Wednesday, June 30, 2021

A Few Helpful Phrases For Immigrants To Learn Before They Actually Move To Canada

For years and years, thousands and thousands of people have been interested in making it to Canada as immigrants. They would do the best that they could do to be able to make it to the country and prepare all of the requirements that the government of the country asks them to have. However, what many people really do not know is that if they were to become immigrants in Canada, they also have to prepare for being able to communicate with the locals.


Yes, that is true. See, despite Canadians speaking English in most parts of the country, the English language is a very dynamic one and there are variations or lingo or slang that are developed in one area or by one group. These lingo or slang can sound like it is from the English language but it can mean a totally different thing from what people may actually think they are. That is why learning about a few slang or lingo can be very helpful especially when immigrants are talking to the locals as the locals may use slang without really thinking too much about it.


Without further ado, here are some of the slang or lingo that immigrants in Canada may want to learn before they actually move to the country. After all, communicating with the locals may be something that they cannot really do away with once they step on the plane to get to the country.


Pencil crayons


Pencil crayons are simply colored pencils. Canadians simply call them that.


My younger sibling was so happy when she was gifted some coloring books and a box of pencil crayons. It was what she had wanted for a long time.




Not a lot of people really love the cold weather that is why some of them escape the winters by going to a new place that is not as cold. Those who do are called ‘snowbirds’ by the locals of Canada. These snowbirds usually head for places or countries where the weather is tropical and they get access to beautiful beaches.


Amber’s parents are snowbirds and she never really had totally experienced winter since the whole family always went to a tropical destination when the temperature starts to drop.


What you sayin’?


This phrase may seem like there is nothing really special with it but in Canada, this slang actually is used when a person is asking another person what they are doing. In fact, it is safe to say that ‘What you sayin’?’ actually means ‘What are you doing?’ or ‘What’s up with you today?’


I’m bored tonight, Camille. What you sayin’?


That’s jokes


This is used to describe something that is funny or totally hilarious.


Ozzy saw a dog wearing a pair of pyjamas and he thought, ‘That’s jokes!’




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Tuesday, June 29, 2021

Schnitzel: A Favorite Dish For Many Immigrants And Locals In Germany

Food. It may sound like something so basic but because humans are creative and really love having a lot of options, there are now a lot of food options available. Humans want a variety of things to eat and different ways of preparing dishes so that they would taste differently. That is why there are now a lot of food choices for everyone. Germany is definitely no exception and immigrants and locals get to enjoy various dishes that are available in the country.


Meat is definitely one of the main food items that people love to eat, except for the vegetarians and vegans, of course. People have been able to create various ways to prepare and even preserve meat. One of the top meat products and dishes that is famous around the world and is quite popular in Germany is the schnitzel. It is an amazing meat dish that has made a lot of people want to get more of it after tasting it.


What is a schnitzel?


The schnitzel is known in the country and there are two major varieties. One of these is the Wiener Schnitzel. It is made up of veal that has been sliced thinly. This piece of veal is then covered in flour, dipped in egg, and rolled around in bread crumbs. It is then deep fried in a lot of oil or even butter. It is considered to be cooked when it turns a golden brown.


There is another version of the schnitzel in Germany and it is the Schnitzel Winer Art. This is just about the same as the Wiener Schnitzel except that this one makes use of pork instead of veal for the meat. Not a lot of people do realize the difference though especially those who are not that familiar with the language. That is why it is best to know the difference especially for those who may not have a liking for veal or for those who cannot eat pork.


Who’s behind the schnitzel?


There has been a number of hearty discussions really about where the schnitzel came from. Some say that it all came from Austria since the Wiener Schnitzel is actually named after the capitol of the country. Some even say that it may have been Italy because the Italians really love Escalopes. And then a lot of people from Germany claim that it came from their country. There really is no definite answer as of the moment and those who are really interested are looking for an answer. But who knows? It can come from any one of these countries – or even from another country which may have been keeping silent all these years regarding the origins of this amazing dish.




