Wednesday, March 31, 2021

Reasons Why Immigrants Are Choosing Cologne, Germany To Live In

While Germany may be a strong economy in terms of its culture and its economy, immigrants who moved to the country have still another choice to make. They have to decide where they would like to stay and live among the many cities, towns, and provinces that Germany has. There may be different reasons why immigrants choose certain places in the country, and most of them would be because they want to live in a place where there are tons of opportunities for them. This is one of the reasons why Cologne has become quite a popular choice for immigrants.


What is in Cologne?


Cologne is currently the home of over a million individuals who are residents of this city. Aside from that, it is also the place where people can find tons of business industries and manufacturing industries. It also, in its own, has an economy that is quite developed. Thus, immigrants find this city in Germany as a really great place to live in since there are plenty of opportunities for them to find work.


Among the many industries that can be found in Cologne, the automotive industry is at the top of the ranks. In fact, it is considered to be the very core of the city’s economy. However, for those immigrants who may be thinking that they are not for this industry, there is no need to worry as there are plenty of other industries in this city that offer jobs. Aside from the automotive industry, the media industry as well as the insurance service industry are also both lucrative industries that people can find job opportunities in.


What can one enjoy in Cologne?


There are plenty of places to visit and enjoy in Cologne. One of those beautiful places is the Cologne Cathedral. It is the landmark of this city in Germany and it is quite stunning. Pictures do it no justice and actually seeing it up close and personal is an entirely different story.


Another thing to explore would be the old town of Cologne which is quite historic. This spot in the city has old churches that have been a lot of history. It also has been able to preserve old houses, buildings, alleys, and other places that are really worth visiting. People who may want to get some rest after exploring can enjoy the sights and the food in one of the local cafes there.


Other things that immigrants can enjoy in Cologne include a visit to the city hall of Cologne, a trip on the Rhine River Cruise, a visit to the Wallraf-Richartz Museum and the Ludwig Museum, a trip to the zoological gardens of Cologne, and taking a ride on a cable car that would allow people to have a bird’s eye view of the city.




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Tuesday, March 30, 2021

Canterbury Continues To Draw In And Amaze Plenty Of Immigrants In The United Kingdom

Immigrants who have chosen to move to the United Kingdom are definitely quite lucky people. This country is one of the best in terms of economy in the world. It also one of the most beautiful, especially for people who are really into the classics and into places that hold a lot of history. The United Kingdom can surely show people just what it has to offer in terms of history and it has quite a long and colorful history under its belt.


People who may have found themselves in the country would have plenty of places to choose from in terms of where they can go. Immigrants most especially love visiting new places in the country during their free time. There is just so much to see and explore and it helps them understand the country more and learn about the history and the people. One of these amazing places that people can visit in the United Kingdom is Canterbury.


Where is Canterbury?


Canterbury is actually quite a historic city that can be found in Kent. It is one of the most popular places that people visit when they are in the United Kingdom. To get there, one can take a train right from central London. This train ride should be just around an hour of travel. If one decides to take the EuroTunnel, it can be just some minutes of travel.


The history of Canterbury


For over 1,500 years, this beautiful city in Kent has been a spot that many pilgrims visit. This is not surprising given that in AD 597, St. Augustine decided that this city would be the best place to start his work of converting to Christianity all of the Anglo Saxons who were pagans. This has been written in history and has been taught many times to students so people are pretty much familiar with it.


Places to visit in Canterbury


Many people around the world know Canterbury because of the Canterbury Cathedral, which is, not surprisingly, the most famous spot in this city in the United Kingdom. It is where the Archbishop of Canterbury resides. At present, it is now known as a World Heritage Site of UNESCO and it is just rightly so. See, this beautiful cathedral is quite stunning and would not be something a person would forget easily. The masonry has carvings that are very intricate that one could marvel at how it has been done. There is also the statues of the six kings of England. Another amazing thing about this cathedral would be what is known as Miracle Windows, which has been around since the 12th century. These Miracle Windows show some parts of the life of Archbishop Thomas Becket who was murdered.


