Wednesday, December 29, 2021

New Zealand: A Country Where Sports And Recreation Is A Way Of Life For Locals And Immigrants

New Zealand is a beautiful country with plenty of its nature still pure and preserved. It is an amazing place to live in. Those who choose to travel to this country are more than happy to share that they have had great experiences being in nature and enjoying the various sports that are being practiced and played there. That is why those who are sports minded and love recreational activities are really happy to move to the country as immigrants as New Zealand surely has a lot to offer. The locals are really quite proud of their country as well given this.


It is important to understand that over half of the population of New Zealand uses their leisure time doing sports. Most of the sports that they join are major sports and group sports. One of the most popular ones is rugby football and both men and women play this sport. Of course, New Zealand is home not just to rugby football but to many other sports and recreational activities.


New Zealand in the Olympics


Given how much time the people in the country are really into sports, it is not really surprising to find teams and athletes from the country joining the Olympic games. The very first time that the country joined such a grand competition was back in 1908 when the games were held in London. That year, New Zealand competed together with the Australian team where they formed the Australasian team. It was also during that year that the country bagged its very first OIympic medal which was a bronze for the 3500-meter walk.


When the Olympics was held in 1920, that was the year that New Zealand first competed as a separate country. The athletes showed off their prowess when it joined the track-and-field events and were highly recognized for their athleticism. After that, many athletes from New Zealand showed the entire world that they can be the best and took home a number of medals in different events.


The climate plays a huge role


One of the many interesting things about New Zealand is that its climate is quite apt for many different sports and recreational activities. Plus, the differences in terrain allow for such activities to happen. These are quite constant and so activities happen all year round. People can go mountaineering or hiking any time of the year should they choose to do that. New Zealand is also home to many facilities that allow people to go skiing. There are also great spots for sailing and yachting. One of the most popular activities to do outdoors in the country is bungee jumping. This activity is surely something that not all people are ready to do but can be quite an amazing experience for those who do the jump and those who are just watching from the sidelines.




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Tuesday, December 28, 2021

Beef Wellington And How It Continuously Amazes Locals And Immigrants In The United Kingdom Alike

Who does not like food? All people love food and not just to nourish one’s body but to actually enjoy it and savor the flavors and textures. With how people become quite creative when it comes to food preparation, it is definitely not surprising just how much food options are available for people all around the world. Even immigrants who may find themselves in a new country like the United Kingdom would not have to worry because there is always something there to satisfy their hungry stomachs and their palates. One of these is the very popular beef wellington.


Beef Wellington has been around for ages and it surely is something that is quite known all over the world. However, not all people have had it. That is why immigrants who are in the UK are definitely urged to go ahead and try this amazing dish that is being offered in the country.


What is beef wellington?


Beef Wellington is a dish that is made using the best fillet steak available. It is then smothered in delectable pate. The entire thing is covered in puff pastry that is quite light but very rich in taste. Those who have tried out beef wellingtons before are more than happy to share that it is one of the best-tasting dishes out there. However, if one has the opportunity to try and taste one that is served in one of the many restaurants in the United Kingdom, it surely would be quite the experience.


This dish is something that many people really love having, especially those who are into meat dishes. It is considered to be a kind of pie and is quite a remarkable thing to have. The beef wellington is also known to be quite a really amazing delicacy in the UK, given that its origins come from this beautiful country. So there is definitely nowhere better to have it than its country of origin.


What is the secret behind the beef wellington?


There is surely no secret. It is all about using the best ingredients to make it, most especially the fillet steak. There are some variations of this in the UK though, which include making sure that the fillet steak is wrapped in crepe or even parma ham. This is done to make sure that the meat’s moisture is kept inside the meat itself. This is also a great way to ensure that the pastry does not become soggy. Another variation would be using different proteins which can include salmon or sausage. When served, it can be actually served as it is. There are some restaurants or chefs who choose to slice the beef wellington before serving so that it would be easier to handle.




