Wednesday, November 23, 2022

Some Common Slang Used In Canada: A Quick Guide For Immigrants

While English and French are primarily the main languages that are widely used and spoken in Canada, immigrants in the country should also realize that there are slang that have been developed and used by the locals. When immigrants usually encounter these, they are unsure if they heard things right because it is something that they may have heard before but just does not fit the usual meaning. What is even more interesting is that there are tons of slang that are used in Canada, and immigrants should at least be ready to learn at least some of the most used ones.


What are these slang? Well, here are some of the common slang that immigrants in Canada should be familiar with.




No, this is not a name. But it is a noun. This actually is used to mean a convenience store. It is mostly used in Quebec, and it is actually short for depanneur, which is the French term for “convenience store.” Other terms used aside from “dep” include bodega, milk bar, market, corner shop, and corner store.


I’m running to the dep in a bit. Anything you’d like me to get for you while I’m there?




This term is used in Canada, but it is more popularly used in Toronto. This is used not in the usual way but actually is used to mean going to an event or a place.


Tonight’s Daniel’s birthday party. You reaching?




When someone is said to be a keener, it means that this person can be over-eager, or someone who may be trying too hard. It also means a brown-noser.


I honestly don’t like keeners. It seems like they just have to please everyone, and I hate that.


Loonie and Toonie


In Canada, loonie is actually used to refer to the one-dollar coins that have the bird loon on them, thus the term. On the other hand, a toonie is the Canadian two-dollar coin.


I can’t join you today. I forgot my wallet and all I have is a loonie and a toonie.




While many may think that this is used to refer to the animal, it can also be used to refer to dollars.


Can you spare me ten bucks? I forgot to withdraw some money earlier, and I’m short on cash. I have to pay for this stuff.




“Beauty” is another slang in Canada. It is often used to mean that something is good or is awesome.


Melissa and Kevin went on a camping trip just last weekend and they came home with raving descriptions of the place. They said that the entire experience was a beauty. This made me think that I should go there as well.




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