Aside from the cathedral, there are other various spots in the city that are worth visiting including buildings that use timber frames and still preserved up to this day, a museum, and food stops to enjoy the local food.




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Monday, March 29, 2021

What Individuals Planning To Become Immigrant Students In Canada Need To Know About The IELTS

It is not a surprise that plenty of individuals from all around the globe are eyeing Canada as their country of choice should they become immigrants. See, Canada has been quite open and welcoming of immigrants and that has caught the eye of many individuals. After all, if one would want to move to a new country, they would want to be in one where they can live freely and without any fear and Canada is able to do just that.


Aside from that, Canada is also quite known around the world for being one of the top countries where there are plenty of opportunities for those who are looking for jobs. There are plenty of opportunities available and this would mean higher chances of getting good jobs. Aside from this, Canada is also quite known for its education system which is one of the best in the world. That is why there are plenty of individuals who become immigrant students in the country to push on with their plans of taking further education.


However, one does not just easily pack their bags and jump on a plane to become an immigrant student in Canada. There are some requirements and one of these is the IELTS.


What is the IELTS?


There are certain requirements that Canada asks from all those individuals who would like to move to their territory. One of these is the IELTS exam. It is more known as the IELTS General Training or the IELTS Academic and it is actually a battery of tests to check a person’s knowledge of the English language. It is the one approved by the Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada (which is also known as the IRCC). The IELTS is actually going to assess a person’s proficiency in the English language and the tests would be to check four different skills. These are listening, writing, speaking, and reading.


It is also important to note that the IELTS exams are also being used and accepted by various colleges and universities as well as Designated Learning Institutes all over Canada. So taking this test and passing it would be a great way to be approved as a student immigrant in Canada by the country’s government as well as the school that a person may be eyeing to enroll in.


Is IELTS required by all colleges and universities?


It is important to note though that there are colleges and universities in Canada that ask students to pass the IELTS exams. However, there are also some of these educational institutions in the country that accept immigrant student applications that do not require students to take these assessment tests. This exception is offered in a number of colleges and universities in the country and is available for Filipino applicants.




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Friday, March 26, 2021

Desserts In New Zealand – For Immigrants With A Sweet Tooth

Sweet stuff is always a treat and it is amazing how people can get addicted and crave such delectable foods. That is why one can find sweet treats just about anywhere in the world and they have their own versions. Those with a sweet tooth can go their way around a country or the entire world just to try out all the sweet treats that places have got to offer. This is definitely something that immigrants now living in New Zealand can expect – sweet treats to satisfy their cravings for sweet stuff.


It is amazing that there are a lot of sweet foods that people can enjoy when they are in New Zealand. The list is seemingly endless and for those who are on the adventurous side, they can go and have a lot of fun just trying to find these treats and enjoying them. Desserts are definitely on top of the list that are quite delicious and here are some of those treats that people can enjoy when they are in New Zealand.


Ice cream


There are plenty of flavors of ice cream that immigrants can find when they are already in New Zealand. There are the usual flavors that people can enjoy in other countries as well like vanilla, chocolate, and cookies and cream. And then there are also unusual flavors that can be found in this country which include green tea, chai latte, waffle with bacon and bourbon ripple, pear, honeycomb, blue cheese, rockmelon, prosciutto, and walnut. Of course, these may seem unusual but for people who have adventurous tastebuds, New Zealand just may be a great country to try out new flavors.




This delectable dessert is made with fruits, cream, and meringue and it is quite popular all over the world. It is said to have been named after Anna Pavlova, a famous Russian ballerina, who went to New Zealand and Australia back in the 1920s. It is quite delicious and everybody can agree on that. However, what people cannot agree on is if the dessert was created in New Zealand or in Australia. There are still ongoing discussions about it but none of the two countries are back down with their claims that their country was where the pavlova originated.


