Friday, May 29, 2020

Government Of Alberta, Canada Planning On Making Changes To Immigration Rules Because Of Pandemic

The immigration policies and practices in Alberta, a province in Canada, may be changing soon to adapt to the new normal that the world is having since a working vaccine is still out of sight. Thanks to the coronavirus pandemic which has taken a grip all over the world, things have to stop being as they have been and restrictions have been put in place to stop the pandemic from doing great harm.

With that, the local government of Alberta is planning on creating changes to the rules of immigration so that the province would be able to adapt to the changing times. As per the Premier of the province, Jason Kenney, he mentioned that changes are definitely on their way as part of how the province will change its immigration practices. Immigration is a big thing not only in Alberta but also in Canada and so it is important for them to do something about this right now that restrictions and travel have become limited.

No details yet

The local government of this province in Canada has yet to release the details of the changes that would be made. However, despite this, the premier has mentioned that Alberta would be able to accommodate a certain number of new immigrants to the province. This number would definitely be lower than the usual amount that they take in per year. This is because there are still restrictions in place for global travel and the province is also currently dealing with an economic crisis because of the pandemic.

Kenney also continued to share that the government of Alberta would be urging employers in the province to exhaust what they can do so that the province would have lesser individuals who are unemployed. The pandemic has been the main cause for the growing number of unemployed individuals and Alberta has not been spared. That is why it is important that employers in the province choose to find employees from the province rather than look elsewhere.

The formal announcement

In weeks, the formal announcement of the policy changes in immigration would be made by the local government. There have been some lawyers though who have been looking at the possibilities and they have sent caution that drastic changes to the rules of immigration can have consequences. That is why it is essential that any changes to policies be given enough thought and should not be rushed to help avoid any negative consequences that could come with it.

Business owners though are quite positive despite what may seem to be dark times for the province, Canada, and the entire world. They believe that they can bounce back in due time and right now the priority would be to keep as many people as safe as possible from the coronavirus.

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Thursday, May 28, 2020

E-Learning Is Germany’s Newest Investment To Help Immigrants With Their Integration Courses

The pandemic brought about by the coronavirus has made a lot of things come to a halt. Many countries have been gravely affected by this and Germany is no exception. Because of this, the Federal Office for Migration and Refugees (also known as BAMF) has recently mentioned that it has invested around €40 million to offer digital courses for immigrants in the country. By doing so, it should help those who need the courses to continue on with their learning. These digital courses are all about integration and language.

BAMF has also mentioned that at present, the pandemic has stopped the lessons taken by the immigrants in the country. That is why the government of Germany has decided on bringing the lessons to the people via the internet. After all, there are around 220,000 immigrants already in the country who need the courses but could not continue. Thanks to the digital courses that the government has invested in, these immigrants can now continue on with learning about integration and language which they would need to be better individuals in the community.

Suspension of services from the government

Suspension of services from the government has happened in Germany, thanks to the pandemic. Among those that have been affected include the integration courses and language courses that are being coordinated by the office of the German asylum. All of the classes have been suspended starting last March 16. This meant that those who were taking the courses had to stop learning and taking the courses because they were not available for the meantime. After all, the pandemic meant social distancing and closure of non-essential businesses and other services to make sure that the virus does not spread that much.

BAMF wants to help as many immigrants in the country as much as possible despite the restrictions that have been put in place because of the pandemic. And that is why it has decided that the best way to help the immigrants in Germany that are taking the courses would be to invest around €40 million so that they can take the physical classes and make them become digital. With the courses now digital, immigrants can continue on with their lessons in the safety of their own homes.

How the digital courses are going

At present, there are now around 83,000 immigrants who have actively joined the digital courses, as stated by Uta Saumweber-Meyer, the department head for BAMF. Saumweber-Meyer also continued to disclose that there are over 7,000 tutorials available online that the BAMF has already approved. This includes virtual classrooms where lessons are given through video conferences. This is an important step especially for the immigrants in Germany since there is no assurance when normal classroom lessons would resume.

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Wednesday, May 27, 2020

Incomplete Applications For Post-Graduate Work Permits And Study Permits Will Be Accepted By Canada In These Trying Times

There are a lot of people from around the world who have been planning on studying in Canada. This comes as no surprise as the country is quite known for its excellent education system which is recognized all around the world. With that, many people wish to get new knowledge and further their educational attainments by studying in the country. This is why thousands of immigrant students find their way to the country each year.