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Monday, December 27, 2021

Atlantic Immigration Pilot Route Is Successful, Canada Makes It Permanent

New programs or projects usually need to be tested to see if it works or if it should be scrapped. It is often a trial and error and this is how the people behind the programs or projects know if what they created is worth keeping or discarding. This is the case for immigration routes to Canada and those that work well are made permanent. One of the most recent successful pilot programs to Canada is the Atlantic Immigration Pilot and it has worked quite well that the government has decided to make it a permanent one.


Surely, many people who may have found themselves wanting to move to Canada via this amazing program would be really quite happy to hear about this. This means that they can push on with their plans and not really have to worry if the route would not continue to accept applicants in the middle of their preparations.


How has the Atlantic Immigration Pilot program fared?


The Atlantic Immigration Pilot route may be a new program but it sure has been doing well that the government has decided to keep it on. So far, it has been able to bring in over 10,000 new individuals as permanent residents. The program is aimed at bringing in these immigrants and having them move to any of the four provinces of Atlantic Canada within a few years. And with how well the program is working, this route is now going to be a permanent thing by the first day of 2022.


Sean Fraser, the Immigration Minister of Canada, has recently stated that in the few years that the Atlantic Immigration Pilot program has been running, it has contributed a lot and made a huge difference in the many communities in the entire region that the program covers. It has also brought in the people that the areas need which are individuals who are young, skilled, and are sure to stay in the country. But the work of the government is not yet done as it is doing its best to make sure that the program stays running so as to attract more of such individuals to the Atlantic Canadian region.


History of the Atlantic Immigration Pilot


This immigration program was launched back in 2017. Since it has been operating, employers have been able to send out more than 9,800 job offers that were part of different sectors in the region which includes accommodations, manufacturing, food services, and healthcare. Aside from that, the program has also been quite effective with the fact that over 90% of the immigrants who arrived right in Canada via this route actually are still living in the region one year later. This is a really high retention rate as compared to other Canadian immigration programs.




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Thursday, December 23, 2021

Common Traits Of The Brits And Why Immigrants In The United Kingdom Should Learn About Them

Those who have been traveling often, especially those who love going to new countries, know the importance of knowing and learning about how the locals do things and what the culture in that specific country is. This may not seem like an important thing for many people but prolific travelers know that knowing this is going to be very helpful for them. It does not matter if one is a traveler or an immigrant in a country like the United Kingdom. It is important that one is familiar with the traits of the locals so interacting with them would be a whole lot natural and it would also help the newcomer not commit any newbie mistakes.


There are a number of traits that the Brits have and immigrants who have chosen the United Kingdom as their new home should be familiar with these traits. This is because they will be interacting with the locals for a longer time as compared to the usual travelers. Being able to know these traits would allow them to understand the locals better. So what are these traits? Here are some.


Sense of humor that is pretty clever


The humor that the Brits have is quite different as compared to other English-speaking countries like the United States. Their humor is more described to be pretty clever or even quite witty. Some may not be used to it but it does take some time to get used to the kind of sense of humor that they have.


Being obsessed with value of properties


It is a common trait among Brits to have this obsession with the value of properties. They are very updated with how much a property is valued to be at. It would be difficult to sell a piece of property that is overpriced given how information on properties can be easily accessed by the Brits.


The need to be politically correct


There are not a lot of people who are into being politically correct and those who may have ventured to the United Kingdom may be surprised to find out that the locals feel that there is a need to be politically correct. This may be something that immigrants may have to deal with and may be something that they should get used to.


Road rage is quite common


While it may not really seem like it as the media and social media do not really talk that much about it, the Brits are commonly bearers of road rage. They can be quite difficult to deal with on the streets.


Unhappiness with weight


It does seem that the United Kingdom is also one country that may bear unhappiness with how people weigh. Some may be unhappy with their very own weight while others may not be too keen about how other people weigh.