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Monday, June 28, 2021

Immigrants And Locals In The United Kingdom Enjoy India Pale Ale When Relaxing

If there is one interesting about the locals of the United Kingdom that immigrants should be aware of, it is that the Brits really enjoy a bottle or so of some alcoholic drink like beer or ale after working hard for a day or for a week. It is their way of relaxing and so immigrants can definitely find a good number of pubs or restaurants that serve various local ale or beer or other alcoholic beverages.


One of the beverages that the people in the UK are able to enjoy is India pale ale. It is something that is not usually found in many countries but it surely is one of the beer options that many people in the UK really love having. They find it delicious and it gives them the kick that they are looking for in an alcoholic beverage and it definitely is worth learning about.


What is India pale ale?


This drink is known to be quite an intriguing style of beer. Where it originated is still going through a lot of dispute though the strongest contender would be that this drink started off as an export. It was said to have been brewed in the United Kingdom and then transported to the colonies of the British which included India. The beverage was brewed in the UK because it was just too hot to brew this type of beer in the country’s colonies.


Keeping the beverage fresh


Since this beverage had to be transported and the journey took a long time to complete, those who were brewing the India pale ale had to add more levels of alcohol as well as adding in more hops to the recipe. By doing this, the beer was preserved and kept fresh to withstand the length of the journey so the colonies can enjoy it.


It is important to understand though that there have been references to the India pale ale and the very first one was dated to around the 1830s. However, people who have been studying the origins of this beverage believe that this drink may have actually been made a lot earlier than what has been documented.


Reintroduction to the market


This drink has been gone from the shelves and the market in the United Kingdom for quite some time and it has been recently reintroduced. Many people who do not even know its past and were more than willing to try it have found it to be quite a good choice. The version of the India pale ale nowadays has more hop to it. There are also versions that have been given more flowery ingredients or spicy ingredients. There is also an American version that has pine and tropical fruit.




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Friday, June 25, 2021

Dessert And Soup: Two Foods In Canada That Proved To Be A Delight For Immigrants

Dessert and soup are two foods that are not given that much attention by people because they are not really that basic. People would rather focus and give attention to full meals or meals that would make them feel really satiated and satisfied and we really cannot blame them for that. It is just about being practical in a way. However, for new immigrants in Canada, there are two foods that can quite fetch a good amount of attention without them being a full meal.


These two foods are a dessert and a soup. They are amazing in themselves and are a real treat. They may not really be a full meal but it is worth every cent that one pays for them. Yes, they are really delicious and can also be quite an experience. Immigrants who have tried these two out are more than happy to suggest it to other people and to recommend it to those who have not tried them out yet. These two foods are the Nanaimo bars and the split pea soup.


What are Nanaimo bars?


Nanaimo bars are actually dessert bars and they are rich and comes with three layers – crumb mixture, butter icing that is vanilla-flavored, and some luscious melted chocolate. This is a delicious treat for many immigrants who are in Canada and is quite a favorite among locals.


The origins of this sweet food have yet to be confirmed though. One of the oldest recipes that were found was published in 1952 for what was called “chocolate squares” which was part of a book that had the title “The Ladies Auxiliary to the Nanaimo General Hospital”. Then in 1953, a cookbook then had the very first recipe that used “Nanaimo bars” for the treat.


It is interesting to note though that in 1985, Nanaimo’s mayor actually wanted to find the best recipe for the Nanaimo bar that really defined what it was. Thus, a competition was held and it was a woman named Joyce Hardcastle who won and her Nanaimo bar recipe is published on the website of this city.


Split pea soup


Split pea soup is a classic food that is quite well known to be from French-Canada. The very first versions of this used meats that have been cured as well as dried pea since the people who first made this soup were French explorers who found their way to Canada. They also added some vegetables that they grew and harvested from the land that they have settled in. The soup that they made has become a favorite and a classic that it is still being enjoyed a lot these days. Locals also say that this is not just a staple in the country but a tradition as well.