Kiwi fruit


This fruit is also known as the Chinese gooseberry and it is very much associated with New Zealand despite its origins being in China. It is a healthier food to munch on for those who are looking for something sweet as it comes with a pack of nutrients but is quite low in terms of calories. It is said that when a schoolteacher went to China, she brought back to New Zealand some seeds of this fruit. The locals then named the fruit ‘kiwi’ which is also the name of the country’s national bird.




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Thursday, March 25, 2021

Canada Gets More Individuals Interested In Becoming Immigrant Workers As Compared To The US

In the past years, the United States has been enjoying the fact that there are plenty of people who are interested in becoming immigrant workers there. In fact, it has been able to maintain that reputation for a long time. However, as of recent, Canada has been able to overtake the United States in terms of the number of people interested in becoming immigrant workers in the country. Now, there are more individuals who are choosing to go to Canada as compared to the United States.


The United States is still among the top countries which people are interested in moving to to become immigrant workers. However, Canada has taken the top spot. This is not surprising given just how hard the country has worked to be able to bring in the much needed immigrants, which definitely surpassed the efforts of the United States to do so. It is important to understand though that both countries are great for immigrant workers.


A study that was done


A study has been recently done from October to December 2020 by two groups who worked together to make this happen. They did a survey and a total of 209,000 individuals were part of the study. These people came from 190 different countries. The results of the study have shown that the pandemic caused by the COVID-19 disease actually was a huge factor in how people’s perception had changed in terms of where they would choose to go to become immigrant workers.


The results also showed that the regular answer by the respondents was that they were not that interested anymore to work in another country because of the pandemic. Around half of the people who took part in the survey declared that they were still interested in working in a new country. This is definitely lower as compared to the 57% of respondents who said they were interested in 2018. In 2014, there was 64% who declared such.


The response to the pandemic


An important factor that was seen in the study was a country’s response to the pandemic. The better the response, the more people were choosing that country to move to. Some good examples would be five countries that are in the top ten – Canada, Japan, New Zealand, Singapore, and Australia. These countries have a low number of COVID-19 cases and they were found in the list of the top ten countries that people wanted to become immigrant workers in. It is important to keep in mind that the pandemic has definitely shown people the important things in life and one’s health tops everything else. This is why people are choosing places where they can be safer during these uncertain times.




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Wednesday, March 24, 2021

Architecture In Germany Has Continuously Astounded And Amazed Immigrants And Locals

If there is a list of countries in the world that is proud of their culture, Germany would definitely be on it. The people are quite proud of their past, their culture, and their heritage and this can be seen everywhere, even in this modern age. Germany may have had a rough but colorful history but this is part of the country’s story and it sure is reflected in the country’s architecture which is both diverse and rich. People who live in the country are still amazed and astounded at its own architecture. It is not a wonder why immigrants and tourists also enjoy the architectural offerings that this country has.


The architecture in Germany


Germany is home to plenty of palaces and cathedrals. It also is home to castles and monuments. These pieces of architecture actually are the best pieces to stand the test of time and also show people the country’s story. They have been built in different time periods and help show what Germany has gone through and what has happened during that particular time that they were built.


People can also enjoy the various roman bridges that can be found around the country. There are also spas and amphitheaters. These architectural structures are pieces of evidence of how the people in the country built things before. They are also a great reminder of the civilizations that once lived and thrived in Germany.


Architecture during various periods


There are also architecture that were pre-Romanesque and most of them are churches. The list of such structures includes the Abbey Church of Saint Michael which has been said to have been built during the start of the 10th century. During the Romanesque time, even more cathedrals have been built and many of them are still up and preserved well that people today can still visit them. During the Gothic era in Germany, one of the churches built was the Cologne Cathedral, which is still one of the beautiful pieces that people can go to in the country.


When the Renaissance came about, which was around the 15th to the 17th centuries, architecture in Germany through the building of palaces and castles. Samples of these would be the Heidelberg castle as well as the Landshut Residence.


By the 18th century, the Baroque period happened and the architecture then followed the styles that came about with this period. There were a lot of new structures built and the list includes the Augustusburg Castle and the Wurzburg Residence. These places have definitely made it through the years and centuries and are still standing proudly today. They have also become quite popular as tourist destinations that are visited not only by locals and immigrants but also by tourists making their way through the country.




