Monday, November 14, 2022

Lake District National Park: An Amazing Park In The United Kingdom Which Immigrants And Locals Enjoy

Parks are beautiful places that people can visit to just relax, have picnics, or just while away the time. It is a good thing that the United Kingdom is home to many of these, and people have a place where they can just relax without having to spend any money. It is also a great way to enjoy the outdoors and breath in fresh air. Immigrants in the country also love going to these parks, and locals do the same as well.


One of the many parks that people can enjoy in the UK is the Lake District National Park. It can be found in North West England. Those who live in the area or those who are visiting the area can actually choose to enjoy the place when they want to.


What is the Lake District National Park?


It was on May 9, 1951 when this place became a national park. The original boundaries were kept until 2016, which was when the Lake District National Park’s area became extended by an additional 3% towards the Yorkshire Dales National Park. This was done so that some areas in the Lune Valley were added to add area that had high landscape value.


An interesting fact about the Lake District National Park is that it is the national park in the United Kingdom that gets the most visitors. Data has it that the national park gets around 16.4 million people visiting it each year. It is not surprising given that it is the biggest among the 13 national parks found in Wales and England. It is also the second biggest in the United Kingdom, with the Cairngorms National Park as the largest.


The Lake District National Park’s goal is to ensure that the landscape is protected, and this is done by putting in restrictions so that changes done by commerce or industry does not happen. A huge portion of the park is privately owned, and over half of it is agricultural land. Those who own parts of this national park include farmers, the National Trust, the Forestry Commission, United Utilities, and the Lake District National Park Authority.


What can be found in the Lake District National Park?


It is interesting to note that not only locals and immigrants visit this national park in the United Kingdom. Travelers in the country also choose to visit this spot. After all, there are tons to see and do here. One of these is checking out the 12 of the biggest lakes of the UK. There are also over 2,000 miles of routes and trails that people can explore should they feel like doing so. There are also beautiful scenery and even more magnificent views that one may think that they are looking straight at a painting.




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