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Thursday, June 24, 2021

Immigrants Needed In New Zealand As Aged Care Sector Claims Locals Are Not Keen On Doing The Job

While this country is known for its tons of beautiful spots that are pristine, clean, natural, and kept preserved, what not a lot of people do not know about New Zealand is that the locals are not that keen on doing several types of jobs. The Kiwis may be proud of what the country has accomplished but they are not that keen on doing what they can to help out especially if it means sacrificing a lot of things on their end. This is true not for everyone but it is quite applicable for most of the younger people in the labor market.


With the recent update from the government of the country, workers in the aged care sector are becoming more and more concerned. Right now, they are already trying to do their best with the limited amount of people who are interested in working in the industry. And the update from the government may even make things worse as the government plans on focusing on bringing in more skilled immigrant workers – and those who work in the aged care sector are not considered to be a part of this group.


The need for people to care for the aged


The population in New Zealand is actually aging. More and more people are reaching their retirement age and with a low birth rate, there are fewer and fewer individuals who are joining the labor market. This is a big issue that needs to be taken care of by the government and one of the ways that the country is coping is by bringing in immigrants. With the new focus that the New Zealand government has announced, there would be a lot fewer individuals who would be coming in to help out with the aged care sector, which currently needs more individuals to help out.


Being a caregiver is no easy job but it is also not considered to be a part of the skilled immigrant workers group. This is what concerns the professionals working in the industry. They are urging the government to actually look deeper into the issue and see that there is a need for more people to work in this industry. The locals, especially the younger ones, are not too keen on doing the tasks that come with being a caregiver and so immigrants just may be the answer.


The current situation


There are around 40,000 beds for aging individuals in New Zealand who may not have family or who are not able to get cared for by their own family. They are the ones who need care and attention all of the time. This is a big number given that only 22,000 health care professionals actually look after them 24/7 which is a pretty important yet tiring job.




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Wednesday, June 23, 2021

Study Suggests Canada Should Award More Low-Skilled Immigrant Workers With Permanent Resident Visas

The governments of countries study issues that are happening in their own territory. It helps them understand what issues need to be addressed and from there, they create a plan on how to address the issues at hand. In the case of Canada, one of the things that the government has been dealing with is immigration. The thing is, immigration is not really an issue but instead, it is the solution to a number of issues that the country has.


Canada is known to be a beautiful country with a strong economy. However, what not a lot of people know is that this country is also facing issues in terms of its labor market and its population. Its population is aging and that means a lot fewer people in the labor market. There is also a low birth rate in the country. To be able to get things in the right order, Canada brings in more immigrants to help out. Of course, it is important to note that the government does not just bring in immigrants – it creates different pathways depending on the kind of immigrants that the country needs.


A study done on temporary residents in Canada


Recently, a study was done by a university in Canada and it looked into the state of temporary residents in the country. According to the results of the study, the government of Canada should put in more effort to keep all the temporary residents in the country that are classified as lower-skilled immigrant workers. This study has been published recently and has looked into the status of immigrants in the country and created recommendations on what the government can do to help the country become better.


On an annual basis, the country awards more than 350,000 immigrants with permanent residency status. Of this amount, only a third are actually new immigrants. The rest are individuals who have been living in the country on a temporary basis. The country continues to do this despite the pandemic, and it has made sure that safety and health protocols are in place for new immigrants.


The need for low-skilled immigrant workers


While Canada has focused more on the high-skilled immigrant workers, the pandemic has definitely exposed the truth that the country should also focus on low-skilled immigrant workers who are already in the country. Canada should work on keeping these low-skilled immigrant workers who are now deemed as essential workers who do a lot of work that had surfaced during the pandemic. Providing them permanent residency visas should allow them to stay in the country and do more. They can continue doing the work that they do, which is definitely a good thing for them and for Canada as well.