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Tuesday, March 23, 2021

Names And Everything Around It: A Quick Introduction For Immigrants In The United Kingdom

Names. They are so important and they are associated with that specific thing or person that it has been assigned. One cannot call a man named Bill as Bob and vice versa. That is why it is important how these things work and what they are associated with. In the case of the United Kingdom, naming people is pretty much the same as everywhere else in the world. However, there are still some “rules” that immigrants should understand when it comes to names in the UK. After all, it is part of their culture and learning a bit more could help them adjust better and understand the ways better of the country that they are now living in.


Without further ado, here are some of those “rules” which immigrants can use to learn more about names and naming in the United Kingdom.


Christian names


What immigrants need to know is that the first name of people in the United Kingdom is also referred to here as a person’s Christian name. However, it is important to keep in mind that despite it being known as a Christian name, this is not connected to religion whatsoever. The Christian name is then followed by the person’s middle name and then their family name comes last. The family name is what most people would know as their last name or their surname.


How children are named


Centuries ago in the UK, parents would name their children after one of the members of their family. So there would be plenty of Roberts and Williams and Victorias and the like. They were also named after religious figures so there were plenty of Peters and Johns and Marys and such.


However, with the changing of times, parents also changed how they named their children. Sure, there were still those who named their children as people named them centuries before, but there were also those who did not want to continue doing such. That is why in modern times, there are plenty of parents who named their children with names that the parents liked themselves. So if for some reason a parent really fancied the name Amelia, then that is what they would name the child. It did not have to have a particular reason why this name was chosen and it did not have to have any kind of connection to family or their religion. There are also parents who chose to give their children the names of famous people that they liked.


Changing names after marriage


As per tradition, a woman would use her husband’s surname after they get married. However, in modern times, women have the option to amalgamate their surnames. An example of this would be John Smith marrying Mary Connor. Mary would choose to use Mary Connor-Smith as her surname. This is known as double-barrelled surnames.




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Monday, March 22, 2021

There Is Such A Thing As “Canadian Pizza” And Immigrants Are Loving It

Only a handful of people really dislike pizza. Who does not love this delectable dish? Whoever thought of this is a pure genius that even until today, pizza is one of the most favorite foods all over the world. There have been plenty of variations and there have also been plenty of debates. The most popular one would be if pizza should have pineapples or not. That debate has not been settled yet and there seems to be no end to that. Even people who are living in Canada have been caught in the whole discussion.


One of the things that immigrants in Canada go for when they are in the country for the first time would be food. And for many who have no idea what to expect when it comes to food served in the country, they go for the ones that are familiar to them. Pizza is definitely one of them. But what these immigrants do not really know is that there is such a thing as “Canadian pizza” and it is worth looking into.


What is “Canadian pizza”?


It is quite interesting that this type of pizza actually is something that has been concocted by a person who is really not from Canada, but is actually from Germany. That person actually went to Ontario during his high school years for an exchange program and he became really happy with the culture and the food in Canada. So that was when he decided to create his own version of the pizza, Canadian style.


The variations


This dish known as “Canadian pizza” is not really that fried as one usually encounters with pizza in the United States. It also does not have that much dough. This type of pizza also has different types of toppings as compared to Italian pizza which is seen as the main origin of pizza. The Canadian version has a thin crust and the toppings are on the creative side.


The Cronenberg Crash is a version of this pizza and it comes with tandoori tofu, peanuts, red pepper, mango, and cilantro pesto. The Wayne Gretzy comes with mozzarella cheese, Italian salami, chorizo, chili flakes, caramelized onions, hot peppers, speck, cheddar cheese, and feta cheese. Those who may want to add maple syrup can also do such a thing.


The best places for pizza


There are plenty of places in Canada where people can go to for pizza, if they are not so interested in

the Canadian pizza with its creative combination of toppings. There are plenty of spots to choose from and there are also tons of toppings to try out especially for those who may want to have their very own and personalized dish.




