop the whole program altogether. With that, it does seem that the law wants it to still comply with the processing as these individuals have done all that they can to send in those applications.

This move happened because there has been a group of immigration lawyers who have argued that the move of Quebec to actually just dismiss all of those applications is something that is totally illegal. Such a move also would really put down the morale of all of those applicants who have worked so hard to get those applications in.

Great news for applicants

Guillaume Cliché-Rivard works as the president of an organization focused on immigration in Quebec. On this news, Cliché-Rivard has mentioned that this recent update is actually a great piece of news not only for the applicants but also for the province. It means that there would be new immigrants coming in and helping out in communities and in the whole society. Skilled workers are welcomed everywhere and it is really a good thing to have them in Quebec.

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