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Tuesday, June 22, 2021

Phrases Used In Germany Which Immigrants Can Learn To Use When Getting Around The Country

Aside from knowing where a new immigrant in a country will be living, they would also most likely want to learn where to find the best spots to get great food from and the groceries as well. They should also want to learn where they will be doing their business – be it their place of work, their school, or their place of business. This happens to many immigrants in various countries including Germany and it is important for these new people to know how to get about and around the new country that they are living in.


In the case of Germany, public transport is really one of the best in the world. Just like most Germans, the country’s public transport system is quite excellent and very efficient. Public transportation is never late, is always clean, and has the right temperature. It is quite convenient for all and using public transport is never an excuse that can be used in this country.


With that, immigrants in Germany should know the phrases that are commonly used in the country to be able to get around and go to the places where they want to be. Here are some of the terms and phrases that people may want to learn.




This is a term that is used to refer to the Untergrundbahn, which is basically an underground train found in the country, and in Berlin specifically. It is quite fast and would quickly take people to their destinations quickly.




This is a term in Germany that is used to refer to the Stadtschnellbahn which is actually a fast train that runs in the inner portions of a city. This train also runs below the ground and is also the best option for fast and efficient transport.


Mit welchem Zug/mit welcher U-Bahn/mit welcher S-Bahn komme ich nach Berlin?


For people who are travelling and would like to ask what train should be taken to get to a certain location (in this example, Berlin), this is the sentence to use. It basically translates to “Which train/U-Bahn/S-Bahn do I have to take/ride in to get to Berlin?” By asking this, immigrants can be informed about the right train to take to get to their chosen destination.


Von welchem Gleis aus fährt der Zug?


Immigrants may know the train that they would be taking to get to their destination, however, they may not really know the exact platform where they can ride the train. To ask the locals about the platform, this is the sentence to use. It is translated to English as “Which platform is the train leaving from?” This would allow an immigrant to know where to wait for the train so they can go to wherever they would like to go in Germany.




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Monday, June 21, 2021

Filling An Empty Stomach: Two Dishes In The United Kingdom Which Can Fill The Hungry Tummies Of Immigrants In The Country

Some people say that a person should never go a day with an empty stomach. Well, all people do not like going through a day with nothing in their stomachs. Some become grumpy and some just do not act like people at all because of this. That is why immigrants in the United Kingdom are highly recommended to try and find the best grub in town so that they would be able to fill their stomachs with something warm and delectable, which would definitely help them get through the day in a good mood.


Two of the really delectable dishes that immigrants can find and enjoy when they are in the United Kingdom would be bangers and mash, and steak and kidney pie. Yes, these are full meals and are definitely determined to make sure that the stomach, the heart, and the mouth of people who have them are totally filled with tasty food and a great experience.


What are these? Read on and find out.


Bangers and mash


In normal language, bangers and mash actually is simply sausages and mashed potatoes. It is one of the very popular dishes that immigrants can find in the United Kingdom. It is quite known as a proper meal that is very homely and a traditional one at that. It is a common choice for hungry locals and immigrants in the country because it is basically a simple meal but it is very filling and quite satisfying. Those who have tried it out are really amazed at the creamy mashed potatoes which can also be cheesy, depending on who’s behind the preparation of the dish. Adding a bit of butter can make it even more amazing.


Some people who are good at preparing this know that they can opt not to add butter while cooking the entire thing. Instead, they would serve some butter along with the dish so that the people who would eat them would be able to put in the amount that is good for their palate. It may be filled with calories but it sure is something unforgettable.


Steak and kidney pie


Those who are looking for something that may be on the savory side can definitely find this dish in the United Kingdom to be quite a great find. This dish is known as the steak and kidney pie and it is one of the most popular pies in the entire country. It may not be safe to say that it is the most popular but it surely is vying for that spot in case it is not yet at the top. Locals really love this pie and immigrants are quite lucky to find that such can be found in plenty of shops around the UK.