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Wednesday, December 22, 2021

More Than 47,000 New Immigrants Welcomed In Canada In November 2021, Breaking Monthly Record Again

For the third month straight, Canada has been able to break its record in terms of the total amount of new immigrants that it welcomed. This November 2021, the country has been able to successfully bring in even more new immigrants that are going to help Canada with its immigration plans. This is surely great news as the country has had some trouble hitting its monthly immigration target because of the pandemic that spread havoc and chaos over a year ago.


Today, with health protocols in place and vaccination rates going up, Canada has been working doubly hard to be able to make up for all those months that it had not been able to meet its monthly target. And all the hard work is definitely paying well as the country has, for three straight months, been able to bring in a huge amount of new immigrants and broken record after record in modern times. This is definitely a great thing not just for Canada but also for those individuals who have plans on moving to the country.


The immigration numbers


As per data released by the Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) recently, from January to November 2021, Canada has been able to bring in more than 361,000 new immigrants already. And for the past three months, the country was able to bring in over 45,000 new immigrants. The target for immigration of Canada is 401,000 new immigrants at the end of the year. With the numbers, it does seem like the country just may be able to meet its target quite well.


However, with the new variant of the novel coronavirus, Omicron, there may be some complications later on. But as of now, the new variant has yet to show what it can do, though many are hoping that it would not create great chaos as the Delta variant did. That way, plans to move to Canada can continue and the country would not have to deal with lower immigration levels once again.


Transitioning to permanent residency status


In the midst of this pandemic, what the Canadian government is doing is not only just bringing in the right amount of immigrants that the country needs. The government also ensures that these new immigrants soon are able to transition to becoming permanent residents of Canada. Before the pandemic happened, immigrants usually had to go through some specific requirements that may take time for them to be able to get a permanent residency status. However, the pandemic has made the government opt to transition the new immigrants faster and to ensure that they stay in the country, and not leave as soon as their immigrant visa expires. By doing so, the threat of COVID-19 is far more contained.




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Tuesday, December 21, 2021

Living The #Vanlife: A Unique Experience Immigrants In New Zealand Must Try

There are plenty of activities that immigrants in a new country can try out. Doing these activities and trying them out is going to be great for a person living in a new country like New Zealand. It allows them to enjoy the place and even learn more about the locals. This also allows them to have a lot of fun and do something that is different from what they usually do daily or regularly. All humans need some recreational activities every now and then.


In the case of immigrants who have chosen to live in New Zealand, the country is filled with tons and tons of activities that are really worth trying out. It is up to the immigrants to choose which one catches their fancy and which ones they believe are worth trying. Of course, not all activities are for the faint of heart and it is up to the person to choose if they would like to try it out. One of the many activities that people can do in New Zealand is living the #vanlife.


What is the #vanlife?


This hashtag has been around for quite some time now and as a marketing strategy, it works! Many people have been intrigued by it making them do research and learn more about it. And the more that they learn about it, the more they are interested in actually trying it out. Yes, the #vanlife is an actual activity in New Zealand and is something that individuals and even families can try out.


This activity can be done in other parts of the world as well. However, it is in New Zealand that it became quite popular. People who wish to participate in this should actually be prepared to rough it up during the duration of the activity. There are campgrounds where people can actually “camp in”. There are some that are for free and there are some that come with fees. What is interesting really is that the country is the best place for camping and living the #vanlife because of the tons of available spaces for parking and camping. Even those who are new to the whole game can enjoy it.


Living on wheels


People usually purchase their own campervans just for this as it is a lifestyle that they have already chosen. However, those who just want to try it out for a time can rent out a campervan. There are companies that offer such and there are also individuals who rent out their own campervans. The #vanlife is living on wheels for some time and choosing a grand location in New Zealand where they can enjoy the sights, the surroundings, and the freedom of not having to be too worried about time and schedules.




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Monday, December 20, 2021

Common Slang Used In The United Kingdom: An Immigrant’s Guide To The Local Talk

Communicating well and clearly with the locals is a very important aspect of moving to a new country and living there as an immigrant. This is the case for a lot of immigrants especially those who move to a country that does not primarily speak English. However, there are also countries that are open to immigrants which primarily speak English, like the United Kingdom. Moving to a country like that is easier for these newcomers, however, it is still important to understand that there are slang and lingo used in the UK that they should learn as these terms are usually embedded in how the locals communicate daily.