However, because of the pandemic brought about by the coronavirus, countries have locked their doors to people coming in and in the case of Canada, immigrant students are among those who have to put their plans to a halt while the whole thing is happening. That is why the government of Canada wishes to help out these individuals who are trying to get knowledge from the country’s top universities and colleges. The government has recently issued a statement that individuals who wish to apply for their post-graduate work permits or their study permits should be able to do so even if their applications are still incomplete.

The plight of immigrant students

Although many individuals have been planning and working on the requirements needed so they can become immigrant students in Canada, the current pandemic has put all those plans to a halt. There are some agencies or departments that could not process or work on any certifications or documents that the students might be required to submit to get to Canada. The government of Canada knows this plight and so it knows that it has to adjust its rules for the time being.

As per the statement from the government of Canada, it is keeping immigrant students’ files open at present. It understands that all the needed documents required of the students may not be submitted as of present because of the pandemic. Many centers where applications for post-graduate work permits and study permits to Canada have had to close. Or if the operations are continuing, the operations have been limited. This has been the cause for many immigrant students to not be able to complete their needed requirements which include biometrics, medical exams, and travel documents.

The move from Canada

As per the Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (also known as the IRCC), any applications for study permits and for post-graduate work permits would not be refused as of present even if these applications still lack documents. It understands that the incomplete documents have resulted from the disruptions brought about by the pandemic. It will keep all applications sent in open and will request the remaining needed documents from the immigrant students. IRCC has also mentioned that depending on the document lacking, they will wait until the documents are sent to them or if they receive proof from the applicant that they have already worked on getting the documents.

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Tuesday, May 26, 2020

Immigration Helped Bring New Zealand Population Up To 5 Million

For many people around the globe, New Zealand is the best place to visit because of how beautiful it is and how friendly and nice the locals are. In the end, many of these tourists stay in the country and decide to live there. There are others who still have to go back home but they do plan and work their way to get to New Zealand as soon as possible – and this time, as an immigrant. With the strong economy, friendly people, beautiful environment, and a work/life balance being promoted there, it should not be surprising that New Zealand has become one of the most popular countries in the world.

This March, the population of the country has already hit five million. As per Statistics New Zealand, the official statistics agency of the country, this is thanks to the high surge in immigration that the country has experienced in the past number of years. This is definitely a reflection of just how much people around the world are so keen on making it to the country.

The growth in population

This country in the South Pacific region has been able to bring its population up by a million individuals. It has been able to achieve that in just 17 years. As per its population history, this is the fastest rate for New Zealand. This is as per a statement emailed by Statistics New Zealand just recently. Starting in 2013, the population of the country has gone up by 500,000. With this, the average yearly growth rate would be at 1.8%.

Brooke Theyers is the senior manager for population insights of Statistics New Zealand. In a statement, Theyers has mentioned that immigration has been quite a huge role in terms of reaching the milestone of five million in the population of New Zealand. He also continued that half of the growth in population was because of natural reasons and the other half has been because of the immigration of people from other countries. This is a big thing for New Zealand since it has a huge land area and not a lot of people. The need for more people as part of the population is essential for the country.

The current situation

Over a million individuals who live in New Zealand at present were actually born outside the country. There are also hundreds of thousands of people who were born in New Zealand who left the country to live overseas. The most common country that New Zealanders choose to live in is Australia. With the pandemic caused by the coronavirus nowadays, the immigration numbers in New Zealand have gone up. Many of the citizens of New Zealand have decided to go back home. There are also a lot fewer citizens who have chosen to leave the country.

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Friday, May 22, 2020

The Lord Crewe Arms: A Delightful Pub In The United Kingdom That Immigrants Need To Visit

There is nothing more relaxing than getting a bottle (or mug) or two of beer or ale after a hard day’s work. Or maybe go on a drinking spree when it is the weekend. Each day is an excuse to celebrate life! The current pandemic has taught us that because we really never do know what will happen to us or if today is our last day to enjoy what the world has to offer. And this is exactly what immigrants in the United Kingdom need to do if they are now allowed to go out and go get some drinks. If not, they can simply wait when this is allowed.

One of the top pubs that an immigrant in the United Kingdom can visit that would be worth the trip would be the Lord Crewe Arms. Read on and learn what this pub is all about.

Where is The Lord Crewe Arms?