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Friday, June 18, 2021

Immigrants Viewed As Major Factor In Economic Recovery In Canada

The entire world reeled from the effects that were brought about by the COVID-19 pandemic. Countries had to enforce lockdowns. People were not allowed to go outside their homes unless they were essential workers. Businesses had to close up shop. Working at home became the norm. Immigration to countries like Canada had to be put to a halt. All these were done so that the virus that causes the disease would not spread to more people. However, the economy was greatly affected because of this.


When more knowledge was known about the virus and the right health protocols in place, countries are starting to look towards economic recovery. Canada is definitely one of those countries and with how the government has been able to properly handle the pandemic in their own territory, it is not surprising just how quickly it has been able to start working on its economic recovery plans. One of these is focusing on bringing in more immigrants.


Why is there a need for more immigrants?


It is a good thing that even before the pandemic, Canada and its citizens have recognized the importance of immigrants in the country. That is why it makes sure that it brings in a lot of new immigrants each year depending on what the country needs. For example, if there is a need for more immigrants who would be doing engineering work and jobs, then Canada would definitely be creating a program that would bring in the needed skilled immigrant workers.


In the case of this pandemic, Canada is bringing in more immigrants who have definitely shown that they are going to be a great help to the recovery of the economy of the country. Experts and the government of the country have definitely seen the huge benefits that immigrants bring to the country in terms of economy and having new immigrants join the country is going to be a big help in terms of this goal.


High immigration levels


Canada has definitely recognized what immigrants can bring to the table and that is why it has made sure that it gets the right amount of immigrants each year. This can be seen in the high immigration levels that Canada has each year. In fact, this country has definitely one of the highest levels of immigration in the entire world. Residents who are first-generation immigrants in Canada make up for around 21% of the current population of the country as per the data for 2016. The continent with the most number of immigrants would be Asia and then Africa and Europe come following closely behind. Each year, Canada also opens its doors to thousands and thousands of immigrant students who are more than happy to take advantage of the high quality of education that the country offers.




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Thursday, June 17, 2021

Christchurch And Its Rebirth Shows Immigrants And The Rest Of The World The Resilience Of The Locals Of New Zealand

New Zealand has been rocked by various things in the past years, and the pandemic is just one of those. There are certain places and cities in the country that have received the most grunt of such occurrences. Going through these can be quite devastating. But there are places in New Zealand that have definitely shown a strong will to get back up on their feet. One of these is the city of Christchurch and many immigrants who have chosen to live here or have visited the place are quite amazed at this city.


From September 2010 until December 2011, this city has gone through four strong earthquakes which shook it and the surrounding areas. However, despite such devastation, the people living in this city in New Zealand have shown the entire country and the rest of the world just how resilient they are. It is even said that this city has definitely made a real comeback and shown everyone how to do just that properly. The city’s comeback has also been dubbed as the city’s rebirth after the devastations that have occurred here.


The beauty despite the setbacks


When one visits the city of Christchurch, one would not really think that such devastation has happened here. This city in New Zealand is bustling with life and it is quite beautiful. There even seems to be no signs of whatever misfortune has happened there which definitely shows just how resilient the people living in the city are. All the beauty that can be seen in Christchurch are said to be signs of the rebirth of the city from everything that it has gone through.


One of the amazing things that people can enjoy here is just taking a look at the various buildings that line the streets and avenues. Some of these are made using old shipping containers which have been repurposed for this. The city also has buildings that have been built using some other types of unique materials and the Cardboard Cathedral is a great example of this one.


The attractions in the city


There are plenty of places to visit in Christchurch and one of these would be the Christchurch Botanic Gardens. This is a huge place where people can enjoy the various conservatories there. There are also walking tracks as well as horticultural displays to check out. The gardens also has some of the biggest trees in the entire country. One can also enjoy the tallest trees in New Zealand here as well as some of the oldest.


Another interesting attraction would be an enjoyable ride on the Christchurch Gondola, which is basically a cable car and would take passengers on a ride straight to the summit of Mt. Cavendish. The entire ride is definitely scenic and it is worth a try.