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Friday, March 19, 2021

New Zealand Slang: An Immigrant’s Guide To Learning The Talk

People who live in New Zealand speak English so immigrants who have found their way to this beautiful country actually do not need to have a hard time trying to learn and understand a new language just to be prepared to converse with all other locals in the country. However, what immigrants need to understand is that, just like in any other country, New Zealand also has slang and lingo that the locals have cooked up. This is the part where immigrants have to learn the terms so that they would be able to understand conversations happening around them.


To get started, here are some of the slang that are being used in New Zealand and what they mean.




In New Zealand, the term ‘drongo’ actually means an idiot or a form of abuse.


I had to walk out of there before I did anything untoward! Kinsey was being a drongo.




Immigrants who have found themselves living in New Zealand should also learn the term ‘dude’. Like in any other country, this term means a male. However, in New Zealand, it means a male who may be cool or may be good-looking.


Can you introduce me to your friend? He’s such a dude!




When the people in the country use the term ‘feed’, they usually use it to mean a meal.


I need to take a long walk right now. I just had some feed and I’m absolutely satiated.


Flat tack


The term ‘flat tack’ when used in New Zealand is actually used to mean something is at top speed.


It was really hard for Hugh to catch the thief. The bad man was going at flat tack. There was no way that Hugh could have caught up with him on his bike.




People can definitely understand that the term ‘greenie’ has something connected to the color green, or something that is connected to the environment (which is basically quite green). So the term ‘greenie’ in New Zealand actually is used to refer to a conservationist.


Lady was really proud that her children have grown up to become greenies. The world needs a whole lot of those.




This term, ‘gumboots’, is actually used to mean rubber boots that are waterproof and can be used for various purposes.


When Mark started working on the farm with his uncle, he had to invest in some gumboots. The terrain can be rough especially when the rain starts pouring.




This slang can be quite difficult to connect with something, except maybe the word ‘groggy’ but that it is not related to it in any way. This term that is used in New Zealand actually means alcohol.


Earl had a lot of grog last night that he found it difficult to get up today.




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Thursday, March 18, 2021

February Marked A Rebound In The Economy Of Canada

The entire globe felt the effects of the pandemic. One of the most and hardest hit was the economy of plenty of countries including Canada. However, the governments of the countries did the best that they could to make sure that the economy stays up but their main priority really was the health and welfare of its citizens and all people who are living in the country. But with many businesses closing or putting their operations to a halt because of the quarantine and lockdowns imposed, these businesses were really not helping the economy as much as they would have during normal times.


It is good though that the government of Canada did not give up on its economy. Despite focusing on the health of the entire country and placing in the proper protocols to keep the spread of the virus at the bare minimum, it is very interesting to note that recently, Canada’s economy started to get better and rise up from the slump. And recently, just this February, the economy of the country has been able to mark a good rebound after the pandemic hit it hard.


The data for February


In February of this year, the economy of Canada has been able to bounce back. Its economy was able to regain almost all of the jobs that were lost in the last two months, which is a good sign that the economy is definitely coming back right up. February also marked itself as a month when the rate of unemployment in Canada has become the lowest since the start of the lockdowns, restrictions, and quarantines, which was on March 2020.


There was an additional 259,000 individuals who were employed in February alone, which is a good thing as in December and January combined, Canada experienced a slump when there were 266,000 individuals who lost their jobs. This is as per the data from Statistics Canada based from the Labour Force Survey which they do monthly. With these numbers, it shows that Canada is definitely working its way back up again and the economy is going to benefit a lot from this.


More numbers


The unemployment rate in Canada actually went down to just 8.2% for February 2021. It is lower by 1.2% as compared to January and it is the lowest ever recorded since the lockdown was imposed in the country in March 2020. This number, as compared to that in February 2020, has shown that there were 599,000 fewer individuals who were employed. This shows that the employment rate is definitely becoming better for Canada, which also means that it is going to be good for the economy as well. The country may have suffered like many other countries but it surely is doing the best that it can to go back to the way things were.