It is right in the North Pennines which is known as a wild yet quaint village known as Blanchland, The Lord Crewe Arms has been named after the white habits that were first worn by the French monks who came to the area sometime in the 12th century. The pub is quite picturesque though, as people who have visited the place can attest to it. In fact, many have described it to be just right out of a storybook. It has fires crackling in the fireplace. The floors are flagstone. It also has crannies that have lit candles on top of them.

Yes, it may look ancient but the experience is definitely worth trying. Immigrants in the United Kingdom would surely have a grand time with the whole experience in this pub. It would make them feel like they have been transported to a whole new century. In this modern day and age, such pubs are quite unusual already and to experience it firsthand would be such a grand thing.

The Crewe Brew

One of the best things that an immigrant in the UK should have when they are at The Lord Crewe Arms would be the Crewe Brew. This is the specialty ale that can be found only in this popular pub. It is heavy on hops and quite golden in color. It is a product that has been made by the pub with some help from the Twice Brewed, a brewery in Hadrian’s Wall.

Crewe Brew goes quite well with some food known as Bar Bait. This platter when served includes pork cracklings that are quite crispy. It also has some scotch eggs which has their yolks all quite golden. The portions are huge and those who try them out never really complain given how beautiful the platter is and how sumptuous it is.

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Thursday, May 21, 2020

Fall 2020 Marks Changes In Study Visas And Work Visas In Canada

Many individuals all around the world have been enticed at taking further studies or taking their college education in Canada. This is not surprising given just how wonderful the education system in the country is and how it is recognized around the world. This gives those individuals who choose to study in the country an edge over other people when they are looking for jobs in their respective countries or in any other country in the world.

Recent news has it that immigrant students who plan on studying in a university or college in Canada can enroll in online courses even if they are still in their home country starting this fall. And when they are able to finish the program that they have enrolled in, these immigrant students would still be allowed to apply and get a Post-Graduation Work Permit which they can use in the country. This would allow the immigrant students to get the best of Canadian education despite the havoc brought about by the coronavirus pandemic and they would also still be able to get work experience in Canada after finishing the program.

The Post-Graduation Work Permit

Major changes are coming for the rules for the Post-Graduation Work Permit in Canada. This is definitely good news for immigrant students who may have been planning on going to Canada to study there starting this fall. This work permit allows immigrant students to get work experience in the country after they have finished the program that they have chosen to take in one of the universities or colleges in the country.

To be eligible for the Post-Graduation Work Permit, immigrant students should be able to complete a program in an accredited school or university in Canada. The program should at least be eight months long for the immigrant student to be eligible for this work permit. It is also important that the program that the immigrant student completes should lead them to get a degree, a certificate, or a diploma from the accredited educational institution. In the end, the length of the work permit would be dependent on the program that the student has completed in Canada.

The changes in Canada

With the changes in the rules, immigrant students can start working on their programs online. In normal circumstances, online courses are really not counted by Canada as a requirement to be able to apply for PGWP. However, with the coronavirus pandemic seemingly putting everything to a halt, this is the best thing that could be done for the students who wish to get the education that they want. Travel is definitely one of the hardest hit industries and so it means that immigrant students cannot easily travel to Canada to study. But the changes could allow them to continue studying online and then fly to Canada for their PGWP.

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Wednesday, May 20, 2020

The City Of Berlin: A Great City In Germany That Immigrants Need To Visit

Germany is one of the popular countries in Europe that many people would love to visit. It has also been a country that has opened its borders for immigrants especially those who can help out with the labor market, given that Germany is a country with an aging population, low birth rate, and a lot fewer people in the labor market. It has been a popular choice for many people who wish to live in the country.

However, aside from these, Germany is a beautiful country that is not only a good place to work in but also a great country to live in and explore. In this time of the pandemic, the country has definitely been one of the fastest to work on a solution and manage the spread of the virus as compared to many other countries around the world. That is why it has become even more popular among those individuals who wish to explore and live in a new place.

Berlin is one of the best cities in Germany and it is rightly so. So what it is about Berlin? Read on and find out.

The capital of Germany

Berlin is the capital of Germany. As the capital, it is not surprising that this is right where huge companies have decided to put up their headquarters. In fact, a good number of these companies are some of the largest employers not only in the country but in the entire world as well. Because of this, Berlin is a great place to look for jobs because there are plenty of job opportunities in this great city. It seems that the opportunities for jobs are endless. Those who are looking for a good career path have found themselves choosing this city over any other one.

Immigrants have been attracted to Berlin because of this and one can find a huge amount of them working and living in this brilliant German city. After all, the opportunities for jobs and career paths never seem to end right here and the numbers just continue on growing.

