Tuesday, November 15, 2022

Hospitable Kiwis Help Immigrants In New Zealand Feel Right At Home

Aside from the natural beauty and the work-life balance that is being promoted in the country, many people choose to be immigrants in New Zealand because transitioning to a new life there has proven to be quite easy. Many previous immigrants have shared that adjusting to life in New Zealand is not difficult because the locals (who are known as Kiwis) are some of the most hospitable people around. Yes, that’s true. Kiwis are known to be quite hospitable people and they can easily make newcomers feel welcome immediately.


In fact, a survey done by Immigration New Zealand back in 2015 has shown that over 90% of immigrants have described Kiwis as friendly (or even very friendly) people. This is one of the major reasons why they find it easy to adapt to the country. Aside from that, there is even a word in Maori for hospitality and that is Manaakitanga and it stems from the trait of providing mutual respect to all people. It also shows just how much value is given to hospitality as seen in the culture of the country.


More on Manaakitanga


Aside from it being used to describe hospitality, it is also used to mean generosity, kindness, and support. It is a way of showing care and respect not only for fellowmen but also for guests who go to their homes but also for foreigners who have decided to visit New Zealand. And what is even more interesting is that the locals practice and embody this, without really being conscious of it. It is embedded deeply into their culture that it comes quite naturally to them. It is part of their daily lives and it is a good thing to have this.


For many Kiwis, they really appreciate just how diverse their population is. It has become a melting pot of cultures, backgrounds, and ethnicities. It is something that they have lived with since birth and they have become used to this kind of situation. They see the good side of things and really love learning about the cultures and lifestyles of people from other countries, without having to forget and sacrifice their very own.


The homey and relaxing culture


Immigrants who have found themselves in New Zealand are more than happy there. They easily feel right at home, especially since the locals are warm and welcoming. The culture is also very homey and relaxing, informal and quite laid-back. The locals are also quite easygoing, which helps immigrants in New Zealand greatly. Everything is not rushed and stuffy, and this allows them to relax and feel that they are embraced in the country. The locals also treat new people well, and ensure that they feel right at home and part of the New Zealand family.




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