What are the slang or lingo that are used by the locals in the UK? Immigrants should be familiar with them and know how to use them properly. That way, when they are in the country already, they would be able to talk the talk with the locals and feel right at home. They may even impress some locals which could be the start of some great friendships.


Here are some of the slang commonly used in the UK.




This term means that a person may be looking sick, poor, or just under the weather. Some people really just do not look that good when they are not feeling okay.


Peter was feeling under the weather today but he still decided to go to work. His colleagues that he was a bit off-colour and HR decided to let him go home and just get some rest.


Off your trolley


When an individual in the UK is said to be off their trolley, this usually means that the person is behaving quite crazily.


Who knew that a few shots of tequila would make MJ go off her trolley? This is the first time that I saw her dance… while wearing a coconut on her head and empty cola bottles as shoes.


On your bike


This term, when used in the United Kingdom, is surely not the politest way of telling a person that he or she would go away.


I have told you many times over that I hate being disturbed when I’m working. Now, on your bike!




In other countries, pants are usually referred to as the shortened form of ‘pantaloons’ which are trousers. However, in the UK, pants are actually undergarments. Yes, undergarments.


Marco was trying to pack all the stuff that he would need for his two-week holiday. But he surely had to rush out to get some pants. He doesn’t want to be caught dead wearing old pants on his holiday.




The term ‘parky’ is actually used to describe weather that is cold. It is used when the weather is a bit chilly, and definitely not that cold yet.


It was a good thing Otto brought his parka. The weather was a parky today.




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Friday, December 17, 2021

Ontario, Canada Is Focusing On Bringing In Investment Worth $20 Million From Immigrant Entrepreneurs

Immigrants are quite welcome in Canada, and that is surely no secret. For years, the country has been creating programs aimed at attracting and bringing in all of the needed immigrants who can help out with things that the country needs for that period. For example, if there is a need for more immigrant workers, Canada would create a pathway to bring in all of the needed immigrant workers. And for years, Canada has successfully been able to meet its targets.


Immigrants are known to be very helpful in Canada, all thanks to the programs that the government has created. The government does not just bring in immigrants for the sake of bringing them in. Canada works well to be able to meet the demands in the country so it can target the right kind of immigrants needed. One of the most recent pathways to get to Canada nowadays would be for immigrant entrepreneurs as Ontario is aiming at getting $20 million as investment from this group.


Recruiting immigrant entrepreneurs


A new immigration project has been launched by Ontario and the goal of this is to be able to recruit and bring in 100 immigrant entrepreneurs to the province. These individuals should be able to invest at least $200,000 each in Canada which they could use to start a new business or to buy an existing business that is not in the Greater Toronto Area. Ontario has been working on helping out regions and areas in the country that has had a hard time adjusting and getting right back up after getting hit hard by the pandemic.


This project from the local government of Ontario would be running for two years. The government hopes that through this, jobs would be created, most especially in industries and sectors that need the most help. These sectors include life sciences, tourism, and information technology. Those who are qualified to enter the country through this route can actually have the chance to be up for permanent residency should the business that they started or bought be in operation for at least 18 months.


Creating jobs


Businesses and new ventures actually are beneficial not only to the owners of these endeavors but also beneficial to the local economy and the country’s economy. It also helps with employment since many of these businesses would need employees and staff to run the operations. With new immigrant entrepreneurs, Canada can ensure that unemployment can go down and people in the country can benefit from creating successful careers right in their own communities. With the program, more and more individuals who are not from big cities and urban areas can benefit from the new businesses. Most people would start ventures in bustling areas but with this program, the businesses are going to be outside the GTA which would be a great source of income for many individuals who live in that area.