Bringing in the bucks (or the euros)

As per the salaries that immigrants can earn from Berlin, it does seem like the salaries here are quite competitive. Usually, many people flock to big cities but they still have to tighten their belts knowing that the cost of living is high in these places. However, for Berlin, companies here offer good enough salaries that would help people create a good financial plan for themselves despite living in a city that has high costs of living. This is also a great city in Germany which pushes entrepreneurial individuals to choose to start their businesses here. Some of the most popular businesses here are in the industries of ICT, technology, and media.

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Tuesday, May 19, 2020

Immigration Pilot Route For Agri-Food In Canada Now Launched

A pilot immigration route for the agri-food industry has been previously announced by the government of Canada. Many have been looking forward to this as it can help plenty of people – both potential immigrants who want to work in Canada and employers in the agri-food industry who need all the help that they can get. This new route to get to Canada would be a good way for potential immigrants to work their way towards getting a permanent residency status in the country especially if they are a part of certain industries under the agri-food sector.

At present, Canada is already accepting applications from interested individuals who would like to make it to the country via the program known as the Agri-Food Immigration Pilot. With the pandemic creating too much chaos at present all around the globe, this sector is definitely in need of plenty of people to help out. It is one of the essentials and it should get all of the help that it needs.

The goal of the Agri-Food Immigration Pilot

According to the government of Canada, this pilot program has been made to help address the needs for more labor workers of employers. This is most especially for employers who are part of the industries in mushroom production, meat processing, livestock raising, and greenhouse production. There are already individuals who are holders of temporary visas and are already in the country and are already doing work in these industries. They already have the option to send in their applications for a permanent residency status with the Agri-Food Immigration Pilot.

As per the Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada (also known as the IRCC), they will be accepting up to a maximum of 2,750 applicants each year for three years. The program will also be able to accept applications from the family members of the main applicants. Applications are now already being accepted by the IRCC and those who are interested can send them in until the 14th of May in 2023.

The need for more workers

Thanks to the urging from the employers in Canada under the agri-food sector, the government of the country has finally heard what they needed. That is why the Agri-Food Immigration Pilot has been created. It will help employers find and recruit the needed laborers. It would also help keep and retain the individuals in the country so that the agri-food sector can continue to run since the products that are produced in this sector are quite essential in the daily lives of people. The pilot program was supposed to be launched last end of March, however, because of the pandemic brought about by the coronavirus, it has been delayed for a bit.

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Monday, May 18, 2020

New Zealand May Be Planning On Accepting Immigrant Students In The Middle Of The Pandemic

The world today seems like it is at a standstill, thanks to the coronavirus pandemic. Countries have shut their doors to anyone who may want to go there to help contain the virus and stop it from spreading any further. New Zealand is one of the countries that has done this. It has put safety measures in place and has been one of the countries that can be deemed successful in flattening the curve. Putting a country on lockdown may not seem like a good idea though because it means that the movement of people is restricted and the economy may suffer. However, to stop the virus from creating further havoc, a lockdown is the next best thing. After all, health is more important than anything else.

Recently though, the education minister of New Zealand, Chris Hipkins, has sent out a suggestion for the NZ government. He has said that immigrant students should be made an exemption in terms of restrictions of travel to the country. Of course, there have to be additional rules in place and that is to make sure that once they arrive in the country, these immigrant students should be quarantined first. New Zealand is not the only considering this – Australia is also thinking about the same thing.

The stand of the prime minister

On May 7th, the prime minister of New Zealand, Jacinda Ardern, has been noted to say that the borders of the country will continue to be the same. This means that New Zealand will continue to close their borders for people who wish to enter the country. The only exemption to this so far would be to locals and citizens of the country who wish to go back to their homeland in the midst of this pandemic.

In the middle of this lockdown that New Zealand has in place, immigrant students are not able to get inside the country based on the rules that the government has put in place. There are some exceptions again and thus the country has been able to allow only 75 immigrant students with visas to go to the country for April alone. This number is a very small one as compared to April of last year when there were 6,774 immigrant students who arrived in the country.

The plans for immigrant students

Hipkins has stated that he is positive that his plan may be a good one. He says that it is possible that they would be able to create an arrangement for quarantine so that the immigrant students entering the country can be isolated for two weeks before joining the entire country. This, he believes, it the best way to ensure that when the immigrant students join the society of New Zealand, they would not have the virus with them.