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Wednesday, June 16, 2021

Immigration Levels In Canada Are Showing Signs Of Slowing Down

Each year, Canada brings in a huge amount of new immigrants and that is not really a big surprise for a number of reasons. First, Canada is quite open to immigrants. Second, the country is very attractive to potential immigrants and each year, thousands and thousands of individuals send in their applications to become immigrants there. And third, Canada is in need of many immigrants for a variety of reasons. That is why this country has a variety of programs depending on the kind of immigrants that it is trying to bring in.


Recently, the immigration levels in this country in North America has shown signs of slowing down and that is not really quite a cause for worry right now. For the past few months, the immigration levels have been quite high and given how the government of the country works, it is not going to be a surprise if the numbers start rising again.


The immigration levels in Canada


For the month of April this year, there were around 21,100 new immigrants who arrived and were welcomed in Canada. This is the lowest number so far of new immigrants that had been recorded for this year. But this is nothing to worry about as experts have predicted that the numbers are going to go up again in the coming months and the country would be able to meet the goal that it has set for this year with regards to the target number of immigrants that it would be bringing in.


It is interesting to note though that as per data from the Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada, for March and April this year, the numbers have started to dwindle. In January, there were around 24,460 immigrants that were welcomed while there were 23,400 in February. The numbers for March and April were definitely lower than the first two months of this year.


Canada’s plan with regards to immigration


Right now, Canada is working using the Immigration Levels Plan as its guide. This plan is to bring in a certain number of immigrants for each year for three years, from 2021 until 2023. For each year, the target is actually 401,000 new immigrants to enter the country for each year and that number is just the least amount that can be brought in.


As per the history of immigration levels in Canada, this number of 401,000 new immigrants each year for three years is definitely the most ambitious number that the country has got to work with. This is not surprising though as Canada is trying to make up for the lost number of immigrants last year when the pandemic was declared all over the world and movement of non-essential people was restricted.




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Tuesday, June 15, 2021

More Than 50,000 Visas Awarded To Immigrant Skilled Workers Via Immigration Act In Germany

Like most people know, Germany is one of the countries in the world that enjoys a strong economy and a beautiful landscape. It is also one of the countries in the world that may seem like it does not have any huge problems. However, what most people do not know is that Germany is dealing with any issues in the country so that it does not get any bigger than it may already be. One of the issues that the country is working on is the low number of people in the labor market.


The labor market is very important in any country because this is where businesses and organizations get the people who would be helping out in their operations. Germany has been suffering from a low birth rate and an aging population. With that, it means that there is not enough new births happening that would help pull up the population of the country and there is a lot more people in retirement who would not be able to help out in the labor market. Germany’s answer to this would be to bring in the needed immigrant skilled workers to help out.


Bringing in the immigrants


One of the pathways for potential skilled immigrant workers to make it to Germany is the Skilled Workers Immigration Act. This has been launched and been in effect since March 1st last year. Through that, Germany has been able to award and bring in over 50,000 visas to immigrant skilled workers who mostly came from third world countries.


As per the Ministry of Interior, Building and Home Affairs of Germany, this is actually a milestone for the country. Aside from that act, Germany has also created a program known as Talent Partnerships where the country has been able to create partnerships with third world countries with regards to tapping into their talent pool. Via this, the country has been able to attract and bring in the needed immigrant skilled workers. This is also good for the countries where the skilled workers are coming from as their countries have strengthened and heightened their training programs for people in the country so that they can move to Germany and work there. This is a win-win situation as both countries are able to benefit from such a program and partnership.


The visas that were awarded


This March 2021, the Ministry mentioned earlier has reported that around 30,000 visas have been awarded to individuals from third world countries and these individuals were the ones who had the necessary skills and qualifications that Germany was looking for. Most of the ones granted visas were specialists as well as trainees. That amount of visas was from March 1st in 2020 until the end of 2020. It is indeed a milestone because the world is still reeling from the pandemic.