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Thursday, December 16, 2021

New Inn And What Makes This Pub Quite A Popular Option For Many Immigrants And Locals In The United Kingdom

The daily grind can be stressful. Humans are known to be creatures who love to take a little break from the usual every now and then. That is why people usually do all the work on the regular and then try and then give themselves a treat after a really hard week. This is the reality not just in the United Kingdom but in many other parts of the world as well. Immigrants and locals in the country certainly do this and they try to find the best places to get that much-needed time for some relaxation.


There are people who choose to go to beautiful spots or popular destinations on holidays. However, holidays do not happen every week or every month. That is why people try to find a good and quick way to have a break weekly. To get that, one of the most popular ways of getting the stress out would be by going to a restaurant or a pub and getting great food and even greater drinks. The New Inn is surely one of the popular options.


What is the New Inn?


For those who may have taken the long journey to get to Tresco, a way to get some relaxing drinks would be highly recommended. That is definitely what New Inn offers, given that is Tresco island’s only inn. This inn in the United Kingdom can be easily found as it only takes a short walk to get to it from the quayside.


This island is small and its population is even smaller. It is usually visited by many immigrants and locals who may want to steer clear of the usual and go to a place that was quieter and more laidback. But it is the New Inn that offers a bit of a reminder of the urban life with its pub. The New Inn is made up of stone and it has been made to be really welcoming and warm for any tourists or travelers who have decided that this would be the best place to stay in. It is open and operational all throughout the year. It also offers a spot outdoors for those who may want to enjoy the sun and the good weather during summer.


What is offered by the New Inn?


Being the only inn on this island in the United Kingdom, the New Inn has some really great options. The owners certainly do not want to take advantage of the situation that they are the only inn in town. In fact, they upped the ante and made sure that the food that the establishment offers is not only good but is also very remarkable at best. Of the many options on its menu, the Tresco beef dish is one of the popular choices by its guests.




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Wednesday, December 15, 2021

How Victoria & Vancouver Island In Canada Attracts Many Immigrants And Visitors Each Year

There is just something about islands that make things different. Islands just are amazing places to be in and something really different from the usual things that mainland people see. That is perhaps why immigrants, locals, and visitors in Canada make their way to Victoria and Vancouver Island each year and enjoy all the things that this island offers. Of course, it is important to note that Victoria and Vancouver Island is not like what most people would imagine islands to be – somewhere tropical where they simply bask in the sun. But this island in Canada has a charm all on its own and that is what makes it quite unique.


What is on this island that makes it quite a remarkable place to visit? Well, here are some of the things that one must know about Victoria and Vancouver Island. Read on and learn more about this exciting and amazing place in Canada.


Where is Victoria and Vancouver Island?


To get to Victoria and Vancouver Island, one has to take a ferry and the trip should take around 90 minutes. The ferry is taken from Vancouver, which is the capital city of British Columbia. Though the starting point of the ferry journey may seem to be active and quite lively, when one reaches Victoria and Vancouver Island, one can easily notice the difference of how laid-back it is.


This island in Canada is known to be quite quaint. It is found in the southern part of Vancouver Island and the environment and culture here can be starkly different from Vancouver. Its culture still has huge nods towards its past when it was still colonized. Visitors in the place can still see British traditions being practiced here which includes having a pint (or two) at the nearby pub or enjoying some tea in the afternoon at a shop downtown. However, despite this, Victoria and Vancouver Island has a lot of exciting things to offer visitors, which includes amazing museums that show off the island’s heritage from the aborigines, wonderful architecture, as well as scenic views from the harbor. Those who are in luck may even see a whale going up to the surface from time to time.


What other things can be found on the island?


Like most places in Canada, Victoria and Vancouver Island also has amazing things to offer. There are gardens that are beautifully manicured. There are also amazing beaches to enjoy. This Canadian island also has wineries that people can visit and even try to get some wine. There is also Sooke, a vibrant town where visitors can enjoy boating and fishing. Those who plan to travel there are highly encouraged to bring their cameras as the place is surely quite picturesque.