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Friday, May 15, 2020

UK Government Planning On Pushing On With New Immigration System

The Home Office of the United Kingdom has already announced the update that employers need to know about the country’s new immigration system which would be based on points. This has been sent out last April 9, 2020. The new immigration system would be taking effect by January of next year. At present though, the entire world has seemingly come to a halt because of the pandemic caused by the coronavirus. Despite this, the Home Office has decided on still pushing on with the new system for immigration and on the same date as previously scheduled.

This definitely reflects that the United Kingdom government is still quite decided on using the new immigration system despite anything. It should also be a reflection of how the government has put its trust in the new system that they have put together. It would be a good thing though because it means that the UK still recognizes the country’s need for immigrants and it is doing something about it to make sure that the country still brings in immigrants who they see fit.

The requirements for the system

As outlined in a statement of the policy last February 2020, the new system which would be based on points would need that the immigrants coming via the skilled worker pathway should have 70 points so that they would be eligible to send in an application for a visa. Aside from this, the immigrant should also have a job offer from an employer in the United Kingdom and this offer should be a valid one. The job that the immigrant worker should have needs to be at the skill level that is appropriate for the person. Immigrants should also be able to fulfill the requirement of the country in terms of the English language. It is also important that immigrants should be able to meet the salary rate that is based on their occupation or should at least have a minimum threshold for their salary that amounts to £25,600.

These are the requirements that the new immigration system in the UK is asking for from immigrant workers who are in the country. If immigrant workers are able to meet the requirements, they can then send in their applications for a work visa.

The need for essential immigrant workers

The current pandemic has shown just how important essential workers are to the country. This is why people and organizations are urging the UK government to do something about this so that the country can get the essential workers that the country currently needs badly. These essential workers include retail assistants, delivery drivers, cleaners, and care workers. They are currently categorized as individuals with lower skills.

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Thursday, May 14, 2020

Processing Of Visas For Temporary Workers Expedited In Canada

In Canada, the government has a new policy and this has been made that that temporary workers would be allowed to get to work in just 10 days. This is as compared to having to wait for 10 weeks after immigrants send in their applications to get a temporary work visa and a work permit. With the new policy from the government of Canada, temporary immigrant workers can already start doing their work even while they are waiting for the processing of their applications to be completed. They can start work as long as they already have a job offer in the country.

The reason behind this move is that, as per the government of Canada, the time that a temporary worker has to wait to start doing this job would be greatly reduced and this is a good thing. Jobs can be done as soon as possible and operations of businesses can continue. The difference between waiting 10 business days to waiting 10 weeks is quite big. Thanks to this new policy, temporary immigrant workers would not have to wait that long.

A temporary policy

This policy is only temporary though. It is a response done by the Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada (also known as the IRCC) to the need of Canada for more people in the labor market. The current coronavirus pandemic has put a toll in the labor market in the country and this policy would help give a solution to that. With many temporary immigrant workers in the country who do not have jobs because of the pandemic, they are also not able to leave the country as needed because there have been are a reduction of flights in the country and restrictions on travel.

The IRCC is going to tap into these unemployed temporary immigrant workers who are stuck in the country. There are still plenty of businesses and employers in Canada that need temporary immigrant workers like those who are in the industries of agri-food, healthcare, and agriculture. This policy would be very helpful for both temporary immigrant workers who may need jobs and for businesses in industries that are vital during these dire times.

Getting a temporary work visa

Previous rules have it that temporary immigrant workers have to apply to get a new permit. To get this, they should have a new employer in Canada. They should also have a permit before starting their job.

However, the new yet temporary rules state that temporary immigrant workers in the country can already send in their applications for a temporary work visa to be authorized to work in Canada as long as they already have a job offer. This application will be decided on in 10 business days and the applicant will be sent a notification to their email.

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Wednesday, May 13, 2020

Immigration Has Been Helpful In Keeping Healthcare System In Germany Strong

For years, Germany has been experiencing a shortage when it comes to doctors. As of the previous year, a warning from the German Medical Association has been sent out which says that there may be bottlenecks in considerable amounts in the country’s medical care. That is why the German government has been doing the best that it can to bring in the needed immigrant doctors to help out the entire country. Germany has been suffering from an aging population and low birth rates which means a lower number of people are in the labor market.