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Monday, June 14, 2021

Common Traits Of The Brits Which Immigrants In The United Kingdom Should Be Familiar With

The people living in different places usually have some traits that are unique to them or traits that are commonly found in people who live there. This is not surprising as people from one place usually converse, communicate, and converge on a daily basis. And that is why people who have become accepted as immigrants in the United Kingdom should be aware of those traits so as to better learn how to deal with the people in the new place where they would be living. While some may think that the people living in the UK are just about the same as people in other countries in the West, the Brits still have some quirks and traits that are worth learning about.


What are these traits? Well, read on and find out about some of them.


The weather makes for good conversation.


It is interesting that many people who live in the United Kingdom really love talking about the weather. It often makes for good conversation between two people in the country and immigrants who make their way there would find out more about it. Perhaps maybe it is because the weather can be unpredictable and the Brits just would love to predict what may happen and how they could enjoy good weather when it comes around.


Falling in line is not a big deal.


Not a lot of people have a great time when it comes to falling in line. Some are just not patient enough or some just do not have the time for it. But in the United Kingdom, immigrants get to know that falling in line is a normal occurrence in the country and the locals are quite happy to go about doing it if they need to. They are used to queueing that seeing a long line does not deter them from getting right at the back of the line.


Sarcasm is part of the language.


English is the major language spoken in the UK but the locals have this trait of using sarcasm as part of the language. Immigrants and tourists who are not used to this may think nothing of what the locals are saying but once they get to know the locals better, they would be able to sense sarcasm when it is given. Sarcasm is said to already be part of the language in the country.


Soaps are a big thing.


It is said that some of the world’s most avid fans of soaps are the British and that is quite true. Soaps are a big thing in the country and the locals consume them a lot. In fact, the UK is the home to some of the best soaps in the world which include Coronation St., Casualty, and East Enders.




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Friday, June 11, 2021

More Vacancies In The Healthcare Industry In Canada, Low Immigration Levels Because Of Pandemic Seen As Cause

In this scary pandemic that is still continuing to do a lot of destruction in the world today, the healthcare industry is one of the industries that has workers and employees that are overworked. This is true in most countries and Canada is definitely no exception. In fact, in Canada, the healthcare industry has been in need of more healthcare workers, staff, and personnel to help out with the needed jobs and tasks. There are more vacancies recently in the industry and this is in the middle of the pandemic.


With the pandemic, there is definitely a huge need for more healthcare workers to help out and do what they do best to make sure that people get the necessary medical care that they need. Canada has long been able to fill out the need for healthcare workers through the years with the help of immigration. However, the pandemic has caused low immigration levels which have made filling out the vacancies in the healthcare industry a lot more difficult. And there is a huge demand for healthcare people right now in the country.


The vacancies in the healthcare sector


Recently, the number of vacancies in the healthcare industry in Canada has already reached the highest ever recorded in the country. At the end of last year, Canada was able to record around 100,300 vacancies in the healthcare industry and the social assistance sector. This is as per the data from Statistics Canada, the official agency of the country that deals with data and such. There has already been a shortage of workers in the healthcare industry for years already and the pandemic has made things even worse.


There are a number of possible reasons why the vacancies have come up really high in the healthcare industry in Canada in the midst of this pandemic. One of these is that there are more and more people in the country who are getting sick and there is a need for more and more professionals in the healthcare industry to help out. Also, there are also healthcare professionals in the country who have been infected by the COVID-19 disease behind the pandemic and so there are a lot fewer people doing the work.


Filling in the vacancies


The government of Canada knows that this is an issue that the healthcare industry is facing and, just like any other issue in the country, it is doing its best to make sure that the issue is addressed. One of the things that Canada is doing is bringing in as many immigrants as possible who can help with the issue at hand. Immigrants have been known to be very helpful in boosting the population of the country which is also aging so it also means fewer people in the labor market.