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Tuesday, December 14, 2021

Easygoing, Can-do Attitude: Amazing Traits Of New Zealand Locals Which Immigrants Appreciate

While New Zealand is a country known for its pristine environment, naturally beautiful spots, amazing beaches, and strong economy, there are also other things that are not really that well-known about it. However, what many people really do not realize is that there is still something in the country that is worth appreciating. Immigrants who have made their way to New Zealand have been more than amazed to discover how great the locals actually are.


The locals of New Zealand are known as Kiwis and they are one of the best people on earth. Yes, that is right. They are really some of the best people on this entire globe and immigrants and travelers who have found themselves in the country are happy to share their experiences with the Kiwis. The Kiwis are known for many amazing traits and two of these are how easygoing they are and their can-do attitude. These are really quite a great combo!


Simply easygoing


People who may have been living in the country for a while would be able to understand and share just how easygoing the Kiwis really are. It is very likely that the people who have spent some time in New Zealand would have heard many locals using the phrase “He/She will be right.” This is just a quite good reflection of how the locals of the country really look at life and things in general. Those who have studied the Kiwis have found out that they are simply easygoing. They would take things as each one comes along. They also have this mindset that things will always work out well at the end of it all.


This kind of trait of the Kiwis has made a lot of foreigners really love the Kiwis. It is not every day that one gets to be with people who think like that. And it is a positive thing to have because one does not have to really stress too much about things that have not happened yet. This has also endeared Kiwis to foreigners as well as made a good amount of them choose to stay and live in New Zealand.


Can-do attitude


This trait is said to be very related to the Kiwis’ easygoing trait. Kiwis are also known to have a can-do attitude which is also a positive thing to have. Some people are not so keen on taking the leap because they always fear that they are not enough or that they cannot do it. However, the locals of New Zealand are more than happy to try out new things and even endeavor in new territory - all because they believe that they can and are able to do things. This allows them to conquer new heights.




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Monday, December 13, 2021

Tower of London: A Majestic Place In The United Kingdom Which Has Amazed Plenty Of Immigrants And Locals Alike

Immigrants who decide that the United Kingdom is the new country for them to live in is in for quite a treat. The main reason (or reasons) that they have chosen this country may vary – they can choose to go there for education, for work, or to be with family among many other reasons. However, what they really do not quite expect is that the United Kingdom is home to many beautiful and amazing tourist destinations that are surely amazing to look at and visit.


One of the great places that people in the country can go and visit would be the Tower of London. This surely is one of the most popular places that people go to each year and it has not disappointed anyone just yet. In fact, it is surely is one of the great spots that people find themselves going back to this place again and again. They even choose to bring with them more people with who they can enjoy the place with.


What is the Tower of London?


There are a lot of things that one can find in the Tower of London. The place has a prison, the main palace, an amazing vault for treasures, a menagerie, and an observatory. Because it does seem like a one-stop shop for many people who would like to see how things looked like and were done eons ago and being one of the places in the world that still has kept things intact despite the years, it is not surprising why plenty of people visit this place in the United Kingdom.


Many people all across the UK believe and deem this building as one of the most important ones in the entire country. Visiting the place would not just take a person some minutes to complete. In fact, there are just too many things to explore and discover, that a person may actually spend hours and hours on end just exploring the entire spot. And because it has been kept intact through the ages, this place has also been named a World Heritage Site.


What is the Tower of London’s history?


This tourist destination in the UK is found on one side of the Thames and its centerpiece is the White Tower. It was built by William the Conqueror back in 1078. Visitors who choose to go to this place can have a grand time learning more about the history of this place from the various exhibits there including the Line of Kings, which is the oldest visitor attraction in the entire world and has been set up back in 1652. Here, one can be amazed at the various displays of armor used by the royal guards.




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Friday, December 10, 2021

Bio-Economy Of Canada Needs New Immigrants And New Immigrant Students

The bio-economy is also known as a biobased economy and it is used to refer to any economic activity that makes use of biotechnology and biomass when it comes to producing services, energy, or goods. It is a part of the general economy. There are many countries that have a strong bio-economy and Canada is one of these. However, because of the pandemic, the economy of the country, including its bio-economy suffered. Even immigration had to be put to a halt for everyone’s safety. It did seem like nothing was spared.