With the coronavirus pandemic at present, Germany has seen the importance of immigrants in providing medical care for the people in the country. Immigrants have been quite essential in keeping the medical industry strong in Germany and the government recognizes this. The government has created measures to make sure that the virus does not spread a lot and help the healthcare system not get overloaded. It has also made sure that the healthcare industry is well-equipped with people to help out and that includes immigrant workers.

Tapping immigrant doctors

With the pandemic creating chaos in the healthcare system in Germany, the government has decided on tapping potential resources that could help them out. One of the groups that have been tapped to help out provide support for the health industry is the immigrant doctors in Germany who are still waiting for their accreditation. They may not have accreditation yet but they have already been asked to help out by providing their services and skills to those who need it. Thanks to the Saxon State Medical Association, this initiative has been put together.

Knut Kohler works as the spokesman for the association and he said that the organization has first sent out their call through Facebook. This initiative is based on data that the association has put together. By adding more staff to the healthcare industry, the current workers would not be overloaded with the jobs that they have to do. The pandemic has brought about more patients to hospitals than usual and many of the healthcare staff have become overworked and overloaded. Kohler has also shared that the immigrant doctors who are still waiting for their accreditation have been tapped by the government already to help out but they would only be working if they are supervised by physicians licensed in Germany.

Responding to the call

There are around 130 immigrant doctors in Germany who are now practicing medicine even without the needed accreditation. They have responded to the call for the need for more immigrant doctors to help out beat the coronavirus pandemic. There are hospitals in the country that are in dire need of doctors and the response from these doctors has been very helpful.

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Tuesday, May 12, 2020

Despite The Coronavirus Pandemic, Canada Has Increased Its Target for Immigration

For Australia and Canada, immigration is a very essential part of how their country runs. Immigration for both these countries has been very helpful in terms of keeping their economies strong. In the past decades, these two nations have been relying heavily on individuals awarded with permanent residency visas as well as those with temporary visas – and these people include immigrant workers and immigrant students. These people help the countries’ population, the growth of their economies, and the labor market.

During this time of the pandemic brought about by the novel coronavirus, Australia and Canada have decided to take different routes in terms of immigration. While Australia has decided on changing its plans for immigration by lowering the number of immigrants that it would be accepting, Canada has decided on upping the ante in terms of accepting new immigrants. The reasons for such are varied as well but it is important to keep in mind that these changes have been done not in haste but with careful studies and planning.

Immigrant students and other immigrants help the economy

As per the data from Canada, immigrant students are able to bring in around $22 billion per year to the economy of the country. Aside from this, these individuals also help support 170,000 jobs in total. This is how huge the contributions of immigrant students are to the country. Canada is home to a huge number of immigrant students who choose to go to the country for further education. This is not surprising given that the country has many universities and colleges that offer topnotch education in various fields. The education that immigrant students in Canada get are also world-renowned and so their diplomas would be acknowledged all around the world.

Aside from this, the population of Canada is at 38 million, and 22% of that are immigrants. This is a really huge thing and it shows just how huge the number of immigrants is in the country. Canada would not be accepting such a huge amount of immigrants if they are not contributing anything to society. Immigrants in the country are known to help the economy, as well as help, create jobs for everyone there.

Canada’s immigration plans

Since the late part of the 1980s, Canada has been increasing the number of immigrants that it is accepting each year. In the most recent years, the country has become more aggressive with their goal of bringing in more immigrants as it has been able to see just how huge immigrants bring in supporting the country’s economy. And now, despite the pandemic, Canada has decided on still continuing on its program of bringing in more immigrants who would be able to help out the country in their own ways.

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Monday, May 11, 2020

Visa Law Powers Granted By Gov’t Of New Zealand To Itself For One Year

COVID-19 is a disease that is caused by the novel coronavirus and it has been bringing a lot of chaos to the entire world as we know it. This is why countries like New Zealand have been making sure that the people in its territory are safe and that they fight the virus as soon as possible and hope to take things back to normal as soon as possible. This is why the country’s government has amended its immigration law on a temporary basis so that it would become more flexible as well as more responsive so the country could take on the challenges brought about by the virus.

The government of NZ has mentioned that a bill will be opened in the Parliament and this bill would support and make way for an efficient management of changes to visas. Iain Lees-Galloway, the Immigration Minister, has said that this bill would be able to provide solutions that are pragmatic and would offer great help to the challenges that the country is facing. Lees-Galloway also said that doing this would be a practical way of doing things so that managing changes to visa rules can be quickly done especially when there are huge amounts of immigrants in the country who cannot leave because of the pandemic.