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Thursday, June 10, 2021

New Zealand Is Home To The Kea, Hamilton’s Frog, And Penguins: Three Animals That Are Interesting For Locals And Immigrants

Being a country that has been able to properly take care of the environment, New Zealand surely is a great place to go to for people who adore the environment and everything in it. The country’s government and its people had definitely done a really good job at keeping the environment pristine. They have worked together through the years and have made sure that despite going modern, a huge portion of the country still is kept in its natural state.


This is one of the reasons why people can still find some of the best and unusual animals living in their natural habitats in this beautiful country. There are still tons of animals living in New Zealand that cannot be found anywhere else in the world. Aside from that, New Zealand also is home to some unique animals which have found the country to be the best home for them. Three animals that are still living in New Zealand are the kea, Hamilton’s frog, and yellow-eyed penguins.




Keas are actually birds. They are parrots and they are the only mountainous of their kind that can be found in the entire world. They are usually found in Arthur’s Pass National Park in New Zealand. They can also be found along the way to Milford Sound which is in the Fiordland National Park. Aside from these, keas can also be found in other areas in New Zealand that are mountainous and high altitudes like in the South Island. People should know that these parrots are also quite cheeky.


Hamilton’s frog


This is one of the endangered animals in the entire world. It is said that there are just about 300 of them remaining in New Zealand alone. They are usually found on Stephens Island, which is located on the Cook Strait. Because they are already endangered, the country’s Department of Conservation has been doing its best that they are monitored closely. Hamilton’s frogs are not like your usual frogs as they do not really croak. It is quite smaller as compared to the usual frogs that can be found in the entire world.


Yellow-eyed penguins


Just like most penguins, yellow-eyed penguins are definitely quite adorable. They can be found living around the south eastern part of New Zealand, which includes the Stewart Island and the Banks Peninsula. These penguins belong to the six types of penguin species that are living in the country and the immediate vicinity. There are colonies of these animals that live near the Otago Peninsula which is quite a popular spot for tourists so those who venture there can have a grand time trying to spot and observe how the penguins actually move about in their natural habitat.




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Wednesday, June 9, 2021

Wonderful Niagara Falls Brings In More Immigrants To Canada

With the tons and tons of beautiful and marvelous places around the world, people just could not help but explore everything that is available. There are places that are hard to reach and there are places that can be easily accessed. And many of these beautiful places are some of the reasons why some people choose to move to that country. Like in Canada, the Niagara Falls has been a key in why plenty of people have chosen to move there as immigrants.


Now, it is really not a surprise why people have been attracted to and amazed by Niagara Falls. It is one of the most magnificent spots in Canada and in the world and just staring at it and its majesty is more than enough to make people be enthralled by it. Of course, it is important to keep in mind that the beauty of Niagara Falls is just one of the reasons why potential immigrants chose Canada over many other countries in the world.


What is the Niagara Falls?


Well, as its name suggests, it is a waterfalls and it is found in Niagara in Canada. This beautiful piece of nature is actually very famous all around the world and is considered by many to be one of the best natural wonders that the world has got to offer. It is huge and breathtaking and people from all over the world come to see it. It also strikes at the heart of many people who are up for adventure and there have been plenty of instances in the past when daredevils chose to do plenty of stunts here. These do not happen anymore though because such activities have already been made illegal there.


The Niagara Falls goes directly into the Niagara River which is also quite a huge body of water. The waterfall itself measures 188 feet in height and the water runs at around 20 to 68 miles per hour. Yes, it is that strong and powerful and fast. Because of the speed and the strength that the water falls down to the river, one could see some sort of mist and fog over the river that is created by the force. People who choose to go nearest the waterfalls can definitely feel the mist right on their faces.


What can be done in Niagara Falls?


Well, aside from just marveling at the beauty that is the Niagara Falls, there are plenty of other activities that can be done in this beautiful spot in Canada. One can enjoy the amenities of the hotels around the place. People can also take a ride on the Maid of the Mist as it goes really close to the waterfall. There is also the Niagara Parks Botanical Gardens as well as the Butterfly Conservatory which have been good spots to visit as well.




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