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Wednesday, March 17, 2021

Sauerbraten: One Of The Amazing Dishes In Germany That Has Amazed Immigrants

Food is a basic necessity for people to survive. Without food, one cannot function at his/her best. That is why it is important that people have the right kind of food on a regular basis. Immigrants in Germany know this as they have to work with what is available in the country and most of the dishes there are definitely different from the kind of food that they regularly had back in their home countries. They need to have food so they can survive through each day.


There are various types of food out there and the creativity of people has allowed for a wide array of options for humans. This allows for people to not just have to enjoy one type of dish but actually enjoy various types of dishes when they want to. After all, eating the same kind of food each and every time can make someone get tired of the taste and not want to eat it anymore. Also, having the same kind of food each and every time is not really good since there is nothing out there that is able to provide all the needed minerals and vitamins that the body needs.


One of the dishes that immigrants who have found themselves in Germany can enjoy while they are in the country would be Sauerbraten.


What is Sauerbraten?


This dish is something that immigrants can find all over Germany. It is usually prepared and served when the locals go visit their grandparents or even when there is a special occasion happening. So immigrants may have the first taste of this when they are invited to be part of a celebration of an occasion. This is a special dish and is really quite delectable as immigrants in Germany can attest.


How is Sauerbraten made?


Talking to the locals about how Sauerbraten is prepared should give immigrants an idea about how this delectable dish in Germany is made. To start off, one must use high quality beef. They should also be prepared to spend a lot of time working on this dish to make it how it should be served.


The beef is then placed in the oven where it is cooked quite so slowly. It will be cooking right in its own dishes and it would take a lot of hours for this process to be completed. The beef is cooked at the lowest heat possible and this is done like that so that it would become really quite soft and very tender.


The traditional way of serving this delicious dish in Germany would to have some SpƤtzle on the side since it is able to soak all the meat’s juices and it really complements the meat’s flavors.




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Tuesday, March 16, 2021

5 Compelling Reasons Why Immigrants Should Choose The United Kingdom

Before the pandemic started, a lot of people have been thinking about becoming immigrants in a new country. The United Kingdom is one of the top countries that many potential immigrants have been eyeing and for good reason. It has a strong economy, it offers some of the best facilities, there are a lot of opportunities, and it is home to world-class culture.


However when the pandemic hit, plenty of potential immigrants have had to put their plans to a halt because they were unsure of what could happen given the circumstances. They were also unsure of the situation happening in other countries where they would be living. This was not the kind of world that they have imagined and so making that big move had to be put on pause for a while.


What many people do not really know is that the United Kingdom is one of the best countries to move to even during this pandemic. Here are five reasons why.


1. It has its own vaccine.


One of the many things that potential immigrants should know about the UK is that it has developed its own vaccine, thanks to Oxford University and Astra-Zeneca. With that, people in the country have easy access to the vaccine that would help them combat the deadly novel coronavirus. As of writing, the country has already vaccinated over 24 million people and the number continues to rise with each day. 24 million is almost half of the adult population in the United Kingdom.


2. It has a roadmap to get out of lockdown.


People in the UK are quite glad that the government has developed a program known as Roadmap Out Of Lockdown. This program’s aim is to start lifting the restrictions that have been set in place when the pandemic hit to help lessen the amount of cases. The UK government has this program that provides assistance and plans on how to make living a lot more normal.


3. No closure of borders.


One amazing thing that the government of the United Kingdom did was not to close their borders as compared to most countries in the world. However, despite that, the government was able to create good and working health protocols which allowed the borders to remain open. The worst thing that an immigrant can experience in the UK in these trying times would be to remain under quarantine for ten days after they arrived in the country.


4. Fewer immigrants because of the Brexit.


With the exit of the United Kingdom from the European Union, there were fewer immigrants coming in from Europe. So this basically equates to more jobs being available for immigrants who came from other countries. This also includes job opportunities for immigrant students who want to do part-time work while studying.


