Tuesday, November 22, 2022

What Is Zion National Park And Why Immigrants Love Visiting This Park In The United States Of America

When one becomes an immigrant in a new country, one of the things that one loves to do is explore just what the country has to offer, most especially if they have never been there before. They love to first explore the area where they will be living in and see where they can get the essentials, food, and how to go about the area. When they have done so, they would choose to explore even further and see what else is outside their area of residence. That is exactly what immigrants in the United States of America do. They take the time to actually see beautiful spots and amazing places that the country offers.


Among the many places that people love visiting in the USA, one of these is Zion National Park. It has been welcoming plenty of immigrants each year. Of course, it also welcomes tons of locals and tourists as well.


What is Zion National Park?


Zion National Park can be found in the southwest part of the state of Utah. It used to be a refuge for many people as it was a quiet spot. However, nowadays, it is bustling with activity, thus quiet is not a good word to use to describe it. That is understandable, though, because this park in the USA is one of parks that gets the most visitors. According to the park’s data, it usually has over four million people visiting there annually.


To get there, one can take a drive from Las Vegas which spans 166 miles. Or, if one is to drive from Salt Lake City, it would be 308 miles. But the drive is all worth it as the place is really beautiful.


What can people do in Zion National Park?


There are tons of activities that people can do at the Zion National Park, aside from just enjoying the beauty and grandeur of the place. One of these activities is checking out what is known as The Narrows. This is the slimmest part of the Zion Canyon and it is one of the most popular spots there to go for hikes.


Another spot to check out at this national park in the USA is Angels Landing. It is a trail that goes right up to an elevated land. People who want to go there will have to go 1,488 feet uphill. The entire hike, back and forth, would total 5.4 miles. There are sheer cliffs as well as steep switchbacks for those who are really into challenging hikes.


Observation Point is yet another good spot to go to. Right there, one can have a bird’s-eye view of almost the entire national park. The entire trip back and forth would total 8 miles.




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