Limited powers of the bill

According to Immigration New Zealand, the bill that will be introduced would have limited powers which would allow the government to do the following:
  • Impose, change or even cancel visa holders of temporary entry’s conditions for classes
  • Change or even cancel visa holders of resident class’ conditions for classes
  • Extend the dates of expiry of the visas for classes of people
  • Grant visas to people and classes of people despite not having an application
  • Waive any requirements that are regulatory for certain classes of application
  • Waive the requirement that is needed to get a transit visa
  • Suspend the capacity to have applications for a visa or to submit expressions of interest needed for applying for a visa by classes of people
  • Remove the permission for entry of individuals who may arrive in the country via a private aircraft or a marine vessel (this is done to align these individuals with others who come to the country via commercial flights and may be refused entry)

The need for such

Lees-Galloway has continued to share that the current Immigration Act that New Zealand has comes with limited abilities when it comes to dealing with applicants who come as a class or as a group of people. He also continued that the current settings are proving to be quite difficult for the government to give a response in an appropriate manner especially in terms of changing or extending a huge number of visas.

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Friday, May 8, 2020

Wonderful Windsor: A Historic Town In The United Kingdom That Immigrants Can Explore

Many countries around the world may be in lockdown right now but in no time soon, the lockdowns will be lifted and people can start exploring the world again. Of course, it is important that safety is key at this moment, and safety is also ensured in the future for people. So for the time being, people who are thinking about moving to the United Kingdom as immigrants can go and learn about the beautiful things that the country has to offer. One of these beautiful spots that immigrants can explore in the United Kingdom would be Windsor.

Where is Windsor?

Windsor is a town full of history. It can be easily visited as it is right in the west of London. To get there, immigrants in the UK can simply take a train ride which would only be quite short.

Windsor has a lot of activities that are fun and exciting and they are available not only for immigrants but for tourists as well. Its setting is quite lovely being by the side of the Thames. One can also find a number of half-timbered structures and buildings that were built during the medieval times. The place also has laneways that are made from cobblestone – they are beautiful to look at and makes one feel really happy to be on laneways that are quaint and quite old.

The Windsor Castle

One of the most famous castles that has been home to the royal family of the United Kingdom can be found in Windsor and it is the Windsor Castle.  It is old and quite grand. It has become the home for the summer of the royal family for over a thousand years. William the Conqueror was the first to use this place as his summer spot back in 1078. The castle is also known as the largest castle in the world that is inhabited.

A visit to this castle in Windsor would allow immigrants to enjoy the beauty of the structure in itself as well as the wonders that are inside it. See, this castle in the United Kingdom has State Apartments that are quite splendid and that is where one can find the dining hall as well as the Queen’s Gallery. These have painted ceilings that are quite astounding. The woodcarvings are also something that is worth a second look. The St. George’s Chapel is also in the Windsor Castle and this is the famous home of many Ladies and Knights who have been part of the ancient organization known as the Order of the Garter.

Aside from the castle

Windsor is not just about the castle. The town also offers plenty of other places to visit and enjoy which includes Legoland Windsor as well as the Royal Ascot.

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Thursday, May 7, 2020

Applications For Immigration In Alberta, Canada Are Being Processed Despite The Coronavirus

The world has seemed to have come to a halt because of the pandemic brought about by the virus known as the coronavirus. However, countries are trying their very best to make sure that the virus is vanquished as soon as possible and they are also doing their very best to make sure that things go as normally as possible. And that is why Alberta in Canada has been making sure that applications for immigration to the province continue on.

Since April 29, the province of Alberta has started to continue on with their operations. To make sure that all people involved in this are kept safe, special measures have been put in place. This would ensure that the process continues on and that applications are attended to. This province of Canada has announced that they will continue to receive applications and they will process them. With the new safety measures in place, these things can continuously be done without having to sacrifice the safety of the people working on them.

Accepting applications

Via the immigration programs that Alberta has, people from around the world who are interested in becoming an immigrant in Canada can continue to send in their applications. Of course, it is important that all of the requirements and documents needed of them would be submitted. As per the province, they will be accepting applications including all of the document requirements as well as forms that have been signed. To confirm the authenticity of all of the signatures as well as the documents that have been submitted, applicants may be getting a phone call or an email.