It is a good thing that the government has worked with experts to ensure that the pandemic does not wreak too much havoc in the country. With health protocols in place, the country is now slowly working its way back to the levels that it enjoyed before everything became chaotic. Despite this, Canada still needs new immigrants and new immigrant students to help out, especially with its bio-economy.


The analysis on the bio-economy in Canada


An analysis was done by the government on the bio-economy of Canada. According to the results, to boost this, Canada would need around 65,000 more new workers to help out by the decade’s end. One of the major sources of labor in the country is immigration and that is why it is highly suggested that the government brings in all of the needed workers that could help out the bio-economy.


Aside from this, the analysis had also shown that more and more companies helping out the bio-economy in Canada would have a harder time getting the needed workers and professionals. This is because as each day passes, the labor market has become even more competitive in the country. Resorting to bringing in the needed immigrant workers could be a really big help for these companies. Many companies have been reliant on immigrants because this group of people are more flexible in terms of jobs and are also quite reliable.


Integrating immigrant students


Another great source of people in the labor market in Canada would be through bringing in immigrant students who have chosen to study in the country. These individuals can be a good addition to the labor market after completing their chosen programs. Of course, that would depend on the experience of the immigrant students and what program they have completed. These immigrant students can be tapped and integrated to help out with the bio-economy.


It is a good thing that the Canadian government is always on its feet when it comes to situations like this. It is highly likely that it would be creating pathways to be able to meet the demands of the labor market. This is going to be good news for many potential immigrants who can contribute to the bio-economy of the country.




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Thursday, December 9, 2021

Taboos In The United Kingdom: A Quick Guide For Immigrants

Wherever one may go as a traveler or as an immigrant, there are certain rules that need to be followed. These rules may be written or may even be unwritten and just passed down through generations. That is why it is important, most especially for immigrants in a new country, to learn about these rules so that they could follow them (or avoid them if these are taboos). In the case of immigrants in the United Kingdom, there may be a few.


While some immigrants may think that there is not really much to learn when it comes to taboos in the UK, they may have to change their minds about this. See, just like in any other country, the United Kingdom has its own share of taboos, and for good reason. These taboos are not unreasonable. In fact, they are deemed to be worth learning about because they simply are good things to follow (or just totally avoid) and reflect the culture and values that are being practiced in the country.


So what things are considered taboo in the United Kingdom? Read on and find out.


Resting one’s elbows on the table.


This may seem like something weird for many but it is simply following proper etiquette. There are some countries aside from the United Kingdom which see this gesture to be something rude. Keeping the elbows off the table is the best way to go. While some immigrants may find this one to be a bit difficult to follow especially if it is a habit that they have had for a long time, it would be a great idea to practice it especially when they are in the UK.


Staring at other people.


Most parents would often remind their children not to stare at anyone because it is a rude gesture. In the UK, the same rule applies. Though there may be times that one cannot help but stare at someone, it is best to have one’s action in check so as to avoid being marked as rude by other people, especially those who they have been staring at.


Being too close to people that they do not really know that well.


Some people are just born and made to be at ease with just about everyone. However, once they are in the UK, it would be best if they do not practice such. Most of the locals are really private people and an acquaintance who may be acting as if they know the person a lot when, in fact, they just have recently met, may find it to be intrusive and rude.


Being too personal with questions.


Another taboo in the UK is being too personal especially if they are not really that close. Some of the things that a person may not want to ask a person they recently met would be how much they earn, their stance on politics, and the like.




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Tuesday, December 7, 2021

More Than Expected: Growth In Jobs In Canada For Immigrants And Locals Fared Better In November 2021

The movement of people was one of the first things that was suppressed when COVID-19 was declared a pandemic back in March 2020. The world reeled from the shock and the changes and rules set about by the different countries to keep a handle on the disease. Canada was one of the first countries to enforce lockdowns, and allowing only individuals who are deemed to be essential workers to actually be able to go out of their homes. As per traveling, only essential travel was allowed. Even immigrants who were supposed to move to Canada had to postpone their plans because of this.