5. Post-Graduate work visa.


The Post-Graduate Work Visa, which is also known as the Graduate Route, is now available for all immigrant students in the country. This started this year and it is a good opportunity for those immigrant students who want to get more experience after finishing their programs.




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Monday, March 15, 2021

Around 25,000 New Immigrants Brought In By Canada For January 2021

One of the things that had been greatly affected when the pandemic was announced and health protocols were set in place was immigration. Many countries all around the world had to enforce lockdowns so that the virus that has caused this pandemic would not spread since it is transmitted via person-to-person contact. All countries were hit hard and that includes Canada. That is why these countries had to focus on their priorities and the health of their citizens were on top of other things.


Each year, Canada has been bringing in a huge amount of immigrants as part of its goals for the year. However, for 2020, with the pandemic, those goals were not met and it had to make do with whatever amount of immigrants that they were able to bring in. Of course, being able to have a bit compared to none at all is a huge help for a country that needs immigrants a lot. That is why with health protocols in place, the country has started to work on bringing in more to help its goals and plans with regards to immigration.


The recovery of immigration


With nowhere to go but up, Canada has definitely started to work more on its immigration levels and attracting in and bringing in more immigrants. It is a good thing that the hard work that the country is putting in to help immigration recover is doing quite well. Data from the Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada (also known as the IRCC) has shown that Canada is able to bring in a good amount of immigrants that would help them with their goals.


As for January this year, the country has already been able to welcome 24,665 new individuals with permanent residency statuses. That is already a good number as compared to the monthly numbers that the country has been able to record for 2020, which was the height of the pandemic. In fact, this number is already almost there if the basis would be the number of new immigrants that Canada has been able to bring in pre-pandemic. Before the whole chaos, the country would welcome around 25,000 to 35,000 new individuals each month as immigrants.


The immigration patterns


More data from the IRCC has shown that there are patterns when it comes to when the immigrants come to Canada the strongest. For example, they come in droves during the months of spring and summer. And then the numbers slowly go down when the year is about to end. This could probably be because during the spring and summer, the weather is nicer and warmer, and adjusting to the new environment would be a lot easier as compared to the colder months.




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Friday, March 12, 2021

A Brief Guide On The Rich And Colorful Cultural Environment Of New Zealand For Immigrants

While many people all around the world see New Zealand as a country that is full of opportunity, a strong economy, and beautiful nature, there is some other thing that is often overlooked when it comes to this country. See, aside from those mentioned above, New Zealand is also home to a rich and colorful culture. This culture is something that not many immigrants and tourists really know much about that is why they are surprised when they get to the country and they encounter the cultural environment that the country has.


If there is one thing that people need to know about the culture of a place in a country like New Zealand, it is that such a thing is everywhere. It is reflected in how the locals’ daily living. It is reflected in their art, music, and everything else. That is why immigrants who have chosen to live in New Zealand should have at least some knowledge of the cultural environment of the country to have a little bit of familiarity with the place where they would be living in for quite a while.


Influences of culture


The cultural influences of the country are mainly from Europe and Maori. However, most immigrants who make it to New Zealand actually have leaned towards the European culture that is seen in the country. Despite that, the traditional culture and customs are still being followed in many parts of the country, especially by some groups like the Samoans and Tongans as well as some Pacific groups. Immigrants who are in New Zealand can go to places where these groups abound and experience the local culture that is influenced by the Maori.


The Maori culture


When New Zealand went through colonization, the Maori culture had to take a step back and it even suffered a lot. This happened right until the 20th century. Many of the Maori locals were really not so sure about what to do and had to decide between preserving their rich history and culture, and choosing to go with the new culture that has come to New Zealand. It was a good thing that by the 1950s, a cultural renaissance happened and a renewed sense of culture has happened in the locals of the country.


With the renaissance, people in New Zealand started to be really determined and put in a lot of effort to make sure that the local culture is preserved. Any culture that may have been lost was also revived and practiced once again. This started with the traditions in the world of arts and social relations and from the looks of it, New Zealand has been able to do it quite well given how the culture is still very much alive nowadays.