The exceptions

Individuals can also send in incomplete applications granted that they meet some requirements which include the following:
  • They sent in their applications on April 30 onwards.
  • An explanation written by the applicant which discusses why they have submitted an incomplete application.
  • Include proof that the document has already been requested.
  • Include proof that the party that issues the needed document has stopped operations because of the coronavirus.

Applications who may have sent in their applications on April 29 or before that and could not send in complete documents should do these:
  • Include an explanation written by the application which discusses why they could not send the needed documents.
  • Include proof that the document has already been requested.
  • Include proof that the party that issues the needed document has stopped operations because of the coronavirus.

Applications that are incomplete would be held by Alberta for a total of 60 days starting from the date that the application was sent. When the application has been held for 45 days, the province will decide if the hold will be given an extension which would another 60 days. The maximum period that an application can be held would be six months.

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Wednesday, May 6, 2020

Immigrant Doctors And Medics Are Being Called On By Germany To Help Battle COVID-19

The health authorities in Germany are calling on all of the qualified immigrants who are doctors and medics to help the country out with their battle against COVID-19. Caused by the coronavirus, COVID-19 has brought havoc not only in Germany but in many countries around the world as well. At present, Germany has had a rising number of nurses and doctors who have become ill with the disease or have been put in quarantine because they have been exposed to people afflicted with the virus. This has caused a shortage of the medical staff in the country.

The country’s health service may be one of the strongest around the world but with a lot fewer staff doing the needed work, the country needs more medical personnel to help out. With more and more people getting infected by the coronavirus, the health care system in Germany is feeling exhausted. And even if there are a lot fewer nurses or doctors who are ill or in quarantine, the hospitals surely would still have staff who are overworked, which is surely not a good thing.

The government is doing its best

The government of Germany has been doing its part to make sure that the country is equipped and ready to fight the pandemic. It has already added more beds for intensive care. The country used to have around 24,000 of these beds before and now there should be around 40,000. Most of these beds come with ventilators which is a very important and crucial machine that people infected with the coronavirus would need when they are really in a bad condition.

Aside from that, the staff of hospitals has also gone through retraining so as to make sure that they are ready and prepared to do all of the needed work. This is an emergency and they would need to be ready for the battle that they are facing.

Non-essential operations all around Germany have also been cancelled by the government to help lessen the spread of the virus. Businesses and activities that are considered to be non-essential have been put to a halt.

The need for more medical personnel

Despite all of the preparations that the government has been doing, the health care system in Germany still needs more medical professionals to help out. They would be caring for more patients as well as help increase the testing of individuals for the virus. These individuals would also be helping do contact tracing. That is why the government is making sure that the country gets all the help that it can get by having a program that would help bring in immigrant doctors and nurses and other medical personnel who would help out during this emergency.

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Tuesday, May 5, 2020

Immigrant Students In Canada Get Help From The Country

Canada has been the destination for many people around the world to travel in. It has also been a destination for people who wish to work where there are greener pastures. And it has also been a place for people who wish to pursue further studies. In March this year, the country has been doing its best and asking for help to assist all of the immigrant students who are in the country and have been experiencing some difficulties because of the pandemic brought about by the coronavirus.

This is a good thing for the immigrant students in Canada because there are a lot of them who go to the country each year and study there. These students have been very important for society and the economy of Canada. There are around 640,000 immigrant students in Canada each year and they study in the many colleges and universities that the country offers. Numbers have it that these immigrant students contribute around $22 billion to Canada’s economy on a yearly basis and they also help give around 200,000 locals jobs.

Recognizing the need to help immigrant students

Canada has recognized that the immigrant students in its territory have been experiencing difficulties because of the pandemic that has been doing a lot of disruptions the world over. That is why the country has decided that it would be creating special measures that would help the immigrant students that it has. These measures would also be helping not just the current students there but also all of the other immigrant students who would be joining Canada in the future.

This move from the government of Canada has been well appreciated by many people around the world and not just by the immigrant students in the country. It just reflects that the country is concerned about the people who are in their country even if they are not citizens there. The pandemic is seen not to stop any time soon and so it is very important that Canada plans well to make sure that immigrant students are taken care of.

Extending their stay

Current immigrant students in Canada and may need to extend the time of their stay in the country because of the pandemic are eligible to do so. This also rings true for former immigrant students who may now hold a Post-Graduation Work Permit. These people can actually go and take advantage of the implied status which would be very useful while the Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada would be reviewing their applications for an extension of their work permit or study permit. This way, the immigrant students or former immigrant students can continue what they are doing in the country based on the conditions given to them when their original permit was granted.

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