Because of these, one of the things that suffered were businesses that were non-essential. Some businesses were able to adapt because employees could do work from home. However, those who could not do that had to close up shop and wait for things to go back to normal to venture again. Many businesses closed up shop and many jobs were lost. But with how hard the Canadian government is working to keep its citizens safe while making things go back to normal, the growth of jobs in Canada has definitely improved nowadays.


The improving numbers


By putting in the proper health protocols and making sure that the health of the people is kept a top priority, the government of Canada has been able to also create a good strategy to be able to make sure that the economy and the businesses in the country do not suffer even further because of this pandemic. While some countries are having a hard time getting back on their feet, Canada has surely been able to successfully bring back the strong economy that it has enjoyed before the pandemic struck. It may have taken some time but it surely is going smoothly.


Current data from Canada’s labor force has been able to reflect how well things are going for the country. The government has been looking at the patterns and has created predictions to have a goal and see if the protocols are working well. It does seem that Canada is definitely on the right track as employment is going up. Aside from that, more and more jobs are now opening up again which definitely shows that businesses are also getting back on their feet.


The way towards economic recovery


The data from the government of Canada has also showed that unemployment has been dropping which is a good sign. In fact, it has gone down almost to the levels before the pandemic happened. The predicted number for employment was a lot lower than the actual number, which surely shows that the economy is slowly gaining its strength. This clearly shows that Canada has taken the right road towards economic recovery.




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Monday, December 6, 2021

Geothermal Valley In New Zealand Has Been Luring Many Immigrants And Locals To Come And Visit

Nature has plenty of surprises for humans and it is why humans really have been finding joy and peace in nature. There are tons of beautiful spots to visit which are amazing and refreshing. There have also been studies that showed that nature helps with stress relief a lot. This is very helpful especially for individuals who may be dealing with a variety of things that make them anxious or add to their stress levels. Immigrants who may be new in a country and dealing with homesickness while trying to be a productive individual can definitely benefit from this. That is why it is said that immigrants who are in New Zealand are quite lucky because the place has plenty of beautiful and natural spots to visit.


One of the many places that immigrants and locals in New Zealand really adore visiting is the geothermal valley, which is more known as the Te Whakarewarewa Geothermal Valley that can be found in Rotorua. It is one of the spots that show off the wonder and majesty of nature.


What is the Te Whakarewarewa Geothermal Valley?


This place is actually where one can find a good number of geysers that are still active. Geysers are sure a marvel and not everyone has the chance to see one first-hand as geysers can be found in some places only. That is why plenty of people go and visit this place in New Zealand to admire geysers. One of the geysers that can be found right here in Te Whakarewarewa Geothermal Valley is the Pohutu, which is known to be the biggest active geyser in the entire southern hemisphere.


Aside from geysers, Te Whakarewarewa Geothermal Valley is also home to a good amount of mud pools. Mud pools are actually pools that are boiling and the water here can go up to temperatures of over 200 degrees Fahrenheit.


While natural spots are in Te Whakarewarewa Geothermal Valley, there are also man-made places that people can visit. One of these is Te Puia. It is the Maori Arts and Crafts Institute in the country where the heritage of the Maori is on display. People who go there can even experience having a “steambox” meal which is cooked using ancient techniques that use geothermal power.


Staying in Te Whakarewarewa Geothermal Valley


There are people who choose to visit this place in New Zealand and then just go home when the day is over. However, some take a really long trip to get to this spot and so they would rather opt to stay in the area and enjoy the place even more in the morning or for more days. There are certain places that a person can stay in while in Te Whakarewarewa Geothermal Valley and the Aura Accommodation is one of those. This is just near Rotorua and is right on the coast of Lake Rotorua. The place uses geothermal power which is quite unique.




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