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Thursday, March 11, 2021

Smaller Cities In Canada Are Luring In More And More Immigrants

Ask plenty of people around who are interested in moving to Canada as immigrants and they would most probably say that if they are able to make that move to this country, they would choose to go to one of the biggest cities of the country. Although there are plenty of cities in Canada, people would most likely choose to go to the biggest ones because that is where they can find more opportunities. And that is not surprising because big cities usually are where businesses decide to set up shop so the opportunities are seemingly endless here.


The most popular destinations for immigrants in Canada include Vancouver, Toronto, Calgary, and Montreal. But it is quite surprising that recently, more and more immigrants are choosing to go to some of the smaller cities of the countries rather than go to the bigger ones. Smaller cities in Canada have also needed immigrants but were unable to bring in as much as they wanted to. However, recently, it seems like they are able to do that.


The immigrants joining Canada’s smaller cities


From 2013 until 2019, more and more immigrants have started to choose to go to smaller cities in Canada. They would also choose to go to smaller areas and centers that were urbanized. In 2019, the number of immigrants who chose to go to the smaller urbanized areas in Canada had gone up by around 45% as compared to the number in 2013. This is surely a huge amount in comparison to the 4% increase that the bigger cities in the country had experienced in 2019 as compared to 2013.


This definitely is a reflection of how the programs of Canada’s smaller cities to bring in more immigrants are working. It also shows that more and more immigrants are becoming aware that there are also good opportunities available in other parts of the country that are not categorized as a big city. This is also good because smaller areas would also mean a lower cost of living as compared to the bigger cities.


The situation in bigger cities


Toronto is definitely one of the biggest cities of this country and it is also the recipient of one of the biggest numbers of immigrants joining each year. In fact, the immigration rate for Toronto is 163 for every 10,000 residents. Coming close to Toronto is Vancouver. This city in Canada also has a high immigration rate which his at around 128 immigrants for every 10,000 residents. For the smaller urbanized areas like Regina, the area has an immigration rate of around 193 immigrants for every 10,000 residents. Saskatoon also has a high immigration rate which is at around 178 immigrants for every 10,000 residents.




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Wednesday, March 10, 2021

30,000 Visas Awarded By Germany Via Skilled Workers Immigration Act In One Year

Germany may not be the country that many people really have as their top option when it comes to immigration because this country does not really talk much about this. However, what many people do not really know is that Germany is one of the top countries in the world that is in need of immigrants. Perhaps because the need for immigrants is something that they do not advertise so blatantly that people do not really have any idea about the situation. But the truth is, each year, Germany does its best to be able to bring in the much needed immigrants to its territory.


One of the moves that the government of the country has done was to create the Skilled Workers Immigration Act. This move has been done to bring in more skilled immigrant workers that the country needs to join the labor market. This act has already marked its first anniversary recently and it has been quite successful, even in the midst of the pandemic that the world is battling with.


The very first year


The Skilled Workers Immigration Act has marked its very first year of helping Germany bring in the skilled immigrant workers it needs. The Federal Ministry of the Interior, Building, and Home Affairs has announced in connection with this that it has been able to award around 30,000 work visas to those individuals who were qualified under the act. Most of those were specialists as well as trainees and they came from third world countries. The total of 300,000 was just from the first day of March in 2020 until the end of that same year. The number is a good one given the pandemic that the world is facing.


With the influx of immigrants coming to the country, it is a good thing that there are a number of federal states that have created central immigration authorities. These are spots where immigrant skilled workers can go to get assistance with regards to any issues regarding their situation or stay in the country or anything related to being an immigrant. This would allow the country to help out these newcomers find solutions to their queries and help them adjust and understand how things go in Germany.


Recognizing a milestone


Horst Seehofer is the Federal Minister of the Interior of Germany and he has mentioned that he has seen the Skilled Workers Immigration Act as something of a milestone for the country in terms of policies on immigration. He continued that with the numbers in just less than a year, the act has definitely been able to do its job well. Germany has been able to bring in the needed immigrant workers with the right skills and the country is benefiting from all of them.




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